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N-Strike Elite Strongarm: Best Nerf Gun


Everything about this top-rated Nerf gun will fascinate your kids: its style, ammo capacity, simplicity in use, long fire range, and smooth reloading. This is one of those classic guns by Nerf that belong on the more affordable side but deliver great performance.

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Nerf Modulus Recon MKII: Popular Blaster


This model can be called one of the best Nerf guns for a number of reasons. With a decent bullet capacity, it offers versatility in use and customization. This strong model can be built in 4 different ways for each separate game or mission, allowing for more creative play scenarios.

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Long Dart Blaster for Nerf Wars: Cool Gift for Kids


Perfect for teenagers (and adventurous adults), this amazing dart blaster will ensure countless fun games, offering a reliable operation and an amazing fire range. It belongs to the classic N-Strike line and works with the majority of its darts, which means it can make the coolest addition to your child’s collection.

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N-Strike Elite Strongarm

Nerf Official N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

Age: 8 year olds and older.

Firing bullets up to 90 feet, this high-quality Nerf pistol can make the best Birthday or Christmas gift ever. This is a rather simple model without the additional bells and whistles, but it is reliable, powerful, and easy to use.

Even though this model belongs on the list of cheap kids guns, it features good construction. There is a rotating barrel, which can hold 6 foam bullets and smoothly slides out for reloading. Thanks to its long-range performance and compact design, it can make an ultimate blaster for outdoor Nerf wars.

What We Like

We love the simplistic yet elegant design of this model. It offers quite a lot for the money. It shoots fast and far, it is very easy to use, and it features a portable and lightweight design. All of these qualities explain why this model is a very popular Nerf shotgun.


  • Powerful, shoots far (with 90 feet being the farthest)
  • Super easy to use
  • Good bullet capacity
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Affordable

  • The trigger is quite tight, which might not be suitable for some users, especially smaller kids
  • Some reviews mention that the performance of this model might decline with time

Does it require batteries?
No, this model works without batteries.

What kind of darts is it compatible with?
This blaster works with all Nerf N-Strike Elite bullets.

Is it suitable for 6 year old kids?
We believe that this particular model would be too strong for a 6 year old.

Do you have to cock it to make a shot with each bullet or do you cock it just once and fire 6 times?
You need to re-cock it each time. However, it is quite easy to do.

Nerf Modulus Recon MKII

Nerf Modulus Recon MKII Blaster

Age: 8+.

If your kid needs a new gun, you should definitely consider this model. Thanks to its unique design, the Modulus allows for customization, making it a perfect option for teens and for kids who easily get bored of their toys.

This model can be used in 4 different configurations, each of which allows for a different battle style and a fun game scenario. The Modulus comes with some extra accessories, including a barrel extension, a 6-dart clip, and a stock extension.

The clip allows for an easier use since it eliminates the manual reload function. This is a good Nerf handgun for both outdoor and indoor games. It shoots darts at a distance up to 90 feet.

What We Like

We are huge fans of the customization options this top Nerf gun provides. While featuring a rather simple construction, it can be built into different modes, allowing your kids to explore new playing options.


  • Customizable design allows for a more versatile use
  • Good darts capacity
  • Low price for so many cool features
  • Suitable for the rapid-fire play
  • Good shooting distance

  • Tends to jam occasionally

How many darts does this blaster come with?
This model comes with 6 darts.

Is this an automatic gun?
Unfortunately, no. You need to pull the top sliding part to charge the gun.

Will it work with just any darts?
No, only the darts from the Elite line will work with this model.

Will the barrel extension work with other Nerf guns?
The barrel extension is suitable only for other Modulus guns.

Long Dart Blaster for Nerf Wars

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster

Age: 8 years and up.

This rapid-fire gun is one of the best options for Nerf wars. For 30 dollars, you can get a ton of cool features. It is powerful and offers a high-velocity performance, allowing users to strike their “enemies” with a storm of darts at once. With its detachable drum magazine, this blaster can hold up to 25 darts, allowing for fun and long games and mimicking a real machine gun.

The usage process is quite easy too. To unleash the power of this gun and fire all of the bullets one after the other, you need to slide the Slam Fire handle again and again while holding down the trigger. This is not the farthest shooting Nerf gun (with the maximum distance around 75 feet), but it buys numerous users over with its rapid fire and power capabilities.

What We Like

We are impressed by this model’s bullet capacity and what it can do with those bullets. Eliminating the need to reload every dart, it saves your time during fun games. You don’t have to insert a new dart before each new shot. This, consequently, allows more freedom during the Nerf war. For instance, while your “enemy” reloads his or her gun, you can hide, move closer, or simply attack them with everything you have.


