10 Best-Rated Make Up Sets for Kids & Toddlers In 2018

Our Top 3 Picks

Glamour Girl Pretend Play Make up Kit

Glamour-Girl-Pretend-Play-Make-up-KitThe Glamour Girl pretend kit is among the best makeup gifts for 3 year olds. If your daughter likes to play make-believe and wants to look like mom, she will fall in love with this toy. It’s completely safe and looks incredibly realistic!

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Kids Safe Washable Makeup Set w/a Glitter Cosmetic Bag

Kids-Washable-Makeup-Set-With-A-Glitter-Cosmetic-BagThis makeup set will be the perfect Birthday present for any girl who cares about her looks. It’s applicable, can be easily washed, and is a ton of fun to mess around with. The set is the best way to introduce your daughter to the world of beauty.

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My First Real Makeup Palette: Non Toxic Set for Child

My-First-Makeup-Set-Girls-Makeup-KitThe My First Real Makeup Palette is the dream of any child who wants to imitate her mom and look exactly like her. It offers an impressive color palette that will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding little princesses. Moreover, applying the makeup is simple and removing it is even easier.

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Top-Rated Children’s Makeup Kits

Make it Up Glamour Girl Pretend Play Make up Kit

Glamour Girl Pretend Play Make up Kit

Age: 3+.

The Glamour Girl makeup set is a fantastic present for young girls who can’t wait to look as beautiful as their moms do. It includes over a dozen pieces and looks surprisingly realistic. The kit comes with eye-shadows, blush compacts, lip gloss, nail polish bottles, and brushes.

The set also includes a compact mirror. It’s real and helps add another level of immersion to your girl’s games. The provided brushes are of very high quality. They are very soft, and the child will adore brushing her face with them.

Now, all the tools included in the kit are fake and perfectly suited for toddlers. Moreover, they are made of foam that is tightly glued to the compartments. Your child doesn’t risk eating something she isn’t supposed to.

This girl toy make up set is also quite small. It can easily be brought with your daughter to the park or to a party. This set can provide hours of enjoyment for a toddler.

Why We Like It

The Glamour Girl is perfect if you’re searching for good play makeup for toddlers. This kit has greatly impressed us with how true-to-life it looks. It has real brushes, high-quality cases, and includes over ten pieces. Since it’s a pretend set, there’s no way your child can dirty her clothes or the furniture.


  • 100% mess free
  • Compact and easy to take with your child anywhere
  • Can provide hours of enjoyment
  • The set looks very realistic

  • The mirror might be a danger for a 2 year olds left without supervision
  • The items seem to be a bit too fragile


Are the eyeshadows real?
They look and feel real but they aren’t which is perfect for a toddler.

Can my 4 year-old girl apply it to her skin?
No, this kit isn’t applicable.

IQ Toys Kids Washable Makeup Set With A Glitter Cosmetic Bag

Kids Washable Makeup Set With A Glitter Cosmetic Bag

Age: 5+.

The Kids Safe Washable Makeup Set is a fantastic multi-purpose toy for 8 year olds. It contains fifteen different items.

The kit comes with four blush powders, a pair of lip gloss sticks, three eyeshadow colors, lipsticks, and nail polishes. Such variety enables the kid to get a complete makeover. She will adore having the opportunity to look like her mom.

Using the set is very simple even for 6 years old children. Moreover, the makeup isn’t as long-lasting as the real stuff and is easier to remove. There really is no better way for a beginning beauty queen to learn how to use items like lipstick and blushes.

Another cool feature of this product is the included glitter-covered bag. It allows the child to take the set anywhere she goes and shares it with other children.

Why We Like It

We were greatly impressed by how much fun this kit offers little girls. It can be enjoyed by several children simultaneously. You can give it as a Birthday present for your child, and she will spend the entire day with her friends applying and removing the makeup!


  • Has a large number of items
  • Great for parties and sleepovers
  • The makeup can be applied and removed
  • Comes in a trendy bag for portability
  • The offered colors are eye-pleasing and vibrant

  • The nail polish is a bit hard to wash off
  • It can be difficult for a 5 year olds to open the containers


Is it easy to remove the makeup?
Yes, it can be done much easier than with real, adult kits.

Can you actually see the makeup on the face?
Yes, it actually works, and the colors are quite bright.

