3 Best-Rated Water & Sand Tables for Kids & Toddlers

Updated: 18 October 2018

Sand & water play is one of the most interesting games every child would love to play. It also helps them to develop & understand cognitive skills like floating, sinking, dry or wet, more or less, small or big, the importance of hand-eye coordination, and playing in a group let them understand the sharing and cooperation.

It’s important to know, which water and sand tables game are the best and suitable for your children. We checked many products and then listed out some of the best water and sand tables for kids, with their pros & cons.

Step2 Kids Sand & Water Play Table with Umbrella

This outdoor playset is one of the top-rated water tables for toddlers. It allows your child to explore and experience the cruise ship, by becoming captain.

With spiral water slides your child can get the figures to slide down to the swimming pool of the cruise or they may use springboard. By digging beachside cove, a child will enjoy the game of finding buried treasure. With an umbrella, makes it a wonderful and fantastic product from Step2 for a sunny vacation.


  • Kids can play with sand and water both at once with its play table feature.
  • Comes with a playful feature in a nautical style based on a theme of cruise ship lid.
  • Comes with nautical umbrella and 9 piece accessories set.
  • Weighs only 18 pounds.
  • Leak-proof and drains well with the drain plug on each side.


  • The product is not large enough to be played by a group of toddlers.
  • Difficult to assemble the product.

Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table Playset with Cover

When you are looking out for high-quality toddler sand tables, Cascading Table Playset with Cover by Step2 is the answer. It is the best toy for kids outdoor activity.

Your child will feel imaginative with this. At one side toddlers can play with sand and on the other side, they can sail their boat.

Kids will enjoy the play with the belief that they are onto the tour of seven seas, and will find the buried treasures when they arrive on the island. A toy with bright and beautiful colors is great when you want your child to be engaged in a sensory game.


  • Can hold 11.4 L water, which is large enough to play.
  • Easy to build.
  • Comes with drain plug which is easy to use.
  • Comes with the plastic cover which keeps the sand dry.
  • Additional playing area by molded-in roadways over the lids.


  • Umbrella is placed in the center, which doesn’t provide the shades properly.
    Sometimes water leaks.

Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table for Toddlers

A Spill & Splash Table from Step2 is a good kids water table, which amazes your kids & toddlers.

This multi-level sensory water table will make your child be a little more adventurous by creating cascading waterfalls. It is perfect for kids to splash the water and spin the fish in an outdoor activity.


  • Can hold 3.24 gallons in lower & 2.22 gallons in the upper activity pool area.
  • To stay cool in the sun, umbrella included.
  • Large play area to allow the group of toddlers to play together.


  • You have to drill holes by yourself to plug in the accessories.
  • Water spills out.

No matter which product you choose for a kid or toddler under water and sand tables toy, one thing will remain a fact that you are allowing your child to explore their skills by themselves. They will learn while playing, you don’t need to sit down with them.