Looking after kids can be a bit tiring, but when you have the perfect tools to keep them busy or occupied you will be fine. There is a solution as we’ll be talking about a few of these best wagons for kids that can reduce the stress and keep your children safe, satisfied and happy. The Best part is that they are all under $200 and would give you value for your money.

We have been able to come up with a few distinct features about these models and I can assure you that either of these wagons you buy would make you happy.

Radio Flyer Folding Wagon for Kids

If you are looking for a way to take your kids to the park without having to run after them and give yourself stress?

This high-quality pull wagon is 3-in-1 and is made as a full-sized model for children and gives them the ability to choose from 3 various modes where two of them can ride on it, as a bench seating and flatbed hauling.


  • It’s easy to pull, fold.
  • Padded seat cushion for your kids comfort.
  • You can take it anywhere without stress.
  • Available under $200.


  • Can’t take kids above 22.7 pounds.
  • Won’t serve more than two children at a time.

All Terrain 2-Seater Pull Ride On Wagon

One thing we love about this option is the fact that you can get this top-rated kids wagon under $200 and it has a top/canopy that gives your kids protection from sun or rain, so your children can play and sit in this while it’s sunny or raining.
Seatbelts are installed for comfort and protection.


  • Easy to pull, a fold-over handle for easy pull.
  • Tough and can withstand harsh surfaces while rolling.
  • It’s huge and roomy for children to sit and play in.


  • Can’t accommodate many children at a time.

Metal Wagon w/Rubber Wheels by Radio Flyer

This model is a true definition of value for money, it has a metal structure and 10-inch steels in rubber tires, this good toddler wagon is built to last and can actually last for years and years. It has an extra-long handle that makes pulling easy, preventing the toy from tipping over.


  • Can be easily stored.
  • It is durable.
  • You won’t have to spend all your money buying this wagon as it’s just under $200.


  • This model doesn’t have a cover/canopy so it’s not ideal for kids to play with in harsh sunny or rainy conditions.
  • Only suitable for children not above 1-year-old.
  • The design is simple and less attractive.

I would conclude by assuring you that you can buy either of these products. These above-mentioned models for kids are top-rated kids wagon made from top companies and are tested and trusted you will be sure to get a true value for your money and your children would be happy you bought them the perfect play model.