10 Best-Rated Water & Sand Tables for Kids & Toddlers

Our Top 3 Picks

Step 2 Kids Sand & Water Play Table with Umbrella

Step2 Kids Sand & Water Play Table with UmbrellaStep 2 is surely one of the best water and sand tables for kids, as it includes two spacious sections for both sand and water. This table includes a 9 piece accessory set and many toys for children to play with. It also comes with an umbrella and drain plugs for easy cleaning.



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Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table Playset with Cover

Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table Playset with CoverThis is certainly one of the top-rated water tables for toddlers. It has 2 sections for sand and for water and an additional playing space between them. There are drains in each section for easy cleaning. Also, this water table playset includes an adjustable umbrella and a versatile set of toys for children.



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Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table for Toddlers

Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table for ToddlersThis table is divided into two parts for water play. The package includes a wide range of toys and accessories, like whirlpool spinners, waterfall part, water squirting toys, springboards and even a catapult. There’s an umbrella that will protect your toddlers from the heat and enough space for a group of children to play together.



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Top-Rated Water and Sand Play Tables for Children

Step 2 Kids Sand & Water Play Table

Step2 Kids Sand & Water Play Table with Umbrella

Age: 24 months – 6 years old.

This table is designed for the outdoor play for your children. It is subdivided into two parts – one for the sand and the other one for the water. The first section holds up to 3 gallons of water and 25 lbs of sand and the back section holds around 4 gallons of water.

That’s a good kid’s water table that includes a 9 piece accessory set. The accessories are different types of human figures as well as three types of water slides – a large spiral one, an inclined oneб and a springboard.

It also includes a small straw umbrella, a ship, a digging sand glass and a captain deck adjustment for the sand side. Moreover, your kids will be safe from the sunburns because there is a large detachable umbrella included.

Why We Like It

With this versatile outdoor water play station your kids will never be bored, as there are a great number of toys to play with. The item may be used by several children at once, some playing at the waterside and others on the sand side. So, it’s a good present for a child who has siblings.


  • Comes with many accessories
  • Includes an umbrella to protect toddlers from the sun
  • Colorful design
  • Is equipped with drain plugs for easy cleaning

  • Some reviews state it feels somewhat on the smaller side
  • Some parts of the activity set sit loose and will need you to reposition them from time to time


How do you clean the table after use?
There is a drain plug on both sides that drain out the water and the sand and doesn’t leak during the playing session.

Is it hard to assemble the item?
No, there are a few screws that need to be placed correctly.

Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table Playset

Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table Playset with Cover

Age: 18 months – 4 years old.

This sand and water table includes two separate sides, one of them can hold up to 10 lbs of sand, while the other one – 3 gallons of water. There are two drain plugs in each section, which makes it comfortable to clean out the water and the sand after your children have finished playing.

This model is a great combination of a baby water table and an outdoor sand table with cover. One side is designed for water play and includes toy ships of a different color.

The other one is perfect for building sand castles or hiding treasure chests. The separation line is designed as a roadway, which provides additional play space for children. It’s spacious enough for a group of three children to play together.

Why We Like It

This sand and water table includes a variety of different accessories like two ships, various water slides, and a small sand shovel. It also comes with an adjustable umbrella, which will protect your children from the summer heat during their play.

There’s also a large lid designed as a roadway to play with car toys. It may be put nearby the table for other children to play with it. Elastic straps keep the lid safely placed on the top of the table.


  • Can be used both inside and outside
  • Includes a cover designed as a roadway
  • Has drain plugs for easier cleaning
  • Includes colorful and bright toys that will entertain your kids and develop their motor skills
  • Comes with a large umbrella for sun ray protection

  • The drain plugs might leak a bit
  • The hole for the umbrella might be a bit too small


Can both sides hold water?
Yes, both sides include drain plugs so it doesn’t matter which side is filled with water or sand.

How big is the umbrella and can its height be adjusted?
The umbrella is 42″ in diameter, and yes, the height of the umbrella may be adjusted.

Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table

Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table for Toddlers

Age: 18 months – 8 years old.

This water play set with umbrella is designed both for babies and big kids. The best things about it are its construction and the number of toys that come with it. The table is subdivided into two parts and gives the opportunity for the kids to create a small waterfall between them. The upper section holds up to 2.22 gallons of water, and the lower section may hold 3.24 gallons of water.

The toys included in the package are water spinners that create little whirlpools, water squirting toys, different springboards, scoops for tidal waves, a catapult, and human figures. They all are bright and colorful and fit easily into little hands.

Why We Like It

Very entertaining for kids of different ages, this is one of the best activity tables for children on the market. It includes a great number of different toys, which kids really enjoy and can continue playing with for hours. It’s spacious enough for a group of children to play together and includes an adjustable umbrella to protect them from the sun.


  • A large number of different toys and accessories included
  • Spacious enough for a group of toddlers
  • Stands sturdily
  • Multiple level construction, which gives your kids a chance to make up additional fun scenarios
  • Toys are appealing to the eye and convenient enough for small hands

  • No drain plugs, meaning you’ll have to empty it manually
  • Doesn’t have holes for screws, so you’ll need to drill them yourself
  • The waterfall doesn’t work by itself. There must be a source of pouring water for it to overflow


Is it possible to fill some of the sections with sand?
Yes, but it will be hard to clear the sand after your kids finished playing. You’ll have to dump it manually.

