11 Best Kids Alarm Clocks – Reviews

Our Top 3 Picks

Batman Alarm Clock: Best for Boys


This top-rated alarm clock for kids will be a great present for your little boy. It features a cool Lego Batman design, which so many children love. Let your kid’s favorite character wake him up with a cheerful beeping sound every morning, inspiring him to be productive and adventurous.

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Digital Clock with FM Radio: Best for Girls


This awesome light alarm clock will wake your child up in the most natural, soft way. By increasing its brightness from 1% to 100% gradually, this model mimics the sunrise, gently waking your child up. It features beautiful nature sounds for a calm mood and a built-in FM radio for the days when your kid wants something more energetic in the morning.

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Preschool Alarm Clock & Night-Light


The “Ok to Wake!” is a good digital clock for preschoolers, both boys and girls. It will teach your baby to stay in bed longer, allowing you to get more sleep and balancing out your kid’s sleeping regime.

The colors will tell your baby when it is okay to get out of bed and go wake mommy up. This will also foster the feeling of independence in your little boy or girl.

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Top-Rated Alarm Clocks for Kids

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman Alarm Clock

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman

If you need a boys alarm clock that would excite your kid, consider this cool model. Shaped like Batman, it will become a great addition to your boy’s toy collection and will serve as a bedside clock as well.

Being among the best kids alarm clocks, it features a digital LCD screen, which will help your child learn how to tell time. The alarm sound is the good old beeping. However, it is not too loud or annoying, which means it won’t irritate your child in the morning.

Why we like it

We absolutely adore the design of this model. Batman is the favorite character of many kids, and we are sure that your little boy will love this clock too. He will perceive it more as a toy than as a bothersome device, which means every morning will begin cheerfully for your little one.


  • Soft beeping sound, not irritating
  • Snooze function for a smoother waking up process
  • Cool Batman design, quite large, features a nice screen and well-visible numbers
  • Easy to use
  • Digital display, will help your kid learn how to tell time
  • Solid quality, 2-year warranty
  • Comes with batteries

  • The screen lights up only when you push on the figure’s head, which might be a little inconvenient sometimes


Does it work on batteries or do I need to plug it in?
This model works on 2 AAA batteries, which come with the clock.

How big is it?
It is 9.25 inches tall.

Do its legs and arms move?
Yes, this model features movable arms and legs.

Digital Clock with FM Radio

Bduck-Sunrise Wake Up Light Digital Alarm Clock

This high-quality child alarm clock stands out from other models thanks to its unique way of waking children up. It offers a very smooth but effective wake-up method. At the set time, this clock turns its light on and gradually increases its brightness during half an hour, reaching its 100% when it’s time for your kid to get up. This way, it imitates the natural sunrise, sending the signals to your childs brain that it’s time to wake up.

However, this clock won’t only light up. It also features 6 nature sounds and can change its color, which allows for customization. Your girl can also wake up to the sounds of popular music with this cool alarm clock radio.

Why we like it

We love how gentle and smooth this light up clock can be. It offers a very natural way of waking up. It is an absolute best option for kids who don’t like hearing loud or hash alarm sounds in the morning.


  • A very smooth and natural way to wake up (mimics the sunrise)
  • Offers customization, with nature sounds, different light colors, and radio
  • Very effective, even for kids who have troubles waking up in the mornings
  • Suitable for all ages

  • Instructions are somewhat unclear, so the setup process might be a bit tricky


Can I turn the light off for the night?
Yes, you can set the light level any way you want.

How big is it?
This model is 15 inches tall.

Children’s Alarm Clock & Night-Light

Patch Products LLC OK to Wake! Childrens Alarm Clock & Night-Light

If you are searching for a cool alarm clock for girls and boys who are still too small to understand the concept of time schedule, you definitely need to consider this model. It will teach your preschooler when it is okay to leave the bed and go wake mommy and daddy up.

The clock serves as a nightlight and will come in handy if your baby can’t sleep in the total darkness. When the morning comes, it lights up green (at the particular time you set it), showing your baby that it’s okay to get up if he or she wants to. It might even help your kid fall back asleep, normalizing their sleep regime.

Why we like it

This is a perfect option for smaller kids. If your baby goes to the kindergarten and wakes up early every day, you probably want him or her to let you sleep longer during the weekend. This alarm clock is a great way to teach them to stay in bed and not wake mom and dad too early.