Is the makeup safe for my child?
Yes, it’s been thoroughly tested and is 100% non-toxic.

My First Real Makeup Palette

My First Makeup Set Girls Makeup Kit

Age: 5+.

This top-rated kids makeup kit will make any 12 years old girl scream with joy because of how awesome it is. It contains dozens of pieces all packed in a trendy, pink box. Moreover, the case is compact and is great for taking to parties and sleepovers.

The set offers your girl eight eye-shadow hues, six shiny lip glosses, and four containers with blushes Moreover, it has four applicators, so that you don’t have to purchase separate ones. The included mirror is also a nice addition. It allows your girl to check how good she looks.

We should also mention that this makeup palette is completely safe for kids. It’s made of non-toxic materials and won’t irritate the kid’s skin.

Why We Like It

This product is highly recommended for parents who are looking for their children’s first cosmetics. The best feature of this package is definitely the number and quality of the offered hues. They will allow your child to customize her appearance fully and feel like a true beauty queen.


  • The mirror is protected from being scratched or damaging your child
  • Offers a quite broad color palette for a toy set
  • Completely safe for the children’s skin
  • The box looks really pretty and eye-catching
  • Compact size offers terrific portability

  • The glitter eyeshadow is a bit too heavy for a little girl’s eyes
  • The small brushes can be easily misplaced by a toddler


Is this set suitable for an 11 year old?
An older child will probably find this toy too boring.

Is the mirror included in the set real?
Yes, it’s a regular small mirror but with an extra layer of protection.

What should my girl use to wash off the makeup?
This hypoallergenic make up can be easily removed with water and facial soap.

Click N’ Play Cute Kid Friendly Cosmetic

Click N Play Pretend Play Cosmetic and Makeup Set

Age: 3+.

The Click N’ Play toy set is among the best safe kids beauty sets available today. It allows your child to play with stuff like eye-shadows, blushes, and applicators, without actually using them. In addition to the already mentioned pieces, this kit also comes with a mirror, lip gloss, and a storage unit. The fact that this is a pretend playset is very useful for kids. It prevents them from using real makeup and damaging their eyes or skin.

The pieces inside the compacts are made of foam, while the applicators are 100% real and of high-quality. They are soft, durable, and pleasant to the touch. Together with the stylish containers, they make the set feel real. Your child will feel exactly like her mother, while also developing her hand-eye coordination.

Why We Like It

The Click N’ Play cosmetic set is ideally suited for parents who are searching for kid friendly make ups for and want to avoid dealing with the mess usually associated with them. This item is safe for the child’s health, has a luxury look, and includes a satisfying number of pieces.


  • Offers your child all of the fun and none of the mess
  • The set includes several applicators
  • All the pieces are of high-quality and look high-end
  • The makeup can be stored and transported with a convenience
  • Encourages motor skill development in 3 year olds

  • The compacts are rather hard to open
  • The storage unit isn’t very durable


Where is this product manufactured?
The Click N’ Play set is manufactured in China but has passed all the necessary testing.

What is used for storing the makeup?
These sets come with beautiful floral bags that close with a zipper.

Does the makeup contain BPA?
No, all the items are completely BPA-free.

Young Girls Natural Makeup Kit by Kooalo

Young Girls Makeup Kit - All Natural

Age: 3+.

The Young Girls Natural Makeup set is among the best gifts for 10 year olds. The package employs a beautiful polka dot design that already makes it look like a present. Moreover, all the included items have very vibrant colors that will dazzle the imagination of a toddler.

The kit includes several eye-shadows, lip gloss, cheek blushes, and lipsticks. Besides, the set also comes with all the necessary brushes and applicators. This all-in-one kit represents everything a young beauty diva needs to wow her friends.

We should also mention the sustainability of this item. Even though it’s easy to remove, the makeup is quite durable and can last for a long time. Moreover, all the pieces are 100% natural and are made of minerals instead of the more popular dye variant that is created from chemicals.

Why We Like It

This Kooalo set has impressed us with how safe it is. All the components are made exclusively of natural elements. There are zero risks for kids to poison themselves or irritate her facial skin. This is essential when you’re purchasing a gift for such a young child.


