10 Best-Rated Easels for Kids & Toddlers – Reviews

Our Top 3 Picks

Melissa & Doug Kids Standing Easel for Painting & Drawing

Melissa & Doug Kids Standing EaselThis is one of the best easels for kids and toddlers. Being a double sided paint easel, it includes a chalkboard and a dry erase board. It has sturdy clips that will hold paper rolls on the board. The height is adjustable and the boards are easy to clean.


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KidKraft Storage Easel with Paper Roll

KidKraft Storage EaselThe great thing about this top-rated art easel for kids is that it includes a lot of space for art supplies that may be stored all around it for your childs comfort. Besides, this double-sided model is very sturdy and stable, so it won’t break or flip over.


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Hape Wooden Kid’s Art Easel for Preschoolers

Hape Wooden Kids Art EaselThis high-quality kids easel stand is made of durable wood, has an eye-catching design and an adjustable height. It comes with a magnetic whiteboard that your child can play with using different letters, numbers, and figures. Also, it includes spaces for art supplies.


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Top-Rated Art Easels for Children

Melissa & Doug Kids Standing Easel

Melissa & Doug Kids Standing Easel

Age: 36 months – 7 year old.

This children’s painting easel has 2 sides, so your child may draw and have fun with friends or siblings. There’s a chalkboard on one side and a dry erase board on the other one. In between the sides, there’s some space specifically designed as a paper holder.

The paintings of your children may be easily removed from the easel stand. If the paper is oversized, it may be comfortably adjusted with sturdy clips that are included in the package.

There’s also a paper-cutter, which is safe for your children and provides additional comfort when using this easel.
This model is perfect not only for a toddler but also for an older child, like a 6 year old, because it’s height is adjustable. Your kids will feel free to experiment with different colors, shapes, and art forms while using this easel.

Why We Like It

This standing easel for kids is a perfect choice if you’re keen on versatility and comfort. Its major advantage is that it’s very easy to clean. The two big plastic trays and the boards are easy to remove and wash. Moreover, this is one of those folding easels that do not require much space and may be comfortably placed near a wall or under your bed.


  • Double sided easel
  • Includes clips, a paper-cutter, and large plastic trays
  • Easy to clean and store
  • The height can be adjusted

  • Paper, paint, and chalk are sold separately


Can this easel hold magnetic numbers or letters?
No, none of the sides of the easel are magnetic.

Do you need to use a screwdriver to fold it?
No, this product is folded manually, there’s no need to use a screwdriver or any other tool.

KidKraft Storage Easel

KidKraft Storage Easel

Age: 36 months – 11 year old.

This model is one of the double sided standing wood easels that are perfect for both preschoolers and older kids. The first side is a chalkboard and the second one is a dry erase surface. It’s very stable and sturdy, so there’s no chance that it will break or flip over. It’s also easy to assemble.

Very convenient in use, it’s a baby easel with storage spaces that are situated all around it. There are 2 large crayon and chalk trays in the center of each side. Moreover, there’s some additional space for 3 trays in-between the chalkboard and the dry erase surface. The containers are spacious enough for your kids to store all their crayons, pencils, chalk, and any other supplies.

Placed on top of the easel, the paper roll part is easily removable, and your child won’t have any trouble reaching for it. All of this makes it one of those good toddler easels.

Why We Like It

It’s a double sided toddler chalkboard easel model with different board types, so your child can experiment with various painting styles. Having an attractive bold espresso finish, this item can fit into almost any house interior. Besides, it has a lot of spacious storage spaces that are comfortably placed around it.


  • Comes in neutral colors, meaning it will look good both in your child’s room and in a living room
  • Double sided model for more creative opportunities
  • Spacious storage for painting supplies
  • Easy-to-reach paper rolls
  • Easy to assemble

  • Supplies are not included
  • Can’t be folded, isn’t a good option for houses and apartments with limited space


Can chalks be used on both sides of the easel?
No, the second side is only for dry erase markers.

