9 Best Kids Play Tents – Reviews

Top-Rated Children’s Play Tents

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Tiny Land Children Play Tent


Do your kids love adventures? An unusual and very interesting baby play tent is this one. It is simple and convenient in use. This model has a wigwam form and your babies are absolutely gonna love it. Play Tent is the best of the best kids play tents to level-up your child’s social and cognitive skills.

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Princess Castle Play Tent for Indoor/Outdoor Use


Your girl always wished to be a real princess? Give her that opportunity! Let us introduce Princess Castle Play. Not only is this tent easy to put together and take apart, but it also fits up to 3 kids. So there’s lots of space for your charming girls to make out. With this magical tent, your kids can create a kingdom anywhere.

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USA Toys Pop-Up Playhouse for Boys & Girls


Have you ever imagined your kiddie as a spaceman? Or, say, you just can’t find a convenient tent for your little explorer? So, USA Toys Pop-Up Playhouse for Boys & Girls can help you out. The best feature of this good toddler tent is that it comes with a projector toy that can show multiple space pictures; your kid will definitely enjoy it.

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Tiny Land Play Tent

Tiny Land Children Play Tent

Age: 2 years old and up.

Do you have no idea what to present for a kid on his birthday when he has got everything? We’re glad to introduce little kids tent Tiny Land Children Play Tent.

If you’re looking for an ultimate gift for any child, this teepee canvas tent will take his heart over for years of playtime. Just imagine his reaction when he opens his own Indian tent. That kid will probably keep memories of that day in his mind for good because as you know it’s tough to find a common language with children nowadays.

This choice will give an opportunity to kid to read books, make up the stories, and play either alone or with a friend. Standing 5 feet tall and 47.2 inches long by 47.2 inches wide, this kids teepee can be made wider or smaller by moving the poles.

Fits amazingly into corners. Ideal for small rooms. Both portable and practical, you can carry your child’s favorite teepee anywhere with you! Moreover, even a little kid can move it where he wants to.

However, it isn’t all. You don’t have to worry about kid’s health: firstly, the tent is made of non-toxic, extra safe cotton canvas, secondly, there’s a window that provides a good air circulation. So, you wouldn’t be mistaken if you choose this high-quality indoor/outdoor tent!

What We Like

Because this top-rated tent for kids is a great product. It is easy to assemble, looks stunning. Canvas material is very well made and durable.


  • Develops cognitive skills
  • Portable, durable, easy to assemble
  • The tent is comfortable and safe

  • It doesn’t stay open all the time easily. It moves and makes the teepee smaller

What is the material this tent made of?
Tiny Land’s child play tent is made of 100% natural, non-toxic, unpainted, extra safe, breathable cotton canvas.

What dimensions does the tent have?
It’s 5 feet tall and 47.2 inches long by 47.2 inches wide.

Does teepee have a floor?
Yes. There is a piece of fabric that ties to the rest of the teepee to stay in place.

Princess Castle Play Tent

 Princess Castle Play Tent

Age: from 3 years old to 8 year olds.

Is your kid a girl? If your answer is yes, you got here not in a vain. We have a proposal for you. It’s a Princess Castle Play Tent for Indoor/Outdoor Use for girls from the top-rated tents for kids section.

Have you ever called your daughter a princess? It is a good choice to show your love to her. She will not have to dream about the castle anymore, as in cartoons, as she’ll already have one, even though not an actual, made of stone one, but her own fun castle tent.

We consider it a good, reliable tent, and plenty colorful at that. Your girl will not be bored anymore, since there will be a feeling of security around her, adorable, pretty pink shelter. We bet she will have hours of fun with this colorful play tent decorated with hearts and glow-in-the-dark stars.

With this tent your daughter can play different games: she can be a princess, and there’s someone who saves her. The tent itself is well constructed and sturdy. There’s plenty of room to play or relax and rest with her books and favorite toys.

It comes with its own carrying case that keeps the tent accurately stored and out of your way and childs. And it makes it easy to take along on trips. Cleans easily with a soap.

