The Best Play Kitchens for Kids & Toddlers – 11 Reviews

Top-Rated Children’s Play Kitchens

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KidKraft Uptown Espresso Play Kitchen for Kids

KidKraft-Uptown-Espresso-KitchenLet your little child feel like a real cook with Uptown Espresso Play Kitchen. This gorgeous pretend kitchen has many appliances providing the realistic cooking process. The fridge, microwave oven, freezer, stove, removable sink and many other cool kitchen appliances are included. The delicious dinner is ahead!

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Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen Playset for Toddlers

Step2-Little-Bakers-Kitchen-PlaysetThis set will keep every child busy for hours! It is the pretend kitchen of pink and violet neutral colors that makes the cooking sounds. Put the frying pan and boiling pot on the stove and you will hear the activated electronic frying and boiling water sounds. Isn’t it cool?

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Fisher-Price Learning Kitchen for 1-, 2-Year-Old Babies

Fisher-Price-Laugh-&-Learn-Learning-KitchenLet’s learn about sizes, shapes, numbers, colors, and letters in English and Spanish with help of this kitchen. It is an interactive toy for cute toddlers. It teaches, sings the songs, demonstrates the colorful pictures, and entertains for hours! This toy kitchen is the best choice to start learning.

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KidKraft Uptown Espresso Play Kitchen

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

Age: 36 months – 15 years.

Are you in search of the best toy play kitchens for kids?  Here is the finest one! With this modern and pretty fashionable pretend kitchen, the children will arrange such a cool kitchen party with lots of sweets and fun.

It is a compact toy kitchen. There are many things to see, namely the refrigerator, ice machine on the fridge, freezer, microwave, oven, dishwasher. All doors open and close, so the child can feel like a real cook at own kitchen. What is more, there is the space for storage above the plastic sink.

Children have the opportunity to make some notes on the chalkboard that is on the door of the freezer. The holder for towels is fixed on one side of the kitchen. Four pegs for the kitchen accessories are available too.

The kitchen is made of wood products, some metal, and molded plastic. It is a smart and comfortable toy that is absolutely safe for everyday usage. The children will be satisfied with it!

What We Like

It is a pretend kitchen with many details. The toy will become the special one as it gives the opportunity to feel like a real professional and start the cooking career.


  • The toy is packaged with step-by-step details
  • It is made of the safe material
  • The sink can be removed and cleaned
  • Enough place for storage

  • There is no cookware

Does kitchen come with any accessories, namely dishes and food?
No, it does not. You have to buy the cookware, towels, food separately.

Are there any shelves in the fridge?
Yes, there is one shelf.

Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen Playset

Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen Playset

Age: 24 month – 8 years.

Are you looking for top-rated play kitchens for toddlers? This one will be the best choice ever! Your lovely toddler will create a mess in own kitchen.

It is a small pretend kitchen of pink and violet colors. The playset includes a lot of details making the kitchen more realistic and interesting. There are the pretend refrigerator, oven, microwave. The plastic sink and the storage places are available too.

Using the electronic burner, frying pan and boiling pot, the child can hear the sounds. With these additional features, the cooking process becomes more interactive and captivating. Two ‘AA’ batteries are needed.

What is more, there is a cool accessory set! It includes the cookware, pots and pans, cutlery, cupcake set. The pretend cellphone is added. Do not forget about the built-in chair that is attached to the kitchen. Just seat the doll and enjoy the play.

The countertop of the kitchen looks like a granite. It reminds the real adult kitchen. Isn’t it cool?

What We Like

It is great when children have the opportunity to play in their own kitchen. This toy with sounds will involve kids in the playing process for hours!


  • The provision of realistic frying and boiling sounds
  • The accessory set includes 30 colorful pieces;
  • The built-in high chair for additional play.

  • The small details of the accessory set can be easily lost
  • The doll is not included

Do the microwave and oven open and close?
Yes, they do.

What sounds does the stove burner make?
It makes a boiling sound for the pot and frying sound for the frying pan.

Fisher-Price Learning Kitchen

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen

Age: 6 month – 3 years.

