10 Best Swim Vests for Toddlers & Kids – Reviews

Top-Rated Children’s Swimming Vests & Jackets

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Speedo UPF 50+ Swim Vest for Kids & Toddlers

Speedo UPF 50+ Swim Vest To provide 100% safety and to build kids’ confidence in the water are your two desirable goals? Then, this clever Speedo swim vest is definitely one of the best options to look at.With this comfortable and eye-catching product, your child will for sure enjoy his or her first swim training experience.


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Stearns Child Classic Series Vest

Stearns Series VestThe Stearns vest is famous for its super classy design. Give your child a chance to feel like a lifeguard from the most popular cartoons or maybe just like a floatie king.Along with it, you get a device ensuring a total freedom of body movement. Thanks to adjustable chest belts it suits perfectly every child.


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Begin to Swim Printed Neoprene Life Jacket

Begin to Swim Neoprene Life JacketTo begin to swim with this Speedo life jacket is definitely a pleasure. The quality material is designed not to cause any skin chafing and provide a full comfort with its soft structure. The life jacket comes in several highly visible colors for easy detect in the water.


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Speedo UPF 50+ Swim Vest

Speedo UPF 50+ Swim Vest

Age: for 2 year old and older.

This clever safe vest will keep your kid floating in water without restricting swimming movements. The Speedo swim vest is designed to provide 100% safety and to build kids’ confidence in the water.

This high-quality floatation device is available in eye-catching colorful design. You are free to choose from two styles: the one in berry and grape color and other in lime and orange.

Featuring safety strap with buckle closure and full front zipper for easy on and off, you can be sure that this swim vest won’t bunch up around the childs neck. The safety strap fits perfectly between the legs and keeps the safety vest down around the kids’ torso.

The product is made of soft and durable neoprene material. The vest also features a polyester inner lining. Such a construction is great for keeping your little swimmer warm and buoyancy. In addition to this, it features high sun protection – UV50+.

What We Like

We find this small water vest very comfortable to swim in. But the best part about this product is its neoprene construction and high protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The zip is well designed and is comfy to zip and unzip. When buying this swim vest keep in mind that it is not a life jacket, it is a swimming aide.


  • Eye-catching colorful design
  • Isn’t bulky
  • Features sun protection UV50+
  • Comes in two available sizes – medium and large

  • Good for children who are already familiar with water

Is it possible to remove the flotation inserts from the vest?
It is not possible, as they are built in.

What size would fit 5 year old boy?
The large size would fit perfectly for 4-6 years old children.

Stearns Child Classic Vest

Stearns Classic Series Vest

Age: designed for children up to 50 lbs.

This classic vest is perfect for boating, swimming, tubing and water skiing. Your kid will feel comfortable and secure while playing in the pool, swimming in the sea, canoeing and kayaking.

This Stearns good children swim vest is USCG Type 3 PFD and is intended for supervised activities.

It is designed specifically for kids weighting between 30 and 50 lbs. The product is equipped with three adjustable chest belts and leg strap. It ensures excellent fit by allowing accommodation for the weight and size differences.

It is available in 4 colors: blue, multicolor, red and in a combination of blue and white. The construction is great, as the product is made of PE floating foam and durable nylon material.

In addition to all the above-mentioned features, the product is US Coast Guard approved making it a top-rated toddler float vest.

What We Like

Thanks to the high-quality construction, the vest doesn’t bunch up around the neck and sits tightly on a kid. Besides this, it ensures comfort and safety. The chest belts can be perfectly adjusted in accordance with the weight and height of your child.


  • High-quality construction
  • Doesn’t bunch up around the neck
  • Isn’t bulky
  • Adjustable straps

  • Lack of a safety strap on the back

Is it durable?
Yes, it is. The product is made of a high-quality durable material allowing to use it day to day and season after season.

Would it fit a kid with a belly?
Thanks to the adjustable chest belts and leg strap, this vest can be adjusted in accordance with weight and height of your child.