  • Includes everything your child needs for a complete makeover
  • The colors are bright and crisp
  • The hues are made exclusively of organic ingredients
  • Comes in a beautiful polka dot package
  • Perfect for costume parties and carnivals

  • The q-tip applicator isn’t very comfortable
  • Some containers are a bit too loose and can lose a bit of powder when transported


Will this makeup last for the duration of a school play?
Yes, it’s quite durable and should stay on for several hours.

What is the best way to remove the makeup?
The easiest way is to simply apply some soap and water.

Is this set manufactured in China?
No, it’s made in Texas, USA.

Litti Pritti Realistic Toys Makeup Set for Girls

Litti Pritti Pretend makeup for girls - 11 Piece Play makeup set

Age: 3+.

The Litti Pritti makeup set is the perfect toy for children who care about their beauty and are into fashion. It’s completely safe for a little kid and offers an immersive make-believe experience.

This set comes with a mirror, blushes, eye-shadows, nail polish, gloss, and a cup of shiny glitter. All the items are of high-quality and look very lifelike. Moreover, the contained lipstick even behaves like a real stick and can be rolled in and out.

The best part about the Litti Pritti set is that it satisfies the imagination of the kid, while not putting her health or furniture at risk. Since it’s a pretend toy, everything will stay clean. After all, the primary goal of this item is to make your daughter feel like a princess, not cover her face with actual makeup.

Why We Like It

This item has impressed us with the role-playing freedom it offers a 4 year old girl. Just because she’s too young to use real makeup, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t enjoy the thrill of working on her beauty just like her mother does. The number of pieces included in the set and their quality fully supports playing out such a scenario.


  • Offers a broad range of items to play with
  • The included brushes are of high-quality
  • Perfect for a clean, make-believe play session
  • The items look classy and realistic
  • The included lipstick acts like a real one

  • The heart-shaped sponge isn’t very durable
  • The included mirror is a bit dangerous for a toddler


Has this set been tested?
Yes, the Litti Pritti kit meets and surpasses all the demands presented by ASTM and CPSIA.

How many pieces are included in the package?
The set comes with a total of eleven items.

What is the storage bag made of?
It’s made of high-quality PU leather.

Luna Star Naturals Organic Kit: Perfect for Tweens

Luna Star Naturals Klee Girls 4-Piece Kit

Age: 3+.

The Luna Star organic makeup set is the ideal gift for 7 year olds. Your daughter will greatly appreciate the ability to look beautiful and stylish with minimal effort.

The set includes a total of four different elements: eye-shadows, nail polish, and body and lip shimmers. It’s a basic collection that covers all the essential needs of a young lady.

The offered color palette is classy and especially suits children with a medium skin tone. The contained hues are perfect for wearing in public unlike the more “wild” colors offered in other similar sets.

We should also mention that all the pieces included in the set are 100% organic. There’s no chance your girl will damage her skin with chemicals. Another benefit of such a kit is that it’s easier to wash off than regular adult make up.

Why We Like It

The Luna Star is among the best makeup sets for kids. It’s especially great for tweens since it doesn’t use very vibrant colors that would get too much attention on the street. The offered makeup is also quite durable and perfectly suits medium and light skin tones.


  • Offers great value for its price
  • Made of 100% natural materials
  • Contains a basic color palette suitable for everyday occasions
  • The hues offer a perfect balance between being vibrant and subtle
  • Items are small enough to be carried in a backpack or purse

  • Smaller kids can create a bit of a mess with this kit
  • The number of included pieces could have been bigger


What is the makeup made of?
It’s made of minerals and other organic elements.

Where is this kit manufactured?
The Luna Star natural make up set is made in the United States.

How big is the makeup box?
The package has the following dimensions: 6 x 6 x 2 inches.

Little Cosmetics Fake Beauty Set

Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Signature Set

Age: 3+.

The Little Cosmetics fake make up kit is made by one of the most trusted brands and has received dozens of positive customer reviews. It’s praised both for the quality of the included pieces and their safety for the child’s health.

This set is perfect for a little girl’s make-believe games. The pieces offered in the package look exactly like her mom’s. Even an adult won’t be able to tell the difference between the toy and the real thing at first glance.

This kit contains a sturdy mirror, a glitter cup, blush powder, eye-shadows and some lip gloss. All these items are stored in a trendy bag. It’s perfect for taking on walks around the neighborhood or to the park.

