12 Best-Rated Kids Karaoke Machines – Reviews

Top-Rated Karaoke Machines

Our top 3 picks

Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones

Little Pretender Kids Karaoke MachineYou want your child to feel super special while singing his or her heart out. With this Little Pretender cheap karaoke machines applause feature it will be as if they’re performing in front of a real crowd. There are even blinking lights. The audio options and optional stand also makes it extremely versatile to suit almost any kid’s preferences.



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VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System with Mic Stand

VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke SystemThis one is a winner for the girls with its pink design and sparkly layout. No wonder it has won a Toy of the Year Award already. The recording feature is fun and with built-in games, this turns into a toy that helps your child develop various skills. That’s why these machines are highly rated players in our books.



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Singing Machine Karaoke with Light Show

Singing Machine KaraokeThis is one of our top singing machines for teens and for tweens thanks to its sleek look but also its range of functions. It’s still attractive with lights built-in but the system is more advanced than the toddler options with balance controls, line ins and Bluetooth streaming. It will feel like the real thing!



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Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine

Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine

Age: top-rated karaoke machine for kids for any little 3 year old or older children.

Playing is more fun when you can share it with friends and thanks to a second mic this real karaoke machine allows two people to sing. It has all the features a real performance should have with lights, a mic stand and an applause button. The machines only require four AA batteries so you can position yours anywhere. Music options are varied since you can use built-in tunes or stream via an Aux cable.

You can also opt to sing with or without the mic so children can customize their playing time according to personal preferences. They may even want to use the stand while playing other toys as instruments. The options are endless with this one. It can stretch 40” at most so it may not be ideal for taller kids or teens but it’s great that this is adjustable so small kids can make it work for their heights.

It weighs 2.43lb so it will feel sturdy while still being light enough for kids to move it where they need it.

Why We Like it

We love how this machine simulates the experience of a real performance thanks to the flashing lights and applause. It will feel like American Idol!


  • Diverse in options
  • Great visual stimulations
  • Exciting child-focused feature

  • Not teen friendly
  • More expensive than similar units


To what devices can you connect this?
The Aux cable that’s provided can connect with many devices that are Aux enabled such as a CD player or computer and most musical devices. You may need converters for some of them but they’re easy to find.

Are the batteries included?
Yes this brand supplies you with the necessary batteries so you can start using the product the moment you receive it.

VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System

VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System

Age: for 4 year old kids up to 9 year olds.

It only weighs 3.85lb but it’s packed with handy features such as a 3.5mm jack input to connect your music sources such as a CD player or MP3 player. An iPhone can also work. Alternatively, you can use one of the eight built-in songs.

It also has the right look with a disco ball that actually turns and comes with seven different effects. It’s quite advanced as it can turn down the volume of the main vocal effects so your child can feel like the main performer.

You can record your singing, change your voice and have an imaginary audience applaud your performance. Everything is powered by four AA batteries or an AC power source. This is also an educational device since you can learn rhythm or memory abilities via the various games provided.

Why We Like it

A theme makes all the difference when it comes to childrens toys and this girl focused toy will be the ideal gift for a young up and coming diva.


  • AC power feature means no batteries needed
  • Easy operation that kids understand
  • Educational
  • Great style for girls
  • Mic stand included

  • Not ideal for both genders
  • Low volume
  • Only one mic
  • No lyrics


Are other designs available?
No. At the moment only one style which is little girl oriented can be purchased. This could change in the future as it’s a relatively new product.

Is the material used safe for kids to play with?
The brand adheres to the guidelines of the US Toy Safety Standard.

Singing Machine Karaoke

Singing Machine Karaoke

Age: these are family karaoke machines and appropriate for older children. It may be a bit complicated for toddlers and you don’t want them damaging sensitive dials of the system.

It’s something attractive to kids as it has flashing lights and they can play all their favorite songs thanks to Bluetooth and line in connections or even the built-in CD player. It’s also fun for those who require a bit more since it has echo and balance control. That’s why it serves a wide age range.

