The Best Spy Gear for Kids

Updated: 16 October 2018

We love our children and would go at any length to make them happy, to do what we want nothing but the best spy gear for kids especially if you have a “Sherlock Holmes” type of kids who love investigation and spy movies.

But it gets to a stage where they want to hide and seek, play cop and robber. Getting them the best spy kit there would probably be the best thing you’ve ever done for them and with Christmas around the corner.

I have been able to come up with a list of high-quality spy gadgets for Kids that they would definitely love. They are affordable and they are sure to give you value for your money.

Spy Gear, Mission Alpha Set for Kids

This top-rated spy gear toy is one set your child would love, this set packs a tactical mirror, recording pen, and cool night goggles motion alarm now this motion alarm can be really loud. Fully functional and easy to follow instructions.


  • It’s easy to understand.
  • Fully functional set for children to use.
  • Most items found in this set works fine.


    • The motion alarm can be really loud.
    • Some children talk about how they can’t get the voice recorder to work.
    • Most customers think it’s overpriced.

ALEX Toys Undercover Spy Case: detective Gear Set

Of all the best spy gear, this case has every cool feature that children would want, from an ink pad to binoculars, magnifying glass, among all basic spy tools that are used in popular spy movies you won’t believe that it even has a spy folder!!

For me, it’s the full package and your kid would love you if you get this good spy kit for him/her.


  • It’s the ideal spy tool for your kids.
  • The kit is easy to carry and pack.
  • It’s very easy for children to use.


  • Choking hazards.
  • Not ideal for kids below age 8.
  • The glasses tend to look blurry even after cleaning them.

SyPen SecretSpy Message Writer

This is one vital kit your kids would like, these top-rated spy gear toys come in a pack of 12 making it the ideal gift for children. It’s a good set, just write a message with the invisible ink, wait for a couple of minutes then use the light from the pen and you would be able to read the “secret” message, it’s that easy!

Your children would love to add this to their spy kit, but it also aids in a lot of uses, you could give your child that special task when you feel they are bothering you or not allowing you to rest, just write a message somewhere in the house and have them look for it and try and decipher it. Problem solved!


  • Amazing tool to use.
  • This pen is easy to use.
  • Perfect for sharpening your child’s ability to understand and decode hidden messages.


  • If ink dries out there is no certainty or using water.
  • Shipping takes long.
  • The wire connecting the bulb is very poor and can off if the battery heats up.

These spy tools are very safe and ideal for your child and are great gifts you can give them or friends children, they are all high-quality spy gadgets and I’m very certain that your kid would love them should you purchase either of them.

But I would advise you to follow the instruction manual and don’t purchase for Kids lower than the recommended age. Have fun!!