12 Best Building & Construction Toy Sets for Kids & Toddlers

Top-Rated Building & Construction Toys for Children

Our Top 3 Picks

ETI Toys Building Blocks Set for Boys & Girls


This cool building toy set is perfect for securing the physical and intellectual development of your child. It improves motor and engineering skills. The set includes a total of 85 colorful pieces of different shapes and sizes. It also comes with an idea sheet that will help the kids get started.

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IMDEN Educational Building Set for Toddlers


This cool-looking toy is one of the best creative build sets for little kids. It includes nearly a hundred high-quality pieces. They are completely safe for your child’s health and are very durable. Kids can use them to make any 3D model they want from a car to a rocket ship!

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Construction Learning Set by Brickyard


This construction set will become the favorite toy of any child that loves building and working with tools. It includes over a hundred blocks. It also comes with wrenches and screwdrivers for creating beautiful, sturdy structures. The Brickyard set is the ultimate choice for developing the motor skills of your child.

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ETI Toys Building Blocks Set

ETI Toys Building Blocks Set

Age: 3+.

This cool construction toy set includes over eighty building materials that can be put together in any way your 4 year old wants. The blocks are all brightly-colored and completely odorless. It’s possible to build trucks, cars, robots, buildings, and many other objects. The only limit is your kid’s imagination!

To assist beginning builders, the manufacturer offers an eBook with design concepts. Each construction is explained in a step-by-step fashion. The manufacturer also incentivizes parents to work on the constructions with their child. This will help you strengthen the bond and teach the boy or girl how to work in a team.

What We Like

This awesome educational building set is perfect for toddlers and older kids alike. It helps develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. The unlimited number of potential designs allows your child to play with this toy for months!


  • Each block is odorless and non-toxic;
  • Pieces are easy to put together even by a 3 year old;
  • Comes with a useful eBook with design ideas;
  • Great for the intellectual and physical development of your kid.

  • There are only 4 pieces you can screw the rest of the blocks onto.

How many toy designs are included in the eBook guide?
There’s a total of twelve designs divided into three difficulty levels.

Is this kit compatible with Builderific connecting toys?
No, these blocks aren’t designed to be used with items from other brands.

What material are the blocks made of?
They are made of high-quality plastic that is completely safe for your child’s health.

IMDEN Educational Building Set

IMDEN Magnetic Blocks Magnetic Building Set

Age: 3+.

This kit of construction shapes is the perfect introduction to the world of good builder kits for toddlers. Magnetic blocks always get a better reaction from kids, and this set includes dozens of them. There are 5 different geometric shapes to work with. The total amount of pieces is 92. Moreover, the blocks from this toy can be used in combination with other brands’ products such as Picasso.

The blocks in this package are made of ABS plastic and are non-toxic. They have smooth edges and can’t harm your child’s skin while playing.

This playset is awesome for teaching children how 3D models are made. Your kid can make anything – a cat, car, submarine, airplane, fish, or even a ship. This toy also encourages imaginative play and improves hand-eye coordination.

What We Like

The IMDEN set offers an impressive number of magnetic components that stick together effortlessly. This toy supports STEM learning and improves the children’s knowledge of architecture and science. Moreover, it’s great for uncovering the creative talents of your kid.


  • Blocks are smooth for skin protection;
  • The magnets are quite strong;
  • Can be combined with other similar sets;
  • Nice, warm colors and semi-transparent design.

  • The wheel parts aren’t as sturdy as the rest of the blocks.

What are the exact shapes included in this toy?
This kit includes squares, triangles, rectangles, semicircles, and hexagons.

Are the letter and number tiles magnetic?
No, but they are great for teaching your kid the alphabet and basic mathematics.

Can my 4 years old combine these blocks with the ones we have from Magformers?
Yes, they are fully compatible.

Brickyard Building Blocks

101 Piece STEM Toys Kit Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks

Age: 3+.

The Brickyard construction kit is the ultimate Birthday present for little architects and engineers. It includes more than a hundred pieces. The kit even comes with wheels for making movable vehicles (such as cars, bikes, etc.)! As a bonus, it comes with a set of tools for more advanced creations. The kit also contains a sheet explaining over forty designs for children to try out.

The number of components and tools (two screwdrivers and wrenches) allows for a shared experience. Your child can learn the value of cooperation while playing with his or her friends. After playtime is over, all the pieces can be put in a handy box.

What We Like

This building toy set is the epitome of versatility. It allows your child to develop motor skills, enhance critical and logical thinking capabilities, and unleash his creativity. It’s fully supportive of the STEM systems and perfect for toddlers and 8 year olds alike.


  • A superior number of pieces compared to similar products;
  • Includes a booklet with over forty design ideas;
  • Phthalate, Lead, and BPA-free;
  • Includes wrenches and screwdrivers for more immersion.