  • Great for small children, a very simple concept for them to understand
  • Teaches your kid to stay in bed and not wake the parents up
  • Can serve as a nightlight
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with 2 different front panels

  • The back panel has exposed control buttons, which your kid can play with, thus changing the settings


Can I turn the nightlight function off?
Yes, just press the button on the left side.

Can I use only the light, without the alarm sound?
Yes, you can set the clock so that it will only use the light and not the sound.

How can I keep the nightlight mode on all night?
You can’t, unfortunately. The light will stay on for 2 hours maximum.

Mirari Talking Alarm Clock for Bedroom

Mirari Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light

This fun talking alarm clock is an all-in-one model, which will do a lot of things for you and your child. First off, it will teach your kid time. Featuring both digital and analog clocks, this childrens alarm will offer your little boy or girl fun interactive educational games. For smaller children, there’s an “Ok to Wake” light function, which will teach them to stay in bed or play in their room until it’s okay to go wake mommy and daddy up.

This model can also be used as a nightlight. It comes with the interchangeable front rings, allowing for customization. And, of course, it works as a regular alarm clock. There’s also a snooze button, just like in grown-ups’ clocks!

Why we like it

We love the educational properties this clock has. It is very convenient to use and will smoothly and gradually introduce your child to the world of numbers and the time telling concept.


  • Teaching games (5 adjustable skill levels)
  • “Ok to Wake” light feature
  • Both digital and analog clocks
  • Can be used as a nightlight
  • Suitable for different age categories
  • Interchangeable color ring
  • Snooze feature

  • The nightlight is quite bright, which may be too bright to some
  • This is an electric clock, but it comes without a power cord (only with a USB one). You will have to get an adapter.


Can I set the clock to glow and not beep?
Yes, you can turn the sound off and only use the light-up function.

Is it childproof? Will my baby be able to change the settings while playing with it?
The control buttons are hidden under a panel that is quite hard to open, so your child won’t be able to change the settings.

My Tot Youth Cute Alarm Clock

My Tot Clock All-in-One Toddler Sleep Clock Alarm Clock Timeout Timer and Activity Timer

What makes this model stand out from other children’s alarm clocks is its functionality. Being a great model for toddlers, it combines everything necessary to entertain your kid and build up his or her sleeping habits.

It features not only wake and bed timers but also nap, fun, and thinking time indicators. This model also plays lullabies and music, tells stories, and even creates white noise for your baby’s restful sleep. It also features interchangeable front panels, allowing your little girl or boy pick the design they love the most.

Why we like it

We are impressed by what this little clock is capable of. Not many kids’ alarms can do what it can. It will become your personal assistant, telling bedtime stories to your baby and teaching him or her how to stick to a certain sleep schedule.


  • Many helpful features, very functional model
  • Battery backup
  • Effective, helps kids get used to a certain sleeping regime
  • Works as a nightlight and a white noise machine
  • Different light timers, even for naps

  • The nightlight is quite bright
  • Rather expensive


Does this clock plug in?
Yes, you can plug it in. It also works on batteries.

Does it come with additional front panels?
No, the interchangeable panels are sold separately.

How many wake-up songs are there?
The clock features only 1 wake up song (“If You’re Happy and You Know It”). However, you can purchase the additional cartridges with other songs.

Amazing Spiderman 2 Night Glow Clock

KIDdesigns The Amazing Spiderman 2 Night Glow Alarm Clock

This tween alarm clock is a great option for all Spiderman fans out there. We all know that boys love superheroes, so your little guy will definitely appreciate such a gift. It can work as a bedside clock, an alarm, and even as a nightlight.

The backlit display (digital) is easy to read. However, it isn’t exceedingly bright, which means it won’t irritate you kid or prevent him from falling asleep. This tween alarm will help your kid get used to a sleeping schedule, normalizing his regime and allowing him to get ready for school on time.

Why we like it

We are the fans of this model’s design. Tweens love Spiderman, and so do we. It is bright, colorful, and will become a great addition to your kid’s superhero collection.


  • Easy to use
  • Cool superhero design
  • Built-in nightlight
  • Quality made

  • The alarm is rather loud, which might annoy some users
  • This is a very simple model. More demanding users might find it too basic for such a price


Will it be suitable for a boy who is 10 years old?
Yes, definitely.

What is the power source of this model?
It operates on batteries.

Does it feature a built-in radio?
No, it does not, unfortunately.

What kind of batteries does it work on?
This model requires 3 AA batteries.