It looks very stylish and even has microphone holders to keep them from getting damaged. If your kids want to sing songs they don’t know this is one of the more sophisticated units that allow you to see words if you can connect it to a screen.

Why We Like it

This is not a baby toy karaoke machine as it’s more advanced and looks sleek & modern too. This makes more sense as a gift for teens than the kid-oriented ones also mentioned in these reviews. It’s also one of the few kids toys that will show lyrics when connected to a TV.


  • Can show lyrics
  • Can accommodate two mics
  • Built-in CD player

  • Only one microphone supplied
  • Too complicated for toddlers


How can you connect it to different screens to show lyrics?
It’s designed to connect to a TV via RCA cables but thanks to the Bluetooth feature it also works easily in pairing with iPads or similar devices. The Bluetooth also means technology such as Pandora can be utilized effortlessly.

How is this powered?
You can power it via the provided AC cord.

Sing Along MP3 Karaoke Music Player for Toddlers

Sing Along MP3 Karaoke Music Player

Age: these are good toddler karaoke machines for 3 or 4 year old kids & older.

It’s a radio unit and karaoke in one as you can opt to simply play music or you can use the mics to sing along. The music can come from a variety of sources including:

  • Bluetooth connections.
  • USB.
  • FM Radio.
  • Aux input.
  • SD Card.

The music’s volume can be adjusted so parents can manage how loud the kids’ playtime is. You can power it via USB charging or batteries but note that the latter is not included. The colorful design will attract any kid’s attention so it’s ideal to spark their curiosity for the arts. The buttons are large enough so small kids can easily press them but at the same time learn accurate motor functions.

Handy tip: The headphone jack outlet can accommodate earphones if you don’t want music blaring through the speakers.

Why We Like it

The ideal and safe way to let your children fall in love with music because it’s robust & simple enough for toddlers but it still has remarkable features.


  • Two mics provided
  • Variety of input options
  • USB powered
  • Adjustable volume
  • Bright design attracts kids attention

  • Mics can cause distortion
  • Some components are of low quality


Can this portable karaoke system record too?
No this is not a recorder. The voices are simply played and amplified through the speaker.

Can you detach the microphones?
No these mics are fixed to the systems. Kids will have to be near the machine to use them.

Karaoke USA Family Portable System with Screen

Karaoke USA Family Portable System

Age: most appropriate for six year old and up. Smaller kids may find it too complicated or damage it.

In this children’s karaoke with 2 microphones, you get most of what you’ll find in a regular machine but it’s made appropriate for children. It comes standard with 300 songs of which you can view lyrics on a bright screen.

If you want to use your own songs you can connect devices via Aux input, SD card or USB. It even has a spot for your phone to rest in. You get a remote control so you can manage it from a distance. The 7” screen is big and bright enough for this. It weighs quite a bit at 10lb but it’s because of high-end components such as the 35W speaker that will deliver good audio.

Why We Like it

The screen that will show your lyrics is provided so you don’t have to attach it to a secondary device or TV.


  • 2 microphones
  • 300 songs provided
  • Multiple song sources
  • Remote control

  • Provided songs are outdated
  • Concerns about the quality of components


Can you hook it up to other speakers?
The unit has no output features to accommodate cabling or wireless options to incorporate additional speakers. The unit’s own speaker is quite impressive though.

Is Bluetooth a connection option?
No this is not a Bluetooth operated device.

What types of phones will work with this device?
You can connect almost any SmartPhone with any operating system such as Android and iOS.

Memorex Sing Stand for Teens

Memorex Sing Stand

Age: a machine more appropriate for teens and tweens.

Teens can imagine it’s the real thing because this black and silver device looks like the equipment you’ll see on a professional stage. It’s a great item to use as a toy but also to offer the opportunity to practice and hone talent. You can sing alone or do a duet with the dual mics. Your music can come from other devices via Bluetooth or headphone jack.

