10 Best Pull Toys for Babies & Toddlers – Reviews

Top-Rated Pull Along Toys for Kids

Our top 3 picks

Hape Award Winning Walk-A-Long Puppy Pull Toy

Hape Puppy Pull ToyHape Walk-A-Long Puppy Pull Toy is an award-winning toy that helps toddlers to develop their coordination skills and balance. It is made of wood with non-toxic finishes to keep your child safe from any allergies or any harmful reactions. It is affordable and made to last as your child grows.



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Wood Pull Along Walking Bus

Wood Pull Along BusThe Wood Pull Along Walking Bus is the suitable toy for the energetic toddlers. It is made of quality wood craftsmanship, encourages coordination skills and most important of all, it does not contain any toxic or harmful materials. The perfect toy for the perfect growth.



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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Frolicking Frog

Melissa & Doug Frolicking FrogThis cute Frolicking Frog is a wooden pull toy that can be both fun and helpful for a child’s growth. It is designed to be highly durable to avoid pieces from falling apart and be a potential health risk to the child’s health. Coming from a well-known toy company, you can be assured of a high-quality baby pull toy for kids.



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Hape Award Winning Puppy Pull Toy

Hape Puppy Pull Toy

Age: 12 months to 3 years.

This cute and adorable puppy toy may be a simply-shaped wood, but it does the job done and does it well. It is one of the top-rated pull along toys out on the market and is highly recommended by parents. It makes for the perfect gift for dads and moms that are picky of toys for their child’s safety.

Why We Like It

This puppy dog toy was made with a child’s safety in mind. It does not contain any toxic finishes or parts that are hazardous for one year olds. On top of that, most of its part’s designs help improve the balance, active play and coordination skills of toddlers.

This toy carries a reasonable weight of around 1.3 pounds and has a small-sized design of 8.7 x 3.6 x 6.4 inches. This enables the toddlers to carry it around with them no problem.


  • The toy is conveniently portable for kids
  • The product is very well made with high-quality materials
  • This puppy toy can roll through carpeted floors with no problem

  • The design is good but it is not stable enough and tips over easily


Is the string long enough for my toddler to pull the puppy toy while standing up?
Yes, it is long enough to pull while standing up.

How well does it do on carpeted floors? Is it difficult with having too much friction?
It can be easily pulled even on carpeted floors.

I noticed the back wheels are wobbly, are they supposed to do that?
Yes, they do. In fact, it is what makes the puppy toy’s tail wag.

Wood Pull Along Bus

Wood Pull Along Bus

Age: 18 months and up.

Wood Pull Along Walking Bus is not your ordinary pull toy that can be easily carried around. It is designed to remain on its wheels while kids try and play with its pegs. This encourages the fine motor skills and coordination skills of toddlers that are in the growth process.

Why We Like It

Similar to most toddler or baby toys, it is designed to help the child’s physical and mental development. Thanks to its peg mechanisms that actually promotes motor skills and mental aptitude.

Most important of all, the finishing is non-toxic and parts are made from child-safe materials. Especially those toddlers usually are curious and will put anything that fits in their mouth, including toys.


  • The mechanisms put into this toy helps promote growth while having fun
  • Does not have detachable small parts that can prove as a health risk
  • The rollers can go through rough surfaces

  • As lightweight as the hammers are, parents are required to guide and help their kids with the hammering since they still can cause minor accidents


When you hammer the pegs down, how can you pull them back out again?
The mechanism of the pegs is symmetrical. That means when you pound the ones on the left, the right ones will pop out.

Will the pegs go up and down just like other toys when the toy bus is moving?
Sadly, they do not.

Melissa & Doug Frolicking Frog

Melissa & Doug Frolicking Frog

Age: 18 months to 5 years.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Frolicking Frog toy is one of the best pull toys for babies and toddlers. It’s super lightweight and measures at 7 x 7 x 8.5 inches. A good size for grasping and carrying and big enough size for unwanted choking accidents. There is no assembly required, meaning you just have to take it out of the box and give it to your kid.

Why We Like It

This cute little frog toy would be a good companion for 2 year olds or younger as they grow up. They can be easily pulled by a string or carried around the house with its compact and lightweight design.

To add amusement for the kids, the eyes wiggle and does a “hopping” action when the toy is being pulled. It also helps develop their eye coordination.


  • The product is made by a veteran company who undoubtedly knows their priorities
  • It is one among the few wooden pull toys that don’t require parental care
  • The toy is easy to drag and carry around

  • The string may be too small for babies or toddlers that are too tall to pull


Do the frog’s eyes actually move around? The ads seem to say so but mine doesn’t move at all.
The eyes are designed to wiggle when the frog toy is being pulled. You might want to ask the brand’s customer service for help.