Is the second board magnetic?
No, the whiteboard is only a dry erase surface.

Hape Wooden Kid’s Art Easel

Hape Wooden Kids Art Easel

Age: 36 months – 9 years old.

This small adjustable easel by Hape makes it possible for two kids to play together at once. Just like other similar models, it comes with a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other side. However, it’s also a magnetic easel. The whiteboard side may support magnet letters, numbers, and other figures.

It’s a sturdy model made of high-quality wood. It can survive your child’s messy games and, once assembled, will serve you for a long time. By the way, the assembly is very simple and it shouldn’t take much of your time.

There’s a flat surface in between the sides, designed to hold 3 paint pots that are included in the shipment package. It also includes a removable and easy-to-reach paper roll. This art easel is a wonderful choice for preschoolers and older children because its height is adjustable. Besides, it comes with screw clamps for adjusting the position of a paper on the board.

Why We Like It

This drawing art easel for children is one of the most multifunctional models available on the market. It has two spacious sides, a chalkboard and a whiteboard. And the best part is that the latter one is magnetic! It’s conveniently designed to keep every painting supply at hand so that your children could be entirely absorbed by their painting.


  • Double sided, features a magnetic board
  • Removable and easy-to-reach paper roll
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Safe and sturdy build
  • Adjustable height

  • Can’t be folded, which might be a turn-off for some parents
  • Supplies are not included


Does it have a separate space for chalks, crayons, and other supplies?
There is enough space on the flat surface in between two sides to store your kid’s supplies.

How do you clean the whiteboard?
It’s a dry erase board so it’s best to clean it with an eraser.

Step2 Portable Easel for Two

Step2 Portable Easel

Age: 36 months – 8 years old.

This portable easel is another double sided model that includes a chalkboard and a dry erase board. What makes it better than its competitors is that it’s also a magnetic easel. It comes with 77 foam magnets, including numbers, figures, and letters. So, it’s not only entertaining but also educational for your children.

This easel is extremely light and easy to move around. It features a special art supply tray placed beneath the chalkboard. This makes it easy for your kids to pick up and use the right supplies.

Moreover, the tray has several separate sections, so that your child could keep everything in order. It also features paper clips on each side that will hold the paper tight and won’t let it slip away while your kids are drawing on this coloring easel.

Why We Like It

The best thing about this double sided multifunctional and easy-to-store easel is that it comes with 77 magnetic figures and letters. And, although it’s one of the comparatively cheap easels, it is still sturdy and durable, so additional purchases and repairs won’t bother you.


  • Functions as a magnetic board
  • Can be used for painting with markers, chalk, and crayons
  • The shipment package includes 77 magnets
  • Separate tray sections
  • Easily assembled and foldable

  • Doesn’t come with art supplies
  • The height is not adjustable


Is there any item for erasing the whiteboard?
Yes, there’s an eraser included in the product shipment package.

It looks like the tray can be dragged only from one side at a time. Is it true?
No, the supply tray is long and wide enough, so it can be used from both sides at a time.

Flip and Doodle Desk with Easel for Toddlers

Flip and Doodle Desk with Easel

Age: 24 months – 8 years old.

Being one of the coolest plastic easels on the market, this Step2 product looks like a real painting station! It can transform from a traditional easel into a desk that your kid can comfortably sit at. The stool is included and is sturdy enough to ensure your childrens safety and comfort while they are drawing.

When the board is in an upright position, your child can either draw with dry erase markers or play with magnets. When put down into a flat position, it turns into a desk. Your little one can use this surface for whatever he or she wants. There are no limits, as it’s quite large in size.

When folded down, the board opens up storage spaces, which are hidden behind it when it’s up. They are all sectioned up conveniently to help your child develop a habit of storing each thing in its own place. There also are 2 large trays and 2 smaller ones, nested on the bottom shelves of the desk, and a separate back space for paper rolls and albums of your kid’s drawings.

