Practicing artcraft is very important for children, it develops their creativity which is basically the most important skill we need nowadays.

Easels are here for it, they can be the perfect space where a child can put and practice their skills. This article will analyze 3 of the best easels for kids and toddlers.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel for Painting and Drawing

Melissa & Doug is a company that makes products for kids since 1988, they focus on making products that will for sure educate children and increase their skills such as painting, drawing and obviously the creativity, that’s why this product is the top-rated art easel for kids.

This product is a two-side easel. One side is a dry-erase board with a paper roll holder and a child-safe paper cutter and the other side is a chalkboard.

Is included in this product: 4 easy-clip grips and 2 large plastic trays (both are removable).

Even though the art supplies are not included, with all that’s included the kid will feel just like an artist and the paper cutter can be really useful and practical.


  • Can be used by more than one kid at a time.
  • Perfect for kids until 7 years-old.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Already have a paper-cutter.
  • Good price.


  • Paper, paint, paint brushes and chalk are not included, you will need to buy it separately.
  • Material seems weak.

KidKraft Storage Easel with Paper Roll

KidKraft was founded in 1968 and only works with wood. They manufacture furniture that only fits for children and They also make toy all made of wood. They work with the main idea of inspiring kids imagination by games, furniture and toys.

This is a two-side easel too. One side with the chalkboard and the other with a dry-erase surface. With more space to add extra trays, this product helps the kid to keep the art material organized.

This easel seems more professional and resistant, a really high-quality and a really good tool to develop kids artcraft skills.

Is included in this product: paper roll and 2 large plastic trays.

KidKraft easel looks way more professional than the others and that explains the price, it’s a good investment if you feel the kid is really into drawing and painting and will use this high-quality easel a lot.


  • Can be used by more than one kid at a time.
  • Good for kids until 8 years-old.
  • More resistant Material.
  • Paper-roll included.
  • More space for extra trays.


  • All the art supplies (but the paper-roll) are not included.
  • Doesn’t come with a paper cutter.
  • Only come with two trays.
  • Trays aren’t removable.
  • It’s more expensive.

Hape Wooden Kid’s Art Easel for Preschoolers

Hape is the largest wooden toys manufacturer. All their products are made from sustainable material, so it’s an eco-friendly company.

They have already gained several certifications in safety and quality and also are socially responsible. The company focus on developing child’s skills

This easel looks like the same comparing to the others, it has two sides, has a chalkboard and a dry-erase board, nothing new until here. But this one has different details that make this easel a really good choice, such as the whiteboard is magnetic and it’s also possible to adjust the height, which makes it a good toddler easel.

Is included in this product: 3 paint pots and replaceable paper roll.

What makes this a good easel is the low possibility of missing things such as the tray itself. And the adjustable height is perfect to adapt the easel for shorter and taller kids. The magnetic board is perfect to keep and to expose the kid’s draws


  • Can be used by more than one kid at a time.
  • Good for kids until 8 years-old.
  • Magnetic white-board.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Paper-roll included.
  • Good Price.
  • Eco-friendly.


  • All the art supplies are not included.
  • Does not come with a paper cutter.
  • Does not have space for more trays.
  • Trays aren’t removable.

So all of the easels are good, but some details make a big difference, if you’re looking for something more practical the Melissa & Doug Easel is for you, with the paper-cutter and removable trays organizing and cleaning are guaranteed.

If you have a child that uses a lot of materials the KidKraft Storage Easel is better if you add extra trays, also it’s more resistant.

But if you need a good easel to entertain your kids and a removable tray won’t make difference so go for Hape Wooden Kid’s Art Easel, It’s pros make this easel the most practical and affordable option.