10 Best-Rated Magic Kits for Kids – Reviews

Top-Rated Children’s Magician Sets

Our Top 3 Picks

Jim Stott’s Ultimate Magic Kit for Kids

Jim Stott Ultimate Magic Kit for Kids One of the best magic kits for kids, it offers a great number of versatile props. It comes with instructions for 350 magic tricks. Moreover, it grants you access to the website that provides tutorials for even more tricks. This will be fun to play for both children and adults.



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Jumbo Starter Magic Tricks Set for Children

Jumbo Starter Magic Tricks Set for ChildrenHaving a great number of entertaining props to perform with, it’s no wonder that Jumbo starter is one of the most top-rated magician sets for kids. The package includes a clear step-by-step tutorial DVD that explains how to perform tricks, as well as an accurate illustrated instruction manual.



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Magician Trick Toys: Great for Beginners

Magician Trick ToysThis is a high-quality magic trick kit because it is compact, convenient and has a lot of interesting props to perform with. It has an illustrated magic guide for over 350 magic tricks. Unlike other sets, this one also offers 3 E-books that are free of charge, and explain the specific of card deck and coin magic tricks.



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Jim Stott’s Ultimate Magic Kit

Jim Stott Ultimate Magic Kit for Kids

Age: 10+.

The wide variety of exciting props to perform magic tricks makes this Jim Stott’s Magic product a good magic set for kids of different ages. It includes a levitation system, a card box, 3 ropes of different sizes, 4 sponge balls, a pen, a vanishing device, and a card deck.

This set includes a booklet with explanations and step by step tutorials for more than 350 magic tricks of a different kind.

Moreover, there is a postcard welcoming your little one to the world of magic and revealing a link to a secret online resource with even more interesting tutorials and extras for magic performances. Jim Stott’s magic kit is suitable not only for 10 year olds but also for adults who want to practice making magic.

What We Like

We love that this magic set is a universal option for children and adults. It has a great number of props to practice magic with. Furthermore, it includes a booklet with clear explanations for every trick. This makes the process of learning magic for your kids very easy and entertaining.


  • Includes a booklet with over 350 tricks explained
  • More tricks can be found online
  • Different props: cards, levitation tools, ropes, and sponge balls
  • Suitable for kids and adults

  • Younger kids may find the tricks a little complicated

Are the tutorials available in other languages?
No, they are only in English.

Are these tricks appropriate for 5 year old children?
No, kids under 10 may find the explanations complicated.

Jumbo Starter Magic Tricks Set

Jumbo Starter Magic Tricks Set for Children

Age: 7+.

One of the best kid magic trick toys, this set includes various things for your performance. They are ropes, clothes, card decks, vanishing dice and coins, illusion boxes, sword penetrating glass, cube boxes, sponge rabbits, magic printing theater, and even a magic wand. Your young magician may learn card tricks, vanishing tricks, and much more.

The props all have an eye-catching design, so your kids will surely be amazed and entertained by using them. There are many tricks to learn from an easy step-by-step instruction manual. In case your child has problems understanding how a trick works, they can watch it on a DVD included. All tricks are separated by complexity levels, so it’s a good choice for 7 year olds or older children.

What We Like

Jumbo is a cool magic box that offers about 30 props for your young magician to practice with. Your kids will never be bored with it.

What we love about it the most is that it includes not only a manual with written explanations but also a DVD with visualizations of the tricks. This makes it simple for wanna-be-magicians to learn.


  • 28 props of a different kind
  • Easy to store
  • DVD tutorial and written trick explanation manual included

  • Props are light and may be lost or broken quite easily

How many tricks are described in the tutorial?
There are more than 20 tricks explained.

Does this product include a magician costume?
This box only includes a magic wand, no cloak or hat is included.

Magician Trick Toys

Magician Trick Toys

Age: 4 year old – 13 year olds.

This magic trick box has a lot of different props like coins, cubes, a deck of cards, disappearing flowers, and magic dice. This is one of the children’s magician starter kits that include easy for understanding tricks as well as some more complicated ones for when your child learns the basics.

It comes with a guidebook where all the tricks are described with the help of pictures. Moreover, it provides access to a website with tricks explained with videos, and some of them don’t require using this kit.

This particular product comes with three magic trick ebooks. They are “Amazing tricks using coins”, “Encyclopedia of Card Tricks”, and “Expert at the Card Table”. The books are included as a free bonus and provide even more opportunities to learn entertaining magic tricks.

