3 Best Toy Cash Registers for Kids

Updated: 17 October 2018

Every child needs to learn a thing or two about money and numbers. While it is possible for you to teach them yourself, ‘pretend cash’ toys tend to do a better job.

Unfortunately, finding the right cash toy can be a daunting task. To help lift this burden off you, we examined some of the best toy cash registers for kids currently in the market and we came up with three of the best for you to choose from. Let’s check them out.

Pretend & Play Real-Working Cash Register

Our number one pick is the Pretend and Play Real-Working Cash toy. It is a good cash register toy especially for kids that are just starting out with numbers.

It features sufficiently big number buttons and displays that are suitable for all ability levels. The complete package also comes with actual-size pretend money, credit cards, and other items that can help with the learning process.


  • Its extra features create an avenue for imaginative play.
  • It comes with an inbuilt battery and it is equally solar powered so kids can learn and play for longer periods.
  • It features a cash drawer that makes a cha-ching sound like a real cash register.
  • Games and activities with this toy sharpen children’s social and money skills including fine motor development.


  • Children under the age of three may choke so it is only recommended for children who are three or above.
  • Kids may find the extra features a bit difficult to use at first.

FUNERICA Durable Cash Register Toy Set for Boys & Girls

If you want to add unlimited fun to your kid’s maths and numbers learning sessions, then you should definitely buy him or her a FUNERICA Durable Toy Set.

This great pretend and play toy is designed for kids who love colors and are willing to get imaginative while they play. Its extra features and play items such as pretend supermarket and food mean that you can also join in on the fun and help your kids learn.

The FUNERICA model is certainly up there with the top-rated kids cash registers in the market currently.


  • It comes with amazing extra items including play money, cuttable fruits, special coins, play knife, cutting board, credit cards, and bottles.
  • It is made from durable materials that won’t break easily.
  • The sounds and pretend scanners make play sessions even more realistic.
  • It features color combinations that appeal to children’s senses.


  • The display is a little too small.
  • Children may not find the number buttons easy to punch since they are not sufficiently big.

Boley Educational Cash Register w/Money, Conveyor belt

This is a smart arithmetic learning tool for children. Its bold design means that kids can get straight into the learning action whenever it is play time.

It is also packed with real items that will stimulate your child’s senses while they are also having fun. Play items include a pretend conveyor belt, a weighing scale, microphone, and a calculator.

This allows for great imagination and the possibilities of an adventure during every play session. The Boley Educational toy is a high-quality children cash register and your kids will love it.


  • It uses 2 AA batteries that allow children to play for longer periods.
  • Its welcome, thank you, and bye bye buttons create more fun for children.
  • It features a conveyor belt which is a rare feature in most children cash registers.
  • It has an amazing price scanner that brings a real-life market situation to your kid’s play time.
  • All featured items are lab tested and non-toxic.


  • It may not be suitable for children under the age of three.
  • Children must be monitored during their play time because of the fast spinning conveyor belt (hardly dangerous).

Having read through our list above, we are sure you have an idea of what to buy for your child during his or her next birthday or just as a surprise.
While there are many other brands available in the market, the items highlighted above are some of the best and you will be happy with whichever one you settle for.

Buy one, and let your kids learn while they play with their favorite toy.