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Monster High Isi Dawndancer Doll: Popular Model


Let us introduce a Monster High Doll. She is from the world of monsters but looks like a cute dear. Wearing the attractive and unique outfit, the doll can draw the attention of every little girl. The bendable parts of the body help her dance a lot and be the best toy ever!

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Bonita Femur Doll


Her name is Bonita Femur Doll and she is a hybrid of a skeleton and a moth. Her mysterious dress and moth wrings make her special and remarkable. Every girl who owns Bonita can create a lot of interesting hairstyles as the multicolored hair of a doll is long and thick.

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Electrified Clawdeen Wolf Doll: Old Monster High


This Wolf Doll is a monster lady that attracts the little girls and makes them play all days and nights. Her appearance is fascinating and beautiful, the hair is colorful and soft, the outfit is bright and astonishing! There are six accessories for a hairstyle of dreams!

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Monster High Isi Dawndancer Doll

Monster High Brand-Boo Students Isi Dawndancer Doll

Let us introduce a cool monster doll that will become the best toy for your child. It is a Monster High Isi Dawndancer Doll – the purple haired gorgeous toy that looks like a cute and beautiful deer!

This toy is meant to be the special doll among usual and typical ones. The toy has an extremely interesting outfit. She is dressed in the special clothing with bright ornament. The blouse and tight pants draw everybody’s attention.

In addition to it, there are a lot of awesome accessories, namely the headband with antlers, the interestingly designed blue bag, the colorful bracelets and necklace, the attractive platform shoes. The passport, brush, diary and doll stand are included too.

What We Like

It is a pretty popular model. The toy looks unusually that is why the play with this unique monster doll will turn into the pleasure!


  • The design of a doll is breathtaking as there are a lot of astonishing outfit details and accessories
  • The purple hair is thick and long, so the owner of a doll has the opportunity to make different hairstyles
  • With doll stand, you can fixate the toy and admire it
  • The development of imaginative skills

  • The small accessories can be easily lost

Are the antlers removable?
Yes, they are.

Do the shoes come off?
Yes, they do.

It is a dear doll. Does she have any tail like the animal has?
Unfortunately, the doll comes with no tail.

Can I put different shoes on?
Yes, you can.

Monster High Bonita Femur Doll

Monster High Freaky Fusion Bonita Femur Doll

It is a scary but pretty cute monster Bonita Femur. This doll is known among kids as she can be found on the top of Monster High collection. The pink skin complexion and bright makeup make her remarkable!

Monika is a beautiful moth. The doll has the wings as pretty as a picture. They are of pink and black colors. What is more, the short dress with netting elements and yellow shoes suit the monster perfectly.

The toy hair is extremely long and thick. The black, pink and white colors make it more fascinating and attractive. The girl who owns the doll is able to make different kinds of hairstyles. Isn’t it cool?

By the way, the doll comes with a hairbrush and dairy.

What We Like

Monica can be found among top-rated monsters high dolls. She has the attractive appearance although she is a monster. Every girl will be involved in the long-playing process with this doll.


  • The design of a doll is extremely attractive
  • The opportunity to experiment with the variety of hairstyles
  • The clothes are removable
  • Imaginative skills development

  • The doll doesn’t come with a stand for fixating it

Does she come with a stand?
No, she doesn’t. But she can stand with help of wings.

Can I change her outfit?
Yes, you can. You are able to take the dress and shoes off.

Is she a moth?
She is a hybrid of a moth and skeleton.

Are the wings detachable?
Yes, they are.

Electrified Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Monster High Electrified Monstrous Hair Ghouls Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Are you in search of old Monster High dolls? Clawdeen Wolf is one of them! This electrified doll enjoys high rate of popularity among little girls with no doubt.

Clawdeen Wolf is known to be one of the prettiest toys of Monster High release. She has the long hair that is extremely thick and attractive. The hair colors are different and make the appearance of doll remarkable.

What is more, the doll is wearing the fitting dress with interesting print, colors and netting elements. The pink shoes with high heels match the entire outfit. In general, the doll looks like a beautiful monster lady!

Clawdeen Wolf comes with a lot of fascinating accessories. There are the hair clip, two hair extensions, headband, twist with a wolf on the top, and studded comb. Obviously, these accessories will add something special to the hairdos of a doll!

What We Like

Such electrified dolls as this one are worth child’s attention. Clawdeen Wolf is an attractive monster doll. Her owners have the opportunity to experiment with her entire look.


  • The opportunity to make a lot of interestingly designed hairstyles
  • The clothes are changeable
  • The great number of different accessories

  • The accessories are small, so they can be easily lost

How many hair accessories does she have?
There are 6 hair accessories.

Does she come with a handbag?
No, she doesn’t.

