10 Best Toy Cars & Trucks for Toddlers & Babies

Our Top 3 Picks

Friction Powered Construction Vehicles for 1, 2, 3 Years Olds

Friction-Powered-Cars-Push-and-Go-CarExcellent for developing the fine motor skills, these top-rated toddler cars have a bright, colorful design. They will definitely catch your toddler’s eye. Being styled like construction cars, these toys don’t require batteries to move. Their friction system is safe even for younger babies.

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Popular Pull Back Mini Cars and Raced Trucks

Pull-Back-Cars-Alloy-Vehicles-Set-Mini-CarThese are the best toy cars for toddlers and babies who enjoy playing with pull back moving toys. This set of 8 colorful cars includes both modern and retro models. Despite being rather small, they are nicely built. These toy cars can handle active play and be bumping into things, offering countless hours of fun.

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Cartoon Race Car: Radio Control Toy for Toddlers

Race-Car-Radio-Control-Toy-for-ToddlersThis high-quality toy car for babies can be controlled remotely. It makes honking sounds and plays music to entertain kids. Moreover, it is super easy to control, which makes it the best gift even for smaller toddlers. With a cute driver figure and flashing lights, the game is more realistic and fun!

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Top-Rated Little Vehicles for Toddler Boys and Girls

Friction Powered Construction Vehicles

Friction Powered Cars Push and Go Car Construction Vehicles Toys Set

Age: 1 year and up.

Being among the best toy trucks for boys, these multi-colored construction cars will be a great addition to your baby’s toy collection. They are bright and high-quality, which explains why these cars are so popular.

The set includes a tractor, a mixer truck, a bulldozer, and a dumper. This is one of those playsets that encourage an imaginative play in kids and can keep them occupied for hours.

Moreover, these toy trucks are super easy to use. They don’t require batteries thanks to the friction design. All your baby has to do is push and pull. This is a great option for smaller toddlers, starting from 1 year old kids.

Why We Like It

We are the huge fans of these cars’ colorful design and quality build. They can catch your baby’s eye from the first second.

Moreover, despite being small, each of these toy trucks can handle prolonged and active usage. This makes the set ideal for 1 year olds since they oftentimes tend to be quite rough with their toys.


  • Nicely built and durable
  • Fun bright design
  • Friction movement, easy to play with
  • Suitable even for younger kids (starting from 1 year old and up)
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to clean

  • Rather small, which can be a disappointment for some users.


What are these trucks made of?
Each truck is made of sturdy non-toxic plastic.

Are they suitable for 3 year olds?
Yes, absolutely.

How do I clean them?
These trucks are washable. You can wipe them with a wet cloth or use warm soapy water for heavier messes.

Pull Back Cars Alloy Vehicles Set Mini Car Model Construction and Raced Trucks for Toddlers

Age: 2 years and up.

If you are looking for good little cars for toddlers, you should definitely check out this cute set. Featuring 8 mini cars, it can become the first exemplary in your kid’s car collection. Moreover, with its pull and go design, this cute little set offers hours of fun play.

Don’t think that these little cars are just useless toys for infants. Buying such a set for your baby will actually benefit him or her greatly, not just keep your little one occupied.

With such an assortment of differently sized, shaped, and colored cars, your toddler will learn about colors and improve his or her motor skills.

Moreover, this set can be used at play dates. When sharing toys with other kids, preschoolers learn to communicate and improve their social skills. Obviously, there’s so much more to this set than just a fun play.

Why We Like It

We really appreciate the design and the assortment of cars in this set. They all feature soft colors, which make this car set suitable for both boys and girls.

Moreover, it combines both modern and vintage cars. Your little boy or girl will most definitely like such an interesting assortment.


  • Simple “pull and go” design
  • Soft and pleasant colors
  • Nice assortment of models
  • Small, will not take too much storage space
  • Rather durable
  • Set of 8 can be shared with other kids during play
  • Reasonably priced

  • The pull back function does not work that well on carpets


Are these toys suitable for 2 year old kids?
Yes, the manufacturer recommends the set for 2 year old children (and up).