Modern technology is used to dampen songs’ main vocals so you can hear your own voice primarily. It will be played via two 5W speakers. Those are not super powerful speakers but should suffice for general use. The audio is also improved thanks to automated voice and balance control. It doesn’t have a screen to show lyrics but does provide space to place your own device with a screen.

Why We Like it

This is more sophisticated which caters for the serious young music lover and even talented musicians. You can connect an instrument such as a guitar or a keyboard to play along with.


  • Can connect instrument
  • Supports two mics
  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Too sophisticated for toddlers
  • No screen for lyrics
  • No built-in songs


How long is the mic cord?
The cords are at least 3ft in length. This gives enough space for young people to find a comfortable standing position where they can also view the lyrics if needed.

Is this battery driven?
No this is an AC powered unit so you need to position it near a power outlet.

Trolls CDG Karaoke Machine with CD Player

Trolls CDG Karaoke Machine

Age: 4 year old and upwards.

This is a very specifically themed toy so it’s important you know the kid that gets this machine really loves Trolls. The design is based on the popular movie. It only weighs 3lb so small kids will easily carry this around. They may want to place it near the TV to view the lyrics as this is one of the functions. They can power it with the AC power cord or batteries.

They’ll be attracted by the bright blue and pink colors. This makes it appropriate for any gender but most for girls. The large buttons are easy to manage and with the flashing lights, it’s most kids dream toy.

You can sing the provided tracks or play your own music by connecting it to personal devices. The manufacturer provides most of the necessary cabling for the functions so there won’t be many additional purchases to customize your child’s experience.

Why We Like it

It’s a compact and child-oriented device that can truly be optimized since you can connect it to the TV.


  • Cord and battery operated
  • Can connect to TV to see lyrics
  • Popular songs provided
  • Great design and lights are engaging for kids

  • Limited songs provided
  • No Bluetooth feature


Can you use two mics?
There’s a 6.5mm input on the machine. Any mic with that fitting can be used additionally.

Can you connect headphones to this device?
Yes there is an output to connect headphones. Note that unlike many of the other accessories headphones aren’t included in the buy.

MIANOVA Wireless Microphone: Kid Friendly Model

MIANOVA Wireless Microphone

Age: safe for use for any child seven months or older.

Children can now take the karaoke games wherever they want because this mic sized machine has all it takes to start singing. The wireless microphone will connect via Bluetooth to almost any Smartphone or you can access songs on an SD card.

You can move around while singing because there aren’t any wires and it will pick up the audio as far as 10m from the source. Alternatively, you can connect via a USB cable and it’s great that this USB to headphone jack connection is provided. On the handle you’ll find buttons to browse songs and it’s pretty easy to use. The glitzy design may not be for boys which makes it great that there’s a black version too.

Why We Like it

This is not only portable but with the glamorous aesthetics it looks like the type of microphone the diva at heart absolutely must own.


  • Bluetooth activated
  • Compact machine makes karaoke portable
  • 12-month warranty
  • Echo effect included

  • No screen to see lyrics


What power options are there?
This item is powered by a 3.7V 2000mAh battery. You charge it via the micro USB charging connector.

What materials are found in this device?
These karaoke players are mixtures of plastic and aluminum components.

KOMVOX Bluetooth Mic: Good Gift for Boys & Girls

KOMVOX Bluetooth Mic

Age: it’s simple enough for toddlers 3 years and older. Teens can use it but may prefer a more sophisticated design.

This is one of the best kids karaoke machines because it’s quite impressive to find battery life of +/- 4 hours in such an affordable karaoke machine. You want to keep the batteries charged because kids love singing with this cordless microphone system.

The audio they hear can come from mobile devices or anything that will connect via Bluetooth. Alternatively, you can use the TF/SD card option but this card is not included in your purchase.

Its other attraction is the bright LED lights of different hues that will add the X factor to your kid’s experience. It’s quite light at only 8.8oz so even small children find it comfortable to carry around. The audio features also impress since there are echo and volume buttons to play with so kids can get their desired results to sound like real stars.

