11 Best Wagons for Kids – Reviews

Our Top 3 Picks

Radio Flyer Folding Wagon for Kids

 Radio Flyer Folding Wagon for KidsThis top-rated kids wagon will be a real hit with your baby. It offers a customizable construction and can be used in three different modes, each of which can be adjusted in a snap. Use the double seated configuratitoddlers and smaller children.on to carry your child and their friend, a bench mode for seating, and the third configuration as a hauling.

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All-Terrain 2-Seater Pull Ride On Wagon

All-Terrain 2-Seater Pull Ride On WagonThis red all-terrain wagon is a great option for exciting rides off-road and prolonged usage. Featuring inflatable rubber tires, this model offers a smooth movement even through the rough parts of the terrain. And with a number of cool extra features, it will allow for a versatile use.

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Metal Wagon w/ Rubber Wheels by Radio Flyer

Metal Wagon wRubber Wheels by Radio FlyerFeaturing large 10-inch wheels and rubber tires, this red 2 seater wagon offers a sturdy construction and a classy design. With its seamless body and no-scratch edges, it is safe for children. The folding design allows for a convenient storage, making this model a great solution for almost any user.

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Top-Rated Kids Wagons

Radio Flyer Folding Wagon

Radio Flyer Folding Wagon for Kids

This is one of the most versatile children’s wagons you can get for under $100. Offering three different configuration options, the red Flyer Wagon can hold up to 150 pounds while being rather lightweight, making it a very portable model.

You can use this wagon as a bench, a 2-seater carriage, and a hauling for your child’s toys and other stuff. The ergonomic design of the handle makes it easy to push, pull, and maneuver the cart around. Another cool feature is the double cup holder, which will come in handy during the hot summer days.

Why we like it

We love the use options this model offers. With just a couple of movements, you can transform it into a bench when you need to take a seat. Then, just as easily, you can convert it into a cute toddler two-seater. While paying for one wagon, you get three different models. We think that’s a very good deal!


  • Light construction, easy to pull
  • Durable despite being lightweight
  • Converts into 3 different models
  • Quiet tires
  • Has 2 seatbelts
  • Great value for money

  • Doesn’t work equally well on all surfaces


Can this model be used on the sand?
We believe that this wagon’s wheels are too small to work effectively on the sand. You might want to try a model with thicker tires.

Are there seat belts?
Yes, there are 2 safety straps, each for 1 kid.

What are the age recommendations?
This wagon is recommended for kids from 18 months and up to 5 years.

All-Terrain Ride On Wagon

 All-Terrain 2-Seater Pull Ride On Wagon

This covered baby wagon has a lot of cool features to offer for a rather reasonable price. Combining a large red frame and a removable canopy, this model is ideal for both convenient storage and a safe travel to the beach or your favorite park on a warm sunny day. This is a rather heavy duty canopy wagon, which can handle prolonged usage and different terrains.

The collapsible seats and the removable canopy allow for 5 different configurations, including a covered storage and a two-seater for your babies. There are seatbelts for more safety and 4 cup holders, which offer an easy access to the drinks or snacks when riding. The tires feature the all-terrain design, which means you can carry the stroller along even to the beach.

Why we like it

We appreciate the storage capacity that this model offers. Parents know how helpful it is to have some storage space while you carry your baby in the wagon. It’s much easier to put everything into the cart instead of bringing an extra bag. With this model, you will keep everything in one place, pulling the wagon almost without an effort thanks to its strong and smooth wheels.


  • UV protection canopy (removable)
  • Folding handle for compact storage
  • Durable all-terrain tires
  • 5 convertibility options
  • Impressive storage space
  • Folding seats with safety belts
  • Large but doesn’t look or feel bulky

  • Some reviews report that the front wheels may become wobbly after some time


Can my toddler son sleep in it?
Yes, there is a “flatbed” configuration, which is suitable for sleeping.

Is the canopy made of plastic or fabric?
It’s a soft fabric canopy, which you can easily fold up for a convenient storage.

