10 Best-Rated Wii Games for Kids In 2018

Our Top 3 Picks

New Super Mario Bros: Best Wii Game for Children

New Super Mario Bros Best Wii Game for ChildrenThis video game is a breakthrough for the Super Mario franchise: the classic adventure mode can be played in multiplayer – at the same time! With amazing graphics and an exciting storyline, let this video game reintroduce you to the fascinating world of Super Mario we all loved for so long.

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Wii Sports: Cute Family Game

Wii Sports Cute Family GameNothing beats the classics! This video game probably started the Wii wave among the masses, and it still stands by its legacy as one of the most interactive battles out there. With 5 sports to choose from, be the champion of your own league just like athletes do.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2: Great Shooting Game

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Great Shooting GameNo wonder why another Super Mario entry is in the Top 3! This amazing sequel to the already-amazing Part 1 of the software serves more galaxies to jump into and more power-ups to enjoy, but preserves the excitement and brought by its predecessor.

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Top-Rated Wii Games for Boys and Girls

New Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros Best Wii Game for Children

Age: for 4 year olds and above.

The New Super Mario Bros. for Wii features simultaneous multiplayer mode, which eliminates the need for waiting for the other player’s turn to play. With the same classic control settings, but now with brand new graphics and story, up to 4 players are entitled to a fun time in the world of Super Mario.

Why We Like It

The main feature of this top-rated Wii kid game is the incorporation of both competition and cooperation in one video game. Nintendo developers have long dreamed for a Super Mario game where players can simultaneously play in a Super Mario level, and this is the embodiment of that dream.

With Mario, Luigi, and two toads as playable characters with new items and brand new levels, this cheap Wii game both for boys and for girls will be your next favorite!


  • High-quality Nintendo Wii game
  • Already a popular for teens and for young players
  • Can be played by up to 4 friends or family members
  • Legendary 2D gameplay and easy controls just like the classic Mario games (2006 vibes)

  • The images should be larger
  • If you are an avid Super Mario aficionado, you can find that this might be repetitive of its prequels


Can Nintendo GameCube controllers be used for this?
No, you can’t. You have to use the Wii remote which you have to hold sideways.

Do you move by pushing the buttons on the Wii remote or by shifting the entire remote and moving with it?
You move by pushing the analog buttons. The game has easy controls which can is shown comprehensively in its tutorial.

Wii Sports

 Wii Sports Cute Family Game

Age: For 4 year olds and above.

Wii Sports features a new way to play your favorite sports. Using the Wii Remote, you can mimic the action you need to hit that ball or serve the right punches. These good Wii games for children and adults come in 5 different sports, all playable for your family and friends’ pleasure.

Why We Like It

Who doesn’t love the original? Nintendo Wii was catapulted into fame when this game was introduced. This is a must-have for anyone who has a Wii system. The basics of Wii will never be the same when you play this video game.

Sports experience can now be achieved at the comfort of your own home anytime you want with no distraction from weather or outside elements, without compromising the active involvement of physical gestures to gain healthy exercise along the way.


  • The original high-quality Nintendo Wii game for girls and for boys
  • Wii learning game for sports and exercise
  • A new way to play outdoor sports inside the house
  • Avatars can be personalized and can track improvements

  • The graphics are somewhat crude
  • It is limited to 5 sports only, and the game is non-expandable


What sports can be played in this?
You can play boxing, bowling, golf, tennis, and baseball.

What controller apparatus is best suited for this video game?
You need the Wii Remote Plus to play.

Do I need the motion tracking attachment for these cheap Wii game?
No. The Wii Remote Plus tracks all movement.

Can this be played using the Wii U or Wii Mini?
Yes. This is one of the original Wii software and is compatible with any Wii unit.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Great Shooting Game

Age: For kids 10 and up.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 revitalizes the Super Mario Galaxy games (2006) you enjoyed and brings you into an all-new adventure from galaxy to galaxy while retaining the sense of wonder and beauty in line with Mario’s legacy. The out-of-this-world adventure is filled with educational games, shooting games, and all-star enjoyment.

