10 Best Magnetic Toys for Kids & Toddlers – Reviews

Our top 3 picks

Picasso Tiles Set: Magnetic Building Blocks

Picasso Tiles Set Magnetic Building BlocksThis a golden standard among the magnetic connector toys and they come in various shapes that make stacking together even more fun. It has great potential to become children’s favorite toy.


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Mibote Learning Stacking Shapes for Toddlers

Mibote Learning Stacking Shapes for ToddlersBesides the variety of geometric shapes, this set contains connector pieces and even gears that allows for the creation of truly complex structures, such as Ferris wheel, putting it among the top-rated magnetic building toys. It’s a really cool construction toy set.


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4M Cool Magnet Science Kit for Kids

4M Cool Magnet Science Kit for KidsThis science kit is best suited for 5 year olds and above and is amusing even for adults. As this stacking toy is not only fun but also educational. You have a wonderful opportunity to both play with your children and teach them something new at the same time.


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Top-Rated Magnetic Toys for Children

Picasso Tiles Set

Picasso Tiles Set Magnetic Building Blocks

Age: 3 years old and up.

This set is one of the best magnetic toys for kids that will help your child make first steps into the world of abstract thinking. If your child likes to create, he’ll definitely like this 3-D magnetic building blocks.

This modern toy consists of 100 different pieces. Each one contains multiple magnets inside that make pieces stuck together just by touching each other at any place.

Among them there are big and small rectangles and three kinds of triangles. The total number of shapes available is 5.

All of them can be combined in an infinite number of ways to create any geometrical shape. Unlike the LEGO, this set does not contain small pieces that can be swallowed plus the details are not painful to step at.

This also means that it’s much easier for your children to clean up after they finished playing. The amount of things your child can create and the complexity of them is limited by your child’s imagination only.

Just as with LEGO, several sets can be stuck together to give an even greater freedom of self-expression to your child or daughter.

Why We Like It

High-quality magnet blocks develop different skills and are made of quality materials that’ll not break or bend even under abusive use. This set helps your child develop imagination and coordination skills, logical and spatial thinking.

Durable and non-toxic materials will let your child enjoy building stuff for a very long time. The recommended age for this toy is 3 y.o. and above.


  • No limitations: you can build as high as you desire, parts will still hold neatly
  • Develops creativity
  • Easy to build, easy to put away
  • Coolest magna doodle

  • No special carrying box included to store parts, except for the one that comes with the toy, not that big of a deal, actually


Are the pieces small? There is an 18 month old in the house along with a 4 year old. I’m nervous about the piece size.
The pieces themselves are big. The triangles are kind of small, but I can’t see a kid swallowing them. The magnets inside the pieces are probably the biggest concern, but we’ve never had any of them come apart or break and I don’t think they would ever come apart. Though as magnets itself are small we are kinda forced to set this age restriction.

Mibote Learning Stacking Shapes

Mibote Learning Stacking Shapes for Toddlers

Age: 3 years old and up.

Mibote 109 PCS Magnet Tiles Set is a perfect addition to your magnet tiles collection or one of the best ways to start it. This set includes 55 triangles, 40 rectangles, 4 long triangles and 4 pentagons which will allow for the creation even of the most complex shapes.

All pieces come with a round edge design which ensures that your child can’t be injured while building and are made of non-toxic ABS plastic. This toy develops your child’s creativity and imagination as they build with. It also helps with spatial imagination and coordination.

The 2-d flat shape will convert into a perfect cube because of magnetic interaction, and such trick can be pulled off with forms of any complexity since the strength of the magnets has been chosen just right.

They are still easy to separate but they won’t be separated when you don’t want it. The set comes with a big, soft brown carrying case, that lets you take the game with you if you so wish.

Why We Like It

It helps introduce forms and colors to your children and allows them to learn geometrical shapes. Develop spatial thinking, imagination and coordination all in interactive form while playing.

Your child will also learn the basics of 2-d and 3d geometry and what is called a layout of a form. For instance, a 3-d cube consists of 6 rectangles, and if you put 6 rectangles on the table and then grab them in the middle and pull up.


  • Well priced
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Colorful and durable material

  • The parts could have been a bit more diverse


How strong is the magnet? Is it good for a 3 year old toddler?
Magnets are strong enough to hold the weight of dozens of pieces but still can be pulled apart by my 5 and 3 year olds.

