10 Best-Rated Skateboards for Kids

Top Rated Kids’ Skateboards

Our Top 3 Picks

PlayWheels Kids Complete Plastic Skateboard

PlayWheels Kids SkateboardWe love this because it enables very young kids to have a truly authentic skateboarding experience. Beginners have less chance of falling thanks to a very sturdy design and of course the graphics will make any little boy smile.


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wonnv Retro Mini Skateboard: Good for Beginners

wonnv Retro Mini SkateboardThis ranks high in our books thanks to it being so lightweight. Now any young kid can enjoy the sport without lugging around too much weight. The design is pretty versatile for boys and girls so it’s a winner for anyone. Durability rates high as well.


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KPC Cool Pro Skateboard Complete

KPC Cool Pro SkateboardEven beginner skateboards should and can be enough to do tricks. That’s proven with this cool KPC model. It helps your child perform well because it’s so sturdy and gives a smooth ride on the 52mm wheels. Adrenaline rush for 10 years olds, toddlers and older individuals.


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PlayWheels Kids Skateboard

PlayWheels Kids Skateboard

Age: Here we have a board appropriate for 5-8 year old children which is the ideal age to start learning this sport.

This PlayWheels design is so nifty for kids because it barely weighs 4lb. That’s light enough to carry around but thanks to the single kicktail design your child can still have excellent control of the board.

On the surface even a toddler can have some control thanks to the grip surface. And which little boy skateboarder won’t like the Spiderman design on top?

In part, this skateboard for beginners is so popular because of the PVC injected wheels. They measure 50mmx 42mm and they have 608ZB bearings. This will help your child handle a little rough riding in style.

What We Like

This is one of the best skateboards for kids because it’s an excellent combination of features that help kids enjoy the sport instead of feeling it’s too difficult for them.


  • Great child-oriented look so 5 year olds will love it
  • Smooth ride thanks to wheels and build
  • Durable design

  • Turning can be difficult
  • Narrow design can influence the balance

Can this be used for children of other ages?
Yes. Though these skateboards are recommended for 5 year old children, four year old toddlers that are big enough can also enjoy them. It’s a very little kid skateboard so whoever tries to use it should make sure both feet can fit on top. It may become too small for 7 year old kids.

Why doesn’t this board turn?
This is more a starter skateboard so it has limited features. If your child wants to start turning a different model would be more appropriate.

wonnv Retro Mini Skateboard

wonnv Retro Mini Skateboard

Age: It can carry any child or older teenager up to 220lb. Even adults can safely use this.

These skateboards are 22cm long so if they can fit on this your child can use this way past toddler years. Because the design is also appropriate for all skill levels so you can keep using this even if you’re not a beginner anymore.

These top-rated kids skateboards are available in a variety of designs so both your boy and girl can find their favorites. The riding will be smooth thanks to wheels made of soft polyurethane. This absorbs some of the shocks. With your purchase, you get a tool to make wheel adjustments. This is essential as your skill and riding need these changes as you progress.

What We Like

This board gets sent to you already assembled. Because assembly of skateboards is so important in terms of safety and sturdiness it’s great that the brand does this on your behalf.


  • Very light at 4lb
  • Tools provided
  • Carry bag included in the buy
  • Appropriate for all skill levels

  • Low-quality bag

What type of bearings does this board have?
Thanks to ABEC-7 high-speed bearings you’re able to go faster than on some other boards without losing control

What are the specs of the trucks on these skateboards?
You get pro aluminum trucks and they’re 3.25” wide.

Can these skateboard decks flex at all?
Flexing is vital for doing more advanced riding and this board can flex thanks to special formula plastic used.

KPC Cool Pro Skateboard

KPC Cool Pro Skateboard

Age: Can handle children, teenagers and adults up to 220lb.

Here you have a board with many high-quality features such as ABEC 7 bearings, proper grip strips, 52mm Krown wheels and Havoc trucks. These trucks are made of black aluminum so it’s as stylish as it’s practical and durable. The look is for girls as well as for boys.

It weighs almost 6.5lb which are heavier than other entry level skateboards. However, this weight adds to the control more pro skateboarders will need such as 11 year olds who are ready for some tricks and speed.

These pro skateboards are made of Canadian maple and on the exterior you’ll find one of many stylish, modern designs that kids and teenagers such as 13 year olds love.

Note that these skateboards have limited speed capabilities so don’t expect too much from this. It’s still a beginners board.

What We Like

These designs are out of this world. Skateboarding is about the style too and anyone will feel proud carrying this down the street whether you’re a 7 year old, 10 year old or teen.


  • Different designs available
  • Sturdy; can handle adult beginners
  • Quality components

  • Limited trick capability
  • Skateboards lack speed

Is this appropriate for the street or only skate parks?
A skate park will always feel better than the street but this board can handle both. If your street’s surface creates too much friction or uncomfortable riding you can change the wheels for bigger ones.

Can this youth skateboard work for very advanced riders?
This is a beginner board but it can turn and carve some which is perfect for the young rider starting to develop.