Is there a stand for fixating the doll?
No, the stand isn’t included.

Are the clothes removable?
Yes, they are.

Monster High Draculaura Doll: Released In 2018

Monster High Draculaura Doll

There is no doubt that all Monster High dolls are unique. Recently released, Draculaura is an extremely new and breathtaking doll. Although she is a ghoul, the toy looks cute with the little red heart under the left eye on its face.

This newest Monster High doll has the beautiful appearance. First of all, her pale skin complexion draws attention. The light makeup with dark lipstick looks fascinatingly.

What is more, the model has the dark hair with pink highlights. The curled ponytail and the crown make her hairstyle gorgeous!

The model is wearing the dress with blue stripes and spider print. The blue warmers for legs and pink platform shoes match the interestingly designed dress. In addition to it, there are a lot of different accessories, namely the dark necklace and cobweb bracelets, pink belt and bouquet of roses.

And here is the question: will the upcoming Monster High release be better?

What We Like

This newest and best monster doll is pretty attractive and does not scare at all! She broadens the imaginative horizons and gives the opportunity to spend the spare time with pleasure.


  • The vampire world is open and develops the imaginative skills of the child
  • The toy has a great number of interesting accessories
  • The clothes are perfectly designed and removable

  • Ballerina Draculaura does not come with a stand for fixating it

Are the accessories detachable?
Yes, they are.

Are the elbows and knees bendable?
Yes, they are. The elbows, knees, wrists, and hips are bendable.

Ballerina Ghouls Newest Doll: Great Christmas Gift

Monster High Ballerina Ghouls Draculaura Doll

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift, Draculaura is the best choice. This new Monster High doll will be the favorite one among other toys!

She is a beautiful ballerina with strange skin complexion. The eyes of a doll are green and bright, her lips are purple and neat. A monster high doll has an extraordinary hairdo with light-pink accessory looking like a crown.

Model is wearing a short dress with the variety of colors and prints. What is more, the ballet shoes show that the doll is fond of this kind of art. The masquerade mask of black color demonstrates Monica’s desire to be the fancy-ball dancer!

She is the coolest monster ever! The doll can bend the elbows, knees, hips, and wrists in order to dance and reach the top. That is why such Christmas present will provide the pleasurable playing time to its owner.

What We Like

It is an awesome monster high doll! Monica is a bendable toy. It means that this unusual ballerina is ready to scale new heights of the ballet.


  • The development of imaginative skills with the high monster doll
  • The ballerina has the bendable parts of the body
  • The dress and accessories are removable

  • The model cannot stand on her own.

What material are the accessories made of?
It is the flexible plastic.

Can the doll bend her elbows and knees?
Yes, she can. The hips and wrists are bendable too.

Can I change the dress?
Yes, you can.

Monster High Boo York Luna Mothews

Monster High Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends Luna Mothews Doll

Do you like Monster High series? If you are a fan of them, then let us introduce Luna Mothews that lives in Boo York. It is the city of scary monsters and frightful things.

Luna looks like a gala queen. Her eyes are hazel and bright, the lips are black and sparkling. The Luna’s hair is dark with red highlights. The head of this extraordinary queen is decorated with a gorgeous golden accessory that adds something special to her entire outfit.

The costume of a model is unusual. The monster is wearing the black and red blouse and the tight black pants. What is more, the doll has the grey shoes that fit her perfectly.

The Moster High Luna has the power. She can fly. The fascinating wings that look like a butterfly ones help her with passing the Crystal Comet and reaching Boo York City!

What We Like

Luna is a special doll among all monsters! She is confident and can become the gala queen. We are sure that her flying power will help the doll to be the best in the world of monsters.


  • The monster doll has the extraordinary clothes and accessories
  • The wings are detachable and the clothes are changeable
  • The doll comes with the stand for fixating it

  • The removable headband can be easily lost

Does the doll come with a stand?
Yes, it does.

Can the wings be taken off?
Yes, they are detachable.

Do her knees and elbows bend?
Yes, they do.

Monster High Purple Dress Catty Noir Doll

Monster High Boo York City Schemes Catty Noir Doll

Noir is a pretty doll. She is not a usual representative of Monster High characters. That is true that she is a special character as this doll looks like a real cat!

Yes, she is similar to a cat. But Noir Doll has her uniqueness. She is a lady with long and thick pink hair that draws the attention of every girl! Her skin complexion is black, the eyelashes are gorgeous and little nose looks like a catty one.

Nora is wearing the purple and silver dress with graphic patterns. The headband resembling the cats’ ears, blue shoes with high heels, the handbag of the same color make her a real monster lady. What is more, Nora has the silver shoulders and corset, the catty tail and claws.