What is the size of these blocks, individually?
About 2-4 inches, depending on the piece

Are all the pieces magnetic, or just some of them?
All of the pieces are magnetic

4M Cool Magnet Science Kit

4M Cool Magnet Science Kit for Kids

Age: 8 years and up.

This science kit lets you perform different fun little experiments with your son or daughter and teach him or her concepts of magnetism. Playing with it, your kid will construct a Super Magnet Racer, a Mysterious Dangler and even a Yacht Compass.

Though one must be careful, the kit contains very small parts. Younger children must be under adult supervision while playing with it.

Why We Like It

It’s a great way to teach your kid about magnetic forces. You can play a number of different magnetic games together with your child exploring this set, or you can even leave your child alone and the toy will provide hours of fun and learning.

4M Magnet Science Kit is a great way to challenge 3 or 4 year olds skills and imagination and a cool, fun toy to play with overall.


  • Challenge your child’s imagination
  • Great price

  • Horse shoe magnet is mostly plastic
  • Contains very small parts


Can it pick up legos?
Legos are plastic. Plastic does not stick to magnets.

How long will this keep an 8 year old occupied?
My 7 year old played with it for about 15-20 minutes when he first got it. Now he takes his favorite parts from it and will play with them while watching TV at the same time for about 15 minutes at a time when he feels like playing with it. He loved it and still plays with it 1 year later ( now 8 yrs old).

IMDEN Magnetic Educational Toys for Baby

IMDEN Magnetic Educational Toys for Baby

Age: 3 years and up.

Playing with colors and forms is always fun. This set consists of 92 details that can be a used to build complex structures such as hexagons, cars, animals, planes and even Ferris wheels.

The complete structures are sturdy and lightweight. Which makes them easy to carry around. Plus you can be sure that your child or daughter won’t accidentally brake it and injure themselves.

IMDEN Magnetic Educational toy helps your children develop imagination, coordination, spatial thinking and provides them with a way to express their originality. Furthermore, playing with this set your children will learn basic physics thanks to mechanical parts included.

The set also contains letter cards and cards with numbers and arithmetical signs. Your baby will be able to build structures playing with this wonderful toy. Learn English alphabet and even the basics of math.

Why We Like It

This toy lets you build some highly complex geometrical forms with ease, and encourages your child to create.


  • Magnets stick together very good
  • The set comes with a bag for storing pieces
  • All parts are made of high-quality non-toxic plastic and are in full compliance with American toy safety standards
  • Contains a lot of unique parts that cannot be found in other sets
  • Cool stacking toy
  • Includes a rigid stem piece

  • Some details are a bit small


Are there some risks to iPad playing with the magnets near the iPad or an iPhone?
The device will be totally safe even if you “bathe” it in parts. To actually do harm to modern electronics you’ll need to put a very strong magnet very close to them, and I don’t see much of those lying around in peoples’ houses.

Does it come well packaged?
Yes, it comes in high-quality transfer box.

Magnetic Fun Game – Cars Planes & Trains

Magnetic Fun Game - Cars Planes & Train

Age: 3 years old and up.

Magnetic Fun consists of 3 sheets of magnets that contain cars, planes and trains, 55 pieces total. The toy also comes with a carry case that allows for the easy storage. It has full-colored play scene situated on the inside of the case and serves as a magnetic pad at the same time.

Magnets stick to the inside of the case which allows for playing on the go, or, alternatively, you can place them on any surface or pad that attracts magnets. This toy is perfect for engaging your child in some activity during the tiresome trip or family weekend.

With it, you can teach your child about different vehicles, their differences, and even the history of development. Playing with it, your kid develops the coordination and learns to discern one thing from another.

Why We Like It

This set Is well priced and while not as complex as some other toys that use magnets, it’s a time-proven design and kids love to play with it.


  • Mild price
  • Carrying case and playground included
  • The magnets are quite thick, so they won’t be ripped or broken accidentally
  • Carrying case is of great quality, easy and light, which makes playing on the go just as comfortable as in the home

  • The pieces are quite small and thus can be swallowed by the children


Would my two kids be able to share this set with each one getting to use a top or bottom at the same time?
It is too small for this to be practical.

Has anyone tried adding a magnetic sheet to the second scene? Do the magnets stick to it?
No, but if you lay it down on the metal and place the magnets on top they will stick and it will stay put.

This toy looks great, but is it a nightmare keeping track of so many pieces with 3yos?
Worked out fine in the car. The case works great to hold the pieces.