Here is the interactive play kitchen for babies! It will turn the playing process into the learning one. With this toy, your 1 year old and 2 year old toddlers are open to learn about sizes, shapes, numbers, colors, and letters in English and Spanish!

How does it work? There is nothing difficult. The toy is easy to use and play! During It’s Learning Time mode, let the kid open the refrigerator and find out that bananas are sweet. The opposites, letters and colors will not be a problem anymore. The child will learn how to count too.

Let’s Learn Spanish mode gives the easy way to learn by heart the simple verbs, nouns in Spanish. The little boy or girl are going to become bilinguals!

With it’s Music Time mode, the child will listen to some interesting and childish songs.

Let’s Play mode is the most simple! Let the little son or daughter play with this pretty captivating and fascinating kitchen. The playing time full of happiness and enjoyment is guaranteed!

What We Like

It is the coolest pretend kitchen ever! Just open the fridge, press the buttons and listen to music. As a result, the useful and valuable knowledge is got.


  • The interactive modes can be turned off for silent play
  • The food shapes (3), plastic utensils (2) are included
  • The kitchen comes with the detailed instructional booklet
  • English and Spanish learning process

  • The small details of the accessory set can be easily lost
  • A small number of dishes

How many accessories are included?
There are 5 accessories, namely the pan, spoon, jar, milk, and a carrot.

Can I turn the music off?
Yes, you can.

Step2 Walk-in Realistic Kitchen for Boys & Girls

Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill

Age: 24 months – 8 years.

There are a lot of high-quality mini kitchens. Let us introduce one of them. It is the realistic kitchen for boys and girls that will involve them in the cooking process for hours!

This kitchen is meant for multiple-child play. The 6 year old children have a lot of space to pretend the cooking. The time full of real delight and happiness is guaranteed.

The toy set includes the refrigerator of stainless steel, electronic grill, stove top and phone, other kitchen appliances that are important for the play. The grill makes sounds during the cooking hot dogs and hamburgers. Little cooks will feel the complete enjoyment.

What is more, this gorgeous toy includes a 103-piece set of accessories! There is a lot to see. The play food, cutlery, dishes, pans and other cooking accessories are available.

In addition, the dining area is attached too. So, it means that boys and girls can both cook and eat!

What We Like

It is a compact, stylish and functional toy. Doubtless, it will keep every child busy for hours! The realistic sounds make the cooking process fascinating and professional. As a result, the cooking career is ahead.


  • It is a large playing space for kids
  • The electronic features make the play more interesting
  • A 103-piece accessory set provision
  • Attached dining area
  • The detailed instructions

  • The small accessories can be easily lost

What appliances do make the sounds?
The stove burner, grill, and the microwave buttons make sounds.

How many pans and pots does the toy set have?
The kitchen comes with 2 pans and 2 pots.

Naomi Big Interactive Kitchen Set for Tall Child

Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set

Age: 36 months – 10 years.

Naomi kitchen set for tall child is the biggest kitchen. Playing with this modern and fashionable toy, the children will feel like the real cooks. The cool features of this set guarantee the success!

This kitchen for tall kids has a lot to see! First of all, there is the refrigerator with one shelf inside. The ice and water dispenser graphic is depicted on the fridge.

Secondly, the freezer is available too. The chalkboard on it is meant for making some important cooking notes.

What is more, the toy set includes the oven with a window and the stove with 4 burners and knobs. There are the removable sink, dishwasher and the microwave oven with the understandable keypad.

The doors of all these kitchen appliances can open and close. The children have the opportunity to store some play products inside.

In addition to it, the toy set has the paper towel and the dish towel bar. Different handles are available too. The granite countertop is white and black. It makes the kitchen more attractive.

What We Like

Doubtless, it is one of the best toy kitchens ever as it has a lot of features and provides the captivating playing process!


  • The removable sink for washing
  • All doors of the kitchen appliances can open and close
  • The chalkboard for making the necessary and valuable cooking notes

  • There are no accessories such as cutlery, dishes, play food, etc.

Does it make any sounds?
No, it does not. The kitchen is not electronic.

Are there the shelves in the fridge?
Yes, there is one shelf inside.