Why We Like It

This item is a great pick for 6 year old or for 8 year old children and even toddlers. What impressed us the most about it is its versatility. Your kids can literally use it for any activity! Moreover, they may put there all their art supplies or a toy. The space is more than enough.


  • The dry erase board is magnetic
  • Transforms into a desk
  • Comfortable stool included
  • A lot of place for art supplies storage
  • Suitable both for the older child and for toddlers

  • The stool has no back support
  • Some art supplies included would be appreciated


Is the stool wobbly or not?
No, the stool is sturdy and durable. Although there’s no back support, your kids will feel comfortable while sitting on it.

Is it hard to assemble?
No, this easel is assembled in 10-15 minutes.

Double-Sided Magnetic Tabletop Art Easel

Double-Sided Magnetic Tabletop

Age: 3 year old and up.

This is a very lightweight and compact wooden double sided model of a tabletop easel. This model is one of the whiteboard easels, which also serves as a magnetic surface. The back part is a chalkboard which is convenient and easy erasable.

The item is suitable for both 4 year old kids and 10 year olds. It may be used in a diagonal position, put flat on a table or a floor, and easily folded for convenient storage.

There’s a built-in paper roll holder with a capacity of up to 12 paper rolls. The bottom part features a compact adjustment designed for paint cups and art supplies. This easel includes paper rolls, 5 pieces of chalk of different colors, a small eraser, and 36 magnetic letters and numbers.

Why We Like It

This compact and lightweight easel is great for boosting your child’s creativity as well as developing sensory and motor skills. Because of its little size, this model is portable and very convenient to use. And the best thing is that some supplies needed for your child’s leisure are included.


  • Works as a whiteboard, blackboard, and magnetic board
  • Compact and light
  • Large drawing surface
  • Diagonal and flat positioning
  • Includes art supplies

  • Can’t be used in a vertical position


Do I have to use a certain type of markers on this board?
No, any type of erase markers will do.

Are there any clamps that hold the paper on the board?
No. But you can buy them separately or use magnets for that.

Elk & Bear Whiteboard Coloring Easel for Small Boys & Girls

Elk & Bear Whiteboard Coloring Easel

Age: 3+.

This large activity easel is perfect for preschoolers and older kids, whether it’s a boy or a girl. This is a standing easel with a spacious art supply tray in between its legs.

The tray is subdivided into two parts where children can hold paint buckets and crayons or pencils. It’s a double sided model, meaning it includes a blackboard and a whiteboard, both of which are rather large and easy to clean. As a parent, you may like the fact that assembly is not required. The item is shipped ready for use, and your children may start drawing as soon as they unwrap it.

It can be folded once they finish drawing and moved away with help of a convenient handle on top of the whiteboard. The whiteboard is magnetic and comes with a set of letters and numbers. Thus, your little child will be able to learn something new while playing. All the necessary art supplies like magnets, chalk, and a marker are included in the shipment package.

Why We Like It

Being spacious enough to encourage your kid’s creativity, this easel is still rather lightweight and easy to carry around the house, indeed. It may be stored almost anywhere because it folds flat. Besides, there’s no need to assemble it once it arrives, so it’s the best choice for lazy parents.


  • Double sided model
  • Folds conveniently
  • No need to assemble it
  • Magnets and some art supplies included

  • The art supply section doesn’t seem to be very sturdy


Can you buy additional magnetic letters?
This manufacturer does not sell additional magnetic letters. However, you can buy any other magnetic set and use it with this board.

Are there any clips that attach the paper to the boards?
No, the clips are not included for this model.

Step2 Baby Plastic Art Easel/Desk for Little Artists

Step2 Baby Plastic Art EaselDesk

Age: 3 – 6 year olds.

This easel allows your kids to take a role of a little artist and play together with their friends. It has an unusual construction.
On one side, there are a vertical dry erase board and a storage for art supplies below it. The shipment package includes a small plastic clip to hold the paper roll on the board.