Metal Wagon w/ Rubber Wheels

Metal Wagon wRubber Wheels by Radio Flyer

This classic ride on wagons is ideal for twins and occasional strolls around the neighborhood or in the park. Featuring the all-steel body (seamless) with rounded no-scratch edges, it offers a good weight capacity and can be used for two little kids at the same time.

The extra-long handle makes this model extremely easy to pull. Even if you’re a taller parent, chances are you will not face any issues while pulling the wagon. Moreover, the handle features a folding design, which means this childs wagon won’t take too much space in your home.

Why we like it

Even though this is a rather basic, simplistic model, it is quite sturdy and reliable, which we appreciate very much. The large 10-inch wheels promise a prolonged usage, while the all-steel body can handle different childrens weighs and weather conditions.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Large steel wheels with rubber tires, smooth in operation
  • Long foldable handle for an easier use
  • Classic design

  • The wheels may have a slight off-gassing to them at first
  • No safety belt, not suitable for smaller toddlers


How much does this model weigh?
It weighs 26 pounds.

How much weight can it withstand?
The recommended weight limit is 150 pounds.

Is it suitable for toddlers?
The recommended age is 1.5-year olds and up. Since there are no seatbelts, this model isn’t the best option for smaller babies.

Does it come assembled?
No, unfortunately, you will need to assemble the wagon yourself. However, it’s not that hard and might take you around 30-40 minutes.

Children’s Covered Stroller: Good for Beach

Children Covered Stroller Good for Beach

This is one of the most versatile plastic wagons you can find for such a price. It has a lot to offer: 5 different construction configurations, comfort for your kids, durability, and ease of use. The 10-inch Dura-Tred air tires allow for a quiet and smooth operation and are suitable for long walks and exciting travels.

The removable seat covers are padded for an additional comfort. They feature safety belts, which makes this wagon an ideal option for toddlers. However, thanks to its sturdy construction and quite a large size, it will work fine for older kids as well.

Why we like it

We absolutely love the versatility this wagon provides. It can be used as a carriage for two kids, a flatbed, a ride + activity wagon (you can turn one of the seats into a table, allowing your toddler to play or doodle on the go), a storage unit (both covered and not), or a combination of one riding seat and a storage compartment. The canopy is removable, which adds more use options.


  • Sturdy construction with rubber wheels
  • A heavy-duty model, suitable for big kids
  • Flexible and versatile, can be used in 5 different configurations
  • Padded seats with safety belts, suitable even for smaller toddlers
  • UV protection canopy
  • Cup holders
  • Lots of storage space
  • Easy to pull

  • Some reviews state that the canopy isn’t very durable and it may be challenging to find the replacement


What is the weight limit for this model?
The maximum recommended weight is 200 pounds.

I have a 1 year old baby, will this wagon be good for her?
Yes, just make sure you use the seatbelt.

Can I remove the seat covers?
Yes, they are removable and washable.

Double Seated Steel & Wood Wagon

Double Seated Steel & Wood Wagon

This metal wagon features wooden stake sides, which add a cleaner look to it. Being a relatively compact model, it has large 10-inch wheels with air tires, which add more stability to the construction and allow this model to be used even as a beach wagon.

The wide frame design prevents this wagon from tipping over. The sides are quite tall, so this wagon is great even for toddlers. However, with the recommended maximum weight of 200 pounds, you can carry older kids in it as well, even two of them at the same time.

Why we like it

We are the huge fans of this wagon’s construction. Those big wheels with sturdy tires, attached to the base body with a wide frame allow for a very stable and reliable build. This is truly one of the toughest stroller wagons you can find for the money. It will work great on different terrains, including country roads and grassy park lanes.


  • High weight capacity
  • Sturdy and stable construction
  • Easy to pull
  • Good tires and large wheels, suitable for different terrain types
  • Fold-under handle

  • No seatbelts, might not be safe for very young kids
  • No padding, so you’ll probably need to adjust the comfort levels for your babies by putting something soft inside the wagon


Will it work for a kid who is 5 years old?
Yes, this wagon will easily support a 5-year-old’s weight.