Must you assemble this entry level board yourself?
No. You’ll receive your board already assembled so there’s no chance of you doing anything wrong and the board breaking or malfunctioning.

RIMABLE Entry Level Skateboard for Little Kids

RIMABLE Entry Level Skateboard

Age: This is appropriate even for 4 year old beginners up to adults. You have to gauge whether the size of 22”x 6” provides comfortable riding for you.

Here’s a quick rundown of the specs on these skateboards:

  • Aluminum trucks of 3”.
  • 59mm wheels or 78A Urethane.
  • ABEC 7 High-speed bearings made of stainless steel.
  • It’s 22”x 6”.
  • It weighs 4lb.

These specs make it appropriate for both children and adults. It can even be carried anywhere since it’s so light so your childrens new hobby can be enjoyed anywhere.

It’s very durable so it won’t break even if a 4 year old gets the hang of the sport and falls a lot. If your child is no longer a beginner you can adjust the speed by adding speed washers.

What We Like

The wheels are quite large and clunky. This is excellent as an educational children’s toy for kids learning to ride because small stones won’t easily throw them off course and off balance. The big wheels simply roll over the obstacles.


  • Affordable
  • Super smooth wheels

  • Not extremely fast; can be boring if you’re used to pro skateboards
  • The little kid skateboard can be too small for some adults

What is the maximum weight this board can take?
It’s appropriate for individuals up to about 200lb. If you’re close to this limit you’ll have easier riding if you place your feet over the wheels instead of the center. Dispersing the weight in this way helps to handle the board better.

Are the wheels of these skateboards hard or soft?
These polyurethane wheels are very soft in comparison to some other boards. This is what helps small skateboarders enjoy smoother rides as not every bump in the road will be felt.

Fisher-Price-3-in-1 Toddler Skateboard with Handle

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Toddler Skateboard

Age: Most appropriate for 6 year old kids and younger, with handle to make for safe driving.

This three in one skateboard takes you through all the processes of learning to ride such as being set close to the ground for more control. When your toddler is more adept at riding you can adjust this height.

The wheels also add to your six year old child’s level of control since they’re set wide apart. The board weighs 6lb which is a bit on the heavy side but can add some sense of control. The dimensions are 24.5”x 6”x 11”. Note that you don’t receive all parts for the handle adjustment so you may need a trip to the hardware store for bolts.

So where does the 3-in-1 come from?

  • Step 1: Use the handle.
  • Step 2: Remove the handle.
  • Step 3: Change the height of the wheels.

What We Like

The best way to let your child—even a two year old—get used to the idea of skateboarding. The handle keeps them from losing balance so they can gain some confidence. Best of all is you can remove the handle later on for normal riding.


  • Best teaching board
  • Durable for childs safety

  • Doesn’t turn well

Does the board’s handle turn?
No, the handle is stationary and the only option is to insert it or remove it. This means the handle won’t accidentally move and let a kid lose balance.

How do you adjust the wheels?
The wheels can slide outwards and inwards. Simply slide them out and that will affect their height. Tighten them in place.

ENKEEO Youth Starter Skateboard for Children

ENKEEO Youth Starter Skateboard

Age: You can enjoy this whether you’re a kid, teenager or adult since it can handle up to 220lb.

This board measures 22”x 6” and it weighs 3.5lb. It comes in different funky designs so kids will love it for the looks and how well it works.

The good performance is thanks to ABEC 7 bearings and 85A wheels. This best board is durable but flexible enough to withstand pressure so your children or the older youth generation can try a few tricks without it breaking.

While it can take a lot of weight the size is limiting to older and more advanced users. You may not fit onto it comfortably. Therefore this is more of an entry level board. Thanks to different designs it will suit both boys and girls.

The flexibility also absorbs much of the shock from rough surfaces so it makes for the best comfortable riding. Note that it does require some breaking in for optimum performance.

What We Like

This is a super light skateboard as it only weighs 3.5lb. Even small kids will be able to carry it to their play areas. It also makes it ideal to put in backpacks if you use this as transport around campus as a student.


  • Great looks
  • Flexibility helps with control and tricks
  • High-quality components
  • Tires can manage rough surfaces

  • Too short for adults to use

Why does the skateboard have steering problems?
This board is pre-assembled but it doesn’t mean it will work perfectly for your unique weight and application. By loosening the wheels manually you can customize it.

Can you make the board go faster?
For more speed, you will need different wheels.

Merkapa Small Skateboard for Boys & Girls

Merkapa Small Skateboard

Age: Children and teens up to 180lb. Note that the size makes it more appropriate for small toddlers.

Note that this is definitely not a board for adults as it can only handle the limited weight. But your kids will love it thanks to the wheels that light up. You don’t even need to replace batteries to keep this going because the board uses the movement of riding to generate power for this feature.

It performs adequately too as an entry level board thanks to ABEC 7 bearings, 78A wheels and the track & base being made of high-quality aluminum.

