10 Best Minnie Mouse Toys for Toddlers – Reviews

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Kiddieland My First Minnie Ride On Car for Toddlers

Kiddieland My First Minnie Ride On CarFor all Disney fans out there, this top-rated Minnie Mouse toy makes one of the best Birthday or Christmas gifts. It is pink, cute, and fun to play with! It makes sounds and even has some learning features. This popular ride-on toy will certainly be a real hit with your baby.



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Minnie Mouse Stuffed Animal: Popular Present for Christmas

Minnie Mouse Stuffed AnimalIf you are looking for good Minnie Mouse gifts for your little one, this stuffed toy might be the perfect option. It is soft, cute, and nicely made. Moreover, it serves as a light projector! Use it on your baby’s nightstand and turn the bedtime routine into fun.



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Minnie Bowtique Cash Register: Cool Gift Idea

Minnie Bowtique Cash RegisterThis cool Minnie Mouse cash register makes the best Birthday gift for girls who love the pretend play. With its cute Minnie Mouse phrases and realistic store register sounds, it can guarantee hours of fun. Additionally, this toy features a scanner and a movable cash drawer. All those features turn any shopping roleplay into a real-life experience.



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Kiddieland My First Minnie Ride On Car

Kiddieland My First Minnie Ride On Car

Age: 12 months – 3 years.

Being among the best Minnie Mouse toys for toddlers, this cute car will make your little one very happy. It features a bright and colorful design and comes with a couple of tricks and fun details. This is a ride-on model but it doesn’t have the pedals. This makes this Minnie Mouse toy safe even for smaller kids and younger toddlers.

Without the pedals, they won’t go fast when riding this car. Moreover, they will not hurt their small feet accidentally when pedaling. What makes this model one of the most popular Disney toys is its functionality. It is one of the best musical toys for toddlers you can get for such a price. It makes phone sounds, teaches kids time, makes honking car sounds, and even flashes the signal lights.

Why We Like It

We really appreciate the value for money this Minnie Mouse toy offers. Being aimed at toddlers, this ride on car toy combines a bright design with some fun music and educational properties. To us, that’s a great combo, especially considered how reasonably priced this toy is.


  • Cute and bright design
  • Great value for money
  • Musical functions
  • Safe for younger kids
  • Makes car sounds for a more realistic play

  • Some reviewers note that the car is smaller than it looks in the pictures. This might be a disappointment to some users
  • The stickers start peeling off with time


Will it work well on the carpet?
The wheels are large enough to roll on the carpet, but they might move slower than when used on hard floors.

Is there a storage space under the seat?
Yes, there is. Your baby can keep some toys in there.

Minnie Mouse Stuffed Animal

Minnie Mouse Stuffed Animal

Age: 3 years and up.

If you are in search of the high-quality Minnie Mouse products for your little girl or boy, this particular toy might interest you. Your toddler will definitely appreciate its cute design and plushy feel. What makes this particular toy stand out among other Minnie Mouse items is the way it works. You see, it’s not just a plush toy.

It can also project lights onto your baby’s ceiling. This is a great way to turn your child’s bedtime routine into a fun and exciting part of the day. The DreamLites pillow projects the starry night in three colors: green, blue, and amber. You can also pick a mode, which will make the toy project in all three colors one by one. It features a sleep timer, which will help you put your baby to bed with just one touch of a button.

Why We Like It

We absolutely love the cute design of this toy. It makes the best Minnie Mouse present for Christmas. It is soft, cuddly, and plushy. Moreover, it can turn the room ceiling into a starry sky! This is definitely one of the best gift ideas for 3 year old toddlers.


  • Soft and cute
  • Nicely made
  • Works as a night light projector
  • Features a timer and 4 color modes

  • The pillow is quite small, which might disappoint some users


Is it suitable for a 12 months old infant?
No, unfortunately. This toy has some small detachable parts, which can be a choking hazard.

Does it play music as well?
No, it does not.

Minnie Bowtique Cash Register

Minnie Bowtique Cash Register

Age: 3 years and up.

This cute little cash register is one of the most popular present ideas for toddlers who love Minnie and Mickey. Moreover, this is a rather cheap Minnie Mouse stuff, which means you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your baby a new toy.

This toy cash register does everything a real one does. However, it looks much cuter. It features a movable cash drawer and a scanner.

It also makes realistic cash register sounds and even plays some of Minnie’s famous phrases. Additionally, this cool little register comes with some coins, paper money, and a credit card. It has all the things your little girl might need for her shopping pretend play.

Why We Like It

We really appreciate how affordably priced this toy is. This is one of those gifts, on which you don’t have to spend all your budget. At the same time, it can make your child very happy.

The toy is cute and styled like your baby’s favorite Minnie Mouse things. It’s a great solution for those times when you need to save a buck or two but still want to buy nice presents.


  • Makes cash register sounds
  • Rather cheap
  • Movable cash drawer
  • Features a scanner
  • Comes with batteries
  • Includes a set of play money, coins, and a credit card

  • Might not be big enough for some users
  • Stickers tend to peel off with time


Will this be a good gift for two 4 year old girls?
Yes, absolutely! They can play with the register at the same time.

