3 Best Laser Tag Toys for Kids – Reviews

The laser tag is not just a shooting and chase game. It teaches kids about being patient and pursuing single-minded goals.

It helps kids to bond and laugh together. And if you love the game, you would need amazing laser guns to enjoy it to the fullest.

However, there are many features these products must have before opting for them. We will look at these features in this review of the best laser tag toys for kids which are available in the market.

ArmoGear Laser Tag Guns and Vests for Kids

This infrared-enabled gun set combines the old school as well as the modern technology in a unique way. The latest set of laser guns and vests by Armotag features sensors on its blasters and can shoot within a 150-foot range.

It also features an amazing color scheme. The set is color-coded specifically for great team play.

It comes packed with a set of amazing features some of which are: the invisibility and night vision modes, multiple-firing mode, sensor blasters, long-range shooting capacity, harmless laser and a few others.

One good thing about this Armotag toy is that it supports tricks too. Its ArmoGear blasters let users turn its lights off so they can sneak up to their enemies without them seeing. This is achievable with the help of the flashlight while in night vision mode.

To make the whole experience more exciting, the gun is designed to vibrate, make sounds and emit lights while the play is on. In addition, the game has multi-player feature which supports up to four teams. In summary, this model includes virtually all the features required in good laser tag guns.


  • Supports multiple teams.
  • Offers 150-foot shooting range.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Safe to use.


  • No carrying case.
  • The game set is very loud and the sound cannot be reduced or switched off.

Premium Deluxe 4 Player Lazer Tag Gun Set

This model provides kids with unique and memorable experiences in the backyard or around the house.The set is designed for interesting combats, irrespective of the age of the kids using it.

They are not just designed for kids, nostalgic adults looking to roll back the years can also catch some fun with the model. Armed with this product, up to four teams can play the exciting game of laser

Just like the Armotag model, the Adventure Guys gun also has a shooting range of 150-foot. It blends fun and performance with four amazing weapon modes – shotgun, pistol, machine gun and rocket.

At the start of each game, the gun pre-loads nine lives for you, which can be seen in your life meter. As you are hit by an opponent, your game life will begin to count down.

If what you are seeking for is a perfect birthday gift for your kid, be rest assured a gift of such set as this will be better appreciated.


  • Long shooting range.
  • Features amazing weapon modes.
  • 100% safe to use for kids above age 3
  • Adults can use this.


  • Not meant for kids below age 3.

Force1 Shooting Laser Tag Kit for Children

The Forcel model leaves kids spoilt for choice with a set of four guns. The guns also feature four different weapon modes such as a pistol, submachine gun, shotgun and rocket.

They have interesting vibration and sound effects which offer kids the unique gaming experience.

However, what we don’t like about this set is that it doesn’t come with vests like the other models. In addition, the maximum shooting range doesn’t exceed 130 feet.

Recall that the two other sets have a maximum range of 150-foot. But we think 130 feet is distant enough. That’s almost the distance of your local soccer field.

However, the manufacturers are compensating users with an added advantage of being able to play solo, thanks to its Spider Training Bot.

Besides, you don’t really need a game vest with this set. You just have to your enemy’s blaster and you’ll draw his health.


  • Can be used outdoors and indoors.
  • Has an arsenal of four different weapons.
  • Great vibration and sound experience.
  • Comes with special training kit.


  • Shorter shooting range when compared with the other models in this review.
  • Comes with no game vest.

There are diverse types of toys for the memorable laser game, but these are top-rated laser tag sets, whose quality we can vouch for.

However, if you are having a hard time deciding on that one model, permit us to recommend to you the ArmoGear Tag Guns and Vests for Kids.

This is a high-quality home laser tag designed to bring home the fun and liveliness. It comes with great features for your laser tag game fanatics.

The model supports multiple teams, offers 150-foot shooting range, come with a shooting vest for an added thrill. Most important of all, it is also safe to use. Its little downsides are manageable.

However, if you have your choice hinged on the other models, be rest assured you will be enjoying the fun it will bring.