  • Great firepower and high velocity
  • Awesome bullet capacity
  • Decent shooting distance
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Comes with tactical rails
  • Compatible with many other N-Strike blasters’ accessories, which allows for customization

  • Might feel a bit unbalanced to some users when the drum magazine is attached
  • Occasional jams are possible when the gun is loaded incorrectly


Is it a good gift for 11 year olds?
Yes, your 11-year-old kid will love this model. It is powerful and simple in operation.

Does it work on batteries?
No, this model operates without batteries.

What kind of darts does this model require?
It works with all Elite darts (from the N-Strike series).

Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX: Great Nerf Pistol

Nerf Offical Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack

Age: 8+.

This set of 2 small guns makes a top gift for twins (or siblings, or friends) who enjoy playing gun wars and Laser Tag. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these guns feature the battery-powered Phoenix LTX taggers, which offer more space for your children’s creativity and allow for countless fun gaming scenarios.

The taggers make every game more action-packed. They register every hit with lights, vibrations, and sounds. The red dome at the top adds a more futuristic look to this model.

What We Like

We absolutely love the fact that these guns allow for real matches, spicing up every game. You can pick either a Solo or a Team mode. The Solo mode is basically a free game, while the Team mode makes the tagger scan the hits and indicate them with lights, sounds, and vibrations.


  • Small and portable
  • Comes in a set of two
  • Allows for matches
  • Laser technology detects hits and signals about them using light, sound, and vibration
  • Can be paired up with other Phoenix LTX sets
  • Long reach distance for the lasers
  • Smooth reload mechanism
  • Features a rather solid build

  • Each gun takes 6 AA batteries, which may not be efficient for some users
  • A bit on the heavier side (mostly because of the batteries)

Can I use a couple of sets at the same time? Are they compatible?
Yes, you can purchase additional sets and pair them up to be used by a larger number of players. Place the power switch between the Team 1 and 2 positions, direct the tagger scan towards the other gun’s dome, let it scan it, and pull the trigger to start a match.

What is the laser’s maximum reach distance?
The lasers can reach up to 300 feet when used outdoors.

Is it suitable for 3 year olds?
Yes. A 3-year-old child might not fully understand how the gun works, but he or she can enjoy the shooting, the sounds, and the lights. Moreover, this model doesn’t feature any choking hazard parts, which makes it suitable for smaller kids.

Nerf Motorized Gun for Teens & Adults

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

Age: 14 and up.

If you need a motorized Nerf gun that could offer the most rapid shooting and a powerful performance, you should definitely check this model. Being fully motorized, this Rival Nemesis blaster doesn’t use the regular foam darts.

Instead, it shoots with round high-impact bullets. Being able to hold up to 100 of them at a time, this new model shoots with the velocity of 100 ft. per second, resulting in a more intense and exciting game.

Moreover, because the round bullets are so small, they offer a high precision, making this model the best option even for team games and a dynamic play in motion. The blasters come in two colors (red and blue), which is great if you need them for different teams.

What We Like

We love the combination of the high-velocity shooting and the precision level that this Rival model offers. It can be used both indoor and outside, which makes it the ultimate blaster for all kinds of game wars and competitions.


  • Powerful and rapid-fire performance
  • Motorized, doesn’t require reloading before each shot
  • One of the most precise blasters
  • Awesome bullet capacity
  • Does not jam

  • Quite pricey, which might not be suitable for some users
  • Rather large, heavy, and powerful, not suitable for younger kids

Does it require batteries?
Yes, this is a motorized hand blaster. It works on 6 D batteries.

Is it suitable for 12 year olds?
We believe that this model might be too big and too strong for a 12-year-old child.

Does it come with the bullets?
Yes, this blaster comes with 100 round bullets.

What is the maximum shooting distance?
When used outdoors, it’s around 95 feet.

Nerf Zombie Strike Shortgun: Cheap Model

Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster

Age: 8+.

In comparison with the majority of other Nerf guns, this model is the easiest to use. Featuring a revolver-like build and a zombie-war styled design, it can be used with only one hand thanks to its hammer cocking mechanism. There’s also a rotating barrel at the front, which holds up to 5 bullets at a time (which, by the way, are custom made for this model, offering an even more authentic look).

The Zombie Strike can shoot at distances up to 40 feet. This might not seem enough to some users; however, such a range is rather impressive given this model’s small size. Moreover, this makes it suitable to be used indoors, giving your kids a chance to be creative with their games, build forts against zombies, and hide from them in secluded places.

What We Like

We love the authentic look of this gun. Featuring a hammer cocking system and a rotating barrel, it imitates the look of a revolver. However, this model has an interesting twist to it: the zombie-styled finish, which will add more fun scenarios to your kids’ play.


