12 Best-Rated Stuffed Animals for Kids

Top-Rated Kids Stuffed Animals

Our Top 3 Picks

Jellycat Bashful Beige Stuffed Bunny: Most Popular Toy

Jellycat Bashful Beige Stuffed BunnyThis stuffed bunny will become the favorite cuddling partner of any little boy or girl. It’s amazingly soft, has cute long ears, and is of a pleasant beige color. This toy is also the perfect size for a 1 year old and is very durable.


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Tiny Trunky Big Soft Plush Elephant: Cutest Baby Toy

Tiny Trunky Big Soft Plush ElephantThe Tiny Trunky will make your child scream from excitement. This cool baby plush toy is incredibly large, silky soft, and looks like the real thing. Kids will adore hugging and playing with the elephant as it will make them feel safe and happy.


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GUND Philbin Beautiful Teddy Bear

GUND Philbin Teddy BearPhilbin is a fantastic choice for your child’s first teddy bear. It has a classic chocolate color and rests in the traditional seated pose. This bear also has adorable paws and a friendly facial expression. Your baby will surely find a new best friend in Philbin.


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Jellycat Bashful Beige Stuffed Bunny

Jellycat Bashful Beige Stuffed Bunny

Age: 0+.

This toy is perfect if you’re searching for nice stuffed bunnies for your child. It’s satisfyingly soft, has a high-end look, and feels great when pressed up against the cheek. Kids can use the Bashful Bunny as a sleeping aid or for playing make-believe games in the park.

Most parents praise this bunny for being very durable. It can sustain a lot of playing, chewing, and washing without losing color or shedding.

Moreover, it stays pleasantly soft for months. The toy also has cute long ears and arms. They make the bunny easy to carry around and use in movement games for motor skill development.

What We Like

The Bashful Bunny has impressed us with how well-suited it is for 3 month olds and up. It has the softness and plush feel expected from a stuffed toy.

Your children will love cuddling with these rabbits before they go to sleep. Besides, this bunny is made by one of the most respectable brands on the market.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Satisfyingly lightweight for a baby
  • Very pleasant to the touch
  • Made of non-toxic materials

  • It has to be dry-washed
  • The bunny loses a bit of its fluff over time

Is the toy filled with foam or beans?
The bunny mostly contains soft stuffing but has a bunch of beans in the bottom and feet.

Can my toddler chew off the fur from these plushies?
No, the animal is sturdy and sewn together well.

Are there any whiskers on the toy?
No, they would be dangerous for a baby.

Tiny Trunky Big Soft Plush Elephant

Tiny Trunky Big Soft Plush Elephant

Age: 1+.

The Tiny Trunky is perfect if you’re looking for the softest stuffed animal. Your children will greatly enjoy hugging and squeezing this cute elephant.

Its face is highly detailed and adds even more adorableness to the animal. Also, the kid can use the toy as a pillow or cushion for more comfort and security during rest time.

The Tiny Trunky is stitched together with great care. This cute stuffed elephant is made of pure cotton. Such a material is both soft and safe for the child’s health.

The elephant is also very lightweight can sit on its own without any assistance. This is important for carrying it around and engaging in make-believe games and organizing tea parties.

What We Like

The best feature of this best-selling toy is its size. The elephant is massive and allows your kid to surround himself completely with its plush softness. Moreover, it’s perfectly suited both for boys and girls thanks to the neutral color design.


  • The elephant is very big and highly realistic
  • The soft fabric is extremely pleasant to the touch
  • Manufacturer employs pro level stitching
  • It’s very lightweight

  • Can be a bit too large for kids to carry around
  • It isn’t suited for rough play

Where is this stuffie made?
It’s manufactured in China.

How do you wash this item?
The elephant is machine washable (delicate and dried on low settings).

Can it be used as a sleeping aid?
It isn’t recommended, as the toy can present a suffocation hazard for a baby.

GUND Philbin Teddy Bear

GUND Philbin Teddy Bear

Age: 1+.

Philbin is a beautiful teddy bear made by one of the most trusted toy brands in the US. This toy offers a classic design with lots of details that make the animal look more realistic.

It’s very soft and huggable. Moreover, the toy’s design makes it suitable for 1 year olds and toddlers alike. Philbin has paw accents and a curious facial expression. It’s also seated and stuffed with heavier beads at the bottom for balance. That being said, the bear is still very lightweight and has a height of 13”.