Can anyone confirm if this pull toy is good on hardwood floors and carpeted floors?
Yes, it is. It may not be as smooth when pulled on carpeted floors, but it can manage.

Plan Toys Dancing Alligator

Plan Toys Alligator

Age: 19 months to 12 years.

This dancing alligator toy is not one of your average pull toys. It is not made of regular wood, but with an organic rubber wood. This method allows the brand PlanToys to practice the 3 R’s for a much cleaner environment.

This would be your “Reduce”, “Reuse” and “Recycle”. So, not only will it be helping your kid with their positive mental and physical growth, you’re also helping keep the world a better place.

Why We Like It

The manufacturer’s products promote not only the wellness of a child but also clean and green living. A good practice we should all learn from.

To add, they also are well-versed in making baby toys with creative pull toy ideas. You can expect every product to help with all the developmental stages of one’s childhood.


  • Dancing Alligator is one of the few good pulling toys for toddlers that is perfectly safe with non-toxic materials
  • It is conveniently portable with 5.6 ounces of weight and 11 x 4.5 x 5 inches in size
  • Highly recommended by customers who are mostly parents

  • The clacking sound can be too loud for some customers, especially on hardwood floors


There is a similar product on the Amazon listing but are tagged as different from one another. What exactly is there a difference?
The newer version of the dancing alligator toy is made from sawdust. This one is made from pieces of solid wood.

Does the toy able to run along with a toddler without tipping over?
Yes, it should. It will, however, depend on how wild or how intense a kid will pull it.

Is this toy suitable for a 12-month old? The description says 19 months but want to try it regardless.
While it is possible, it is recommended for children that can walk at a stable pace.

TOMY Toomies Quack Along Pull-Behind Ducks

TOMY Toomies Ducks

Age: 10 months and up.

TOMY Toomies Quack Along ducks is one of the pull behind toys that is well received by the parent community. It has garnered a good product rating of 90% from hundreds of satisfied parents. It is safe, cheap, and fun to play with. With its multi-colored design and joined ducklings, it has the potential to enhance your kid’s hand-eye coordination.

Why We Like It

It is among the few pull toys that are made for babies that are only 10 months old. Not very many manufacturers have the safety credentials and confidence to market their toys at an early age.

For its design, it has a multi-color and painted happy faces that can pass on to your tots. There’s nothing more enjoyable than seeing happy faces of kids, including the toys.


  • One of the duck toys out on the market that actually waddles from side to side when being pulled
  • The duck gives out a quacking sound when tugged
  • Provides multiple features that enhance motor skills and mental growth

  • The string can be a little too short for tall babies or toddlers
    Some customers may not like how noisy the toy can get


I can’t seem to find where the batteries are located?
The pull-behind ducks come with 3 LR44 button batteries and are located on the larger duck.

Can the ducks go through thicky carpeted floors?
Yes, they can but it will not be as smooth as running them through hard wood floors.

Cubbie Lee Push & Pull Along Toy for Baby & Toddler

Cubbie Lee Push & Pull Along Toy

Age: 12 months and up.

This adorable crocodile wooden push and pull toy is a good friend and companion to a kid. It rolls easily and doesn’t weigh much at around 8.2 ounces. It has dimensions of only 7.5 x 2 x 3 inches. This allows your kid to carry it around your home with little to no effort, even for a 1 year old. The best thing about the toy is its very inexpensive price at under $10.

Why We Like It

This cute little crocodile is one of the pushing toys that is highly recommended for children as young as 12 months old. It has an ergonomic handle, suitable for tiny little fingers. What makes it a good toy for kids it is safety measures. The finishing used does not contain any harmful chemicals. In fact, it has been tested to the highest standards for parents’ peace of mind.


  • The toy is made from a durable and sustainable wood
  • It is a push and pull toy that costs twice as cheap as other toys with the same quality
  • It has received an extremely high product rating of 96% from hundreds of customers

  • The string is made too short. It is understandable however for safety purposes, but it can be a deal breaker for toddlers that are taller than the average


How are the rollers on carpeted floors?
The roller wheels should be fine on carpeted floors as it is made to turn smoothly with a decent height to it.

Is there a sound that comes out when being pulled by the string, just like other pull toys?
No, it does not. It is also the reason why the product is marketed at a very affordable price.

Hape Elephant Pull Toy

Hape Elephant

Age: 12 months and up.

Introduce this Hape Elephant Wooden Push and Pull toy to your kid and he/she might just find a new friend and companion to play with. It’s cute, lightly colored, and will follow your kid wherever he/she may go. It is designed with a handle and weighs only around 6 ounces, allowing your kid to carry it with him/her with ease.