Can I use it as a stroller alternative?
Sure! You can also store stuff in it when it’s not needed for carrying your kid.

Step2 Red Canopy Wagon: Great for Twins

Step2 Red Canopy Wagon Great for Twins

This model makes the best portable infant wagon thanks to the customization and the construction it offers. It can be used as a two-seater for your infant kids, a bed for occasional naps on the go, and as a portable entertainment station (with a flippable table). This model also comes with seat belts, which will ensure your toddler’s safety during the fun rides.

Among the extra features, there are special Whisper Ride wheels, which work great on different surfaces and offer a very quiet operation. This model features a handy door (with the push lever design) for your kid to comfortably get in and out. There’s a lot of storage space and 6 cup holders for drinks and snacks.

Why we like it

We love how spacious this wagon is. Your kids will have plenty of room for their legs. Moreover, there’s also space for snacks, coloring books, and plush toys. You don’t have to worry that your child might get bored or feel uncomfortable during a long walk.


  • Quiet tires
  • Sturdy construction
  • Handy door
  • Canopy to protect your babies from the sun
  • Can be used in 3different configurations
  • Very spacious inside
  • Many storage options
  • Great value for money

  • The canopy cover material is rather thin and might not be too durable
  • The instructions are not very well-written and may confuse some users


What is the weight limit for this model?
It is 75 pounds, which is great for two small kids.

Is this wagon okay to be pulled by a tall person?
Yes, absolutely. The handle is long enough for taller people.

Is the canopy removable?
Yes, it is.

Step2 Two-Baby Push Wagon for Toddlers

Step2 Two-Baby Push Wagon for Toddlers

If you are not a big fan of those classic red wagons and strollers, you should definitely consider this model. It comes in calm blue and green colors, which makes it a perfect option for boys. Girls will love it too thanks to its comfortable contoured seats and fun hidden storage compartments.

Featuring a solid plastic body, these children push wagon is sturdy but lightweight, which means even your child will be able to carry it around (for instance, to take a toy or two with them during a walk). The easy-latch door makes getting in and out much easier, allowing your children to be more independent and fostering their motor skills.

Why we like it

We really like the design of this wagon’s handle. It is quite wide and sturdy, which promises durability. Moreover, it allows users to do both pull and push the wagon. This will add more versatility to your outdoor walks. Once you feel tired of pulling, you can switch positions to give your body a break.


  • Handy door
  • Storage compartments
  • Sturdy foldable handle, suitable for both pulling and pushing
  • Reliable construction
  • Seatbelts for your kids’ safety

  • The wheels may sound a bit loud on cement
  • No seat padding, might be uncomfortable for some kids


My kids are 3 and 7 years old, will this wagon work fine for them?
Yes, it is large and sturdy enough to accommodate children aged 3 and 7. However, it will depend on your kids’ height, so it’s always best to check the product’s dimensions before making a purchase.

What are the wheels made of?
These are plastic wheels.

Little Tikes Portable Plastic Wagon: Cheap Model

Little Tikes Portable Plastic Wagon Cheap Model

If you need a cheap kids wagon, which will allow your baby to carry his or her toys around without a trouble, you should consider this model. Its lightweight design and comfortable sturdy handle are suitable for toddlers and smaller children.

This toy wagon is safe to be used indoors, thanks to its smooth wheels.

However, the wheels are sturdy enough for the outdoor entertainment and can handle different surfaces. You can use it yourself to keep your baby’s toys in it. Or, if you want the wagon to be out of the way, you can store it compactly thanks to the foldable handle design.

Why we like it

We love how simple yet sturdy this model is. It doesn’t offer any fancy features and can be considered as a real “no-frills” model, which is perfect for smaller kids who simply need a carriage for their toys. It will help them feel more independent and foster their motor skills, which is a great bonus, in our opinion.


  • Simple construction
  • Lightweight, great for small kids to carry their toys in it
  • Helps foster the motor skills
  • Quite durable for such a simplistic model
  • Suitable to be used indoors
  • Foldable handle

  • The wheels may be too stiff at first


I want to get one for my daughter. Does this wagon come in pink color?
No, it only comes in a classic red design.

