Alarm clocks for kids are designed using fantasy, bright colors, and imagination. Best kids alarm clocks come in cartoon characters, movies hero shape, or in cute little shapes.

The design is essential to attract kids, to make them sleep better, without worries about the morning waking. An excellent device that plays songs, light up, and looks like Batman or Spiderman and tell time is a must for a kid going to school.

There is a large scale of top-rated alarm clock for kids – Amazon presents a generous offer. Clock for kids intuitively set the time, avoid the child to go from a too-early riser to a correct on-time.

Batman Alarm Clock: Best for Boys

Boys love Batman; they dream to save Gotham City as their hero. The clock is A LEGO DC Universe clock. LEGO created a collection of superheroes with lighted display. When the child pushes the toy’s head, the clock snooze and the light is on. The Batman clock is made of plastic, in black and yellow colors, with an LCD.


  • Function alarm snooze.
  • Alarm Display.
  • Moveable legs and arms.
  • For kids up to 6 years old.
  • Two years warranty.
  • Goes to pm and am.


  • Not for children under six years old (small pieces).
  • Works only on batteries.
  • The model can’t be attached to a LEGO toy.
  • The alarm sound is a beep – kids prefer a sound effect inspired from Batman theme.

Digital Clock with FM Radio: Best for Girls

It is an excellent digital device. The light is 1% of brightness in a normal state. It will be on to 100% brightness in 30 minutes, and bring gradually, to wake children in peace and calm.

The clock has six nature sounds and seven colors. The sounds are harmonious, coming from nature: birds, forest, waves. The kid can choose his favorite and enjoy nature sounds.

The colors for night lights are preparing the child’s mood. The natural colors and music are the premise of an optimistic and energetic awakening.


  • Light brightness: 140 Lux.
  • Speaker: 8 Ohm – 240 Vac.
  • The kid can set the brightness level.
  • It shines with the brightness from 1% to 100%; the maximum brightness wakes up the child.
  • The child can turn off the light.
  • FM radio mode. Offers radio channels as waking alarm.


  • The clocks are not reliable; they work one and another day don’t work.
  • The clock is cheap, complicated to use for a kid.
  • The alarm sound is not high-class quality.

Preschool Alarm Clock & Night-Light

A cute clock, with colors changing for day and night, recommended for 2-5 years kids. The night glow is a soft green, showing the kid that it is ok to wake up and go out of evil.

The model snooze, the animation is fun. Helps children to become independent. The newest version has a USB cord.


  • Easy to program.
  • The night light is light up when is time to wake up.
  • The kids understood not to wake up until the green light is on.
  • Parents and kid gets the best sleep.
  • AA battery to wake up.


  • Wall adapter non-included.
  • The backlight is not available all the time.
  • There is no dying battery indicator.
  • Not recommended in kid’s bed.

Families enjoy the night sleep, in peace and calm. High-quality child alarm clock is solving any wakeup situation. Kids enjoy the calm night sleep. The watch for kids has attractive designs, shape, and colors.

Some represent figures from favorite cartoons. Some have the superhero shape, such as Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, or Stormtrooper. A careful parent can make an excellent gift for his kid purchasing a good digital clock.