Kids Video Games

A lot of people believe that video games have a bad impact on our children. Some think that they may lead to violence, aggressive and antisocial behavior, and others – to childhood obesity and others health problems.

But video games have the other side of the coin. Developmental psychologists claim that such type of gaming may have positive effects on children. By playing video games kids can learn how to run-over obstacle and develop better problem-solving skills.

Along with this, video games prompt psychomotor skills and hand-eye coordination. A lot of Video games require logic and the ability to analyze the current situation, these have a positive influence on kids’ critical thinking and decision making. There are many team games, that enrich kid’s social skills and encourage him or her to play as a team member. Also, it teaches the offspring to reach the goal – to win. And don’t forget that it prompts creativity and imagination.

BUT, it is really crucial for parents to carefully choose the type of video games and control the time that the kid spends on gaming.

For your comfort we have picked up the best educational, funny and adventure kids video games that you can find on this list.