Can the umbrella be removed?
Yes, this table may be used both – with or without an umbrella.

Simplay3 Indoor/Outdoor Activity Table

Simplay3 IndoorOutdoor Activity Table

Age: 24 month – 3 year olds.

The Simplay3 table is designed for both outdoor and indoor play. Having a variety of settings that create different playing patterns, it inspires imagination in your toddler. The table may be expanded or narrowed and includes separate sections for water and sand.

The main advantage of this table is its versatility. It has an extended setting for sand and water sides so that kids could build sand castles outside. Also, there’s a flat table setting for when kids want to draw. The table may also be narrowed and used for other activities.

Moreover, it has drink spaces nested on the sides, designed in a safe way to avoid water spills. Plus, it’s one of the cheap tables available on the market.

Why We Like It

The Simplay3 works as both a sandbox table for children and as an indoor water table toy. It has 4 types of settings that encourage different types of games for your toddler. It may also be used as a crayon or paint drawing table inside of the house.


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor playing
  • 4 setting types
  • Drink spaces included
  • Cheap option

  • No drain plugs, you will need to tip it over in order to empty
  • No umbrella for sunny days


Can you open only one side of the table?
Yes, you may open only a water side or a sand one at a time.

Is there enough room for more than two children?
Yes, a group of three or four children may play around this table.

Little Tikes Waterpark Small Table

Little Tikes Waterpark Small Table

Age: 24 months – 6 year olds.

Little Tikes Waterpark play table is great for smaller kids because it has lots of fun moving parts that encourage the development of motor skills. This includes a large spiral tower from where toys may be dropped down into the water.

It has a Ferris wheel to capture the toys and drop them back into the water. The package also features a funnel that powers twin water wheels and a water spinner. Besides, the water table play set comes with a number of fish toys as well as some other accessories and adjustments.

Compact and lightweight, this outside water play station can hold 7 gallons of water. You can take it on a picnic or allow your kids to play with it in the house. Wherever it is, this splash table includes a lot of exciting toys and features that will keep your toddler occupied for hours.

Why We Like It

The Little Tikes waterpark play table has a lot of features to entertain your children. It’s good both for 1 year old and for 5 year old kids.

There are a water cup and five different toys that may squirt water when kids play with them. Even though it’s a rather small table, up to three children may play with it together, one at each side of the water table. And they will all feel comfortable and won’t have to fight for space.


  • Lots of toys and features your little ones will find exciting
  • Great for toddler development
  • Compact size, smaller than many similar items on the market
  • Well-made and sturdy

  • Doesn’t come with an umbrella
  • The specific construction makes it hard to clean


Are the adjustable pieces kept tight?
Yes, the Ferris wheel and the spiral tower are well adjusted and won’t detach when your toddler plays.

What do you cover it with?
You may not cover it at all, just be sure that you clean the water after use so that it wouldn’t attract any mosquitoes and grow mold. If you still want to cover it, any large bag or piece of cloth will do.

WaterWheel Standing Table: Good for 1 Year Old Babies

WaterWheel Standing Table Good for 1 Year Old Babies

Age: 12 months.

The Step2 Waterwheel play table is a children’s water play table for 1 year old babies. It may seem that this table is rather small, yet 2 children may play around it without any doubt.

The package includes different toys to play with and different water playing sections. There’s a 4 piece accessory set that will keep your children entertained and excited for a long period of time. It consists of a cup, two boats, and a water wheel tower.

Why We Like It

The best thing about this good kids water table for 1 year olds is that it’s not shaped like the majority of other tables, i.e. as a round pool. Instead, it has sort of a ridge on the bottom, which forms canals and harbors on the water surface.

Besides, this standing water table has a spinning wheel tower that spreads the water into different harbors.


  • Perfect height for 12 month old kids
  • Specific stand up table design that gives more opportunities for a child’s imagination
  • 4 piece colorful accessory set
  • Sturdy build
  • The assembly doesn’t take much time and effort

  • The wheel is poorly attached to the table, easy to knock over
  • No umbrella for sun heat protection
  • No plugs for draining water


Are there any sharp edges on the table?
No, it’s safe for small children. Actually, although the table isn’t designed for this purpose, it can handle a toddler climb inside and play there. You may not worry about him or her getting hurt by sharp edges.

Are there any drain plugs?
No, but the product is designed for infants, so it holds around 2 or 3 gallons of water. This amount may be easily cleared out manually.

Naturally Playful Large Sand Table with Lid

Naturally Playful Large Sand Table with Lid

Age: 24 months – 6 year old.

One of high-quality toddler sand tables, this item is a great toy for girls and boys of different ages. It comes with lid that not only serves to protect the sand from getting dirty but also can be used as another playing surface. The lid is equipped with elastic tie ropes so it stays in place.

