3 Best-Rated Make Up Sets for Kids & Toddlers In 2018

Updated: 12 September 2018

Gone are the days when a baby girl would ask for a doll or a video game as a birthday gift. Makeup sets are one of the gifts every kid desire to bring out their gorgeous smiles during their birthdays.

A considerate parent should such for makeups that cannot affect their baby’s skin or bring allergies of any kind to the baby. That is why we provide you with a review of the best makeup sets for kids.

Glamour Girl Pretend Play Make up Kit

It is one of the “pretend” makeups meant for the only three-year-old kid and above due to its chocking hazard effect. It is also top-rated kids makeup kit on market.

It’s very easy to use as it is made of BPA free plastic and comes in 13 peaces, a cosmetic bag with zipper, a sparkly lip gloss, foundation with mirror, plush applicator, bronzer and blush combo, eye-shadow, brush set, lipstick, two nail polishes, and lip gloss with its applicator.


  • The products are all made of BPA free plastic.
  • It is a “pretend” makeup, does not have an effect on the kid’s skin.
  • Easily washable. You can use plain water to clean it off.
  • Transport portable. Comes in its cosmetic bag.


  • It is expensive compared to other products.
  • Meant for kids 3 years and above of age.

Kids Safe Washable Makeup Set w/a Glitter Cosmetic Bag

As its name suggests, it is washable and its pack comes in a glitter cosmetic bag. It is a good play makeup that comes at a cheaper price compared to glamour girl kit.

It is one of the kits that your child will enjoy having especially for play-dates and birthday parties. Unlike glamour girl, most of its pieces come in pair apart from the blush powder and eyeshadow powder.


  • Saves budget as its pieces comes in pair.
  • It is also tested and found to be nontoxic, hence safe for your kid.
  • It is also transported portable. It’s glitter cosmetic bag hold all the pairs in one place.
  • Its price is fair, less than 15 dollars hence any parent can buy.


  • It’s not fit for kids who are used to real makeups, as they won’t possess the look they are used to.
  • It is not a pretend makeup, it is a real makeup and kids should not be exposed to real makeup at a tender age.

My first Real Makeup Palette: Non Toxic Set For Child

It is one of the cheapest real makeup that you kid should begin with to advance to the normal makeups. It is also high-quality makeup sets which brings that princess outlook for your kid.

Some of the products packed together include 2 blush applicators and eyeshadows, 6 lip glosses that are smooth and bright, 8 eyeshadow/lip glosses that are glittery, and 4 blushes.


  • It is tested to be non-toxic hence safe for your kid’s skin.
  • It is less costly compared to the other two products.
  • It also saves on a budget as they come in good numbers.
  • It is also a high quality set as it’s the first real makeup palette.


  • May cause irritation due to peoples body with different chemistry.
  • It’s for external use only, which means you should take care while applying closer to your eyes or you could create problems for your sight.


From the descriptions above, giving your child that princess outlook is not a hard thing to conclude. But, before any purchase, please read the ingredients used in it before purchasing.

The above products reviewed are just some of the top-rated makeups in the industry. You can find more details from the customer’s reviews which are positive and encouraging.