  • One-hand operation
  • Cool and authentic design
  • Decent bullet capacity
  • Easy reload system
  • Rather powerful for such a compact size

  • Some reviews note that the bullets can get stuck occasionally
  • Might be too strong for younger kids

I have a ten-year-old son, will this gun work for him?
Yes, this model is great for 10 year olds.

Will it work with the regular Nerf darts?
Yes, this model is compatible with other Elite Nerf darts.

Is the holster included?
No, unfortunately.

Nerf FlipFury Rapid Fire HandGun

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike

Age: 8 years and up.

This Zombie Strike blaster is one of the cheapest yet coolest gifts you can get for your kid. Being able to perform in a rapid-fire mode, this is one of the craziest Zombie War guns out there.

It features two flipping dart drums, each of which can hold up to 6 bullets at a time. With such a construction, your child will be able to fire all 12 bullets one after another without the need to reload the gun every time.

When the first drum is empty, just flip to the other one and continue the game. This model is also zombie-themed, and, combined with the two-drum system, has a rather authentic look.

What We Like

We are impressed by the fire power of this gun and the bullet capacity that it offers. There’s no need to reload it before taking a shot, which allows for a more dynamic game. This gun also shoots quite far, especially given its size. No mods needed, it is powerful enough just the way it is!


  • Rapid-fire mode available
  • Cheap but sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Great bullet capacity
  • Unique and interesting design

  • Not the best option for smaller kids
  • Some reviews describe the occasional jamming

Can this gun be used with only one hand?
You can use one hand to shoot, however, reloading requires two hands.

Can my 4-year-old son use this blaster?
No, this model is recommended for older kids since it’s rather powerful and may be too large for a 4 year old.

Farthest Shooting Rifle: Most Accurate Model

NERF N-Strike Elite Sonic Fire and Ice Jolt Team Pack

Age: 8+.

Do you need the most accurate gun that offers high precision and powerful shots? Then this model will definitely win you over. Being one of the long Nerf guns, it was designed specifically for the accurate target shooting. The bullets for this model have a rather ergonomic design, which only contributes to the overall performance and makes this gun the coolest rifle ever for the most precise operation.

This rifle comes with some cool accessories. It has an extendable bipod and two dart clips, each of which can hold up to 6 bullets. The sight features a pop-up design, which means you can either flip it up for more accuracy or pop it down to move it out of the way, whichever you find comfortable.

What We Like

We absolutely love the shooting precision level this model offers. If you need the most accurate blaster that can deliver enough power even for a professional-like target practice, this one is not likely to disappoint you.


  • Realistic rifle look
  • Extremely accurate
  • Includes a bipod and a flippable sight
  • Comes with two bullet clips
  • Decent long-range performance
  • Sturdy construction

  • Some reviews state that this model tends to jam occasionally

Does it work on batteries?
No, this rifle is the bolt-action one.

Is it a semi-auto gun?
No, unfortunately. You need to load it before each shot.

What is its shooting range?
Around 60-70 feet maximum.

Classic Small Blasters: Nice for 6 Year Old Boys

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

Age: 6 years and up.

If your little kid needs a new toy, you might want to consider this model, which has the potential to become his or her most favorite blaster gun ever. Being super small and extremely easy to use, these Fire and Ice blasters are an ideal option for smaller kids since they will fit perfectly in their little hands. And the pack of 4 offers team games and countless hours of fun with friends and family members.

What We Like

We appreciate how simple this model is. Being able to shoot one dart at a time, these blasters feature a simplistic cocking mechanism, which your kid will need to pull down before making a shot. There’s nothing hard about that, so even smaller children will easily deal with these guns.


  • Compact, perfect for smaller kids
  • Super easy to use with a simple cocking mechanism
  • The 4-pack deal, awesome for a team play
  • Very affordable

  • Might be too small for some users
  • Not as powerful as some users expect
  • Very popular model, might not always be in stock

Is it suitable for toddlers?
We believe that its small size and ease of use make this model suitable for toddlers. However, make sure that your child plays with this blaster only under supervision, since the foam darts can cause eye injuries.

How many darts come in the pack?
Each blaster comes with 4 darts, so there are 16 of them in total.

Nerf Rhino-Fire: The Biggest Blaster

Age: 8 years and up.

This model is one of the newest and biggest top-rated Nerf blasters. It looks like a serious missile blaster. However, it shoots regular darts but delivers the most powerful performance ever.

This latest Nerf Gun operates on two dart barrels and features the motorized blasting mechanism, allowing for a high-velocity shooting. Each of the drums can hold up to 25 darts at a time.

To make the use process easier and add a bit more precision, this craziest Nerf gun comes with a removable tripod. There’s also a handle at the front top part of the blaster, which makes using it without a tripod easier. You can hold it in your hands and unleash its rapid-fire power on your opponents.