Is this a good toy for kids younger than 1 year?
These cars are not suitable for such young kids since there are some small parts that can break off and become a choking hazard.

Cartoon Race Car: Radio Control Toy

Race Car Radio Control Toy for Toddlers by Liberty Imports

Age: 18 months and up.

This popular race car can become your baby’s first remote controlled toy vehicle. Allow your toddler to feel like a real racer! This car is easy to navigate, bright, and fun. It makes a great gift for boys and girls aged year and a half (and older).

Featuring a colorful design, this toy also has a removable driver figure, which your baby can play with separately. When moving, this cute plastic car plays fun tunes, makes honking sounds, and flashes its headlights.

All of these features make it the best present for infants. Younger children usually find such bright and noisy toys much more entertaining than regular baby play cars.

Why We Like It

We love the fact that this particular toy is very easy to control. Usually, RC (remote control) toy vehicles are not suitable for preschoolers. Younger toddlers might not be able to navigate such toys successfully.

However, this particular model features rather simple controls. The remote has large buttons, which make the car move forward and in reverse.

It is designed in such a way that younger kids can easily use the buttons and learn the controls rather fast, easily parking the car in the garage or riding it around the room.


  • Bright and colorful design
  • Sturdy build
  • Removable action figure
  • Easy to control
  • Makes sounds and flashes headlights
  • Suitable for younger toddlers

  • Doesn’t work that well on carpets
  • The sounds are quite loud and cannot be turned off, which might annoy some parents


Is it okay for two year olds?
Yes, of course.

Does it work on batteries?
Yes. The remote needs 2 AA batteries and the car requires 3 AA batteries.

Can it be used outside?
The wheels on this car are too small to work well on the grass or ground. However, the toy might work just fine on concrete.

Melissa & Doug Soft Cars & Trucks: Cool Baby Toy Set

Melissa & Doug Ks Kids Pull-Back Vehicle Set

Age: 9 months – 4 years old.

Among all the popular car playsets for younger boys and girls, this one is probably the safest option. Featuring a set of four soft cars , it makes the best gift for any baby who loves bright and squishy toys.

Each piece of the set is lightweight and pleasant to the touch. Such toys help children improve their motor and sensory skills. They can also teach kids shapes and colors.

Moreover, featuring different models and styles, this set can help younger toddlers learn about different types of vehicles and what purpose they serve in the world.

The set includes a school bus, a fire truck, a family car, and a police car. The soft toys are easy for kids to carry around.

Moreover, these small toy cars come with a storage bag, which can also serve as a transportation bag for the playdates or travel.

Why We Like It

We absolutely love the design of these cute little cars. The combination of soft, squishy bodies and smooth moving wheels is a very smart solution.

Such a construction makes this product ideal for younger kids. They can grab and squish the bright toys, learn colors and car names, and get moving thanks to the cars’ smooth wheels.

Children as small as 9 month olds can happily play with this awesome set, and we appreciate that very much.


  • Super bright and colorful
  • Lightweight and pleasant to the touch
  • Easy to wash
  • Smoothly running rubber wheels
  • Safe even for younger toddlers
  • Can help kids learn shapes, colors, and more

  • Do not move fast on carpets
  • The wheels and the base are rather lightweight and may break easily under pressure


Is it a good gift for 3 year olds?
Yes. However, it all depends on the child. Some 3 year olds may not be interested in such simplistic toys.

Are these the friction cars?
No, unfortunately, these toys are not pull back cars.

Are they washable?
Yes. You just need to detach the wheels first.

Lewo Wooden Ramp Racer: Track Car Games for Boys

Lewo Wooden Ramp Racer Toddler Toys Race Track Car Games

Age: 2 years and up.

If you are looking at cool car sets for your 2 year old, you might want to consider this wooden car ramp track. Featuring a bright and colorful design, it comes with 4 race cars and allows for a fun but effortless play.