Music Clock w/ Bluetooth Speaker for Teens

Tinkin Light - Night Lights Bluetooth Speaker Bedside Lamp Touch Control Alarm Clock

If you need a cool alarm for teenage girl or boy, you should definitely check this music alarm clock out. It has a ton of cool features, which any teenager will love. First off, this is not just a clock; it’s also a Bluetooth speaker.

Your kid can connect his or her phone to it and play their favorite music. There are also USB and micro SD slots, so this model can be used as a music player. It can also make a great room accessory with light touch control.

Why we like it

We appreciate the versatility this clock offers. Your teenage son or daughter can use it to get up in the morning for school and to listen to music. It can also serve as a nightlight for smaller kids. And, thanks to the USB and SD ports, you can play stories and lullabies for your baby with this speaker clock.  No matter how old your child is, there’s something this model can offer him or her.


  • Offers a versatile use
  • Can serve as a Bluetooth speaker and a music player
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Suitable for different age groups
  • Great value for money

  • Comes without an outlet adapter
  • The time screen is located at the bottom of the clock, which means it can be blocked by other things on the bed table


Can I turn the light off?
Yes, you can turn it off completely by touching the top of the lid.

Will it work with my iPhone?
Yes, this clock/speaker works with all Bluetooth enabled devices.

Will it be suitable for a kid who is 8 years old?
Yes, it will work just fine as an alarm and a musical device, it’s rather easy to use.

BulbBotz Star Wars Children’s Light Up Clock

BulbBotz 2020503 Star Wars BB-8 Kids Light Up Alarm Clock

You don’t necessarily need those clocks with radios and fancy features to make your kid happy. This cute BB-8 alarm will be a real hit if your little boy likes Star Wars. It can be added to his collection or simply make a nice accessory for his bedside table.

Featuring a digital clock, this alarm is super easy to set up and use. It has a snooze button for those sweet extra minutes of slumber. And the BB-8 head lights up with the screen, which may be used as a small nightlight.

Why we like it

We absolutely love the adorable design of this model. BB-8 is one of kids’ most favorite Star Wars characters, so your child will definitely appreciate such a gift. It can motivate your child to stick up to the sleeping schedule and simply add to his or her Star Wars collection.


  • Neat and accurate themed design
  • Easy to use
  • Has a snooze function
  • Quality made

  • Doesn’t make the BB-8 sounds, which might disappoint some users


Will it be okay for a boy who is 5 years old?
The manufacturer recommends this clock for kids of the age 6 and up. However, we believe that a 5-year-old boy will use it just fine. Just make sure that he doesn’t change the settings himself since the back control buttons are not childproof.

What is the power source for this model?
It works on 2 AAA batteries.

What kind of sound does this alarm make?
It is a regular beep sound.

Stoplight Alarm Clock for Toddlers

Its About Time Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Alarm Clock for Kids

If you want to get your toddler his or her first alarm clock, this model might be a great option for you. Featuring the stoplight design, it will teach your kid when it’s okay to get up, developing their sense of independence and balancing out their sleep regime.

The yellow light can be used as a nightlight, while the green and the red ones signal your child whether it is time to get up or not. The digital display will come in handy when your baby will get older and will start learning the numbers.

Why we like it

We like the simplicity of this model, which makes it suitable even for smaller children. The stoplight is a very simple concept for kids to understand. This means your kid will easily comprehend the idea and will learn how to get up at the specific time, having a healthier sleep schedule and allowing you to sleep more.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple yet effective
  • The stoplight is an easy concept for kids to understand
  • Helps your child get used to a certain sleeping schedule
  • The yellow color can be used as a nightlight

  • The lights may be too bright to some users
  • Lightweight, might not withstand the rough play


For how long will the light remain green after turning on?
It will stay green for an hour.

Is it an electric clock?
Yes. However, it also features a battery backup (in case the power goes out, for example).

Travel Alarm Clock by Ddida

Ddida Flip alarm clock Travel Alarm Clock

This portable little clock will come in handy during your travels. Suitable for different age categories (starting from 6 years), it features a very simple yet efficient design. Flip it over or press any button to turn it off, hit the “Snooze” to get those 5 extra minutes of sleep, and use the screen as a soft nightlight.

Another cool thing about this model is its clean, sleek look. Doesn’t matter where you are going to put it, whether it’s your boy’s or girl’s room, it will easily blend with the interior. There are two color options for you to pick from. The pink one makes a cute alarm clock for girls, while the white model fits nicely into boys’ rooms.

