13 Best-Rated Toy Cash Registers for Kids

Our top 3 picks

Pretend & Play Real-Working Cash Register

Pretend & Play Cash RegisterThis is such a realistic looking cash register! It’s one of the best toy cash registers for kids because it has everything a real checkout counter at the grocery store would have. Thanks to the solar generated power the electronic cash register parts will provide children with fun daily without the need of batteries. It’s a win for kids and parents.


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FUNERICA Durable Cash Register Toy Set for Boys & Girls

FUNERICA Durable Cash Register Toy SetThis is for boys and girls of toddler age but it still has everything a real cash register would have; even a scanner. Apart from the machines, you’re provided with various items to purchase with the play money so with one purchase kids have everything they need for a realistic make-believe.


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Boley Educational Cash Register w/ Money, Conveyor belt

Boley Educational Cash RegisterWhat is more entertaining to a kid than moving parts and interesting sounds? With the conveyor belt, store scale and scanner it’s super interesting while being educational too. It’s a real all in one design to keep kids captivated.


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Top Rated Best Toy Cash Registers for Kids

Pretend & Play Cash Register

Pretend & Play Cash Register

Age: designed for 3 year olds up to 8 year olds.

The brand thought about everything which is why it’s rated so high. You can get this in two designs, one for boys and one for girls in pink. The electronic screen is driven by a solar-powered unit so you don’t have to change batteries all the time.

It’s also a real calculator. Kids feel grown up when they can use the provided money to simulate purchases. This also gives them a chance to learn about math.

You can teach them about all money matters since it has paper, coins and fake credit cards. The child appropriate features include sounds when the drawer opens.

Why We Like it

It incorporates a real calculator which helps kids learn basics about mathematics.


  • Solar powered
  • Big kid friendly buttons
  • Good child-oriented look and buttons
  • Comes with money components

  • Some sharp edges that can scratch kids’ tender skin


Will real money also fit inside this cash register?
The money items provided are based on real money so the drawer’s slots will be the right size if you want to use real coins and notes.

Is this sturdy enough to play with outside?
This is a durable toy which you can play with the outside but doesn’t leave it out too long. One way to prevent the notes from getting ruined is to laminate them.

FUNERICA Durable Cash Register Toy Set

FUNERICA Durable Cash Register Toy Set

Age: for kids three years or older.

This is not only a cash register but it provides kids with items to purchase too. These are mostly focused on the grocery store niche with fruit, food items and more. The designs make playtime fun because you can cut some of the products and then stick them together again.

The microphone is an additional benefit as all kids love toys with sounds. This makes it stimulate many senses.

It’s important to use appropriate pieces as normal coins may get stuck in the slots and damage the toy. Although made for very young kids it will stay interesting for older age groups so you can keep on using it to aid in math learning.

Why We Like it

We love the additional effort put into creating realistic food items that can even be cut with the make-believe knife. This is how kids are guided into using their imagination optimally.


  • Multiple features
  • Realistic store items
  • Colorful design engages toddlers
  • Calculator feature

  • Can’t use real money


How is this powered?
You need two AA batteries to drive this unit. The calculator feature won’t work without it.

Which features incorporate sound?
When you swipe the credit card or press buttons there are ringing sounds. Note that these can be quite loud.

Boley Educational Cash Register w/ Money

Boley Educational Cash Register

Age: children three years and older will enjoy this. It’s safe as well for this age group and older.

Here is quite an elaborate design as you have:

  • A scale.
  • A mic.
  • Conveyor belts.
  • Calculator.
  • Money.
  • A shopping basket.

The realistic feel draws kids into the make-believe game. In this stimulated mode they will find it easier to engage with math such as working the calculator.

Though it’s highly functional small mistakes appear in the design such as the drawer that often doesn’t want to close.

It’s very much an age-appropriate toy as the features will quickly be too small as your child grows. He or she may not be able to reach into the drawer easily as their hands grow bigger.

Why We Like it

It has a diverse set of interactive features that keep kids riveted for hours on end.