Is it suitable for a 4 year old kid learning to swim?
Yes, it is. The product ensures a total freedom of movement and will be a perfect not bulky support when learning to swim.

Begin to Swim Neoprene Life Jacket

Begin to Swim

Age: for 6 year old and younger.

Are you looking for best swim vests for toddlers and kids and don’t know which one to choose? According to customer reviews, this safety gear produced by Speedo is an excellent tool to build water confidence.

It is made of a quality neoprene material famous for its softness and durability. The material is designed to keep a child warm and buoyancy. In addition to this, it has a soft polyester lining ensuring even more comfort for your child.

For an easy on and off, this vest has a full front zipper. In order to keep the zipper in the upright position all the time, it has a safety closure. The safety strap is also included.

Featuring a buckle closure, the strap can be easily adjusted. It comes in a very bright colorful design covered with graphics.

What We Like

This swim vest is a great teaching tool for toddlers learning to swim. It ensures a secure fit and allows the child to move freely.

It is definitely a great flotation device manufactured by a well-known brand Speedo. Check this kids swim jacket if you are looking for something that will help your child to gain a confidence in the water.


  • Made of high-quality neoprene material
  • Builds water confidence
  • Bright colorful design
  • Isn’t bulky

  • Designed for children already familiar with water

Is this product approved by Coast Guard?
As it is not a life jacket, the swim vest doesn’t have the Coast Guard approval.

Would it fit an 18 month old kid?
It is recommended for 2 year old children. The size may be a bit large for an 18 month old kid.

Does it keep the childs head above the water?
Yes, it does as long as the child is under supervision.

Stearns Swim Training Puddle Jumper

Stearns Swim Training Jumper

Age: for children weighing 30 to 50 pounds.

This child puddle jumper manufactured by Stearns brand is definitely one of the best swim vests for toddlers and kids.

The unit comes in an eye-catching high-quality design and is available in several colors making it suitable for boys and girls. You can choose out of 18 colorful styles from a blue flower to a purple giraffe.

It is made of a premium soft woven polyester ensuring comfort every time you use a vest.
The vest features an adjustable buckle at the back of the vest. It is really handy for weight and size of accommodation. It nicely fits children weighting between 30 and 50 lbs.

Thanks to a quality construction and US Coast Guard approval, this product is a must-have for children learning to swim. With this vest, there are no limitations for use. It is not only a swimming aide but also a life jacket.

What We Like

The speedo puddle jumper is the safest swim vest for toddlers available on the market today. Being US Coast Guard approved makes this product a great investment into the childs safety and comfort.

Along with high-quality material it is made of an eye-catching colorful design, we can highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for not only a swimming aide but also a life jacket.


  • US Coast Guard-approved
  • Made of premium woven polyester
  • Eye-catching design
  • Isn’t bulky

  • Won’t fit child weighing more than 50 lbs

Is it designed to provide a stable face-up position?
Yes, it is designed to make sure a safety of your kid and provide a stable face-up position of the head.

Is it suitable for boating?
Yes, it is suitable for boating as this puddle jumper is approved by US Coast Guard.

Would it be suitable for boy weighting 25 lbs.?
It is not recommended for children under 30 lbs.

Siran Baby Float Vest for Pool, Lake, Sea

Siran Baby Float Vest

Age: for children under 7 year old.

This popular flotation device is designed for children who are already familiar with swimming, however, need some extra help in order to improve their confidence. If your child knows basics of swimming, then this product is definitely a great option to look at.

Featuring buckle snaps on the back that can be adjusted in accordance to the body form of your little swimmer, this product is really comfortable in use. It provides safety and freedom of movement in the pool, sea, river or lake.

It is recommended for children weighting between 30 and 50 pounds. Children just love this swimming aid because of its colorful design and funny graphics on it.

It is available in several colors: purple, pink, blue and yellow. All the colors are eye-catching and are designed for being easy detected in the water.

What We Like

We definitely like the fact that it features adjustable buckle snaps on the back and perfectly fits children weighting between 30 and 50 lbs. We must admit, that it is super comfortable and high-quality. Your kid will for sure enjoy its colorful funny design.