Philbin is easily cleaned. This is important because children always find a way to get their toys dirty. All you need is a washcloth and some cold water.

What We Like

Philbin is one of the most famous small stuffies for infants. It’s reasonably big, looks very cute and friendly, and is plush enough to be a cuddle buddy. Moreover, this bear will fit nicely into any children’s room thanks to the classic chocolate color and cartoon-like design.


  • Available in two different sizes
  • Has a cute, cartoonish design
  • Made with great attention to detail
  • The toy can be paired with other bears from this series

  • The toy isn’t very floppy

Is this stuffie safe for an 8 month old baby?
Philbin doesn’t have any small parts so it should be completely safe.

How are the eyes attached to the head?
The eyes are firmly glued onto the bear and don’t come off easily.

Where is this toy manufactured?
It’s made in the USA by one of the oldest brands in the country.

Gund Animated Flappy Elephant: Awesome Musical Toy

Gund Animated Flappy Elephant

Age: 0+.

Flappy the Elephant is a top-rated stuffed animal that can also be used as a musical toy. Your children can play with it in two modes.

They can either play peek-a-boo or listen to the “Do your ears hang low” song. It’s performed in really high-quality and will entertain your kid to no end. Moreover, the elephant flaps its ears as it sings, bringing even more enjoyment to the table.

The toy is made of highly durable materials. It sustains active play well and doesn’t shed or lose color. Flappy is 12” high which is perfect for little kids and toddlers.

It works on three batteries that last a long time. Since the elephant is also very soft, it can be used as a cuddle buddy as well.

What We Like

This amazing musical stuffie has everything you can want from a toy for little kids. It’s adorable, soft, offers two play modes, and sings in a lovely childish voice.

The face of the elephant is very cute and evokes trust in kids. Besides, the animal’s moving ears will even further wow the imagination of a baby.


  • Suited for girls and boys alike
  • Plays a beautiful song
  • Offers interactive play for the baby
  • The elephant has a beautiful design
  • The toy is hand washable

  • Some toddlers may not like to be called a “baby” by the elephant

Can you change the volume of these elephants?
No, it isn’t adjustable.

What types of batteries are used for this item?
It works on three AA batteries which are included in the package.

EpicKids Cool Small Penguin for Babies & Children

EpicKids Cool Small Penguin

Age: 0+.

Mr. Chill is an adorable stuffed toy and among the best baby shower gifts in the world. This penguin is only 5” tall. It’s perfect for a child only a couple of months old.

Also, such a small size allows you to take it with you to the park or mall to keep your baby entertained. Since the toy doesn’t have any beads or buttons, you don’t have to worry about the kid trying to chew the penguin.

The child will find resting near such a cute penguin to be relaxing and calming. Besides, Mr. Chill looks so cool that he will make a terrific present even for an older kid. Heck, you can even put it on your own display shelf to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down.

What We Like

The best thing about Mr. Chill is how cute he looks. This stuffie has the coolest smile that will not only bring joy to a newborn but will even cheer up adults. Add to that the plush feel and cool design, and you have one of the cutest stuffed animals for babies you can buy!


  • Completely safe for your kid’s health
  • Cleaning the penguin is very simple
  • The toy has a very cute smile
  • Made of highly durable materials

  • The toy isn’t as soft as other options in this review

Is this toy safe for newborns?
Yes, Mr. Chill doesn’t have any small parts that may present a danger for a baby.

What is this toy stuffed with?
The stuffing inside is polypropylene cotton.

Aurora Dog: Super Soft Snuggly Stuffed Animal

Aurora Dog

Age: 2+.

This Aurora Dog is perfect if you’re looking for awesome fluffy stuffed animals. First of all, this toy has the adorable facial expression that Aurora World is known for.

Secondly, the dog looks both cuddly and expensive. Moreover, the toy is very soft to the touch. Kids will love hugging it while they are trying to fall asleep.

The dog is made of high-quality materials. They make the toy hard underneath for durability while being soft on the outside. The droopy ears are also a cool design choice.

The eyes are glued on and look beautiful. Your child will surely fall in love with that sad gaze. However, the eyes can be a hazard for babies that might try to chew on them.

What We Like

If your child is collecting Sad Sam and Honey snuggle stuffed animals, then you’ll be pleased to learn that this toy is a worthy member of the popular infant stuffed animal line.