Is it big enough to carry a child in it?
This particular model is not recommended for kids to ride in it.

Does it require assembly?
No, this model comes fully assembled.

Radio Flyer 3332X: Cool Toy Wagon for 3 Kids

Radio Flyer 3332X Cool Toy Wagon for 3 Kids

This cool toy wagon for 3 kids will definitely come in handy during the long walks in the park, playdates at the beach, and fun picnics. Being able to comfortably accommodate three children at once, it features a reliable build and durable 10-inch tires (which, by the way, operate quietly, so they won’t annoy you).

Here’s the kicker: this canopy wagon has something for you as well. There’s a handy expandable storage bag placed at the rear part of the wagon. It is extra-large and can help you deal with those endless packs of juice, snacks, and other stuff that you need to carry along every time you take your kids for a walk.

Why we like it

We absolutely love how spacious yet compact-looking this model is. It can easily accommodate three kids, offering some extra storage space for their toys and other necessities you decide to take on your new adventure.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Spacious, can accommodate 3 kids
  • Foldable handle
  • Large storage bag
  • Quiet wheels

  • Might not accommodate comfortably older kids
  • Some consumer reports describe durability issues with the front wheels after some time


Can it be used as a 4 seat wagon?
No, this is not a 4 seat model. We recommend using it only as a 3-person wagon since there are only 3 seatbelts.

Is the canopy removable?
Yes, it is. Keep in mind though that the canopy is sold separately.

What is the weight limit?
The maximum weight capacity of this model is 200 pounds.

Fisher-Price Roller Blocks Rockin’ Wagon

Fisher-Price Roller Blocks Rockin Wagon

This cute little wagon has all the chances to become your baby’s favorite toy. Featuring a bright and colorful design, it offers two different play modes, each of which your child is definitely going to enjoy. It offers hours of fun play and a couple of pleasant bonuses.

The Sit and Play mode works to help your baby enhance his or her motor and thinking skills and involves stacking the colorful blocks. The Stand and Pull mode will encourage your little boy or girl to walk. Each movement will be rewarded with cheerful music and fun sounds.

Why we like it

We absolutely love the design of this wagon. It is bright and can definitely interest your baby, encouraging him or her to play with the cubes and to pull the carriage around. This model is also very lightweight, which means your child won’t have any troubles pulling it.


  • Bright and cheerful design
  • Lightweight, easy to pull
  • Entertains kids with music and sounds
  • Come with fun and educating blocks
  • Helps foster babies’ skills

  • The handle might be too short for taller kids


I have a 6 month old son, will this wagon work for him?
Yes, this toy is recommended for kids from 6 months to 3 years.

How many blocks are there?
This wagon comes with 2 blocks with funny faces and 2 blocks with objects and cars for kids to learn.

WonderFold Outdoor Collapsible Wagon

 WonderFold Outdoor Collapsible Wagon

If you don’t know how to pick a good model among the fold up wagons, we highly recommend you to consider this particular carriage. Featuring a very sturdy construction, it requires zero assembly and can be easily folded and unfolded in mere seconds. The automatic safety locking feature will prevent the wagon from collapsing during use, ensuring the safety of its passengers.

This collapsible wagon has sturdy, durable EVA tires, which can be used on pretty much any terrain type. The handle features a telescoping swivel design and can be rotated in 180 degrees. It also has a special spring bounce system, which stops it from falling down when it’s not being used.

Why we like it

We are the huge fans of this model’s construction. When folded, it doesn’t take too much space, which is awesome for storage and portability. It gets better: it takes only a couple of seconds to unfold this wagon, so your kids won’t have to wait long for their adventures to begin. This is a sturdy and reliable wagon, which is also easy to use. To us, that’s a great combo!


  • Super easy to use
  • Sturdy wheels with foot brakes
  • EVA tires
  • Easy to clean
  • Swivel handle
  • Super portable
  • Comes with a canopy
  • Available in 3 colors

  • Quite pricey, might not be suitable for some users


Can it fit four toddlers?
We believe that the maximum capacity of this model allows to accommodate only 3 small kids.