  • Great funny design
  • Comfortable
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Isn’t bulky

  • Isn’t a life-saving device

Is it suitable for snorkeling?
Yes, it is. The vest keeps a kid buoyant, while he or she can put her head under the water.

Would you recommend this vest for a 9 year old boy or a 10 year old school girl?
Unfortunately, no. The size would not fit a 9-10 year old child.

Does it have a US Coast Guard approval?
No, it doesn’t have a US Coast Guard approval. Keep in mind that it is not a life saving device.

Splash About Safe Float Swimsuit for 1-6 Year Olds

Splash About Safe Float Swimsuit

Age: from 1 to 6 year old young swimmers.

The Splash offers a fantastic range of baby swimming aids and this safe float swimsuit is the most frequently chosen one. Why?

Definitely because of its well-designed construction and high-quality material. It is made of a neoprene material and features built in uniquely shaped floats.

The easy float system helps the child stay in the correct swimming position and ensures free body movement. The suit features a high sun protection – UV50+. It is available in 5 vibrant colors for easy visibility when your kid is in water.

Besides this, it comes in different sizes. Just simply measure your baby and choose the right one. Note, that this float swimsuit is not a life-saving jacket, it is only a swimming aid.

What We Like

We know that it might be hard to find a swimming aid for 1 year old among swim floaties available on the market. It is suitable for kids weighting 20 lbs.

We love the Splash brand for its unique and quality device designed for drawing prevention. With this swimsuit, your kid will for sure gain a water confidence and learn basics of swimming.


  • Features high sun protection UV50+
  • Great infant swimsuit
  • Available in 5 vibrant colors for easy visibility
  • Made of quality material

  • It is not a life jacket swimsuit for babies

Does it have a zipper?
This model doesn’t feature a zipper. It comes in a unique swimsuit design featuring built-in shaped floats that fit around the body.

Is it a unisex model?
Definitely, it is. It is available in 5 different colors: blue, yellow, pink, aquamarine and combination of blue and pink together.

Are the built-in floats adjustable?
Yes, of course. You are free to add or remove floats in accordance to body dimensions.

Stohlquist Swimming Aid for Children

Stohlquist Swimming Aid

Age: for children weighing from 30 to 50 pounds.

This one is a best-seller among the sea of options. It comes in a range of sizes and highly visible colors.

Being made of a tough nylon, this product is easy to clean and quick to dry. It is also durable and can be used even every day. The product is a type 3 PFD and is perfect for this age group. It is approved by USCG and Transport Canada making this model one of the safest devices.

It features built-in shaped floats that are nicely distributed all over the vest. It comes with an extra collar for keeping the kids head up. The vest is equipped with a really comfortable zipper and a security strap.

The unique deep V front ensures freedom of movement as well as safety. It also has a leg strap and side straps for size adjustment.

In comparison to other swimming jumpers, life jackets and vests in our list, this one has a grab handle. It is a really important feature that makes it easier to rescue the child in case of drawing.

What We Like

The Stohlquist isn’t just a swimming aid, it is a USCG and Transport Canada approved life jacket. With this device, you can be 100% sure that your child is comfortable and secure. It does a great job in the water preventing your kid from drawing.

We love that it comes in highly visible colors and features a grab handle. Even being bulky, this vest is one of the best swim helpers for big kids.


  • Available in highly visible colors
  • USCG and Transport Canada approved
  • Has a grab handle
  • High-quality and durable

  • Bulky

Does the tough nylon material rub the skin?
The design is kid-friendly and doesn’t cause any skin damage.

Would it fit an 8 year old kid?
Even being recommended for children under 50 lbs., the model will be suitable for over 50 lbs. kids.

Body Glove Water Vest with Arm Floats

Body Glove Water Vest

Age: for children under 6 year olds.

Want your child to learn how to swim? This Body Glow life jacket with shoulder puddle pals can be a great teaching tool. It is approved by U.S. Coast Guard and is a type 3 PFD.