You can absolutely rely on this item to bring fun to your girl, being in it is always a magical adventure for both indoors and outdoors activities.

What We Like

Еhis play tent is beautiful. It’s a brand new good quality tent your little baby will absolutely love to play in.


  • Kids love playing in the tent – boys don’t mind that it’s pink – at least until 5 years
  • The opportunity to improve imagination
  • Easy/ light to carry around, planning to take it on travels

  • Takes some time whenever you place the play tent.
  • Requires a rather spacious room if planned to be used indoors

What is the castle size?
When assembled, the castle tent size is 41.5” x 41.5” x 54” and when it’s time to clean up, the castle folds down flat to fit a lightweight and portable zipper carry bag just 17″ in diameters.

Can an 8 year old enjoy this?
The ad says “ages 3-8,” but all 4 girls aged 7-10 at our party loved this.

Could a 1 year old enjoy this?
Why not? It could definitely make for an enjoyable game of peek a boo. An adult could fit inside sitting Indian style.

USA Toys Pop-Up Playhouse

USA Toys Pop-Up Playhouse for Boys & Girls

Age: 3 years old and up.

Let us introduce a playing tent house USA Toys Pop-Up Playhouse. We’re sure your kid is gonna love this thing. It is easy to assemble and looks even better than at the picture.

There are even vibrant panels with the stars that will help your little spaceman to use his or her own imagination. The coolest thing about this space tent is that it comes with the space torch projector and special flashlight.

It has a blue button. Push it to choose one of the 3 films and you’re all set. The flashlight is really cool to use, especially when you turn all the lights off: really gives it more realistic night-sky look.

We are sure that it’s a great tent for kids who love spaceships and cosmonauts, the sky, the moon. All in all, it’s one of the best little kid tents to hang out in!

What We Like

Talking about cool playhouses, we like this one because of torch projector and flashlight. Besides, torch projector comes with batteries to use right away. In summary, we like it coz it’s, well, it’s just cute!


  • Astronaut projector included
  • The pop-up toy is foldable
  • Realistic look

  • You have to crawl inside the tent to assemble it, pretty much like in any of them, better teach your kid how to do it

Is there a way to secure the poles at the base of the tent?
Yes – there is a pocket for each pole at the base of the tent.

What is the recommended age?
For age 3 and up.

Does the flashlight project on the roof of the tent?

Playz Rocket Ship Kids Play Tent with Tunnel

Playz Rocket Ship Kids Play Tent with Tunnel

Age: 3 months and up.

If you looking for something more than just a plain conventional tent for your kids, try this play tent with tunnel. This tent includes a rocket shape house, a tunnel and a pinball play area. All these pieces can be connected together.

Kids absolutely like this tent with tunnels. They can either play games in a play area or get a rest in a rocket shape house. It is very cute and easy to set up. The colors and design are really cool and fresh-looking.

Despite that fact that modern children are dependent on digital devices, tunnel tent manages to keep them away from devices. It is one of pop up tents, so, in order to install it no tools are required.

There’s a storage bag that comes with it which makes it very easy to carry around with you. Overall, it’s high-quality, lightweight, and nice solar system design. Definitely worth the money.

What We Like

Because this is a complete success. We trust children, and they love it, it’s big, sturdy, and good for more than one child. It hit all the marks for us. We definitely recommend!


  • This huge tent has a large set of activities
  • It’s easy to set up
  • This is a great way for your toddler to burn some energy out

  • Balls don’t come with the tent

Can this be used outside?
Yes, it can. Great for parties outside or to play.

Are the balls included?
No, the balls are not included.

How many balls are appropriate for this? Are 400 too many?
100 is enough to make a ball put out of it. 100 barely made one layer in the bottom of it.

Alvantor Cool Playing Tent House for Toddlers

Alvantor Cool Playing Tent House for Toddlers

Age: 3 months and up.

Meet our high-quality indoor tent for toddlers by Alvantor for multi-purpose use. Do you love nature? What about camping? Worried that the sun can harm your toddlers or infant? Then you are at the right address.