Is the fabric removable? Is it washable?
Yes, the polyester fabric is removable and washable. You just need to unbuckle it from the corners.

What to Consider When Choosing a Baby Wagon

Getting a good toddler wagon can bring you a lot of advantages. It can entertain your children and help you move them around conveniently and without much effort.

But how do you find a nice, high-quality pull wagon for your kids? And how do you pick the best possible option?

The answer is simple: you need to be attentive and meticulous. Paying attention to the wagon’s features will help you determine whether it’s a suitable model for you and your kids. Think about what you need and see whether the wagon you’re considering meets your expectations.

And to help you with that here’s the list of the most important features you should definitely review:

Capacity. This one is obvious: how many kids do you plan to carry in the wagon? Do you have one baby, twins, or maybe triplets? Depending on that, you should pick the model with the appropriate capacity for your family.

Age. Your choice will also depend on your childrens age. For toddlers, the carriage should have more protective features. And for older kids, for instance, the wagon should be bigger, wider, and maybe feature some extra accessories like cup holders.

Design and materials. There are plenty of options to choose from, each of which offers its own benefits and drawbacks. For instance, metal wagons usually have a sturdy metal undercarriage, while plastic models don’t have an undercarriage and feature a plain, solid plastic construction.

There are also wood wagons, which look classy and cute but are not suitable for all weather conditions. Wooden frames will deteriorate fast when used in the regions where it constantly rains or snows. At the same time, wood wagons are the best for warm climates since this material doesn’t get hot fast in the sun.

Safety. This feature is extremely important, especially if you have small toddlers or infants. Consider wagons with high walls, seatbelts, smooth edges, and a sturdy, reliable build.

Wheels. This part of the whole construction is what influences the way your wagon moves, turns, and performs on a challenging terrain. They are usually steel or plastic, with inflatable or solid rubber tires. Steel offers a better durability while plastic models are more lightweight. Therefore, if you need a wagon for an occasional use, the plastic wheels will suffice. However, for a more heavy-duty option, solid rubber tires and steel wheels would be the best choice.

Price. Of course, the price also matters when it comes to picking the best wagons for kids. Here, you get what you pay for (in the majority of cases). Cheap models under $100 usually offer a more basic, simple construction without all the bells and whistles.

There are some great models under $200 that feature a folding design, canopies with the UV protection, and even cup holders for your kid’s drink. However, if you are ready to invest more, there are some really heavy-duty all-terrain wagons that cost over $200 and offer more fancy features like padded seats, customization, modern designs, high weight capacity, super durable wheels, and more.

Stability. We all know that kids are quite active, even while sitting in their wagon. Therefore, when shopping for one, you need to see how stable it is. It has to feature a heavy, solid base, so that it won’t tip and fall over if your children decide to become more active during the ride.

Durability. Of course, you want a durable wagon that will serve you for more than just a couple of months. To find one, you should look at its materials. Another thing that can help you is reading other users’ reviews. Based on other people’s experience with a certain model, you will be able to see how reliable it is.

Portability, flexibility, versatility. These features are important since they make the whole usage process easier. Portability implies the foldable design, which will allow you to transport the wagon in your car (and, as a bonus, to store it more efficiently).

Flexible and versatile wagons offer some extra features, like storage compartments (for your childrens snacks or toys), removable canopy, swivel wheels, etc. Such models are highly efficient in use but cost more.

Color. This criterion is really a matter of your (and your kids’) personal preference. The most popular color option for children’s wagons is red, which has become a classic. Wooden models usually feature a natural look and can be sanded, stained, or dyed lightly.

Oftentimes, manufacturers paint the wheels and the fabric (the canopy, for instance) to add a more cheerful and bright note to the overall exterior. It is always a good idea to let your child pick the color since he or she is the one who is going to spend the most time with it. If you get your children something they don’t like, you will simply waste your money for nothing.