The 4-level ramp construction is very easy to play with. It can entertain your baby thanks to its fun design and bright, colorful finish. Moreover, this set helps younger kids with hand and eye coordination.

It encourages them to ask questions and think about how the ramps and tracks actually work. So, while playing and having fun, your baby will also develop their skills. To us, that’s a very nice bonus!

Why We Like It

We absolutely love the material of this wooden track set. The makers of this toy have designed it with small kids in mind. You see, some plastic toys and car ramps may contain harmful components.

However, this particular product is one of those sets that are completely safe even for younger children. Moreover, wood is much sturdier and more durable the plastic.

This means your baby will be able to enjoy this awesome toy for a long time. By the way, the cars are wooden too.


  • Natural materials
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Super cute and colorful finish
  • Helps with fostering numerous skills
  • Encourages curiosity and thinking processes in younger children
  • Easy to use and suitable even for 2 year olds

  • The cars are really small, so you have to watch your kid at all times so that he or she won’t swallow the car parts


Are there the replacement cars?
Yes, the replacement cars for this set are available online. Just type in the brand’s name “Lewo”, and you will find them.

Do I have to put the track together upon arrival?
No, it comes fully assembled and ready to be used.

Play22 Building Car Playset: Nice for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Take Apart Racing Car Toys - Build Your Own Toy Car with 30 Piece Constructions Set

Age: 3 – 10 year olds.

This fun building toy makes the best gift for older and creative boys and girls. It gives kids the sense of independence and satisfaction when building their own toys and then playing with something they have created.

Moreover, the car has a couple of tricks to share, which will definitely keep your little one excited even when he or she finishes assembling it.

The toy comes with all the necessary parts and connectors. There is also an electric toy drill, which will make the whole building process seem more realistic.

When assembled, the car makes engine sounds and flashes the lights. There are some extra parts, which your child can use to alter the appearance of the toy. He or she can create new designs every day, using their imagination.

Why We Like It

We appreciate the creative value this toy car possesses. First of all, your kid needs to assemble it first in order to play with it.

This enhances their skills and encourages the problem-solving process. Moreover, once the toy is assembled, it can be altered and changed.

This, again, initiates a creative and imaginative play. Plus, such play options keep children entertained for hours.


  • Fun to build
  • Comes with a realistic looking tool
  • Makes engine sounds and flashes the lights
  • Bright and colorful design
  • Comes with some extra parts for different car designs
  • Great value for money

  • Some customer reviews note that the wheels tend to fall off during an active play


Is it too complex for 4 year olds?
As far as we know, 4 year old children usually assemble the car with minimal help from adults.

Does it require batteries?
Yes, the toy drill needs 2 AA batteries. The engine battery is included in the kit.

Battat B. Wheeee-ls! Small Chunky Cars

Battat B Wheeee-ls! Soft Cars

Age: 1 – 3 years.

Battat is one of those brands that design toys with smallest kids in mind. This chunky car set is bright, fun, and entertaining.

However, it has some teaching and developmental properties as well, which makes it an ideal toy for younger children.

Featuring 4 different car types, this set is suitable for boys and even for girl racers and car lovers. It includes a truck, a taxi, a city car, and a racer.

Each chunky toy features a “pull and go” friction mechanism. They are fun and easy to use even for smaller kids.

Why We Like It

We really love the learning properties this cute set has. It can teach younger kids colors, shapes, car parts, and vehicle types they can see in real life around them.

Moreover, each toy makes a sound. Such a combo helps foster children’s motor and auditory skills, along with curiosity and learning enthusiasm.


  • Chunky and squishy, safe even for younger kids
  • Friction toys, don’t require batteries to operate
  • Make sounds
  • A nice assortment of car types
  • Bright and colorful design
  • Possess learning properties

  • Don’t move very fast or far
  • Don’t work well on carpets


Is it interesting enough for 3 year olds?
We believe that 3 year olds might find these toys rather fun to play with.