Why We Like It

Although this is a new video game, it preserves the brand of excitement and enjoyment Super Mario has brought for several years. The sequel to the ever-successful Super Mario Galaxy is just the epitome of video game progress with the goal to provide endless family fun.


  • Top-rated Wii kid game
  • Cheap Wii game both for boys and for girls
  • Sequel to the very successful Super Mario Galaxy, with upgraded graphics, storyline, and control features
  • New stages and power-ups, with new collectible Comet Metals for harder gameplay with more challenges

  • There is no visible character for Player 2
  • This is not playable for kindergartners without supervision


Is this a multiplayer video game?
While 2 persons can play at the same time, the main player is the only one with a character on screen. What the second player does is help the first player get the items.

Are these fun games for toddlers?
Toddlers may enjoy the graphics but this is recommended for 7 year-old kids and above. 7 year-old children can enjoy this even without guidance.

What is the difference with the Super Mario games 2006 has brought?
This continues the space-based action platformer Super Mario Galaxy games (2006). In this video game, Mario can be joined by Yoshi who has particular reactions to different power-ups, in addition to many more upgrades.

Nickelodeon Fit: Fun Games for Toddlers & Kids

Nickelodeon Fit Fun Game for Kids & Toddlers

Age: For 3 year olds and above.

A new enjoyable way for parents to ensure their kids’ physical activity as they exercise, Nickelodeon Fit engages kids with their favorite characters Dora, Diego, Kai-lan and The Backyardigans in a fitness game designed for young players.

This contains 30 activities that target core muscles, the strength of upper and lower body, balance, cardiovascular activity, coordination, and motor skill development, all suitable for children’s early development stages.

Why We Like It

This high-quality Nintendo Wii game catapults the most popular Nick Jr. characters into your children’s hearts and encourages them to play with them. This has been developed with physical education and exercise science experts to provide the most effective and the healthiest physical activities deemed appropriate for young players. This can also be among cute family Wii games where parents and children can both enjoy indoor playtime fun.


  • Highly active like Wii karaoke and dance games
  • Educational games even for kids 2 years old, but best for preschoolers
  • Features the Nick Jr. favorites such as Dora, Diego, Kai-lan, and the Backyardigans
  • Promotes fitness fun, achievement tracking, and parent-child collaboration
  • Has monitoring and customization functionality for parents to observe children’s progress

  • You have to hold the remote sideways and press the 2 buttons, which may make these hard fun games for toddlers and for kindergartners
  • The activities are too basic for bigger kids


Is this a multiplayer video game?
This video game can only be played by one player at a time.

Is the software compatible with Wii U?

What controller accessories do you need to play the video game?
The game can be played using a handheld controller. Some parts of the video game can be maneuvered with a balance board, although this is not necessary.

Just Dance Game with Wii Karaoke: Good for Young Players & for Teens

Just Dance Wii Game with Karaoke Good for Young Players & Teens

Age: For 4 year olds and above.

You can now unleash the inner dancer within you at the comfort of your own home with Just Dance. Featuring a nice neon fantasy, this is jam-packed with several tracks that engage up to 4 players in a fun exercise.

This is popular for kids 10 and up, and is loaded with multiple video game modes that include Wii Karaoke, Challenge Mode, and Sweat Mode.

Why We Like It

Whether you are a pro or just someone who wants to sweat it all out, Just Dance might be the one for you. It is the epitome of all dance games, with the ultimate tracklist to help you engage in a fun way to exercise and have fun with the whole family. This can also be a Wii learning game for dance tutorials.


  • One of the best Wii games for kids and adults to play together
  • The original dance games in which you can also do Wii Karaoke as lyrics are flashed in the screen
  • Over 40 songs including the latest chart-toppers
  • Multiple game modes where you can challenge friends, track calories and time with personalized workouts, etc

  • Some songs are too complicated to dance with, unlike past versions
  • The moving camera angles can sometimes get trippy


How does this video game work?
This is a simulation that involves rhythm and dance games in which players mirror the choreographed routines of the characters on the screen. The player should hold the remote while dancing as this tracks the movement.

Are the songs played on the radio versions or are there languages inappropriate for teens?
The songs in here are radio versions.