Why We Like it

If a kid wants to jive it’s best to give him or her a wireless option. With this wireless sing along machine there are no limits: Kids can sing and dance their best all over the room.


  • Both boy and girl designs available
  • Wireless singing
  • Bluetooth enabled

  • No SD card supplied
  • Voice audio not as loud as backtrack audio


Does the power source create safety problems for small children?
Because you charge it with a USB cord and there are not loose batteries involved this is a very safe toy for toddlers. There are no battery covers that can open up and allow access to the hazardous material.

How do you charge it if the original charger doesn’t work or gets lost?
Because this is powered by standard USB chargers similar to many Smartphone chargers it’s easy to find a replacement. You can also use the one you already have for your mobile devices.

Singing Machine Karaoke Player: Great for Preschoolers

Singing Machine Karaoke Player10. Singing Machine Karaoke Player

Age: appropriate for toddlers and older but mostly preschool kids. Older tweens and teens—even a ten year old—may find the design too childish.

This is a super portable unit for preschool kids thanks to the handle on the side. It gives children a simple way to carry it around which ensures it’s carried correctly so it doesn’t get damaged. It does weigh 3.85lb so small children may need some assistance.

Children tend to love the colorful design with the disco lights feature. You can connect mics via the provided microphone jacks.

Note that although it can accommodate two microphones the brand only provides one. The nifty feature is that you can control the mics’ volume separately. Ensure loud singers don’t overwhelm those with timid voices.

The best way to prevent a fight among the kids! The music source is the CD player in which you can play provided or your own CDs.

Why We Like it

There are two mic inputs with separate volume controls so two singers can customize their audio. There are even some echo and balance controls to assist in creating a stellar performance.


  • Can accommodate two mics
  • Disco lights attract players’ attention
  • Aux cables provided
  • Comes with CD player

  • Not a high-quality child karaoke set; tends to wear out quickly
  • Only one mic provided


Can you see lyrics?
The unit itself doesn’t display any lyrics as it doesn’t come with screen. However, you can connect it to a screen such as a TV unit. The lyrics which form part of the provided CDs—saved on the song files—will then show. There won’t be lyrics if you play your own normal CDs.

Frozen Disney’s Karaoke Machine w/ FREE CD-G Songs

Frozen Disney’s Karaoke Machine

Age: safe for use by kids aged five months to eight years.

Here’s another kid friendly karaoke system that’s eye-catching because of the theme. This one draws inspiration from the movie Frozen. Kids get a CD included containing songs from the movie. When you play these songs while the system is connected to a TV the lyrics will show on the screen.

You can power it with batteries or AC cords. The lights add some character to a performance and you can play audio from various sources such as mobile phones. Most cables needed to connect with audio devices are included as well as the AV cable for visuals such as the videos with words.

Why We Like it

The perfect gift for Frozen fans who want to sing the famous ‘Let it go’ song.


  • Popular theme
  • All cables provided

  • Only two songs on provided CD
  • Only one mic
  • Concerns about quality


Can you plug headphones into the box?
No there is no output connection for headphones. You must listen via speakers.

Which type of batteries do you need for this?
It takes C type batteries. You’ll need six of them.

Kidzlane Karaoke Set: Perfect for Tweens

Kidzlane Karaoke Set

Age: kids 3 year old and up will enjoy this.

This is a set that will grow with a child. It comes with stand that’s adjustable and with the three dance beats available children can change it as their personal tastes adjust. The maximum height of the stand is 47”.

This cheap option is brightly colored which will attract kids’ attention. You can connect a CD player or mobile device with the provided Aux cable.

Why We Like it

It caters for two people at a time. The children’s karaoke with 2 microphones is an ideal toy for when friends visit.


  • Two mics
  • Lights and sounds such as applause/booing
  • Child-oriented design

  • No songs provided


Are the mics loose or connected to the stand?
These aren’t wireless mics. The cable running between the mic and the stand forces you to stand near the system.