On the other side, there are a drawing desk, a stool, and an art supply tray above the desk. Thus, your kids can organize their playing space without effort. If you pull the desk up, you’ll find an additional tray underneath it. There’s enough space to store paper rolls and additional art supplies, like pens and pencils, for drawing and writing.

The stool that comes with the desk is sturdily attached to it and generally feels safe. However, this model is not designed for 2 year old or younger kids, so if you plan to purchase this easel, parental supervision for younger children is advised during each playing session.

Why We Like It

This is a great double sided easel for toddlers and older kids to play together. Lightweight and compact, it has enough space to store lots of art appliances. And the best part about it is that if kids get tired, they can take a sit on a small chair and spend some quiet time, concentrating on their drawing.


  • Multifunctional, has a vertical whiteboard and a horizontal work surface
  • Provides much storage space, divided into separate sections for different supplies
  • Comes with a comfortable stool
  • A clip for holding papers securely is included

  • The stool has no back support
  • Art supplies not included


Is the whiteboard magnetic and does it include letters & numbers?
No, the board is not magnetic and does not include magnetic figures.

If my child decides to climb the stool or the desk, will they be strong enough to hold them?
Yes, the stool and the desk are sturdy enough to survive a child’s weight.

Childrens Easel: Black Chalkboard/White Dry Erase Board

Childrens Easel

Age: 3+.

This wooden childrens easel is one of the most versatile products available for purchase. It is double sided and includes a chalkboard and a magnetic whiteboard with magnetic numbers, math symbols, and letters.

There’s a plenty of room for storage. Three large waterproof bins in the bottom along with five water cups right under the board are more than enough for any young art enthusiast. The easel also features four paper clips to attach a paper and keep it still on the board.

What’s more, this item comes with a lot of supplies. There are 6 erase markers of different colors, a package of 12 chalks, 5 water cups, and 27 magnets. A refillable paper roll and a whiteboard eraser are also included.

Why We Like It

This easel is a perfect set for anyone, as it’s really versatile. Double-sided, with one side being magnetic, it comes with a great number of art supplies, so your child will never be bored. It’s very comfortable to use, as the sections are well divided and very easy to clean.


  • Three activity options are available: chalks, markers, and magnets
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Waterproof bins
  • Easy to clean even after a messy painting session
  • Versatile, good even for 10 year old kids
  • Many art supplies included

  • Can’t be folded once assembled
  • The height is not adjustable


Does the product height suit 1 year old kids or younger?
The easels height is 4ft, so it’s perfect for a 1 year old child or even younger kids.

What is the material of the product?
This easel is made of wood.

Is it easy to assemble the easel?
Yes, assembling shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes.

VTech DigiArt Creative Easel

VTech DigiArt Easel

Age: 3 – 5 years old.

VTech DigiArt is a double sided easel that has a chalkboard and a whiteboard. There are 2 positions available, an upright one and a table flat one. But what makes this easel stand out is a magic pen it comes with. Your kid may learn how to draw over 100 different objects by following the lights on the whiteboard with the help of this pen.

Vividly animated objects, letters, and numbers turn the painting process into a fun and educational experience. And it gets even better! Kids can listen to 10+ classical songs pre-installed in this interactive easel while painting. The brightness and the volume are adjustable, which makes this digital easel even more convenient.

Why We Like It

The only interactive easel on this list, it has a special pen tool. This model is designed for education, so it includes a great number of letters, figures, and shapes, which may be drawn with that magic pen. Plus, it can play music to help your kids concentrate and relax.


  • Interactive easel, helps children learn in engaging ways
  • Double sided
  • Can be used in two positions, either as a standing board or as a drawing table
  • Can play music
  • Includes batteries, 3 pieces of chalk, and 1 marker

  • Has no magnetic side
  • An eraser is not included


If any of the parts break, can they be purchased separately?
No, none of the components are available for separate purchase.

Is the item easy to store? Can the legs be removed?
The legs can’t be removed, but the item itself does not take much space, especially when folded as a table.