10 Best Go-Karts for Kids – Reviews

Our Top 3 Picks

Razor Dune Buggy: Popular Children’s Go-Kart


Featuring a 350-watt electric motor, this cool children’s go-kart can reach the speed of up to 10 mph. It makes the best gift for kids of different ages, starting from 8 years old and up. Allow your child to have a good time and experience the excitement of racing.

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Hauck Highlander Pedal Go-Kart for Little Kids


This pedal go-kart is styled like a real racing car, which means your little boy or girl is definitely going to like it. And while they are having fun, you can feel calm and relaxed, as this is one of the safest karts out there thanks to its pedal construction.

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HoovyKart – Safe Child Go Kart


This convertible go-kart is an awesome option for a teenager, boy or girl. Featuring a rather simplistic design, it allows for hours of fun play and racing. Just attach your child’s Hoverboard to it, and watch them have the time of their life. This is a unique self-balancing cart model, which will become a great addition to your kid’s collection.

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Top-Rated Kids Go-Karts

Razor Dune Buggy

Razor Dune Buggy

Age: 8+.

This electric go-kart will be a real hit for your kid. Making a great present for 8, 9, or 10 year olds, it is suitable for both boys and girls and offers a very fun and exciting pastime. This battery-powered go-kart features a classic dune buggy design with knobby tires, a bucket seat, and, of course, a chain driven motor.

Being able to reach the maximum speed of 9-10 mph, this small cart allows for around 40 minutes of use on a single charge. You don’t have to worry about your kid’s safety too much since there is a seat strap, and the kart itself is very sturdy and not likely to tip over. This model is also quite easy to operate, so your kid won’t have troubles with it. It features a hand-operated braking system and a hand-controlled accelerator for variable speeds.

Why we like it

We absolutely love the solid build of this motorized go-kart. It has a durable steel frame and a rather thick plastic seat. We are sure that this model will be able to withstand all the races and other challenges your child has prepared for it.


  • Large and high-quality tires, work great even on the grass
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Sturdy build, durable and not likely to tip over
  • Hand-operated and easy to control
  • Space-efficient allows for a vertical storage
  • Protective padding

  • No reverse function
  • The seat is not adjustable


Will my kid be able to use this in our grassy backyard?
Yes, this model works fine on the grass.

Is it suitable for 5 year olds?
The manufacturer recommends this buggy for ages 8 and up. It might be too fast for a 5 year old.

How much weight can it support?
It will support up to 120 pounds.

Can it go in reverse?
No, unfortunately.

Hauck Highlander Pedal Go Kart Ride On

Hauck Highlander Pedal Go Kart Ride On

Age: 4-8 year olds.

There are many top-rated pedal go-karts for little kids, but this one is definitely worth your attention. Featuring a cool sporty design, this model is extremely easy to use, which makes it suitable even for toddlers. The pedal construction allows children to have control over the movement and the speed. The brakes are hand-operated and easy to use, which adds to the overall safety of your child.

This is a very ergonomic model. The seat is durable and adjustable. It has a high backrest, which is the best for your kid’s comfort. Because this isn’t a motorized model, it will encourage your baby’s physical activity and will help foster his or her coordination and strength.

Why we like it

We love how simple yet fun this model is. Being among the best go-karts for kids, it allows for a total speed control and is super easy to use. Thanks to its pedal design, this mini go-kart is suitable even for 4 and 5 year olds. There’s nothing complex about this kart, so your kids don’t have to waste time trying to figure out how to use it.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple yet reliable construction
  • Pedal design allows for an absolute control over the speed
  • Hand-operated brakes
  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy to assemble

  • No seatbelt. Even though this isn’t a motorized model, you might want a seatbelt for when your kid is riding downhill


Will it work fine off road?
This model is suitable for grass. However, it will require more effort from your kid to pedal it.

I have a 3 year old son, will this kart be suitable for him?
We think that this model might be too big for 3 year olds.

What are the tires made of?
The tires are rubber.

HoovyKart – Go Kart

HoovyKart - Go Kart Conversion Kit for Hoverboards - Safer For Kids

Age: 8-13 year olds.

If you want to surprise your kid with a fun and unusual alternative to the regular go-karts, consider this unique model. It is compatible with Hoverboards, which means your child will use two different gadgets. On the days when the kid is in the mood for go-karting, all he or she has to do is attach the Hoverboard to this cart. It’s that simple.

Being suitable even for big kids, this kart offers a great level of control. While being in a comfortable sitting position, your child will easily move the self-balancing Hoverboard with the rest of the cart construction. Moreover, the hand-operated control handlebars are super easy to use and make the whole process completely fuss-free.