Why we like it

We appreciate the portable design of this model. This is an ideal option for camping and traveling, which will help you and your children stick to the sleeping schedule, allowing you to feel fresh and rested.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Compact and portable
  • Super simple to set up and use
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Very soft and cozy nightlight
  • Snooze feature
  • Suitable for different age categories

  • This model works on batteries and cannot be plugged in, which can be an issue for some users


Will I be able to set two different alarms?
No, unfortunately.

What is this alarm’s sound?
It is the regular beeping sound.

What is the time format?
You can pick a time format yourself, either 12 or 24-hour format.

Can I change the alarm sound?
No, unfortunately, this model features only 1 alarm sound.

Peakeep 4″ Twin Bell Clock

Peakeep 4 Twin Bell Alarm Clock with Stereoscopic Dial

This cool alarm clock features a vintage, old-fashioned look and comes in 4 different colors, which means you will definitely find an option that your kid will love. However, it has some modern features too.

For instance, the backlight button will come in handy when your child needs to see the time in the darkness. This alarm also has a very loud sound, which is ideal for heavy sleepers or people who have hearing problems.

Keep in mind that it is an analog model, so it’s not suitable for smaller kids who don’t know how to tell time yet.

Why we like it

We really love the build quality and the design of this model. It has a sturdy body and beautiful stereoscopic numbers, which add a more genuine, vintage look to it. Another cool feature is its non-ticking hands, which will allow your kid to sleep peacefully without being annoyed by the clock ticking repeatedly.


  • Cool vintage look
  • Reasonably priced
  • Loud alarm sound, perfect for heavy sleepers
  • Easy to use
  • 4 different color options
  • Nicely made, doesn’t look or feel cheap

  • Analog clock, not suitable for smaller kids
  • Very loud, which is perfect for heavy sleepers but might annoy other users (or other people in your home)
  • No snooze feature


How many batteries does it require?
This alarm clock works on a single AA battery (not included).

For how long does it keep ringing when the alarm sets off?
The alarm will not stop ringing for around 50 minutes or until you turn it off.

Do its numbers glow in the dark?
No. However, there is a backlight, which you can turn on by pressing the button on the back.

What to Consider When Buying a Child Alarm Clock

Introducing your kid to the world of sleep scheduling is a good idea at any age. Whether your child is a teen or still a toddler, getting them a cool alarm clock will be beneficial. Chances are, it will normalize their sleeping schedule and patterns, which also means more sleep for you. It might even help them become more independent.

However, if you want the best results, you need to pick the best option for your children. In order to do that, consider the following aspects and criteria:

  • Ease of use. This is especially important if you want to get a clock for a small kid. In this case, the model you are considering should be easy to use, allowing your child to press the buttons, turn the alarm off, turn the light on, etc.
  • Safety. You definitely need to get a child friendly model since kids love to play with everything that’s around them, including their bedside clocks. Therefore, when shopping for one, get something that doesn’t feel wobbly and doesn’t have any small detachable parts (which your kid can swallow).
  • Durability. You can expect the clock to fall down many times and be banged around. We all know that kids tend to be quite hard on their toys. Therefore, you need a durable and a nicely built clock, which will be able to withstand all of the tests prepared for it by your kid.
  • Digital display or an analog clock. Digital clocks work great for smaller kids (starting from around 3 years), while the analog models are more suitable for teenage boys and girls.
  • Teaching properties. This is always a nice bonus, especially if your child is small. There are clocks that combine a digital screen and an analog one, helping children learn how to tell time. By simply looking at such a clock every day, your little kid will memorize the numbers.
  • Fun features. If you want your child to get used to their clock, it has to be interesting. Thankfully, the modern market offers countless cool models. You can get a clock that is shaped like your child’s favorite character or a cute animal. There are also clocks that make funny sounds or feature a radio, allowing children to enjoy music in the mornings.
  • What is your child like in the morning? This is a very important aspect that will help you figure out what clock model will be the most suitable for your kid. For instance, if your child gets irritated when being woken up by loud sounds, it’s better to get a clock with a smooth, soft sounding alarm and a snooze button to give your little boy or girl some time to adjust before starting the day. Or, if your child is a heavy sleeper, you might want to consider a clock that becomes gradually louder every second.

Keep these simple rules and factors in mind, and your quest for a good kids’ alarm clock will be successful.