Go Vacation: Popular Game for Whole Family

Go Vacation Popular Game for Whole Family

Age: for 4 year olds and above.

Good Wii games for children are those that they can enjoy with the family. The Go Vacation features a fun-filled paradise and the ultimate family vacation spot.

Explore the snow, the sun, the beach, the city, and many other landscapes in one island – the Kawawii Island. It can be played by up to 4 players in a cooperative and competitive mode.

Why We Like It

Looking for cute family Wii games? Featuring a wide range of activities that rock the vacation feels and take you into a paradise of fun, this Wii wonder is more than just sports, it’s about building and living in the break you need. Shooting game, jet skiing, carnival games – name it, Kawawii Island got it for you!


  • A nice Wii learning game even for preschoolers and for kindergartners
  • Can be played by 4 players, with 4 seasons in 1 vacation island
  • Features a lot of enjoyable activities which vary from scuba diving and jet skiing to car racing and horseback riding to skydiving and more

  • The controls are not always intuitive and may change depending on the resort you are in
  • It needs 4 nunchucks to play 4 players


Which controller accessories are needed for the video game?
You need the regular controller and nunchucks. There is a drift racing game which may need a steering wheel and a shooting game which may call for a gun. The balance board may also be used sometimes.

Can this be played by 5 year olds and 6 year olds?
Yes, but this can be frustrating for them, since some features may be too complicated. 5 year olds and 6 year olds need some guidance from adults, as with any other cute family Wii games.

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two – Cheap Wii Game

Disney Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two – Cheap Nintendo Wii Game

Age: 5 year olds and above.

Disney Epic Mickey 2 is a cooperative top-rated Wii kid game for any age. It features the rich history of Disney while never letting down of Disney’s brand of fantasy. In this video game, Mickey and Oswald try to save the world of Wasteland and change it in this heroic battle.

Why We Like It

While Disney almost always takes its aesthetic from colorful magical things, this video game sports a different, somewhat dark twist, to the friendly fairytale fantasy.

The sequel to the ever-fantastic Disney Epic Mickey does not disappoint with its new levels and a heightened foundation of excitement in each adventure, now with a very loyal companion, Oswald. You can enjoy the gameplay while appreciating the value of cooperation and teamwork along the way.


  • Top-rated Wii kid game for boys and for girls
  • Features Disney’s forgotten characters including Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in Wasteland
  • All-new levels to explore from the original Disney Epic Mickey and new 2D levels based on animated films and shorts

  • The second character, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, is frequently not where you need him to be.


Is it mandatory to be played by 2 players?
No, it is not. You can play Mickey alone and the computer plays for Oswald; however, the computer does not always play in your favor and sometimes does not do what you specifically want it to do.

What ages can play the game?
Although it is rated E, the video game is recommended for kids 10 and up to really appreciate the complexity and value of the game. Still, the game can easily be learned by 5 year olds and 6 year olds.

Big Brain Academy Wii Learning Game

Big Brain Academy Learning Wii Game

Age: 6 year olds and above.

Good Wii games for children ages 6 and beyond may be hard to find sometimes, but the Big Brain Academy Wii takes the job. With a multiplayer feature, it encourages competitiveness and progress among children.

You will never get bored with the different activities included, all of which are enjoyable not just for the children and the adults who guide them.

Why We Like It

We often think of learning games as appropriate only for preschoolers or for kindergartners, but this one takes that learning to a whole new level.

This game offers the wonders of 5 learning areas for boys and for girls at a slightly higher age group to enhance their inclination to mathematics and development of motor skills. The simplicity and the competitiveness it nurtures within the children makes it one of the best Wii games for kids of all time.


  • Filled with educational games suitable for 6 year olds and up
  • Can be played solo or multiplayer (up to 4 players)
  • Features Mii compatibility to record progress and compare with other players
  • The rethinking of the popular 3DS game to Wii

  • The software has too much talking that kids can be bored even before the games start.
  • It has only 15 mini-games and cannot be expanded further


What is the age recommendation for this video game? Can it be played by 7 year-old kids?
The game is actually recommended for 7 year-old children. They need to have some basic foundation on mathematics and other subjects.