LeapFrog Fridge Magnet for Boys & Girls

LeapFrog Fridge Magnet for Boys & Girls

Age: 24 month – 4 years.

This et is one of the best magnetic toys for preschoolers to prepare for classes and learn the numbers and alphabet. The toy consists of the main piece: a yellow school bus with a grader LeapFrog mascot in it, a grader LeapFrog mascot in a red, slightly bit apple reading a book, or a picnic scene of a dog eating fruits on the seaside.

All of the aforementioned pieces are battery-powered, have 3 mods: powered-off, low-volume mode, high-volume mode. What’s most important, they have a compartment in which you can put any of the tiles.

And then, after you press the button below it, it’ll tell you which piece you’ve put there, for instance, if you put an “A” tile in there, it’ll say “A, Apple, Awesome apple”. Each of the three designs comes with a different set of tiles that’ll teach your child alphabet or help him or her to learn numbers and even do a little math.

Your son or daughter can either play with it on the ground or on a special magnetic plate, but my kids were most pleased when I used it as a refrigerator magnets.

Why We Like It

It’s a great and interactive way for your preschooler to learn alphabet and numbers while playing, which makes learning not only easy but also fun.


  • Nice build quality, good loudspeakers
  • Sticks neatly

  • May live scratches on some fridges


Does this come with lowercase letters as shown in Amazon picture, or capital letters like reviews show?
Capital ones.

Will this work on a Stainless Steel refrigerator?

Is there a storage bag for letters?
No, just put them on the fridge and they won’t get lost.

Is the bus compatible with the letters from the older, airplane style or doghouse style fridge phonics?
Older models have a different tile size, they are incompatible.

Melissa & Doug Refrigerator Animal Magnets

Melissa & Doug Refrigerator Animal Magnets

Age: 2 year olds and above.

It is a quality set of wooden refrigerator magnets with nice and bright pictures of animals on them. Each piece consists of a strong magnet on the back, a piece of wood that resembles a shape of a certain object and a bright, colorful picture on top.

There are 20 pieces total in the set, and the set comes in 4 variations: with magnets in form of animals from all over the world, with magnets of different geometrical shapes, with farm-themed magnets, and with magnets of Princesses, Princes and unicorns, that are good magnetic shapes for toddlers.

Playing with each of them, your toddler will be able to learn specific words and images on the certain topics, e.g. learn about worlds fauna. All the pieces are made of quality wood, so they are extremely pleasant to touch.

All the pieces come in a neat wooden carrying box, which ensures that there won’t be a mess and that can be repurposed later on if you so wish. As wooden magnets are quite thick, they are not easily broken, so you must not worry about your child’s health, still, the set does contain small parts so this set is for children that are 2 years and older.

Why We Like It

It’s a good way for your toddler to learn some things and concepts while playing, and the build quality is exceptional.


  • Bright, colorful, kind drawings
  • One of the best shape toys

  • Nothing in particular


Are there any choking hazard pieces?
Only in the princess-themed set.

Is it suitable for a trip?
Yes, this set is perfect for use while traveling.

VTech Magna Doodle Drawing Board/Pad

VTech Magna Doodle Drawing Board

Age: from 3 to 6 years old.

This option is basically a magnetic drawing board, but with tons of additional functionality that enhances your kids imagination and art sense and teaches them a lot of cool stuff. For instance, it will teach your son or daughter how to write letters and numbers step by step.

And if that doesn’t sound cool enough, it can teach them to draw 26 different objects step by step. It can even teach them to write their own name, and shows how to draw both upper and lowercase letters. Which makes it a perfect way for a toddler to learn how to write.

As this toy is relatively compact and doesn’t contain any parts that can be easily lost, it makes it a great travel toy to keep your son or daughter engaged during the long trip.

Why We Like It

It’s a new generation of the good old magnetic boards we all are so used to, but it comes with the ability to teach your kid something new. Plus it’s available with a frustration-free packaging, which lets you save some money.


  • Simple yet functional design with a lot of minds put into details

  • Buttons are a bit crowded up, but it should be no problem for a small children’s fingers


Has anyone bought this for a left-handed child? How did it go?
My son is a lefty and it works fine. His hand pressing down on the screen doesn’t activate the writing because it’s magnetic. It’s actually one of the reasons we liked it so much – things like whiteboards get so messy for lefties!

Does it do words or just the child’s name?
That’s a one-time function, available on the boot, but you can enter any word you want.