  • The included screwdrivers might be a bit too hard to work with for 4 year olds.

How many wheels are included in this set?
The basic Brickyard set includes six wheels.

What are the dimensions of the storage case?
The box is roughly 6 x 12 x 6 inches big.

Can my toddler build designs without tools?
It is possible, but it’s hard to screw the bolts using only fingers tightly.

KID K’NEX Preschool Connecting Toy

KID KNEX – Budding Builders Building Set

Age: 3+.

This item is one of the best building toys for kids who would rather construct creatures than buildings. The set includes a total of one-hundred components. All pieces look nice and have crisp colors. Additionally, the connector set contains several eyes and other exciting contraptions. These can be used for creating funny and weird creatures.

This high-quality connecting toy includes a booklet that contains 50 ideas on different stuff that can be created with this kit. The guide is divided into different sections based on the construction’s difficulty. Your child can start with easier models and work his way up from them.

What We Like

The K’NEX connecting toy shines at letting your child’s imagination flourish. The ability to add eyes to the creations is great for a ton of laughs. This kit supports STEM subjects and is suitable for developing spatial awareness and problem-solving skills.


  • The number of connectors allows for creating loads of unique creatures;
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing process;
  • Supports STEM learning;
  • Comes with a guide with fifty design ideas.

  • The lengthy pieces are a bit too bendable.


Is this set compatible with other K’NEX products?
Even though most sets share similar connections, they can’t be used together.

How many eyes and body pieces are included in this kit?
The kit includes three eye pairs and six tail/antenna/gear components.

I’m looking for preschool building toys for my kindergarten class. How many 5 year olds can enjoy this toy at once?
This preschool set was primarily designed for preschoolers and can be played with up to four kids.

VIAHART Flakes: Large Build Set for Children

Age: 5+.

This item is the best-rated construction toy set for both girls and boys. It includes 500 flake-shaped pieces and a design idea booklet. The flakes are of various colors and will keep your kid engaged for weeks. The booklet includes several ideas for things to build with kids. With its help, you and your little one can create trees, stars, flowers, snowflakes, and many other shapes!

Each disk has a diameter of 1.3” and is completely safe for the child’s health. They are all made of high-quality polyethylene. The pieces link together easily and have several connection points. Your child can play with this set by themselves or with siblings.

This toy is great for encouraging children to learn more about architecture and engineering. It also keeps their creative thinking process active throughout the entire session.

What We Like

This construction set is perfect for bringing out the creative side in children. It comes with hundreds of pieces with a unique flake shape. These pieces are awesome for developing the coordination and agility in 5 year olds as well as for allowing mere fun to 12 years old.


Includes five-hundred components;

Pieces are easily connectable;

Unique piece shape and vibrant colors;

Non-toxic and safe for the child’s health.


Disconnecting a completed creation can be a bit of a hassle.


Can I find any other designs other than the ones included in the booklet?
Yes, you can visit the manufacturer’s website for more ideas.

Is this kit compatible with Hearthsong connectagons?
Both items share the same concept, but they can’t be used with each other.

EMIDO Plastic Connecting Kit (Safe Materials)

EMIDO Building Blocks Kids Educational Toys STEM Toys Building Discs

Age: 3+.

This kit is perfect if you’re looking for a fun connector toy for boys and girls. The set includes more than 120 pieces with vibrant colors. The number of components allows creating flowers, animals, vehicles, and planet-like shapes. The only limit of creation is your child’s creativity and dedication!

The pieces stick together easily. They are made of polyethylene and are 100% safe for the children’s health. The variety of differently colored elements allows for color recognition and motor skills development in young kids. The pieces are also quite durable and can be used dozens of times for new shapes!

What We Like

These uniquely-shaped building pieces are the best material for creating eye-catching constructs. The EMIDO kit improves the sensory and cognitive capabilities in kids of all ages, from 3 year olds to 7 year olds. Moreover, it’s great for bringing out the inner engineer in your child.


  • Very easy to use and put together;
  • Over 120 pieces to work with;
  • The set includes a handy bag for storing all the pieces and taking them outdoor;
  • Can be combined with additional sets for more complicated creations

  • The pieces may be too small for some kids to put together;
  • Lacks an instruction manual with design ideas.

Can preschoolers play with this set?
Yes, it’s suitable for 3 year olds and up and is perfect for using in school.

How big are the pieces inside?
Each detail is 1.26” long and 0.35” wide.

What colors are included in this set?
There’s a total of eight colors in the EMIDO kit (purple, red, brown, yellow, blue, pink, and green).

Mega Bloks Big Bag: Cool Assembly Toy

Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

Age: 1-5 years.

