3 Highest-Rated Kid’s Doctor Kits

Updated: 28 August 2018

As a parent, you have to support your child while pursuing his/her dream. Buying your child, a doctor kit will prove the unwavering support you have for him or her. Below are the highest-rated kids doctor kits.

Joyful Realistic Doctor Play Set with Lab Coat

It is a kid’s kit that will develop your child’s imagination. Equipped with a stethoscope, syringe, thermometer, scissors and other components, your baby will enjoy playing with it.

This one of the best kid’s doctor kits comes with a lab coat. On wearing it your baby will look like a doctor. He/she can wear it while assuming to offer treatment services.


  •  High quality, safe and durable. No frequent maintenance and repair costs.
  •  Contains colorful and cute pieces, that produce light or sound which will develop your kid’s social skills.
  •  Durable doctor`s kit.
  •  Your kid will enjoy receiving and making imaginary calls.
  •  Gives your baby a chance to imitate a doctor.


  •  The box latch is prone to breaking easily.
  •  The phone rarely works on pulling the tab.
  •  The box is too small to hold all equipment at once.
  •  A bit overpriced.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Doctor Kit for Kids

This kid’s kit is endorsed with several amazing accessories. It has a cell phone for your baby to enjoy making imaginary phone calls.

There is a thermometer with a dial to turn. The available blood pressure cuff contains Velcro that will remain on your baby’s arm. Squeezing makes it rotate pointing various numbers.


  •  The stethoscope comes with batteries for your baby to check the imaginative heartbeat.
  •  Has a toy cellphone promoting imaginary consultations over the phone.
  •  Matching calls that make it appealing in various roles.
  •  Great kid’s kit for children aged 3 and more years.
  •  Contains sufficient medical tools, perfect for aspiring surgical staff.


  •  The stethoscope, the sphygmomanometer and the thermometer lack logic in how they operate.
  •  Its band-aids are sometimes painful for kids to put on.
  •  The stethoscope is bound to hurt the kid while putting on due to the hard-plastic earpieces.
  •  Short blood pressure strap is hard for the kid to wrap around his/her arm.

Joyin Toy Dentist Medical Kit with Electronic Stethoscope

This is a high-quality medical kit. It has quality features determined to give your baby much fun.

This set contains sufficient medical tools for aspiring surgical stuff. Its features include forceps,3 bandages, scalpel, tweezers, eyeglasses and other remarkable components.


  •  Sufficient medical tools for junior surgical activities.
  •  Powerful batteries to support the cellphone and stethoscope.
  •  The carrying box has enough space to store the doctor’s equipment.
  •  Suitable for children aged 3 years.


  •  Quite overpriced.
  •  Frequent purchasing of batteries, when they run out of power.
  •  The stethoscope will bring your kid neck discomfort when he/she puts on for long.

Getting your baby, a good doctor play set should be the best birthday gift ever. It does give you baby a chance to imitate an actual doctor. Something he/she will find joy in doing.