The ride will stay smooth thanks to softer PU wheels that absorb shock. Handy tip: If the lights stop working you may simply have to tighten screw caps to get them glowing again.

What We Like

If you want to tantalize kids it’s best to work with all the senses and whether you have a 3 year old or a 9 year old these wheels that light up will be a great hit.


  • Very light at less than 4lb
  • Great lateral
  • Durable and sturdy for rough use by children

  • Children outgrow the deck quickly so 9 year olds may already find it uncomfortable
  • Doesn’t afford much grip

What colors are the wheels?
In most designs, the wheels are clear with different colored lights. Each wheel can have a different color light.

Why is it called a mini skateboard?
A mini skateboard is half the size of other designs but it’s also limited in its capabilities. You can cruise with it but not do a lot of tricks.

SCSK8 Pro Wood Skateboard: Great for Teens

CSK8 Pro Wood Skateboard

Age: This is a good skateboard for beginners for anyone up to 225lb. It’s slightly bigger than many others in this review so it may be hard for toddler such as a 4 year old to handle. The benefit is that your child won’t quickly outgrow it.

It’s such a sleek design made of maple wood layered on top of each other. It works well thanks to these features:

  • ABEC 9 Red bearings.
  • PU wheels that have flat spot resistance and generate high bounce.
  • Aluminum trucks of 5”.

The plain design of these cool mini skateboards makes it best for all genders and for teens and kids of all ages.

Many users prefer changing out the wheels and bearings as they can only handle a limited amount of punishment. Such an exchange will also make your ride a bit smoother. However, this is still a high-quality children’s skateboard.

It’s nice and big at 32”x 8”x 5” so even older children comfortably find enough space for their feet.

What We Like

It has much more grip than some others thanks to Pro Black grip tape that covers the entire top surface. This small first skateboard will help children retain more balance and help them learn those first tricks.


  • Big enough for older children and teenagers
  • Quality board
  • Great grip

  • Wheels and bearings need improvement
  • Too big for small toddlers

Does this board allow for much turning?
The wheels and bearings do allow turning which many smaller boards struggle to do. Note that it’s still a beginner board and more complicated tricks will be difficult to do with this.

Do you have to build the board yourself?
No. This board is sold fully assembled so you can ride the moment you get it or take time to customize it if you need to loosen the wheels so they perform the way you want them to. No tools are provided for this though.

Krown Rookie Real Skateboard

Krown Rookie Skateboard

Age: Light enough for children but big enough for teenagers and adults. Small toddlers may find it too big to handle.

This is what you get when your beginner rider wants a slight upgrade. The real skateboard design incorporates a concave. This is what your child will need to learn more tricks after getting the hang of the basics.

The designs are quite impressive as you can find one in a range of colors with modern graphics that won’t easily go out of fashion.

The joy during riding will be thanks to these specs:

  • Aluminum 5.0 trucks.
  • 99A urethane wheels that are designed for high rebound.
  • ABEC 7 bearings.
  • High tensile Philips hardware.
  • Grip tape covering the entire top surface.

The brand assembles the entire skateboard so you know it’s put together by experts.

What We Like

This brand succeeded in putting together a larger skateboard with excellent features for rookies without the board weighing more than 5lb. Your child will be able to take this anywhere he or she wants to skate.


  • Large but light
  • Great grip on top
  • Modern designs are attractive to kids and teenagers

  • Trucks often give problems
  • Tends to pull to one side

Do you get any tools with your purchase?
You only get the board with wheels assembled. You may need tools to make adjustments to the wheels but these gadgets aren’t provided.

How do you loosen the trucks?
You simply need a skate tool. You use this on the nuts of the trucks by turning counter-clockwise.

Spiderman Skateboard w/ Thick, Durable Deck

Spider-Man Skateboard

Age: Suggested for a 10 year old and younger but it can handle up to 100lb.

This gives you all the basic features so kids can start learning how to ride but also stop. This is thanks to the kicktail design which enables braking.

The wheels are PVC injected and your child will enjoy some speed thanks to the steel axle combined with the composite trucks. The top is made of maple wood which is a favorite in skateboard manufacturing. And let’s not forget the Spiderman design that adds the aesthetics kids are bound to respond to well.

What We Like

This is a super small board at only 21” long so it makes it easy for a 2 year old or 3 year old to get the hang of riding. (It’s recommended for five years and up but this is one of the best options for toddlers to start with). It only weighs 3lb so it’s easy for them to carry too. Of course, they would love the comic design on the deck too.


  • Fun design
  • Very small
  • Smart design enables braking

  • Will quickly outgrow the small design
  • Teenagers and adults can’t use it

Are the wheels exchangeable?
Yes, you can exchange the wheels if they wear out or you want something that provides more shock absorption.

Can adults use this?
While the board is strong enough to take the weight of some adults it will be very uncomfortable to ride because of the limited space on the surface. No space to place feet so it’s best for kids and teens.10 Best-Rated Skateboards for Kids