It comes in a comfortable multi-panel design. The water vest is made of a durable polyester material that prevents skin chafing and any other skin irritations.

It also features an adjustable chest strap with a safety buckle that can be quickly released. The great quality construction prevents sliding off during the swimming.

It is hard to remove the vest without parents help. Moreover, it helps to keep the childs head above the water. It is available in several styles with funny graphics and vibrant colors.

What We Like

We are sure, that this baby swim vest with arm floats is a great tool for personal child’s swim training. It ensures stable position of the head above the water.

Plus, thanks to shoulder wings the vest doesn’t slide off while learning to swim. We find the design really funny and eye-catching. Your child will definitely enjoy wearing this super cool colorful water vest.


  • US Coast Guard approved
  • Is an excellent teaching tool
  • Colorful design
  • Keeps the head above the water

  • Doesn’t feature a grab handle

Does it help to learn how to balance in the water?
This product is designed for beginners and helps to learn how to balance in the water.

Can it be used as a boat recreation life saving device for 3 year old kid?
Unfortunately, no. This childrens water vest isn’t a live saving device. It is a swimming aid.

O’Neill Wake Waterski Infant Floatation Vest

Oneill Wake Waterski Vest

Age: for infants under 30 lbs.

Searching the market for best pool vests? Here you are. The O’Neill product within youth series life saving devices is famous for its kids-friendly design. It is made of a nylon and neoprene.

This floatation vest is approved by Coast Guard and provides 100% safety in the water.
For more comfort, it features a head rest and keeps the kids head above the water in face-up position. In addition to this, it includes quick release buckles. They are actually handy for easy getting in and out.

The adjustable safety belt between legs keeps the child fixed and ensures freedom of movement. It also features a grab handle to make sure you would be able to pull the child out of the water in case of drawing.

In addition to all the above-mentioned features, this vest is approved by USCG Vest Head Support Panel with Safety Loop.

What We Like

We just love this swim vest, because it actually does all the things it is intended to do. It keeps the child secure in the water and ensures a face-up position.

A grab handle is the most important thing when it comes to floatation vests. That’s why this device is one of the safest swimming aids.


  • US Coast Guard approved
  • Features quick release buckles
  • Has a headrest
  • Made of a quality durable material
  • Has a grab handle

  • Bulky

Is it a unisex model?
Yes, it is. The product is available in two combinations of colors. The first one is a combination of pink, white and grey, while the second one – yellow, blue and grey.

Can it be used for swimming in the pool?
Yes, it can. It is one the best pool vests available on the market.

Splash Small Float Suit: Swim Helper for Babies (1-2 years)

splash Small Float Suit Swim Helper

Age: for 1-2 years toddlers.

This model is another great float suit manufactured by a popular brand The Splash.
The float suit has well-designed construction and is made of a good material.

The neoprene ensures long-lasting usage and comfort. This swim helper features built-in foam floats that are nicely distributed around the childs body.

To adjust buoyancy, these foam floats are removable. You can simply remove unnecessary foam inserts in accordance to body dimensions.

The easy float system provides stability and balance in the water. With this device your kid will be able to stay in the correct swimming position and move freely. Besides the colorful and quality design, this model features a UV50+ sun protection.

What We Like

This flotation device is a great swim helper for babies who love bathing. It keeps a child afloat with the head above the water.

It doesn’t restrict movements and helps to perfectly balance in the water. We believe that this is an amazing tool to teach your kid to feel confident to float and paddle without assistance.


  • Made of high-quality neoprene
  • Has sun protection UV50+
  • Durable
  • Great learning tool

  • It is not a life-saving jacket

Does it have an entry zipper?
No, this model doesn’t feature a zipper. It is a one-piece float swimsuit.

Can it be used as a life-saving jacket?
Unfortunately, no. This float suit is an additional swimming aid for kids learning to swim.

Does it feature a grab handle?
This model doesn’t have a grab handle.