What kind of batteries does it take?
It requires 2 AA batteries.

Disney My First Musical Learning Book

Disney My First Musical Book

Age: 1 year old and up.

Being among the best Minnie and Mickey Mouse themed learning toys, this cute little book has the potential to become your baby’s favorite. It is suitable for boys and girls and turns the learning process into a fun and exciting pastime.

Featuring 5 colorful pages, it plays sounds and music. Each page teaches babies something new. The book introduces numbers, shapes, colors, and more concepts, which are necessary for 1 year old kids to understand.

The book has 3 large and colorful keys, which makes this infant toy super easy to use. Moreover, the buttons (keys) light up, which brings even more fun to the play. The pages are decorated with pictures of Disney characters. And the ergonomic binding is suited for smaller hands.

Why We Like It

We love the fact that this book is bilingual. Of course, having more language options other than just English and Spanish would be awesome. However, you cannot expect that for such a price. And having a Spanish option is a really great bonus, which we are sure many users will be able to appreciate.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Bright and colorful
  • Large buttons
  • Easy to use
  • Great educational properties
  • Two language options

  • The number of songs and phrases is limited, so this toy might be too simple for older kids
  • Quite small, which might disappoint some users


Does it sing and talk in Minnie’s voice?
Yes, the book makes sounds using Minnie’s voice.

Can it be used with earphones?
No, unfortunately.

Is it suitable for 5 year old kids?
We believe that this particular toy might be too simplistic for a 5 year old.

Delta Children Deluxe Toy Box for Girls

Delta Children Deluxe Toy Box

Age: 3 – 8 years.

Who says storage cannot be fun and stylish? With this sweet Minnie box, your little one will have a nice place to keep their baby toys. It is durable, nicely made, and comes in different designs (including the Mickey Mouse themed option for boys and girls who love Mickey just as much).

This storage box has a very bright and colorful design. It is made of high-quality wood, which promises durability. The lid features the slow-closing design. This means your baby’s little fingers will be safe. Additionally, the box has a scratch-resistant finish, which is also super easy to clean.

It is large enough to accommodate an impressive number of toys. At the same time, this storage box will not take too much space in the room. You don’t have to worry about it looking bulky and awkward in your kid’s bedroom. It will fit into almost any interior just fine.

Why We Like It

We absolutely love the build quality of this storage box. Being made of wood, it feels sturdy and reliable. All of the edges are smooth, so your baby will not get a splinter or hurt his or her fingers.

We are also impressed by the top quality of the finish. It makes the box look shiny and brighter while keeping it protected from scratches and other exterior damage. We are sure that this cute storage box will serve you and your baby for a long time.


  • Spacious, can accommodate many toys and other small items
  • Smooth edges and rounded corners
  • Very nicely made
  • Slow-closing lid, safe for babies
  • High-quality materials and finish
  • Bright and colorful
  • Comes in different design options, including Mickey

  • Quite pricey
  • Not extremely large, which might disappoint some users given its price


How large is this box?
It is 21.5 inches tall and 23.5 inches long.

Does it come assembled?
No, you will need to put it together.

Chair Desk With Storage Bin

Chair Desk

Age: 3 – 6 years.

Ideal for 3 – 6 year olds, this table can become your baby’s special activity spot in the house. Boys and girls can use it to draw, play, do arts and crafts, and even have lunch. It is bright, colorful, and sturdy. This table will serve you and your baby for years, allowing for fun and interesting activities.

Additionally, it works as a storage box. There is some space under the seat, where your child can keep some small toys and other precious possessions. The table section features a cup holder, which is ideal for pencils or brushes.

The chair desk is made of wood. It is rather sturdy but has a weight limit of 50 pounds. The seat is placed closer to the ground, which provides an easy access even for smaller kids.

Why We Like It

We are the huge fans of this table’s design. It is large and very sturdy. It can easily support and accommodate older and taller kids, which mean your baby will use the table for years. The finish protects the bright images and makes this desk super easy to clean.

All you have to do is wipe it with a cloth. We also appreciate the storage compartment, where your kid can keep some of the toys. This is a very well-thought-out design. We are sure many kids and parents will love it!


  • Sturdy and nicely made
  • Bright and colorful design
  • Great desk + chair + storage box combo
  • Large and suitable for older and taller children
  • Comes in different design options
  • Includes a cup holder
  • Great value for money

  • Might be challenging to assemble
  • The plastic cup holder is a bit flimsy


Is it big enough for a 4 year old?
Yes, definitely.

Does the seat have any sort of cushioning?
No, the seat is a flat wood. However, you can put a pillow on it to make your kid more comfortable.

Minnie Mouse Small Backpack

Minnie Mouse Backpack

Age: 2 – 5 years.