What We Like

We love the fact that all the props are convenient to use for children and the guidelines are pretty straight, so it’s the best option for beginners. Besides, the number of tricks your child can learn with this kit is literally unlimited. Even if they start as a beginner, they have lots of opportunities to grow professional.


  • Versatile and comfortable to use props
  • Comes with an illustrated manual for over 350 magic tricks
  • Grants access to online video instructions
  • Includes 3 ebooks with even more tricks

  • Props are plastic, meaning using them might produce rustling and rattling sounds

Are the props durable?
Yes, all the props seem to be quite sturdy and durable.

Is this kit suitable for girls?
Yes, this magic box is perfect both for boys and for girls.

Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase

Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase

Age: 7 year old – 12 year olds.

This magic show suitcase by Ideal stores lots of secrets inside. It offers such props as a deck of cards, an illusion box, cups of different size, multiplying balls, cut and restore tissue, vanishing coins, escaping dice, magic rings, and much more.

The suitcase may be used as a performing table as well as a space for storing the props. It includes a magician’s hat and wand, which work as great elements for the imaginative play of your children.

The set comes with an illustrated manual with simple explanations for 100 tricks of various types, including the ones with the hat, cards, vanishing tricks, etc. There’s also a DVD with clear walkthroughs on how to perform these magic tricks.

What We Like

Although the manufacturer recommends this item for 12 year olds and a bit younger kids, it is also good for 8 year olds or even smaller kids.

It features over 100 entertaining ticks that are clearly explained and showed first-hand on the included DVD. There are a lot of props to have fun with, and a hat that may be used for magic tricks as well.


  • 100 tricks explained
  • DVD walkthrough included
  • Easy and convenient storage in a suitcase that transforms into a performing table
  • The tricks are easy and fun
  • Suitable for younger kids

  • The set does not include everything your kids need for their performance. Some additional items might be necessary
  • The box is made of cardboard that doesn’t look durable

Is it good for adults too?
The kit is rather elementary, so it might work for a beginner. Anyway, as a parent, you will definitely enjoy practicing magic with your kid.

Is there a magic costume included?
There’s no cloak, but the magician’s hat and wand are included.

My First Magic Kit for Boys & Girls

My First Magic Kit for Boys & Girls

Age: 5+.

This is a great beginners magic set designed for those who only enter the world of magic. It’s perfect for youngsters – 5 or 6 year old kids. Being pretty basic, it can still get your children busy for hours of practicing.

The toy is simple and entertaining. According to customer reviews, the instructions are very clear. So, your kids will learn how to do the tricks very quickly.

There are only 7 tricks one can do with the magic equipment included. For example, make a black-and-white coloring book turn colored, transform one large die into lots of small dice, make things disappear in a magic box, etc.

However, all these tricks are very amusing and will have your children fall in love with magic and strive to learn the art of sleight of hand more profoundly.

What We Like

Just like other Jim Stott’s products, this magic starter kit includes a welcome letter with a link to a tutorial webpage. The best thing about it is that the tutorial videos feature Jim Stott personally performing all the tricks.

Watching them, your kids will not only understand how the tricks work but also learn how to make it all look like a real magic show. Eventually, they will be able to produce a wow effect even on adults.


  • Suitable for younger kids
  • Simple but amusing tricks
  • Online tutorials available

  • More tricks included would be appreciated

Will this kit be too simplistic for 10 year olds?
No, if they are beginners.

Are there replacement parts available?
Lots of customer reviews praise how involved and responsive the seller is, trying to satisfy every client. So, if any of the props breaks or gets lost, you can email Jim Stott directly.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magician Set

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magician Set

Age: 7 year olds – 11 year olds.

The props included in this wonderful set allow your kid to perform the most popular magic tricks, such as vanishing coin, money making, or disappearing ball. Your little wizard will be thrilled to learn them with the help of instruction manual that is included too.

This magic set is lightweight, compact, and easy to store. The parts come in a hinged box you can use as a performance table and a place for storage. All the parts are sturdy enough to survive numerous rehearsals. They are nicely designed and colorful to help your child create a brilliant show.

What We Like

We love that this kit gives aspiring magicians an opportunity to learn 10 classic magic tricks. Your kids have surely seen at least a few of them performed by professional illusionists.

And they will be excited to see them again once they learn the tricks themselves. Another plus is that the props are mostly made of wood, meaning they are more durable than most competitor sets. The 10 explained tricks encourage motor-skill and eye coordination development.