Not only will this tent protect your children, but also give to your little kids the opportunity fully enjoy the games outdoors. Want to check up whether everything it’s good with the children, but do not want to disturb them – there is a mesh window in this tent.

Don’t like being disturbed while cooking? Then this tent is the right one for your toddlers to keep themselves entertained and busy! Whether children are playing with their toys or playmates, they will always be engaged.

This tent for babies is 100% polyester, air flow, super soft material. Because of sturdy and tough fiberglass poles, you shouldn’t worry about the possibility of collapsing. You can rely on this tent to entertain both boys and girls.

What We Like

Because it’s a great and colorful tent. Also good for a long cold winter day of indoor play.


  • Made well; sturdy materials
  • It’s suitable for multi-purpose use
  • Includes a tunnel door so you can create tent cities with other play tents

  • It’s fun for kids play but not for serious campers

Does the opening zip or tie?
The opening velcros on both sides.

Is it water resistant?

How many kids can fit in?
2 kids comfortably. 3 a tight fit.

Playhut Collapsible Train Play Vehicle

Playhut Collapsible Train Play Vehicle

Age: 2 years old and up.

Your boy happens to be talking about cars a lot? Or maybe trains? Give your little boy an opportunity to have his own train with such collapsible tents for boys. The train has two tunnels: one’s on the side, another’s on the back.

There’s also great sunroof that allows fresh air and light to get inside. Since the tent is made of lightweight nylon, it can be set up and collapsed quickly. Thanks to a cheerful Thomas the Train design, this play hut can be connected with other structures to create a large fort to play in.

In addition, there’s enough space inside to fit approximately four children. We bet that the pop up tent Playhut Thomas Train Vehicle will provide your kids with hours of unforgettable fun.

What We Like

We like it because of multiple reasons: there is nothing in this tent for children to get frustrated of plus it’s a perfect place to sleep – the children can even take their pillow, toys, e.t.c. in for there is much space inside.


  • It’s a cute toy that the child can use their imagination with
  • It’s lightweight
  • It packs up neatly enough

  • The material is a bit easy to tearIt’s fun for kids play but not for serious campers

Does it have a bottom?
Yes, the bottom is the same as the rest of the material.

Is this for a toddler bed tent?
No, it’s just a pop up play tent.

Is this an indoor tent?
Definitely! It would not hold up well outside.

Truedays Big Tent for Fun Play

Truedays Big Tent for Fun Play

Age: 12 months and up.

If you have many kids, we highly recommend you our Truedays Big Tent. In case you are reading the word big, make sure you understand that it is really big.

This large play tent is 5 feet tall. It can fit 4-6 kids at once. Which is more than amazing. It comes in a flat round storage bag. The set consists of two parts to the tent, the house and the roof.

There is also an opportunity to add the balls inside the tent (bought separately). There are also small tent-pegs in case the tent will be used outdoors.
The cool thing is that the window and door openings aren’t flush with the floor. That helps keep the stuff inside. Five stars!

What We Like

Because there is so much space there that no child in the family will remain offended. This is a good, reliable children’s play tent for entertainment.


  • Large size
  • Great colors
  • An opportunity to fill it with the balls or toys

  • Difficult to pack it up

Is it suited for a bit older kids, 7, 8 year old?
Yes, it is very nice.

Does this have poles or just pop up?
Just pops up.

Is the flooring inside the tent thick?
The bottom is made of durable nylon, it is thicker than the rest of the tent.

Large Club House Tent for Little/Big Kids

Large Club House Tent

Age: 36 months – 15 years.

If you have both small and grown-up children and you want something that everyone will like, let us introduce model from big tents section. Featuring a size of this tent, it can fit lots of kids of different ages.

Wanna create a reading club for you kids? Grab some pillows and there it is. It’s also amazingly suitable for playing games with your children, for example, in peekaboo as this big tent has windows with flap covers and two very wide doors that ties open.

