3 Best-Rated Lego Sets for Boys

Updated: 30 August 2018

Lego sets make the perfect choice among household toys. They not only offer cognitive benefits but also promote both physical and social skills.

It’s for this reason that we chose these best Lego sets for boys in our review today.

In making our top-three review choice, we paid close attention to these products’ availability, variety and convenience of use. The following are the products that made it to our list.

Large Creative Brick Box: Most Popular LEGO Set

When it comes to creative brick boxes, you can never go wrong with good Lego sets of the classic medium. Your boys will appreciate your consideration of getting them the best building creations.

As this can serve their creative minds over the years. The incredible set will fulfill the vast vehicle collection ownership fantasies of your kid(s).

This is so as they can create various vehicle models with the help of the 35 eye-catching colors.

The package also includes all the necessary parts to make the whole process worthwhile. You will find 18 tires, a green baseplate and wheel rims.

You can bet your kids will enjoy the convenience it provides. Not forgetting the thrill of trying out various shapes. And as if that’s isn’t enough, your boys can comfortably use this Lego set with other LEGO construction sets.

Also at 3-inches long and 6-inches wide, the green baseplate offers ample building time. For additional adventure, your little ones can enjoy trips to the zoo, undersea and anywhere they like. Their wild imagination is the only limitation here.


  • Offers limitless imagination ideas.
  • Sturdy construction for everyday use.
  • Attractive colors for every exploration idea.
  • Has story starters to spice the fun It encourages role-playing and team bonding.


  • Not favorable for kids under four years.
  • Some of the small parts pose choking hazard.

Creator Dinosaur Toy: Great LEGO Gift

As your children grow older, they would want to experiment with complex, high-quality Lego sets. The Lego creator mighty provides room for imagination and design that would encourage your boy(s) to think outside the box.

The set is a 3-in-1, and it comes with bright orange eyes, posable joints and head and massive claws. lt also comprises of an easy to open mouth with pointed teeth, which is an accurate definition of a real dinosaur.

Additionally, this impressive piece of technology contains an impressive set of dinosaurs prey to actualize the hunt. Its flexibility is also on another level as it readily conforms into either triceratops or a Pterodactyl.

And if your boys enjoy the massive sight of dinosaurs, then they will appreciate the 4-inch measurements of this unit. It even gets better with the 3-inch triceratops and 1-inch Pterodactyl.

You will also appreciate its affordability, so you wouldn’t have an excuse of not getting your adventurous boys a deserving gift on various occasions.


  • Very portable at only 8.8 ounces.
  • Contains a downloadable installation manual.
  • Has a fourth Brachiosaurus building bonus for more fun.
  • Takes a short time to build for older kids.
  • The moving parts display an impressive sight.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Vibrant colors with remarkable articulation.


  • If you’re outside the US, you will have to look elsewhere as the product isn’t eligible for external exportation.
  • There are also no details on warranty details, which we find quite unfortunate.

LEGO Minecraft: Cool Toy for Boy

Lego The Iron Golem offers your child the creativity they require to keep them busy. This set makes an incredible gift for children with an immense love for Lagos and Minecraft.

With a weight of only 12.8 Ounces, the product offers outstanding features. They include a crafting table, furnace and diamond pickaxe. There is also a pumpkin head that would make the surprise attacks interesting.

This top-rated Legos for boys starter pack also comes with additional spares for the small parts. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about spending more cash in case they get misplaced.


  • Comes with a customized warranty.
  • You can rebuild the set for more Minecraft options.
  • Encourages offscreen exploration.
  • Has intriguing golem pop-up functions.
  • Excellent quality at an excellent price.
  • Comes with an instructions book.


  • Building the spawn is a bit complex for young kids.
  • You have to request for the Manufacturer’s Warranty Via Customer Service.

Whether you’re searching for a starter pack or an additional set for your boys, the Lego sets make an excellent pick.

It’s so especially with their fantastic full range of features. You will always find something deserving no matter the age limit of your kids. So why not join in the fun?