FUNERICA Cutting Play Fruit Toys Set

FUNERICA Cutting Play Fruit Toys Set

Age: 3 years and up.

There is no doubt that your 5 year old kid will be fond of this bright and attractive set of toys. It draws everybody’s attention and can be the best playing set in the list of other toy sets!

It is a mini kitchen for little children. It is the truth that the owners of this cool toy desire to become the professional cooks in the future or just want to play with extremely colorful and bright set accessories. And this non toxic set guarantees the play full of happiness and different colors!

What is included? There are a lot to see, namely the green grocery basket that is capacious and compact, chef hat to feel like a real chef, cutting board with pretend knife, the little yellow stove top, mini pots (2), toy vegetable food for playing (4), mini plates for serving (2), spice shaker, serving utensils (4).

The colors are different. Red, white, green, yellow, orange, blue! The playing process will not be boring and exhausting.

What We Like

The pretend slicing/chopping will seem like real cooking process. The bright colors add something special to it. Doubtless, the children will be involved I the play for hours!


  • The opportunity to learn how to slice, cook and serve in a playing manner
  • The set material is absolutely safe and washable
  • A great number of kitchen accessories

  • The small part of the set can be easily lost

How many chef hats does the set have?
There is one chef hat.

Does the stovetop make any sounds?
No, it does not. It is not electronic.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Set

Melissa & Doug Wooden Chefs Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

Age: 36 months – 8 years.

Are you looking for a modern wooden kitchen set? Your 4 year old child will be satisfied with this toy as it is extremely interesting and fascinating. In addition to it, the toy kitchen is meant for multi-child play, so your daughter can invite a lot of friends to play!

It is a cool wooden kitchen of pink color for real connoisseurs of cooking art. It includes many appliances that are useful and valuable for every future chef. It is clear that the designer’s idea is worth attention!

So, there are the perfect oven, stove, refrigerator with ice dispenser, microwave. The doors of these appliances can open and close. Plus, there is enough place for storage different things.

The ice dispenser includes two pretend ice cubes. The hooks are movable, the dials turn. There are the grocery list and the towel holder. The kitchen is perfect for play accessories, pretend food, etc.

What We Like

The kitchen set has everything for development the imaginative and cooking skills of your child. The playing process will not be boring as this set is full of different appliances guaranteeing the success and enjoyment.


  • The handle of the sink, the dials of stove and oven can turn
  • The colorful shopping (grocery) list
  • The doors can open and close
  • It comes with clear and simple instructions

  • The play kitchen comes with no accessories

How many shopping lists does it have?
There is only one grocery list.

Does it come with the towel?
No, it does not.

What material is it made of?
It is made of pressed board and plastic.

KidKraft Grand Gourmet Modern Corner Kitchen

KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

Age: 36 months – 12 years.

If your little daughter desires to have the small toy kitchen, here is the best choice. This toy will be a cool present for girl. The pink kitchen is cute and meant for the multiple-child play. So, the playing process will never become boring.

What does it include? There are a lot of toy appliances, namely the refrigerator and freezer, oven and microwave. The dishwasher is included too. The doors of all these appliances can open and close.

What is more, there is the removable plastic sink. The adult can take the sink, quickly and easily clean it in case of any dirt, and put it back. The cloth curtains are behind the sink.

In addition, the toy comes with 4 accessories. The pot, pan, and two spatulas are included. Such playsets as this one guarantee the real success!

With this cute kitchen, the children can reach the top of their cooking career. The process of making something delicious will not become boring. There is no doubt!

What We Like

The girls can spend time together and cook the fantastic dinner for their parents. Children will play with pleasure and satisfaction.


  • The toy kitchen comes with simple and clear instructions
  • The chalkboard for making the notes is available
  • There are 4 accessories for cooking
  • The sink is removable and can be cleaned
  • The doors of appliances open and close

  • A small number of accessories

Is it appropriate for 1 year old child?
Unfortunately, it will be big for 1 year old child.

Can I push the microwave buttons?
No, you cannot. They are stickers.

Hape Small Wood Set: Safe Non-Toxic Product

Hape Gourmet Kitchen Kids Wooden Play Kitchen

Age: 36 months – 5 years.