  • 10 classic tricks to learn
  • Easy illustrated tutorial included
  • Comes in a box that can be transformed into a performance table
  • Sturdy parts

  • No DVD walkthrough
  • A strap or a latch on the box would be appreciated

Does this set include a magician costume?
No, there are only prop pieces for tricks.

Can you carry the box around? Is it heavy?
Although it does not have a handle, it’s extremely lightweight and easy to carry around the house.

Ideal My First Cool Magic Stuff

Ideal My First Cool Magic Stuff

Age: 4+.

This item is a better choice for youngsters, not for teens. It includes a great number of entertaining props like vanishing crayons and tissues, candies, coins, and much more. There are 31, to be exact. It also includes a magic wand that is used to perform some of the tricks.

This magic set offers more than 25 different tricks to learn. They are all of a different complexity, which is why kids will retain their interest in practicing magic with this set even after they learn the basics.

It arrives with a small illustrated booklet that explains how to do the tricks and includes codes to access a webpage with video tutorials of the tricks.

What We Like

The best thing about this magic set is that it’s suitable for younger kids. There’s a lot of exciting magic stuff for those who are new to the world of illusions and sleight of hand. Both written instructions and visualized guidelines are pretty straightforward and easy to understand for beginners.


  • 31 pieces to help kids perform magic
  • Suitable for different ages
  • 25 tricks to learn
  • Has a written tutorial and online video guides

  • The props feel somewhat flimsy

I have a 2.5 year old and a 6 year old. Will they both enjoy playing with this set?
This is not a toddler magic set. Actually, there are some small parts, so it’s not recommended for kids younger than 3 years old to avoid choking hazard. But the older kid will surely have fun with this kit.

Are there instructions on other languages?
Yes, the instructions are available in Spanish.

Ryan Oakes’ Magic Hat Set

Ryan Oakes Magic Hat Set

Age: 8+.

This magic show kit includes a magician’s hat, rings, a magic wand to perform tricks, vanishing coins, illusion boxes, magic cards, and some more. There are 75 tricks to perform with these props.

For example, a handkerchief vanish or scarfs appearing from a magician’s hat, so your kids may make their own magic shows to entertain parents and relatives. All the magic tricks are well described in an illustrated booklet that is included. The package is small and may be easily stored anywhere in your house, which is very convenient.

The tricks are simple and easy to learn. Not only will your children have fun while performing them, they will also improve motor and eye coordination skills.

What We Like

We love how this set is designed to make entire magic shows. The number of tricks is enough to arrange interesting performances without annoying your audience with the same magic. And your child will never get bored while developing dexterity with this kit.


  • Includes 75 tricks
  • Has durable and easy to use props
  • The package is of compact size for easy storage and transportation
  • Comes with a wand and a hat
  • Includes an illustrated explanation booklet

  • Might be a little difficult for younger kids
  • Some tricks require extra items not included in the shipment package

Is the hat spacious enough to fit on an adult?
Yes, the hat is suitable for adults as well.

Is it too simple for teens?
No, it’s great for older children unless they have already been practicing magic for some time.

Magic in a Snap! Abracadabra Collection

Magic in a Snap! Abracadabra Collection

Age: 4+.

This set includes props to help your kids do six magic tricks and amaze their audience. There are magic cards, a rope cutter, color changing silk, handkerchiefs, a set of zig-zag numbers, and a magical wand. The box itself is not spacious and may be easily stored anywhere in your house or taken along to play at your kid’s friend’s.

The tricks themselves are quite easy to learn and show, so your child won’t have any trouble while learning, only fun. There’s a booklet with clear explanations and pictures, which can be easily comprehended even by a 4 year old.

What We Like

We love how brightly designed this item is. It catches an eye and doesn’t look cheap. So, it can make a cool Birthday or Christmas present for your child or grandchild. Besides, all the pieces required for doing tricks also look very attractive. The wand in particular. Most kids will adore how it shrinks and grows.


  • Comfortable to store
  • Includes six amazing tricks
  • Durable parts
  • Nicely packed, doesn’t feel cheap
  • Has an illustrated booklet with all the tricks explained clearly so that even a 4 year old would understand

  • A DVD with video how-tos would be appreciated.

Is this product suitable for girls?
Yes, this magic set is universal and suitable for anyone.

Does this product include a magician’s costume?
No, there’s only a wand. A magician’s cloak and hat aren’t included.