The makeup inside the compacts is mostly made of foam. It’s tightly placed, and your baby has no chance of eating it. Moreover, this toy is completely clean. It won’t allow the girl to create a mess in your home if you leave her alone for a minute.

Why We Like It

The Little Cosmetics is among the top rated cute pretend makeup kits on the market. If you’re tired of your girl always stealing your lipstick and making a mess of herself and her clothes, then this toy is the answer to your problems. It enables the child to play out her fantasies 100% mess-free.


  • The set encourages imaginative play
  • Includes a broad variety of pieces
  • The items look very realistic
  • The compacts are easy to open and close even for a 3 year old

  • Initially, there’s a minor chemical odor coming from the compacts
  • The brushes aren’t very durable


What are the makeup pieces made of?
They are made of high-quality foam that is tightly glued to the compacts.

Are the included brushes actual brushes or fake ones?
They are real brushes with synthetic bristles.

Pinkleaf Eyes Nails & Lip Beauty Box for Little Kids & Toddlers

Pinkleaf Eyes Nails & Lip Beauty Kit for Little Girls

Age: 3+.

The Pinkleaf makeup set is one of the most versatile options on the market. The provided 27 different pieces are suitable both for toddlers and tweens. Such a large number of items makes the Pinkleaf ideal for makeup parties.

Your 9 years old daughter will have a great time sharing the set and socializing with her friends. The sheer amount of provided makeup will last your child for months!

Among other pieces, this makeup box includes nail accessories, eye-shadows, glitter, nail polish bottles, lip glosses, and lipstick. The Pinkleaf also offers immense hue palettes. It enables your kid to bring into life her wildest creative ideas.

All the items come in a beautiful storage case. It looks girly in the best sense of this word. Moreover, the box includes three applicators. They fit in the box nicely and relieve your daughter of the necessity to carry spare ones separately.

Why We Like It

The Pinkleaf set is a fantastic real make up for child gift option. It offers a broader variety of items in comparison to other similar sets. Moreover, the makeup is also durable and of high-quality which makes it perfect for special occasions in your girl’s life.


  • The storage box looks very cute and is quite sturdy
  • The set contains a lot of different items
  • The color palette is impressive offering both basic colors and creative ones
  • The makeup is sustainable and doesn’t come off by itself
  • Comes with cool nail accessories

  • The applied makeup is a bit too sticky
  • The box doesn’t always close tightly


How big is the box?
It’s exactly 8 x 5.5 x 5 inches big.

Does the box have extra space for items not included in the kit?
Yes, there’s a bit of free room inside the case.

BR Children’s Cosmetics: 48-Eyeshadow/4-Blush/6-Lip Gloss

BR Makeup Kit Glamur Girl Kit 48 Eyeshadow

Age: 5+.

The BR kit is one of the best choices if you’re looking for cheap high-quality girls makeup sets on the market. It offers a grand total of 58 pieces that cover the entire color spectrum.

Any color your girl may possibly want is offered by this set. Moreover, all the items are packed into a small box that can be taken with the child anywhere.

The BR Children’s Cosmetics kit includes lip gloss, blush, eye-shadows, and other items for a complete makeover. The contained pieces are of very high-quality and highly pigmented. Their qualities allow the makeup to stay on even hours after being applied.

Another cool fact about the BR kit is that it enables your girl to enjoy the benefits of a good makeup set without spending dozens of minutes removing the makeup. In fact, all it takes is a couple of minutes and some water and facial soap to do so.

Why We Like It

We were greatly impressed by how this non toxic makeup set allows a child to express her individuality. The provided variety of colors is enough to create looks that are appropriate both for junior high school and fun costume parties. Moreover, the makeup included in these kits is suitable for 6 year olds and 12 year olds alike.


  • Offers an expansive color palette
  • The provided shades and blush are highly-pigmented
  • Comes in a cute pink storage unit
  • The box is compact and portable

  • The included brushes are of subpar quality
  • Most colors are a bit too “loud” for public use


How big is the item?
The set is stored in a 6 square inch box that can be “unfolded.”

Is it hard to remove the makeup?
No, it’s easily washable.

Are there any brushes included in the box?
Yes, there are two double-sided brushes in the set.