Not only does it have the brands trademark look, but the dog is also amazingly soft. Your girl will definitely feel cozy and comfortable when hugging the puppy in her bed.


  • Great addition to your Aurora brands toy line
  • The dog’s eyes look very pretty
  • Offers a nice balance between being hard and plush
  • Sustains rough play without being damaged

  • Numerous customer reviews mention that the toy is smaller than it appears to be on the picture

How big is this toy?
The puppy is approximately 10 inches high.

Does this dog make any sounds?
No, this toys isn’t musical.

Douglas Chap Fluffy Golden Retriever

 Douglas Chap Fluffy

Age: 3+.

This puppy is the epitome of a super soft toy. It’s perfectly suited both for girls and boys. This doggy is a traditional stuffie that looks very realistic.

The children will surely fall in love with the dog’s big eyes. They have sparks inside that immediately catch the kids’ attention.

The puppy’s fur and face are recreated in great detail to grant it the appearance of a real golden retriever. Its ears are stitched down to add even more cuteness to the look.

Moreover, the puppy is very sturdy and can survive even rough play sessions with some mild chewing. Another cool feature of this retriever is that it can stand on its own. It will look great in your kid’s room regardless of the interior.

What We Like

This Golden Retriever toy has impressed us with its looks. The puppy is very lifelike and adorable. Your kid will greatly enjoy playing make-believe games with it. Besides, this stuffie is the perfect replacement for the real dog your child keeps asking you for.


  • The puppy is very realistic
  • The eyes look extremely adorable
  • Made of durable materials and professionally stitched
  • The toy is the perfect weight for toddlers to play with

  • The puppy can be too small for older children
  • It isn’t suitable for kids who like to chew toys

What is this toy stuffed with?
This puppy is made with plush stuffing.

Does it stand on its own?
Yes, the puppy can stand without any help.

Does the dog require batteries?
No, it isn’t battery-operated.

Mary Meyer Cute Machine-Washable Stuffed Lamb

Mary Meyer Cute

Age: 3+.

This Mary Meyer stuffed lamb is one of the best stuffed animals for kids. It can be used as a toy, cuddling buddy, or paired with other animals from the same set for some awesome make-believe games.

This lamb is sized 9” high which is just right for a little kid’s hands. Moreover, it’s very soft to the touch thanks to the wooly cover.

The lamb has a beautiful face with embroidered elements and cute eyes. It’s comfortable to hug, easy to take care of, and has cute little hands and feet. The animal is also very durable. It can be one of the toys your child grows up with.

What We Like

This cute little lamb is among the best machine washable stuffies for toddlers you will ever find. It has the right size and feels to it.

Moreover, the lamb looks adorable and keeps its charming look even after months of active use and several wash cycles. This is fantastic since the “wool” on similar toys usually isn’t that durable.


  • Can be combined with other toys from the same set
  • Has a wooly look for more realism
  • Meets all health safety standards
  • The size is ideal for toddlers
  • The toy is machine washable

  • The toy looks a bit on the cheap side
  • Plastic eyes may come off if played with roughly

Which machine settings should I use to wash the toy?
Set the machine on a “cold” and “gentle” cycle (air drying only).

Are the eyes sewed in?
No, they are plastic and glued to the head.

Hypoallergenic Frenchy Fox

Frenchy Fox

Age: 1+.

The Frenchy Fox is one of the top-rated awesome fluffy stuffed animals for little kids. It stands out from the competition thanks to the retro look of the animal. The fox looks very stylish. Its appeal is reinforced by the trendy scarf on its neck.

The fox is 14” in size. It’s easy to play with and carry around. This toy is also quite plush. Your kid will greatly enjoy squeezing and hugging this little fellow. Several reviewers have mentioned that the fox became their child’s choice for sleeping purposes.

This unique stuffie is completely made of natural stuff. Moreover, the brand’s environmentally conscious policy is reflected in the eco-safe packaging. Such a stance is heavily praised by the customers.

What We Like

We were impressed by the eco-friendly approach demonstrated by this manufacturer. The toy is made exclusively of recycled and organic materials.

Moreover, the fox is completely safe for your child thanks to its hypoallergenic nature. By purchasing this toy you help preserve the environment without worrying about your kid’s health.


  • Perfect size, softness, and weight for a baby
  • Made by the company that specializes in designing hypoallergenic stuffies
  • All the toys offered by this brand are handmade
  • Offers a nice vintage design

  • The toy may need to be washed to prevent dye leakage from being chewed on

Where is this item manufactured?
This toy is handmade in China.