You can be sure, it’ll provide your kids hours of fun. You don’t have to worry about the quality, it has durable stitching for many hours of fun. The set consists of Club House Tent, color-coded fiberglass tent poles, carry bag and instruction.

What We Like

We love this for its simplicity and many possibilities. Not even speaking about it’s designed not only for little but also for big kids.


  • Large enough
  • Good ventilated
  • Easy to put together

  • A bit hard to set up

How easily does it come down (for moving around from room to room)?
Super easy! It is like air…just pick it up and move it!

Can be used outdoor?
Yes, just be sure you tie it down with tent stakes.

How tall is it?
The very top is 4ft and the door is a 3ft 6in. A great gift for kids.

Playhut Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

 Playhut Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Age: 4 – 15 years.

This model has been designed for kids who are fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoon, but I’m sure any kid will like it’s cool and funny design. They’ll go crazy over these printed cartoon characters.

Featuring three exits in the form of tunnels, your children will be able to simulate the super movements and skills of the beloved ninja turtles. Also, these tunnels can be connected to other Playhut structures so it’d be amazingly cool for your kids to build a whole little city of their own.

In case you want to make a kid even happier, buy some thematical Ninja Turtles toys to play in the tent with. And don’t be so worried about using it near the open flame, e.g. on picnics – this tent is flame resistant.

What We Like

Because this tent allows children not only to see the turtles, but also to feel themselves in their shoes.


  • Easy to clean up
  • The popular cartoon is printed

  • There’s no floor
  • The material is not the best one around

What type of material is this made of?
The playhut tents are made of a durable, stain-resistant synthetic fabric.

Are there covers for the tunnels holes, since it does not come with the tunnel?

What size set up?
It is pretty big. He’s about 36 inches tall.

What to Look for Before Buying a Tent for Kids?

Buying something new for your kids is always great, though, as anything, it should be done with a bit of consideration. Decided to buy your kids a tent? Here’s what you should know:

First, go through few factors: age and sex of the child obviously being the most important ones that’ll determine design, its purpose and structure, size and material.

You have to pay special attention to the material the tent made of. Child’s tents should be made of high-quality, non-toxic, body-friendly materials. A dense synthetic fabric is best suited – it is strong, resistant to burns and scratches, and easy to clean. What good will it be if your little kid gets an allergy after he or she plays out there?

Also, make sure that the material is sturdy enough, since the tent is going to be used by multiple children for months, and they are not known for being very careful. It’d be awkward when a gift, your kids dreamed of, tears apart on the next day. Sometimes it’s also a point to find out whether a tent is flame resistant in order to be sure for kid’s health.

Talking about health, kids toy tent must have special windows or apertures to provide good air circulation inside. You can always find out about it, asking questions to the seller, or looking through the Q&A section for the answers to other customer’s questions.

One more thing to look for before buying a new kid tents is its design. No matter how sturdy and durable the tent is, the kid has to like it. To have your kids satisfied, buy something your childrens like. For that, you should at least know about your children’s preferences.

Besides, outside tents have to be colorful for the safety purposes as well. If your kid is a boy, then consider tents in the form of cars, pirate ships or with characters of adventure cartoons. Little princesses will be pleased with the tents in the form of castles, forts or shops. They will also enjoy the heroes of their favorite cartoons or films, of course.

Also, the important factor in choosing a tent is its size. Because, for example, you can’t situate a large tent in a small room. If you have several children, the best option would be to buy two tents with tunnels between. So that each child will have his/her own house.

In addition, don’t forget about the fact that the children can’t stay in the same place for a long time. They’ll definitely want to go outside and take the tent with them. So, it should be compact, portable, and easy to assemble and collapse.

Take into account, that all children like something different. For example, the boy may not be so happy with the pink castle, and the girl may not like the car, though mine prefers them over dolls.

All in all, be creative, try to imagine yourself as a little kiddo and find a choice that best suits your kids’ needs and your finances. If you make the right choice it’ll bring your kids dozens of hours of fun and amusement.