  • Multiple features
  • Real calculator
  • Sounds and moving parts interest kids

  • Kids quickly outgrow the small design
  • Low-quality components


What are some of the moving parts and visual stimulation features?
No need to make sounds yourself kids: The scanner beeps when used. It comes with conveyor belt features that move and the scanner can light up too.

Does anything appear on the screen when scanned?
No. There are no barcodes or other identification systems to communicate a price. The screen will only react when you use the calculator feature.

Children’s Cashier: Cool Gift for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Childrens Cashier

Age: for toddlers 3 years or older which makes it ideal for preschool child’s toy options.

You need to keep it simple for really young childrens enjoyment. With this cute and user friendly design, a small child won’t feel intimidated.

However, thanks to the many sound features and moving parts they will quickly be drawn into a game of make-believe. Along the way they can learn about math.

All of this is thanks to the calculator feature and the ways real life items are simulated such as the credit card scanning. The microphone really works which is a way for children to gain confidence in speaking and communicating with others. Which kid can resist talking over a mic right?

It’s not the best quality as small parts tend to break off or get damaged. Also, be prepared for some high pitched audio because the mic‘s sound can be overbearing. The money is usually in Euros which can be off-putting for US kids.

Why We Like it

It’s a compact unit with quite a lot of features.


  • Real calculator
  • Multiple audio and light features
  • Appropriate toddler design

  • Small parts get damaged easily
  • Shrill mic sounds


Where does it draw power from?
The calculator and other features will work when you insert AA batteries.

What are the options with scanner play?
You can simulate scanning and push a button to initiate a sound and light function. However, this scanning won’t affect the cash register or the calculator itself. There are no bar codes that communicate an amount.

Toy Cash Register with Scanner & Microphone

Toy Cash Register with Scanner

Age: safe for play for children aged two to nine. Note the many small parts that could be choking hazards to small babies.

This isn’t only one of the top-rated kids cash registers for boy or for girl games. Aspiring chefs, mothers, mathematicians and more will all find this interesting thanks to the many applications:

  • Act as a chef with provided pots, pans and burner.
  • Make meals with fake food items.
  • Learn math on the register.

This makes it a restaurant or a store cash register for kids with scanner and microphone add-ons for optimum realistic effect. It’s great to see that despite the many features the functionality didn’t drop as it’s still a quality calculator and there’s even a mic which children love.

As with many registers on this review, the drawer tends to stay open easily. This can be remedied with a DIY plan such as sticking tape to the bottom. Use just enough so there’s more traction; not layered so thick that it gets stuck completely.

Why We Like it

This allows for so many different games kids love to play.


  • Multiple game options
  • Real working calculator and mic
  • Food can be cut and stuck back together for added fun

  • Drawer stays open at times
  • Faulty wording on food items


Does the calculator allow decimals?
Yes, this is a fully functional calculator. You can teach your children about decimals and different types of sums.

How do you power this?
You need three AA batteries if you want to use the register, mic and scanning features. Note that the stove doesn’t make noises as it doesn’t have a power source.

Little Tikes Count ‘n Play Baby Cash Register Playset

Little Tikes Count n Play

Age: safe for use for kids aged two to five. Some kids may quickly outgrow the basic features though.

This is not a top of the range item but you need a toy to get your children hooked on this type of play. This is the one to grab your small toddler’s attention.

It may not look much like a cash register but it simulates the motion of placing money in and taking some out. Kids love the moving parts such as throwing money in and watching it land in an allocated space.

Because this happens according to coins’ sizes it’s ideal to teach them about size but also monetary values. The lever they can pull to open the drawer is a favorite feature for many.

There are enough features that older children can incorporate it into play but they will probably want a more advanced one which you’ll find elsewhere in these reviews.

Why We Like it

An excellent starter kit for small toddlers. The basic features won’t overwhelm them.


  • Bright colors attract kids’ attention
  • Fun features such as pulling the lever
  • Simple for small toddlers
  • Helps develop motor skills

  • Coins can be a choking hazard
  • Coins sometimes get stuck


How do you get the coins to fall into the drawer so you can get them out?
To access the coins you press a button, pull the lever or you can swipe the credit card. The latter causes change to fall into the drawer too.

How does the machine sort the coins correctly?
The coins are of different sizes but also thickness. This forces them into certain chutes so they will slide into the right spots.