Is the dye used for the fox harmful?
It’s made of non-toxic, non-chemical elements.

How should I clean the toy?
It has to be hand washed in cold water with a washcloth.

Healthy Baby Adorable Floppy Monkey

Healthy Floppy Monkey

Age: 0+.

This monkey is a great choice if you’re searching for high-quality stuffed animals. It’s very cute and has a friendly face. Moreover, the manufacturer added an off-centered smile to it, making the monkey even more adorable.

This popular toy is quite wobbly. Your child can easily swing its tail or arms around or use them to carry it. Moreover, the monkey has a soft brown color which is very eye-pleasing and easily fits into any room décor.

Now, another great feature of this floppy stuffie is how safe it is. It has passed several tests and has proven to block most allergens from its surface.

This is essential if your baby is suffering from asthma or allergies. Besides, the monkey is easily washable. Just load it up into the machine and relax. The toy won’t lose its look or softness.

What We Like

The best characteristic of this fun toy is how floppy it is. Little kids will adore playing with its arms, legs, and tail.
Several customer reviews mention that this monkey became their child’s favorite sleeping friend. Besides, the strong hypoallergenic properties of this stuffed toy make it even easier to recommend for a baby.


  • Easy to take with your child on trips or walks
  • Completely safe for kids dealing with allergies
  • The off-centered smile is a nice touch
  • The ideal size for a newborn child

  • There are some plastic pellets in the bottom of the monkey

How big is this monkey?
When seated, it’s about 12” tall.

Can I wash the toy in warm water?
Yes, it sustains machine washes very well.

Wild Republic Stuffed Animal Plush Toy: Great for Cuddling

Wild Republic Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

Age: 1+.

This floppy stuffie is the best Birthday gift if you’re looking for a toy for cuddling. Your kid will instantly grow attached to this lovable sloth.

It looks very realistic. The toy has correct arm and leg positioning, as well as a highly detailed face. The fur on the sloth is also lifelike and very soft.

The toy is about 12” tall. The sloth looks very relaxed and happy. It will help your child to calm down as well. The toy can be easily taken with you on park walks or any other place so that your kid has something to do while you’re busy.

What We Like

This popular toy is perfect if you’re searching for the fluffiest plushies that are good for cuddling. The sloth’s arms can be wrapped around the child.
It will add more comfort and security to the baby’s bedtime. Moreover, pressing against the toy feels really soft and warm, offering the child a good night’s sleep.


  • The toy is very detailed and professionally stitched
  • Perfect size for a cuddling buddy
  • The sloth looks very friendly
  • Has a natural sloth pose and limb positioning

  • There’s a noticeable bald spot on the back of the head

Is this toy filled with beads?
The sloth has some beads in its hands, feet, and bottom for more weight.

What fabric is this toy made of?
It’s primarily made of polyester fibers.

Can you make different poses with this sloth?
Yes, the toy’s legs and arms are floppy.

Mary Meyer Afrique Giraffe: Good Gift for Newborns

Mary Meyer Afrique Giraffe

Age: 0+.

The Mary Meyer giraffe toy is one of the cutest stuffed animals for babies. It looks incredibly adorable and will put a smile not only on your newborn’s face but on yours as well.

This item is large enough to be hugged by a baby. It’s also one of the softest stuffies on the market. Your child will never want to let go of this giraffe.

The head of the toy is made with embroidered details. They add realism to the animal’s look. Moreover, the giraffe is done in a beautiful grey color while still having the patches this species is known for.

Other than that, the toy has beads in its bottom and feet, making the giraffe able to sit on its own. This item is also 100% baby safe and meets all the health standards presented for children’s toys.

What We Like

This giraffe hits all the marks for a soft, small stuffed toy for a newborn. Moreover, it stays clean for weeks and is completely safe for the child to chew on. Its eyes are sewed on, so you don’t have to worry about your kid eating any plastic parts.


  • Great both for girls and boys
  • The perfect size for newborns
  • Offers a beautiful color scheme
  • The toy has passed all necessary safety testing

  • The toy would have benefited from more stuffing
  • It has to be hand washed to prevent losing colors

How big is this toy?
It’s about 12” in length.

How heavy is this item?
It’s very lightweight, only 4.8 ounces.