Toys for Girls

Girls love dolls, girly colors and art craft. And the best thing is that today there are many toys designed for girls on the market.

A range of dolls, newborn baby dolls, Disney princesses and Barbies, well-known cartoon figures – all these playthings have a positive influence on your girl. Developmental psychologists claim that playing with Barbie dolls affects career goals for girls thanks to a range of costumes designed for Barbie.  Dolls are helpful in teaching your child to behave in a good way and listen to parents through the role play method.

With art and crafts your kid will learn how to be artistic doesn’t matter what age is your girl.  Painting nail, designing own bracelets, painting box – your kid will for sure enjoy it.

Video games for girls will also boost her creativity along with problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. Famous cartoon figures are mostly the main figures of games. Your kid will definitely find it really interesting.

To keep your child entertained for hours will help puzzles. This type of toys boosts concentration and forward thinking.

Take a look at our selection of the latest toys for girls.