What We Like

This is probably the biggest gun out there (among other Nerf models), which makes it ideal for intense and dynamic games. We love how impressive it looks and how powerful it is.


  • Powerful performance
  • Impressive bullet capacity
  • Comes with a tripod for more stability
  • Solid build
  • Rapid-fire mode

  • Doesn’t always stay well on its tripod
  • Some reviews state that this model can be quite challenging to reload, so if you’re new to Nerf, it might not be suitable for you
  • Heavy, may be difficult to carry around

How many batteries does it require?
This new model works on 6 D batteries.

How much does it weight?
When fully assembled and loaded, it weighs around 10 pounds.

Can it operate without the batteries?
No, this is the latest automatic blaster, which works only with the batteries.

Types of Nerf Guns

The variety of cool Nerf guns is overwhelming, which is a great news for boys and girls (and even for adults) who love playing gun wars. Whether your kids pretend to be saving the world from zombie apocalypse or simply practice target shooting, there is always a suitable Nerf gun for them.

However, such a variety can oftentimes confuse some parents when it comes to picking one model for their children. Let’s take a look at the main types of Nerf guns to help you make up your mind:

  • Handheld guns and pistols. This type is the best option for a stealth mode. They are compact and portable. Of course, there are some larger models, but your kid will still be able to easily run with them and carry them around. Typically, they have the highest accuracy among other guns.
  • Shotguns and rifles. Being a bit on the larger side, such models can hold for around 5 to 25 darts. What makes them a cool toy that many boys love is the shooting range they offer, which is usually bigger than in small handguns.
  • Machine guns. These powerful models can hold an impressive number of darts (more than 20 at once), which makes them a perfect option for the active, non-stop war games. However, there is one major drawback. Because of their size and the position of the bullets, these models aren’t very accurate and make it hard for children to aim at the targets.
  • Crossbows (and hybrids). The crossbow + blaster combo is very popular among kids because it allows for a more versatile and fun play. They offer a good accuracy but are typically on the larger size, so your kid might feel a bit uncomfortable when running with such blasters.

How Bad Are Toy Guns for Kids?

Let’s face it:

Kids can turn everything into a weapon.

Whether it’s a stick or their own fingers, they enjoy running around pretending to carry a gun. And playing with a toy shotgun is a real blast for them. This oftentimes makes parents feel worried. Why do our children love toy guns so much? And are those really bad for them?

Here’s the deal:

There is no scientific proof that playing with toy weapons (including Nerfs) leads to violence. Just because your 7 year old enjoys running around with a pistol doesn’t mean that he will commit a crime or assault someone in the future.

Many psychologists and doctors say, that, in the majority of cases, playing with toy guns isn’t about violence or hurting others. Such games are more linked to symbols and your child’s feelings. A play gun symbolizes power, leadership, or control, and allows children to feel strong. That’s why they like it so much.

Even if you ban the toy guns in your home, chances are your little one will use other objects to play war. Moreover, that’s when the “forbidden fruit” scenario comes into play, making your boy want to play such games even more.

So, unless someone gets hurt accidentally during the game or your kid starts showing an aggressive and uncontrolled behavior (which is an issue on its own and usually has nothing to do with play guns), toy blasters are not considered to be bad for children.

Children’s Safety Tips

Even though Nerf guns feature foam bullets, they still make many parents feel nervous, which is only natural. So, here are a couple of safety tips that will help you feel calmer and ensure your kid’s total safety during his or her toy handgun fight. Review them and share the rules with your children:

  • Don’t leave the gun loaded. It might simply be lying around, but there are still chances of the misfire.
  • Wear safety glasses. Even though the Nerf bullets are soft, when one of them gets into the eye, it might cause injuries.
  • Don’t look directly into the barrel of the gun. Again, this may lead to a foam dart getting into your eye.
  • No headshots. It’s best to make this a rule in your home.
  • Never play toy gun wars near the road. This one is obvious, but many kids (and sometimes even their parents) neglect this rule. Your child might be too caught up in the play and run in the middle of the road, where an occasional car may be passing by.
  • Teach your kid to keep his or her finger off the trigger until they are ready to fire. This might also save other people’s eyes, heads, and prevent unexpected misfires. Also, it is better to always point the gun at the ground until the shooter is ready to aim and to fire.
  • Don’t shoot at other people (or pets) who are not involved in the game. Again, this might result in eye injuries. Moreover, shooting someone who’s not participating in the play is simply mean and will most definitely annoy them. As for the pets, shooting at them can scare them or ruin their trust in you.
  • Don’t trespass other people’s property while playing Nerf wars. Yes, running around the neighborhood and hiding in the bushes from your friends is fun. However, one of your neighbors might be alerted by the sight of people hiding in his backyard and holding a gun (which may look like a real one from afar, especially if it’s styled accordingly).