Kids Electronic Cash Register: Realistic Actions & Sounds

Kids Electronic Cash Register

Age: appropriate for kids from 3 years up to 18 years. Notice that there are some small items that can be choking hazards for smaller children.

Here’s another compact unit with surprisingly many features. Kids can use money, play with scanner or fake pay with credit card swipe features which are super fun with this interactive set. It’s designed in kid appropriate colors that spark their attention making them want to play.

During play they can learn math with the calculator and the exchange of money. Note that the coins’ minimum value is five so all prices also have to be in multiples of five. The money is also Euros and not dollars. Batteries empower the unit to beep but take note that it’s a really loud sound.

Why We Like it

A compact unit makes it possible for children to take this type of toy anywhere with them. These registers with scanner modules are very popular so kids want to take it with them on holiday.


  • Multiple interactive features
  • Bright design
  • Compact

  • Large coins and paper money don’t fit well in the drawer
  • Sounds are very loud and can disturb parents


Can you use regular money with this toy?
You can but note that bills will be too large. You’ll need to fold them.

What can the child do with scanner component?
The scanner unit has a button. Each time you press it it will make a beeping noise. This allows you to add other grocery items to your game and you’ll still be able to pretend they get scanned.

Fisher-Price Classics Retro Cash Register

Fisher-Price Retro Cash Register

Age: kids from two years to 15 years.

Safety is paramount when giving toys to smaller children. Here the toy manufacturer gives you large coins that are much less hazardous than many others described here on this review. They’re less likely to be swallowed but still super fun to play with.

The learning curve here includes working with different colors and parents find it useful to teach kids about doing things in certain orders. It’s unfortunate that there are so few coins as this limits the play.

Why We Like it

Fisher-Price created a toy that looks like the pretend to play cash registers of the old days and we love it for its classic look. It also enables parents to teach kids about the old days.


  • Great classic design; It’s a toy of old revamped
  • Large coins are safe
  • Learn about colors

  • Only few coins provided
  • Some concerns about quality


Can you obtain additional coins for this set?
The manufacturer mostly sells coins as part of a set so it’s difficult to find additional ones. Some online platforms may offer similarly designed units.

What sizes are the different coins?
The coins don’t differ in size. They’re all the same so the way you distinguish them is by their colors.

Wooden Cash Register with Credit Cards, Coin & Bills

Wooden Cash Register with Credit Cards

Age: kids of three years and older will find these wooden cash register toys appropriate.

Wood is often synonymous with heavy weight but at 2.2lb this is still a light-weight toy the kids can take anywhere. It’s not as high tech as many other units on this list of reviews but the one thing it does have is the receipt system. This will teach kids some skills in drawing and writing in a super fun way.

You can simulate functions such as the credit card but there’s no real calculator or sounds. The benefit here is the fact that you can surround your child with natural objects instead of plastic.

It helps you look after a childs health. Even the paints are safe and water based. We were surprised how this guideline was kept to the full as even the coins are made of wood.

Why We Like it

For individuals who need healthier alternatives, it’s great to have a quality wooden option on the market.


  • Colorful design
  • Safe and toxic free
  • Durable

  • No sounds or lights
  • No real calculator


Can the buttons move?
Yes. Although it’s not a real calculator the buttons can be pushed down as on any normal cash register.

Does this need a power source?
You won’t need a power outlet or batteries for this as there are no functions that need electrical current. It’s a way of teaching kids to be creative and play make-believe.

Casdon Mini Market Toy with Receipts

Casdon Mini Market Toy

Age: for babies of three years up to kids aged eight.

With just two AA batteries this unit powers up quite a few features including:

  • Calculator.
  • Microphone that works like an intercom.

The realism is enhanced by the food items included in the purchase. It’s a limited range but fun to play with still. Note that the display on top is only a sticker and the real calculator screen is on the body of the register.

It’s very affordable for so many features but know that some of the smaller parts may easily break if roughly handled. An upgrade would be if it actually prints receipts.

Why We Like it

It’s quite realistic with the receipts feature which makes it easy to pretend you’re running a grocery store.