Here is the small play kitchen in white for boy and for any girl. This wooden childrens toy kitchen is meant for the best play ever. Are you ready to cook?

So, this pretty small wood set is cute and compact. It is created for multiple-child play. The children have the opportunity to spend the gorgeous and funny time together.

The cooking process becomes easier during playing with this toy set because there is nothing difficult to use the toy kitchen. With the pretend kitchen appliances, every child will feel like a real cook.

There is the stove with the big red knobs. What is more, the free space for careful storage is here too. The doors of this storage compartment can open and close.

In the little sink, the boys and girls will wash some fruits and vegetables. What is more, they have the opportunity to put something on the shelf. The self is located above the plastic sink.

What We Like

We are fans of this compact and small toy kitchen as it develops the role play skills of every child. In addition, the children will imagine the cooking process developing their imaginative skills too.


  • Although the toy kitchen is small, it is pretty capacious
  • The big red knobs provide the realistic stove usage
  • Enough place for storage
  • It is a non toxic kitchen made of absolutely safe materials
  • The development of role play and imaginative skills

  • The kitchen doesn’t come with accessories

Is the plastic sink removable?
Yes, it is.

Are the kitchen accessories included?
No, they are not.

KidKraft Classic Toddler Kitchenette – Pink Playset

KidKraft Classic Kitchenette

Age: 36 months – 8 years.

Let us introduce a cool toddler kitchenette that has a lot of positive reviews and is popular among babies and their older friends. This pink small kitchen is rated as a good present for future professional cooks!

What does this cute present include? There is a lot to see. The kitchen has the stove with two knobs that can turn and click. The cooking process becomes more interesting and realistic with help of these knobs.

What is more, there is the removable sink. In case of any dirt, 3 year old child can easily and quickly wash it. As a result, the sink is clean! The towel handle is located next to the sink.

In addition, there is enough place for storage different accessories, play food, cutlery, dishes, etc. The kitchen seems to be very small but factually it is pretty capacious.

Such baby realistic kitchens are popular and attractive because they keep children busy for hours! The spare time full of entertainment and enjoyment is guaranteed.

What We Like

We are sure that this kitchen can be very useful as it develops the children’s imaginative skills. Plus, it is pretty cheap, comfortable and stylish.


  • The kitchen is small and capacious (it doesn’t take a lot of space)
  • The sick is removable and can be easily cleaned
  • Enough place for storage different things
  • The knobs that can turn and click
  • The development of imaginative skills

  • The accessories are not included

Is assembly required?
Yes, it is. But it doesn’t take a lot of time.

Does the kitchen come with any accessories?
No, it does not.

WolVol 2-in-1 Mini Cooking Set with Sounds

WolVol 2-in-1 Kids Kitchen Cooking Set Toy with Lights and Sounds

Age: 3 years and up.

Are you looking for good kitchen playsets? Here is one of them. This mini cooking set with sound draws the attention of every baby.

Do not try to make any deals with you future professional cook. The child will spend hours on playing and enjoyment! The time spent on pretend cooking is guaranteed.

What does this play kitchen for toddlers include? First of all, the kitchen has the cute pink stove where the miracle happens. When the little boy or girl turn on the power switch, the gas range lights and sounds. 2 AA batteries are required.

What is more, there is the toy set of dishes including a lot of colorful and bright kitchen accessories, namely the cups, plates, pots, pans, utensils, even vegetables. The delicious lunch will be served in a minute!

What about the main feature of this cute toy kitchen? This compact kitchen set can be converted to a little portable step stool! The child has the opportunity to sit on the stool and relax after a long cooking process.

What We Like

We are fond of this play kitchen as it is compact and can be converted to a step stool. It is bright and attractive. The kids can spend hours on an interesting and captivating play.


  • The compact kitchen turns into the portable seat stool
  • There are many accessories
  • The toy can light and sound
  • It is lightweight and user-friendly

  • The small accessories can be easily lost.


What is the item weight?
The item weight is 1.57 pounds.

What vegetables does it include?
There are the carrot and cabbage.