Why We Like It

Child safety should always be a priority, and that is why this cute elephant happens to be on this list. It is made with non-toxic finishing and does not have choke-hazard materials.

It is among the many children’s push and pull toys that are made with high standards, but way cheaper. Just like any other toys on this list, it promotes child growth.


  • Designed to enhance your kid’s hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and creativity
  • It is a perfect companion for your kid for its cute and small size
  • Painted with simple colors that are identical to what an elephant should look like

  • The tall narrow design can make it difficult to pull the toy without tipping over


Will this elephant toy be good for my 6 month old?
While it is not made from anything toxic in case the baby puts the toy in his/her mouth, it is probably better to purchase the product for a crawler or a walker.

From where is this cute looking toy made?
This product is made in China.

Brio Pull Along Duck Baby Toy

Brio Pull Along Duck Toy

Age: 19 months and above.

Brio Pull Along Duck Baby is one of the best classic wooden toys to keep your baby company for the long years to come. It is the perfect playmate for a growing child, especially on his/her mental and physical development stage. It’s a cute design and mini size lets your kid play with the toy with no problem.

Why We Like It

The bright colors and mildly intricate design is an eye candy for toddlers that are still getting familiar with colors and shapes. A really big help in developing your child’s wellness. Moreover, the product is highly durable that can last for generations. This is a chance for the kid to create happy memories to recall upon in the later years of their lives.


  • The bright red wheels are made to go though carpeted floors or any rough surface
  • Pulling the duck will trigger the duck’s head to wobble and wings to flap
  • Child safe with no tiny parts and non-toxic finishing

  • The string might be connected to the duck too far from the head, causing the toy to tip backward


Is the string long enough for a toddler to pull the duck baby toy while standing?
The string measures at 27 inches. A decent length for a toddler to be able to pull the toy while walking.

Does the toy make a sound like other pull toys?
No, it does not. There are no speakers or any noise mechanism that is attached to the toy. It is purely made of wood.

Fisher Price Classics Retro Chatter Phone

Fisher Price Classics Phone

Age: 1 year and up.

Fisher Price Classic Retro Chatter Phone is an old-timey designed pull along toy for toddlers. Since 1961, the chatter telephone toy was very popular simply because it helped kids with their mental and physical growth. It brings out creativity and enables them to communicate better. If you want the best for your kid, this toy is should be on top of your list.

Why We Like It

The design is well-thought out where even the simplest form of action triggers a kid’s reaction. That includes the eyes that roll up and down, a mouth that will chatter, and of course the dial that rings. The cute and happy face design is a friendly invite for toddlers to play with it. It also adds a cheerful aura while walking it around the room.


  • It packs a decent weight and small size for a baby to play with
  • Designed with no rough or sharp edges that can cause severe injury to toddlers
  • It can easily be dragged around

  • The cord on the phone is too short. Using it is somewhat impractical for a toddler since they have to stick it near their face


Are there small parts that can prove as a health risk to babies or toddlers?
In a sense, since it does have small parts. This classic retro chatter phone is however sturdy and parts will most likely be intact.

Does the toy make a noise when pulled?
No, it does not. The only noise it makes is when the rotary phone is dialed.

From where is this toy made?
The toy is manufactured in China.

LeapFrog AlphaPup for Little Walkers

LeapFrog AlphaPup

Age: 1 to 3 years.

The AlphaPup is a dog pull toy that imparts fun as well as education. It helps a kid get familiarized with the alphabet and in a fun way. Pulling the toy along with you or behind you would sing out the ABC song. It would also blurt out letter sounds. It may be too much for some, but it’s all about familiarity.

Why We Like It

For a price of around $15, the toy offers more fun and more growth development than your average push-pull toys. It is designed with color stripes for their color introduction and a catchy music for phonics and vocabulary.

The soft floppy ears also are a good addition to the toy. It would somehow help toddlers be familiarized with different textures. And of course, helps them realize how cute and fluffy dogs ears are.


  • The toy does not require any complicated settings or instructions for it to work
  • This pull along dog toy is portable with a weight of around 1.8 pounds and size of 5.3 x 14 x 8 inches
  • A classic toy that is renowned for its child safety and helpful features to enhance a kid’s growth

  • It is best to extend the cord if you plan on buying the toy for toddlers that are around 30 inches in height


Does the tail wag independently or is there a button or mechanism that works into it?
The tail should wobble back and forth when it is being pulled.

Does the toy require batteries?
Yes, it does. It’s for the tunes that the toy is able to play.

Will this be a good toy for a 2 year old?
Yes, definitely. As long as the toddler is not tall enough since the string only measures around 12 inches.