There are many cool gifts for Minnie Mouse fans, and this mini backpack is one of them. Ideal for 2 year old kids (and up), it can become your baby’s favorite new accessory. It is bright, colorful, and can make any trip or walk even more exciting.

The backpack is made of polyester. It is durable and super easy to clean. Featuring adjustable shoulder straps, it offers a custom and comfortable fit. The backpack has a large zipped compartment (main) and an additional (smaller) one. There are also two small pockets at the sides for some bits and bobs.

Why We Like It

We are impressed by the price and quality combo this backpack offers. While being relatively cheap, it is nicely made and feels rather sturdy and durable. It is ideal for an everyday use and can withstand rough weather and frequent wear. We are sure many parents will appreciate that.


  • Nicely made and durable
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Two compartments, plus two additional pockets
  • Different designs available (including personalized ones)
  • Good value for money

  • Might be too small for taller kids
  • The ears might start to droop over with time


Will this be a nice gift for 3 year old kids?
Yes, absolutely. This backpack comes in other designs as well, in case you need gifts for both a boy and a girl.

How big is this backpack?
It is 12 inches tall.

Will a lunchbox fit in it?
Yes, but only a small one.

Mix and Match Dress-Up Wooden Play Set

Mix and Match Dress-Up Play Set

Age: 3 years and up.

This super affordable kit, while being very simplistic and easy to use, belongs to the most popular kids’ Minnie Mouse themed products. Its concept is easy to comprehend even for smaller users. Moreover, it encourages an early learning and promotes children’s hands-on play.

The kit includes 18 mix-and-match pieces. Your baby can pick a new outfit for Minnie every day. There are different skirts, tops, and accessories, which allow for numerous unique combinations.

The set comes in a handy wooden box. It has compartments, which allow for an easy storage. Even though this kit might seem too simplistic to some, it is very fun to play with thanks to its colorful design and numerous possible combinations.

Why We Like It

We really appreciate the simplistic yet fun concept of this toy. 3 year old girls love this stuff: changing the outfits and coming up with new combinations. Moreover, such games promote creativity is small children.


  • Bright and cheerful design
  • Countless possible combinations
  • Comes in a handy wooden box
  • Compartments for an easy storage
  • Encourages creativity
  • Easy to understand and to play with
  • Super cheap

  • The toy is quite small, which may be a disappointment for some users


Will this be a nice gift for a 2 year old?
Yes, we believe so. However, your kid might need some help in the process.

How many pieces are there in the set?
There are 18 interchangeable pieces overall.

Minnie Mouse Small Bath Squirt Toys for Baby

Minnie Mouse Small Bath Squirt Toys

Age: 18 month old and up.

To turn the bath time into a really fun and exciting occasion, you need a little help. And this set of cute rubber toys might just do the tricks. Featuring three different figures, it is ideal for playing in the bath. The toys are soft and squishy. Moreover, they can squirt water, which adds even more fun!

Each pack includes three different figures. The Minnie Mouse design is, of course, among the most popular choices for young users. The pack includes a Minnie figure, a cute sand castle, and a multi-colored beach ball.

The colorful design is great for promoting color recognition skills in young children. At the same time, the figured are small and squishy, what makes them perfect for small hands to grab. This helps with fostering children’s motor skills.

Why We Like It

We are impressed by these bath toys’ durability. While being squishy and pleasant to the touch, they are rather sturdy. We are sure that these toys can withstand hours of play in the water. They will certainly serve your baby for a long time.


  • Cute and colorful design
  • Perfectly sized for smaller hands
  • Very durable
  • Squirt water, which makes them even more fun to play with
  • Affordable

  • Because each toy has an opening for the water to get it, it might develop mold over time. However, this can be prevented if you rinse each toy thoroughly after each use


Is this a good toy set for a 6 month old?
Sure, but you might have to show them how the figures work and help them squeeze the toys.

Are these toys BPA-free?
Yes, they are.

Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade

Mickey & Minnie Parade

Age: 2 – 5 years old.

We all know that LEGO promotes thinking and creativity skills. Well, this item can also serve as a cool educational toy set. Featuring a Minnie style, it gives kids a chance to enjoy playing with their favorite characters and to build something fun with their own hands.

The Birthday Train set comes with many fun parts and details. It includes your kid’s favorite Disney characters (Mickey and Minnie), a buildable Birthday cake, a candle, some cute balloons, a train, and gift-themed building bricks. Additionally, all of the toy parts are compatible with other LEGO Duplo sets, which offers children even more creative space.

Why We Like It

We really love the quality of this set. LEGO is famous for their toys and how well-made they are. And this Disney set is not an exception. All of the parts feel sturdy and durable. We are sure that this LEGO kit will serve your child for years to come.


  • Durable and nicely made
  • Bright and colorful design
  • Compatible with other LEGO Duplo sets
  • Includes two Disney figures

  • The number of parts might seem to be too small to some users for such a price


Will this toy be suitable for a one year old?
We believe that this particular set might be too complex for a one year old child.

Are the pictures on the blocks painted or just stickers?
The images are printed on the blocks. There are no stickers.