The package includes a great set of accessories for the children. They are a bucket, 2 shovels, and 2 rakes. However, if you plan your kid to use it with friends, more toys might be required.

Why We Like It

Besides, the table is at just a perfect height for an adult to take a chair and join the play.
Versatile set of accessories and a long platform for sand play. Another pro is a lid that may be used as an additional car playing platform.

The lid also has elastic straps that are locked by the sides. They are designed to protect the table from animals or bad weather. This product may hold up to 40 pounds of sand and it’s easily assembled.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes with a set of sand toys
  • Includes a protection lid, which also serves as a playing surface
  • Provides enough room for several kids to play
  • Quality construction, won’t tip over

  • Smaller than you might expect after seeing its picture, so you’d better check the dimensions first
  • The lid doesn’t always work perfectly, so make sure to seal with something


Can this product be used as a water table as well?
Yes, the platform is solid and deep so the water will not leak out.

Can you use this model without the legs?
Yes, this play table may be put on the ground because its legs are detachable.

Duck Dive Water Play Set for Preschoolers: Cheap Option

Duck Dive Water Play Set for Preschoolers Cheap Option

Age: 24 months – 5 years old.

The Step2 Duck Dive water table is a perfect model for preschoolers that features different water play sections and a 5 piece accessory set that includes different toys. To start with, there’s a whirlpool spinner in the center and a tower on the edge.

Then, there’s a scoop that kids can use to pour the water into the tower funnel. With a slingshot on the other edge, kids will have a fun activity of throwing the toys back into the water. The shipment package includes two rubber ducks and a frog that can squirt water.

The drain plugs make it much easier to clean the table after usage. Besides, they are strong enough not to leak during the childrens play.

Why We Like It

The table is compact, lightweight, yet spacious enough for a group of children to play around it. Kids may have a lot of fun watching the toys floating around the water table, as well as creating whirlpools and splashes using different accessories that are included into this water table.


  • Compact, yet spacious enough
  • An entertaining set of toys included
  • No leakage
  • Features drain plugs for easy cleaning
  • Easy assembly

  • Legs are not detachable, not quite convenient for storing
  • The attachments sit a bit loosely
  • No umbrella included


Can you attach an umbrella?
No, this model has no space for an umbrella.

Is this model hard to assemble?
No, you’ll only need a screwdriver and around 10 -15 minutes of your time to assemble the water table.

Step2 Crabbie Outside Sandbox Table

Step2 Crabbie Outside Sandbox Table

Age: 18 months – 6 years.

The Crabbie sand table has an extraordinary design that will be surely adored by your children. It looks like a crab! Even the protection lid is crafted in the form of a crab shell.

The edges of the table include slots designed as if the crab is holding toys in its claws. There, your children may insert or remove the accessories that they play with. And the good news is that this sandbox for children has enough room for a group of kids to play around it.

The item can hold up to 25 lbs of sand. If you decide to leave the sand inside, the lid will protect it from rainfall, so you won’t end up cleaning the mud. The sandbox includes a 4-piece accessory set consisting of two shovels and two cups.

Why We Like It

The best thing about this sandbox is its eye-catching and entertaining design. There are buckets and shovels of different sizes and color included in the shipment package. The table is really convenient in use, as the accessories may be set aside during the sand play.


  • Eye-catching design appeals to all kids
  • 4-piece accessory set included
  • Features slots to put accessories aside when not using
  • Comes with a lid that not only protects the sand inside but also looks really awesome

  • Rather small, more sand capacity would be appreciated
  • The lid is not secure, it’s removed very easily
  • No pre-drilled holes for easy assembly


Can this sand table be filled with water?
Yes, it can, there are no drains, so the water won’t leak, but you’ll have to clean the table manually.

Is it easily portable?
Yes, the product is lightweight so there won’t be any trouble carrying it around your garden or your house.

American Plastic Tall Play Station for Boys and Girls

American Plastic Tall Play Station for Boys & Girls

Age: 24 months and older.

Suitable for big kids and toddlers, this tall table can hold both sand and water simultaneously. As an engaging and entertaining item, it includes a removable spinner tower, a cup, and two little boats.

This play table has two separate sections – the upper and the lower one, both of which can be filled with either water or sand. As one of the large tables on the market, it has enough room for a group of children to play around it. It’s simply designed, yet colorful – blue, red, and green – which makes it interesting and appealing for smaller kids.

Why We Like It

This water & sand play table is a versatile model with several exciting accessories. There’s a removable spinner tower that captures both sand and water.

The sand surface part may be transformed into a boat ramp that leads directly into the lower water section. Such construction allows your kids to dive into an imaginary world completely and keeps them busy for hours.


  • Holds both water and sand
  • Spacious enough for several kids to have fun at a time
  • Has sections for more playing scenarios
  • Includes four toys

  • No umbrella
  • Rather small, larger sand and water capacity would be appreciated
  • It’s extremely lightweight, so it may bend a bit


Does this product have drain plugs?
No, it doesn’t, but because of its weight, it’s very easy and convenient to clean it.

Can the table legs be detached?
Yes, you can disassemble the legs and place the table on the surface if you want to.