12 Small Kitchen Design & Decor Ideas You Will Want to Copy

How to design and decorate a small kitchen. Inspiration, smart tips and ideas to organize in a small and narrow spaces. Check out these simple kitchen design and storage hacks.

Invest In a Rolling Kitchen Cart


A stainless steel kitchen island on wheels is perfect for a small space — you can move the cart out of the way when you aren’t using it. Bonus idea: A floating shelf under your range hood is a great place to stash kitchen supplies and pantry staples.

Consider Using Chalkboard Paint


Chalkboard paint is practical, transformative, and fun. You can use it to completely change the look of your kitchen, and let it take up an entire wall or just a small section. Use ito write grocery lists and dinner menus, or just draw.

Compact Design


Just because your kitchen space is small, doesn’t mean you can’t have all of the amenities. This compact design by Jennifer Jones features storage, cooking surfaces, and a statement backsplash.

Moveable Seating


These benches roll out of the way to make room for food prep at the island. Get more tips for turning your small kitchen into an eat-in kitchen. Photography by Bart Michiels

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen


Do you want to get the best kitchen design for an L-shaped modular kitchen? If you say yes, you can go with this L-shaped modular kitchen design idea. After opening this picture, you can see the details that the professionals want to provide. The L-shaped countertop is taking most space out of the kitchen and managing the essential things. On the upper part of the picture, you can see that the storage boxes are also managed efficiently. Overall, this entire idea is spacing a little bit more space in your kitchen. Due to this particular benefit, you can go with this brilliant idea to design your small kitchen.

Tiny Island


If you still want an island in your kitchen but it is smaller, try going this route, as pictured above! A small island is better than no island and offers extended counter space, but may decrease some mobility in your kitchen.

This kitchen uses the popular subway tile and shaker cabinet combination but adds some color and texture with the multi-color gray backsplash.

Did you notice the farmhouse sink as well? Apron front sinks are the most common design ideas in your white farmhouse kitchen.

The Sunny Side


A bold yellow stove is the perfect shock of accent color balanced against blue-gray cabinets in this kitchen.

Devise an Open-plan Kitchen Floorplan


Once you know in which zone of an open-plan area the kitchen is to be located, it’s time to plan the kitchen itself. For this, your kitchen designer or architect can make scale drawings, or you can create your own using graph paper.

A scale drawing can help you focus on what the space offers in terms of walls against which you can position base and wall units and appliances. You can note the position of windows and any external doors that lead from the kitchen zone, too.

Small Apartment Kitchen


Dark grey and bright orange applied side by side in this apartment kitchen. These two contrast colors blend impressively. While grey covered in most of the room, orange only used on open shelves and a tiny island. Even though this kitchen is small, it looks excellent and suitable for the apartment size.

Pot Racks


While most small kitchens don’t have the space required for large, rectangular pot racks, there are options for smaller spaces. Pot racks don’t have to hang from the ceiling; some can be wall-mounted, like the pegboard wall above.

Cute Kitchen Wall Decor


“Eat” signs are incredibly popular and have been around for a while, making them a timeless investment for your kitchen. They come in many designs, so shop around to find one that fits your styling.

And The Bottoms


Just when you think your cabinets are totally full and they can’t possibly hold another thing, consider the undersides of them! You can add hooks to the bottoms to hold mugs and small tools. Or use magnetic strips to make a floating spice rack.