How big is each car?
Around 5 x 3 inches.

Fisher-Price Little Rescue Fire Truck

Fisher-Price Little People Lift n Lower Fire Truck

Age: 12 months – 5 years.

This top-rated fire truck can make a great addition to your kid’s toy collection. Featuring a bright and classic design with a red body and a white base, it looks like a real but miniature rescue vehicle.

However, this isn’t just an awesome push truck to play with. It also features some learning properties as well.

First off, this toy can play songs and fun sounds for kids. It features more than 25 different songs and teaches toddlers about colors, teamwork, and fire rescue.

The ladder is movable, which only makes the truck seem more realistic. There are also 2 firefighter figures and a cute dog toy, which will definitely contribute to the fun imaginative play.

Why We Like It

We appreciate the combination of a cool design and learning properties that this toy features. While being bright and colorful, it is very fun to play with.

At the same time, with fun sounds and songs, it teaches children about different concepts. This is an ideal option for younger kids.

It can keep them interested thanks to its design and teach them something useful at the same time.


  • Colorful and fun exterior
  • Great learning properties
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Features changing lights
  • Comes with action figures

  • Noisy, might annoy some parents


Is it a good gift for 6 year olds?
We believe that this particular toy might be too simplistic for a 6 year old.

Can I turn the sounds off?
Yes, there is an off switch on the bottom of the truck.

What kind of batteries does it work on?
The toy requires 2 AAA batteries, which are included in the purchase.

Magnetic Car Loader: Awesome Gift for Babies

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Car Loader Wooden Toy Set

Age: 3 – 6 years.

Being among the top-rated toy sets for kids, these nice magnetic cars are made of durable wood and allow for various play scenarios. The loading truck is also wooden.

It features a moving magnetic arm and makes a great gift for almost any boy. Moreover, this toy helps kids develop their coordination and motor skills.

The set includes 4 mini toy cars , each of which features a unique design. The cars are colored differently and have numbers on them.

Such a design can encourage younger kids to learn how to count, to sort, or to deal with sequencing. This is truly a 2-in-1 toy set: it is both fun and educating!

Why We Like It

We are the huge fans of this toy’s build material. Being made of durable wood, it is quite sturdy. Moreover, wood is safer than plastic since it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

This feature is extremely important, especially if you are planning to get this toy for a younger infant.


  • Fun and colorful design
  • Magnetic arm for more fun play scenarios
  • Natural materials
  • Helps with motor, coordination, counting, and sorting skills

  • The arm might break off easily if handled roughly
  • Some customer reports state that the toy is smaller than presented in the pictures. This may be a huge disappointment for some users


Will this be a good gift for a 5 year old boy?
Yes, absolutely.

How big is the truck?
It is about 18 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Green Toys Plastic Dump Truck

Green Toys Dump Truck in Yellow and Red

Age: 1 – 10 years.

If you are looking for safe construction cars for your little one, you might want to consider this dump truck by Green Toys. It is made of BPA- and phthalates-free plastic (from recycled milk containers).

Moreover, the packaging is done with recycled materials too. This is really a “green” dump truck.

Your child can use this car to play the construction site or simply carry smaller toys in it. While having fun, your baby will also develop his or her motor skills, imagination, and coordination.

The toy is sturdy and nicely built, which means it can handle long hours of play. It is suitable even for kids who tend to be rough with their toys.

Why We Like It

We really appreciate the “green” aspect of this toy truck. Being made from the recycled plastic milk containers, it is safe for kids and does not contain any harmful materials.

Moreover, it is good for the environment. Many parents value this feature, and so do we.


  • Sturdy and durable construction car
  • Colorful design
  • Safe for kids (no metal axles and dangerous chemicals)
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Helps with motor skills

  • The wheels don’t move that smoothly and might make rattling sounds


Does it come with a driver action figure?
No, unfortunately.

Does the dumper part of the truck move?
Yes, it can tilt up.

Can it be used outdoors?
Yes, absolutely.