This cool construction toy is the perfect Birthday gift for toddlers and 5 year olds alike. It incentivizes creative play and develops motor skills. Your child will surely love playing with all the colorful blocks. The pieces are totally safe and can be stored in a special container for convenience.

The set includes 80 different pieces. This is enough for weeks of playing. The package also comes with a wheel platform for constructing cars and bikes. Other than that, your kid can create helicopters, giraffes, and anything else he or she wants.

This toy is also compatible with other Mega Bloks products. This adds more construction freedom and allows your child to play with their friends.

What We Like

We were impressed with how well this plastic toy set suits toddlers and preschoolers. The included blocks are enormous. It makes them easy for 2 year olds to stack them. There are a lot of them, meaning a huge variety of potential creations!


  • Includes a platform with cool wheels;
  • Large blocks that are safe for toddlers;
  • The pieces are easy to connect and take apart;
  • The pieces are smooth and can’t hurt your child’s hands.

  • Some of the blocks are a bit too loose.

What set better suits toddlers, this one or LEGO Duplos?
These blocks are larger and present fewer risks for your child.

Can a 1 year old baby play with this set?
Yes, due to the large size of the blocks, this item might be the best building toy for 1 year olds.

Play Platoon Building Bricks for Kids

Building Bricks - Regular Colors

Age: 3+.

If your 7 year olds love toys similar to LEGOs, then they will be amazed by this building bricks set. It includes more pieces than any other kit on the market. Moreover, it’s fully compatible with other sets (including LEGO itself!). Your child can build cars, buildings, animals, and even Minecraft characters with these blocks!

The pieces contained in the set are made of high-quality plastic. They come in ten different colors and are very good looking. They snap together well. This means your kid’s constructions will be sturdy and can be played with afterward.

What We Like

The Play Platoon children’s building blocks are great for developing patience and engineering skills. This set looks exactly like LEGO toys and the pieces fit together perfectly with the ones purchased from the world’s leading brand. With over a thousand pieces, your kid can build an entire neighborhood with these blocks. Besides that, the Play Platoon set is great for making characters and creatures.


  • An astonishing amount of included pieces;
  • 10 different colors (including rare ones such as purple and brown);
  • Completely safe for your child’s health;
  • Three packages to choose from.

  • A higher amount of larger pieces would be appreciated.

Where are these bricks made?
This set is manufactured in China and is in line with all American safety regulations.

Is this set compatible with Red American Brick items?
No, it isn’t.

Do these bricks fit with traditional LEGOs or Duplo LEGOs?
They are compatible with classic LEGO bricks (as well as Tyco and Mega Blocks).

STEM Mechanical Action Blocks Loader

STEM Building Construction Engineering Block

Age: 6-16.

This set is one of the top building toy sets for 15 year olds because it’s both fun and educational! The package includes hundreds of amazingly looking blocks. Your child can use them to create either a bulldozer or a tank. The instructions are included and explain everything in detail. Moreover, the kid can turn this set into a tractor, crane, or any other vehicle that runs on motors.

The pieces are mostly yellow colored and match the vehicle theme. They are made of high-quality plastic. The set presents a fine challenge for a pre-teen without being overbearing. Besides, you can work on the designs with your child. This will help strengthen the bond between you.

What We Like

This STEM-supporting construction set is the dream of all 10 year olds that are into vehicles. It can be turned into a variety of shapes and structures. It’s great for improving your kid’s engineering and science comprehension. Moreover, it has a positive effect on motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


  • Blocks are carefully crafted and look high-end;
  • The toy can be played with after assembled;
  • Great for developing the intelligence of your child;
  • Made of completely safe ABS plastic.

  • The number of potential designs is more limited than in other kits.

I have two children (a 2 year old and a 14 year old). Will this set be suitable for both of them?
The instructions might be too hard to follow for 2 year olds but are perfect for teens.

What is the exact number of pieces in this set?
This building blocks kit includes 301 pieces.

Unique Builder Kit by Tinkertoy

TINKERTOY 30 Model Super Building Set

Age: 3+.

This is the perfect STEM-supportive toy set of cool building bricks. It encourages creativity and interactive fun. With 200 pieces, there’s no limit to what your kid can build. The kit also includes an illustrated booklet with thirty design ideas. Your child can build a house, car, bridge, cute creature, or even a castle!

There are loads of different shapes for kids to experiment with. The set includes spools, circles, rods, eyes, flags, and many other accessories. Moreover, this unique mechanical toy set can be combined with other kits and played with other children! The components come in a handy box that is perfect for storage.

What We Like

This item has impressed us with how intuitive it is to use. The included two-hundred pieces can be easily combined into dozens of unique shapes. The Tinkertoy set is perfect for unleashing the creativity of your kid. Moreover, it supports STEM education techniques.