What educational games does it include?
Big Brain Academy contains five categories: memory, analysis, number crunching, visual recognition, and quick thinking.

Is this compatible with Wii U?

Sonic Sega All Stars Racing: Cool for Preschoolers

Sonic Sega All Stars Racing Cool for Preschoolers

Age: 8 years old and above.

You can explore new circuits around any environment you can imagine with the Sonic Sega All Stars Racing. Fight against 20 challengers embodies by your favorite SEGA characters in each of their characteristic vehicle model. You can get power-ups and knock your enemies off along the way.

Why We Like It

The adventures for kids are those that exude enjoyment and fun wherever you go. With this racing game, emblazoned by shooters, enjoyment and fun are guaranteed with every twist and turn along the way. Although this may be complicated for a child still in kindergarten, it is definitely worth it for bigger kids or pre-teen children who seek adventure at the comfort of their own homes.


  • High-quality Nintendo Wii game for bigger kids and for teens
  • Features party racing fun with 4 player split-screens and multiple modes
  • Features up to 20 SEGA characters and all-star moves for the shooting game
  • Mind-blowing graphics and colorful aesthetics

  • The items are not really explained thoroughly in the game, so it might be a little too hard for beginners


What is the controller used for this?
The regular controller of Wii will work fine, but it is recommended to play it with the steering wheel to have a more realistic gameplay and to improve the grip of the players.

Is this a multiplayer game?
The game features a 4-player split-screen to accommodate up to 4 players simultaneously.

What is the age recommendation for this software?
This is best fit for age 9 to age 12, but it can be played by anyone who can understand the rules and is still enjoyable even for adults.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Best for Kids 10 and Up

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Best for Kids 10 and Up

Age: 7 year olds and above.

Let your children enjoy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fantasy with this exciting Wii software designed to bring out the adventurous side of any youngster who plays. Help Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello to keep a mutagen bomb from devastating New York in 15 stages. With amazing graphics and realistic sound system, this will be your next favorite RPG.

Why We Like It

The most popular turtle boy group is back for Wii! Really though, who does not love these green ninjas? The amazing storyline gets better every level you pass, keeping the fun and excitement with every smashing combo you perform. To top all of that, families and friends get to bond in a cooperative mission to survive and defeat the evil in this video game.


  • Good Wii games for children under 10 years old
  • Show-off combo system and combat sequences
  • 15 action-packed levels
  • Cooperative gameplay in a dozen of environments with up to 4 players

  • The game is too short. It can be finished in 3 hours by an average player
  • Some stages are too dark that you need to increase the brightness of the screen to see everything better


What do I need to play?
You just need a standard Wii console and controller. The nunchucks and the remote can be used to control the characters as well.

Isn’t the game too complicated for Wii Mini? Can it also work with older models of Wii?
Wii Mini works great with the game. Older models of Wii console can also be used to play. Any original Wii video game should work with any Wii console with backward compatibility.

How Young Kids Learn with Games from Wii

Unlike any other game consoles, Nintendo Wii features a line of interactive video games from all sorts of nature.
Most of these games encourage active playing to help eliminate the problem of sitting idly.

There are games that encourage fitness and exercise in forms of virtual sports or simply moving to get a mission done. Science has shown that playing realistic sports video games often lead to real-life interests in these actual games.

Furthermore, these games let children think strategically, logically, and critically to solve the upcoming problems in the gameplay creatively or defeat the enemies in the most efficient way possible. It boosts their confidence and creativity to take responsibilities and finish them with flying colors, often with utmost self-expression and personality highlights.

Video games also help kids develop their social skills, from simply following the rules to learning how to lead or cooperate with a group of players. This also provides the opportunity to teach and the chance to share the joy of competition.

Many fun games for toddlers are incorporated with learning skills involving colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. Older audiences can also find age-appropriate games in no time.

A game does not necessarily need to be labeled “educational” for it to be truly educational: a game can teach a child in mysterious ways that they unknowingly absorb. This is why parental guidance is still best advised for young children as they enter new worlds and make friendly bonds.