3 Best Magnetic Toys for Kids & Toddlers – Reviews

Updated: 12 September 2018

When buying magnetic toys, you should pay particular attention to the quality of the product as well as the cost. Luckily you will find these toys for under $50.

In the following paragraphs, we have provided a complete review of the best magnetic toys for kids which are environmentally safe, child-friendly and worth every penny.

Picasso Tiles Set: Magnetic Building Blocks

As one of the top-rated magnetic building toys, Picasso Tiles will surely impress you. Winner of the Tillywig toy awards and (Parent Tested/Parent Approved), this option seems the obvious choice for your magnetic toy selection.

Picasso Tiles are seen as a budget version of the well-known product Magnatiles under 50$. However, they appear to still uphold the same versatile and good quality as the more expensive brands.

This option offers a 100-piece set, allowing imagination to run wild with no limitations on the creations that can be made.


  •  The strong material used for the product.
  •  Can be used for play and educational purposes.
  •  Discounted price compared to more well-known brands.
  •  Includes a storage bag for the toys.


  •  The durability of the product appears disputable as it fails to last more than a few months.
  •  Product material could be deemed unsafe due to the plastic casing used to cover the tiles.
  •  Weak magnets on tiles.

IMDEN Magnetic Educational Toys for Baby

 Although smaller in size with only 92 pieces, this IMDEN model provides good magnetic shapes for toddlers, play dates. These blocks are not only ideal for playdates but also for educational purposes as they encourage spatial thinking.

The adaptable quality of IMDEN Magnetic Blocks allows it to be used alongside other magnetic toys such as Picasso and Magformers. The most significant feature offered by the product is arguably the round edge design, with its high-quality ABS plastic structure making this magnetic toy non-toxic and safe.


  •  Alike the Picasso, IMDEN magnetic blocks come with a safe storage bag.
  •  The magnetic blocks are adaptable.
  •  The product uses ABS plastic which is non-toxic and environmentally safe.


  •  There are possible safety concerns due to magnets falling out of the plastic casing.
  •  Unusable parts come with the product such as letter and number tiles.
  •  Only 30-50 magnets come with the original set meaning more magnets have to be purchased.

Mibote Learning Stacking Shapes for Toddlers

 These high-quality magnet blocks produced by the company MIBOTE appear to top the list for best magnetic toys. The product comes with 109+1 pieces including magnetic tiles and basic shapes.

Like the previous two models, MIBOTE magnetic building blocks can be used for both casual and educational purposes. Consequently, one can expect the development of essential skills such as motor and problem-solving.

This product offers several innovative features such as Ultrasonic welding which has been used on the blocks to ensure durability. The product also comes with a reasonable 1-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee from the manufacturer.


  •  Reasonable warranty and buyer protection from the manufacturer.
  •  Made from ABS plastic making it an environmentally friendly product.
  •  The round design ensures safety and prevention of accidents with kid’s hands.


  •  The booklet that comes with the product was not included in some purchases.


We would like to put an end to this review by asserting that magnetic kid’s toys do not have to break the bank. Despite the belief that price equals quality, it is clear that there are reasonably priced products available which have a great element of quality.

Magnetic toy products offer several appealing features and there is surely one that you will find to your liking. The 3 products mentioned above are merely a few of the top-quality products that are available within the toy industry.

Please feel free to go online and check out reviews from other parents of users of these products who will offer their positive views.