What We Like

This Monster High doll is beautiful and remarkable. Her appearance is special and worth everybody’s attention. The playing process will be pleasurable and interesting.


  • The model comes with the stand for fixating it
  • With the long hair, the owner of a toy can experiment with different hairdos
  • There are a lot of accessories that complete the entire outfit
  • The development of imaginative skills of a child in the world of monsters

  • The small accessories can be easily and quickly lost

Does Nora come with a stand?
Yes, she does.

What accessories does she have?
The doll comes with the headband, handbag and high heels. They are blue colored.

Is the catty tail detachable?
Yes, it is.

Monster High Cool Nefera de Nile

Monster High Boo York City Schemes Nefera de Nile Doll

Her name is Nefera de Nile and she is one of the best Monster High dolls! Nefera lives in the world of monsters and her face is recognizable among many other different faces.

She has a piercing glance. Her eyes are purple colored and confident. Her turquoise-colored lips are gleaming and glistening. What is more, the doll has a rhomb-shaped mark under her left eye that matches her entire makeup and outfit.

Nefera is dressed in an interestingly designed dress of different colors and patterns. In addition to it, the monster doll has the beautiful shoes, legs warmers, golden accessories, namely handbag, necklace, earrings and stylish head decoration looking like a helmet.

This cool Nefera de Nile comes with a rarest Scarab Beetle Azura, the own diary, brash for her gorgeous hair and other accessories. The doll stand is included too.

What We Like

We are the fans of this breathtaking doll as she is very stylish and untypical. She has all the changes to turn the child’s play into the pleasure.


  • The toy comes with the stand for fixating it
  • The Nefera’s outfit is unique and attractive
  • She has beautiful hair and a great number of astonishing accessories
  • The clothes and accessories are removable

  • The small part of Nefera’s outfit can be easily and quickly lostt

Does her head accessory come off?
Yes, you can take it off.

Does the toy come in the original packaging?
Yes, it does.

Are the stand and diary included?
Yes, they are.

Fright Away Transforming: Pretty Frankie Stein Doll

Monster High Dance The Fright Away Transforming Frankie Stein Doll

If you are in search of good monsterhigh dolls with popular names, here is Frankie Stein doll. This monster toy can become interesting both for girls and boys as she is well designed and transforming. The low price makes this toy available for every connoisseur of Monster High art.

The toy has a beautiful and strange appearance. Her cute face with red lips and big eyes has a gleaming lightning under the left eye and the scar under the right one. The hair of Frankie Stein is black and white. It is decorated with an accessory looking like an iron bow.

The dress is attractive too. It is dark colored and has the gleaming technical details print. The pretended iron shoes and neon gloves add something special to her look.

Frankie Stein doll is ready to visit the fancy ball. She has three different masquerade masks and astonishing earrings. The highs of pleasure and enjoyment are guaranteed!

What We Like

You can buy this extremely interesting and fascinating Monster High doll at a low price. What is more, the toy is stylish, transforming and attracts the attention of every girl and boy.


  • The long colorful hair and beautiful outfit make her remarkable
  • The accessories give her opportunity to join the fancy ball
  • The development of imaginative skills

  • The stand isn’t included

How many masquerade masks does she have?
There are 3 masks.

Are her accessories removable?
Yes, they are.

Can I take the dress and accessories off?
Yes, you can.

Mattel DTR22 Like Monster High Moanica D’Kay

Mattel DTR22 Whelcome to Monster High Moanica DKay Doll

Her name is Moanica D’Kay and she is one of the most popular dolls created by Mattel. This Monster High doll is not a ghost or vampire. She is a zombie daughter. Paradoxically, the zombies can be beautiful too.

She is a zombie lady with grey skin complexion, bright green eyes, and violet gleaming lips. The hair of the doll is thick and long. The girls can make a lot of different and stylish hairdos.

The Monster High doll is wearing the denim pants of black and white colors, the yellow singlet with skeleton print and the denim waistcoat. What is more, Moanica is decorated with bright pink-colored accessories, namely the platform shoes, handbag, belt, bracelet, necklace, and earrings.

The motions of a toy are not limited. The model can move different ways as her wrists, elbows, knees, and hips are bendable. She is an unusual and attractive zombie.

What We Like

There are different types of Monster High dolls of latest releases. The upcoming releases will present attractive dolls too. But this toy is special. It is unique and guarantees the pleasurable playing time full of enjoyment and satisfaction.


  • This zombie doll is pretty cute and does not scare at all
  • The stylish outfit and long violet hair draw everybody’s attention
  • There is a variety of wonderful accessories

  • The removable accessories can be easily and quickly lost.

Does it come with a stand?
No, it doesn’t.

Are the elbows, knees, wrists, and hips bendable?
Yes, they are.