Magformers Standard Construction Set

Magformers Standard Construction Set

Age: 3 years old and above.

This toy is a set consisting of, you guessed it, 62 pieces total that come in 3 categories: magnetic squares, triangles and pentagons, all of which are quite large. As all of the magnetic building toys, they are a great way to enhance your kid’s coordination and imagination.

This set is compatible with other Magformer magnetic building block sets. So you can start off your collection with this one or add it to an already existing one.

Magnetic building toys are a great way to develop ones special awareness and Imagination. Learn about the different forms and shapes. It helps kids express themselves, which is often a thing they lack the most.

All pieces are made of quality non-toxic plastic and have a neodymium magnet on each side, so any of them can be combined together. And thus, the number of things you can create with them is limited by your imagination only.

Why We Like It

Magformers are a well-known brand in a field of magnet tiles, so you are paying for the quality. All pieces are nicely made and have bright and distinct colors.


  • Children can play and learn as this set can be combined into many shapes, e.g. that of a vehicle or an animal
  • Your child can combine this set with other similar-sized tiles
  • Virtually limitless possibilities for one’s imagination. Great at developing special awareness and teaching three-dimensional shapes

  • Not suited for 3 years old children and babies younger than that


Could a child open up the casing and get to the magnet inside? Or are they pretty secure?
I don’t see how a child could get the magnet out, they are very well made unless your child is like Bam-Bam from the Flintstones. My son is 3 and my daughter is 6 and they both love them and so does their daddy and grandpa.

Fun Stick NStack Triangles for Preschoolers

Fun Stick NStack Triangles for Preschoolers

Age: 3 year old and above.

This triangle set consists of four types of triangles, particularly, wide-angle triangle, long narrow-angle triangle, 90-degrees triangle and the smallest triangle with equal angles and sides. All of the triangles’ are designed in such a way, that despite the apparent differences in size and form they can still be stuck together to create shapes of different complexity.

They may stand as a separate set or become a part of your already-existing collection and bring something new to it, as other magnetic building sets rarely contain more than one kind of triangles.

Why We Like It

This set is best for enhancing your collection with interesting pieces, but it can be used as a separate toy, though the possible implementations are a bit limited as a number of pieces is not that big and it’s hard to build tall with magnetic triangles only.


  • Well priced
  • Good quality

  • Not very good as a standalone piece


How big are the pieces? I’m wondering if they’ll match up to our playmags.
This set is compatible with Playmags.

Do these triangles work with the Magnetic Stick n’ Stack 3×3″ squares?

How Young Kids Learn with Magnets?

Magnets are one of those magical toys that everyone loves. Children love them because they are intriguing, yet easy to master. Parents love them because they can use magnets to help their children develop a variety of skills.

I especially love them because they involve children in active, hands-on learning activities, develop their coordination skills and learning stick toys are quite durable and relatively cheap.

The other advantage of the magnets is the variety of use-cases in which they can be implemented. Toys with magnets come in all forms and colors and are designed for different ages, so whether you are buying a toy for a toddler or a grader, there’s always a toy that will suit their needs.

The variety of different kinds of toys that use magnets is truly magnificent. Unlike many modern toys, fun magnet toys for babies don’t usually have any mechanical or electronic pieces.

So they last longer than usual toys and often don’t have any choking-hazard pieces. From a children magnetic drawing board for toddlers to magnetic building tiles sets and even science kits.

You’ll always find a piece that suits your specific needs. And what magnets do? Right, they stick together, and this makes some magnetic toys a great choice for keeping your child engaged while travelling, as we all know that one thing the kids like the least is waiting, and keeping your child constantly entertained during the long hours of travel is tiresome, to say the least, esp. when you’ve got to get some work done.

We can’t really explain why the kids like magnets so much, still, a fact is a fact, and, speaking from experience of communicating with lots of different children while I was part-timing as a niece, I’ve never once seen a kid who doesn’t love playing with magnets.

Not only are they fun to play with, magnets are also a good way to teach your child some new skills, as repetitiveness is a best teacher and they tend to spend so much time playing with magnet toys that they are sure to learn what was intended.

Plus it’s a nice way to move your kids from the TV, phone, or tablet screens as they tend to find magnetic toys even more interesting than the aforementioned devices.

So, it’s safe to say that magnetic toys are a good bet if you are looking for an interactive and educational toy or just something safe and durable for your child to play with.