  • Variety of coins in different sizes
  • Real calculator
  • Pretend food items provided

  • Difficult to find replacement receipt paper
  • Coins can be a choking hazards as they’re small
  • No prints on receipt paper


Is there anything printed on the receipt paper?
No nothing is printed on the paper and the machine doesn’t print either. Kids can write on it and they find it fun to tear off the slips & ask for each other’s signatures as if it’s for a credit card payment.

Can the machine count the coins automatically when they’re placed in the drawer?
No. This is a manual machine. The machine only adds or subtracts what you enter into the calculator. The drawer is simply a place to store the money; the machine can’t identify what you place inside.

Count Along Cash Machine with Real Scanning Sounds

Count Along Cash Machine

Age: safe for two years and older. Will be appropriate until four years of age.

This is for the kids cashier of modern times as this simulates a touchscreen setup. Isn’t that ideal for the 21st-century generation? There’s no real calculator action but kids enter how many items they ring up. The machine then talks back to them regarding how many coins they should enter into the slot. It’s a talking toy which is, of course, a hit with kids. The multiple phrases and songs add to the fun of their games.

Instead of a credit card a loyalty card is given which is quite a unique idea. Food items are provided and are quite large keeping it safe to have near smaller children. The coins are a bit small which necessitates parents keep an eye if a little brother or sister plays along.

Why We Like it

The brand dared to design a new look which is more modern than most you’ll find on this list. It’s different and could set the pace for new good cash register toy sets coming onto the market.


  • Brightly colored unit to keep children’s interest
  • Interactive with songs and talking screen

  • Coins jam the drawer so it can’t open
  • Coins can be choking hazard


What do the food buttons do?
The pictures on the screen correlate with the provided food items. When you press one the machine will reply with the name of the food item as well as its color. This is how children learn multiple skills at once: Learn about colors, numbers but also some motor skills in needing to push the right button.

Melissa & Doug Play Money Set

Melissa & Doug Play Money

Age: safe for kids 3 years and older.

This isn’t a toddler cash register but it solves the problem so many parents have of having too few money items to give their children to play with. Many cool baby cash register products come with minimal coins and notes. This limits the play options.

This manufacturer decided to solve that problem by providing a set of money kids can include in their plays with other high-quality children cash register models.

Alternatively, they can simulate realistic play and turn a DIY item into their register at home. There will be enough realistic looking cash to keep the game fun.

The cash items include paper and coins. They’re designed in popular—real—American values. This is a great step up from many other units that only supply fake Euros instead of other currencies. Parents can teach children about real money easier.

The money is placed—and can be kept safe—in the provided storage box designed according to the money sizes.

Why We Like it

It’s the perfect addition to other plays so kids have enough money for an entire day’s play.


  • A large amount of fake money
  • Handy storage box
  • Real currency denominations

  • No register included
  • No lid for the box


Are the notes printed on both sides?
Yes, the notes look very realistic thanks to the double-sided design.

Are the bills true to the size of real notes?
The notes are slightly bigger as they’re longer than the originals.

Supermarket Stand Up Fun Playset

Supermarket Stand Playset

Age: safe for babies of one year. Appropriate for play up to eight years.

You don’t simply get a cash register and money but also:

  • A food display stand.
  • A shopping cart.
  • Grocery items.
  • Containers for fake fruit and vegetables.
  • A counter for the register.
  • A stand-up cash machine.

This makes kids feel so grown up as they can stand up behind the fake supermarket counter and have their plays feel real.

It’s not the highest tech game around but as it’s designed for small kids this probably isn’t a problem. They can pretend they have a store and learn motor skills more than it’s necessary for a three year old to learn about math.

Why We Like it

This is not simply a cash register but helps children set up a room like a real store.


  • Enables realistic play
  • Bright colors
  • Large items safe for babies
  • Assembly is easy

  • No calculator feature
  • Very small design


How big is the cart?
Note that it’s designed for smaller children so older kids may find it a bit tiny to operate easily. The cart measures approximately 18”x 10”x 17”.

What can the cash register do?
The register can’t calculate money or sums but it is interactive as the drawer opens and closes. The screen also changes as it rolls to show different pictures.