  • Includes hundreds of pieces that are compatible with other kits;
  • The components are made of high-quality plastic;
  • Pieces stick together well, and the constructions are sturdy;
  • The set includes a brochure with design ideas;

  • Some pieces require quite a lot of force to stick together.

Is this toy suitable for babies?
No, the smaller pieces in this set may present a choking hazard for kids under 3 years old.

Can this kit be combined with other Tinker toys such as the pink building set?
Yes, the pieces included in these two sets are interchangeable.

Can the creations move on the included wheels?
Yes, as long as the wheels are attached correctly to a rod.

Lincoln Logs Creative All-Wood Pieces Set

LINCOLN LOGS – 100th Anniversary Tin - 111 All-Wood Pieces

Age: 3+.

If you loved the 90s building toys, then your child will adore the Lincoln Logs. The set contains more than a hundred pieces that are made of real maple wood. Also, it includes a cool instruction manual explaining how to build a tower, a couple of miniature houses near a bonfire, and a huge cabin. Alternatively, your kid can come up with structures of his own!

All components in the set are of high quality and made in the USA. The wood looks beautiful and was stained to look more like a cabin. The vintage finish really adds a nostalgia feel for adults and more immersion for children. There are also pieces for a roof, chimney, and a bonfire.

What We Like

This vintage-looking set of Lincoln wooden logs has greatly surprised us with its quality. The included pieces are very durable and provide hours of fun. The set helps your child develop an interest in architecture and hone their engineering skills.


  • Can be combined with other log sets for more fun;
  • Instructions available for several designs;
  • The pieces are made of real wood;
  • The set can be easily cleaned and stored;

  • The amount of included logs is sufficient only for basic constructions.


Are the included logs all of the same size?
No, there are 6 different sizes, offering more versatility for construction.

Is this set suitable to be used with other Lincoln log products?
Yes, the pieces are the same proportions as other similar items.

How large is the container tin?
It’s roughly 18” high and is 12” in diameter.

Aircraft Playset Airport: 1990s Building Toy

200 Pieces Aircraft Model Playset Airport Assembled Toys

Age: 3+.

This 90’s old-fashioned educational building toy is the dream of all kids that love airplanes, from 3 year olds to 6 year olds. It includes 200 pieces that can be set up in any way. Not only does the set include planes, but it also has buses, radars, sticks, roadblocks, fences, and dozens of other accessories.

This allows taking imaginative play to a new level. Besides, the included number of elements is sufficient to be enjoyed with friends.

This set is great for developing the intellectual capabilities of your child. Moreover, the interactive nature of the toy helps your kid develop communication skills and learn more about how airport terminals work while having a lot of fun.

What We Like

This toy set has impressed us with the amount of highly detailed pieces it includes. The scope of the set allows your kid to start a fully operating airport. It’s perfect for make-believe games and management skill development in a child. The included play mat is also very comfortable.


  • The set gives your child the ability to build an entire airport terminal;
  • Includes lots of interesting pieces such as traffic signs and passengers;
  • The radars have a 360o rotatable angle;
  • The kit encourages imaginative play and develops organizational skills.

  • The quality of the airplanes is mediocre.

How many airplanes are included in the set?
There are eight planes in the box.

What size are the planes contained in this kit?
Each airplane is roughly 5 x 2 x 5 inches big.

Are the vehicles and airplanes die-cast?
No, they are made of lightweight plastic.

How Young Kids Learn with Building Toys

Building toys like K’Nex, LEGO, and TinkerToy have a significant positive effect on the cognitive and intellectual capabilities of children regardless of their age. Not only are they fun, they also provide the following benefits:

  • Improve motor skills and dexterity. Building toys allow children to learn how to operate objects of different shapes and sizes.
  • Develop patience and attention to detail. Some creations can take hours of dedication to complete. However, your children will always feel accomplished and happy once they finish a complex construction.
  • Support creativity. Kids get to exercise their imagination when designing a new structure that isn’t included in the instruction manual.
  • Hone critical and logical thinking. Your children will grow smarter as they learn where each piece fits and how to make a construction sturdy.
  • Boost color recognition and hand-eye coordination. Simple assembly toys are perfect for toddlers that are just starting to learn more about the world and how objects and colors work.
  • Improve spatial awareness. Developing this skill is crucial for allowing a kid to learn how to read.Develop interest in architecture, engineering, science, teamwork, and physics. Building toys are perfect for introducing children to new subjects, concepts, and ideas connected to various areas of study.

Most of the listed above advantages are an inherent part of all building toys. The fact that they are rebuildable and can be constructed in an unlimited number of ways makes them perfect for months of interactive play. Thankfully, there are dozens of high-quality building sets available that are waiting to entertain and educate your child!