Why we like it

We appreciate the fact that this model comes 90% assembled. This is crucial when you have an excited child at home who can’t wait to go outside and test his or her new device in action. With this kart, that waiting period will be very short.


  • Very easy to control
  • Comes almost fully assembled and can be used within minutes
  • Unique karting solution, will definitely interest your kid
  • Nicely built
  • Adjustable seat

  • The Velcro straps used for connecting the Hoverboard aren’t very durable, you might need to buy the new ones rather soon


Does it come with a Hoverboard?
No, unfortunately, you have to use your own or buy it separately.

Is there a weight limit for this model?
The manufacturer doesn’t specify this aspect, but we believe that this model can handle up to 200 pounds.

Will it be suitable for a teenager?
Yes, of course.

Kraulwell Hoverboard Mini Go Cart

Kraulwell Hoverboard Accessories

Age: 6-12 year olds.

This model is another Hoverboard-compatible small go-kart. Being a mini version, it is smaller than the previous one and can be used comfortably by younger kids. They don’t even have to know how to balance on the Hoverboard. The comfortable seat will allow for hours of fun without making an effort.

This particular model is compatible with any 6.5, 8, and 10-inch Hoverboard. The assembling process is rather easy and won’t take too much time. This is one of those hand-operated carts, featuring two handlebars to control the movement of the board. You can even go in reverse, which is a very handy feature.

Why we like it

We are impressed by the warranty the manufacturer offers. During the first year of use, you will get free replacements for the Velcro straps, the bolts, and even the seat if it breaks. This makes it suitable for boys and girls who tend to be a bit rough with their stuff.


  • Easy to use handlebar controls
  • Nicely made
  • Compact, suitable for smaller kids
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compatible with numerous Hoverboard models
  • Good warranty conditions

  • The back of the seat is quite thin and might break if you put too much pressure on it
  • Might tip over backward if not used carefully


How much weight can this model withstand?
It can handle 220-240 pounds maximum. However, keep in mind that the Hoverboard you use also has a weight limit, which might differ from this kart’s capacity.

Can I use it on the grass?
Theoretically, you can. However, the movement will be restrained and slow.

How big is the seat?
It is 13 inches wide and 10.6 inches long.

Hauck Lightning Kart: Great for Boys

Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart

Age: 4-7 year old kids.

This model belongs to the group of top-rated toddler go-karts for a number of reasons. First off, it is super easy to ride on and control. Featuring a 3-point steering wheel and a hand-controlled brake, it will work perfectly fine even for 4 year olds.

This kart is very sleek looking, featuring the race-styled pedals and the solid metal frame. It comes in two colors, green and pink. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whom you plan to get this model for, a boy or a girl, you can pick the appropriate color solution.

Why we like it

We absolutely love the build quality of this model. The metal frame is nicely constructed. It looks solid and reliable, which promises durability. The wheels deserve to be mentioned here too. They are coated with genuine rubber, which makes them suitable for almost any surface and, again, adds them durability. And the ribbed design makes them look like those real car wheels.


  • Adjustable seat, great for different children’s height
  • Good build quality
  • Easy to control (smooth steering wheel operation and hand brake)
  • Safe and suitable for smaller kids
  • Easy to put together

  • No seatbelt, which might disappoint some parents


Will it work on the grass?
Yes, but keep in mind that, in such a case, your child will need to make more effort when pedaling.

Is it suitable for a 6 year old boy?
Yes, absolutely.

Are the wheels plastic?
No, they are rubber.

Does it need to be assembled upon arrival?
Yes. However, the process is fairly easy and will take you around 15-20 minutes.

Razor Electric Outdoor Go-Cart for Big Kids

Razor Crazy Cart Electric 360 Spinning Drifting Kids Ride On Outdoor Go Cart

Age: 9 year olds and up.

If you are looking for an electric go-kart for a teenager, you might want to consider this model. Featuring a powerful rechargeable battery system (24V), it makes the best option for teens who enjoy racing, drifting, and competing with other kids. The special Drift Bar allows for some tricks and lets young drivers fully control the process.

Just like in real cars, this model has a foot pedal accelerator, which will allow your kid to control the speed. The battery is powerful enough to let this kart speed up to 12 mph.

And let’s not forget about safety. This go-kart features a special anti-tip front, which will prevent the cart from tilting too much and rolling over. There’s also a seatbelt (a simple but reliable lap strap), which also makes kids feel more secure when riding this go-kart.

Why we like it

We appreciate the fact that this model is large and sturdy enough to accommodate teens. Being among the top-rated kids go-karts, it is very nicely built, which means it will serve your family for a long time, allowing for countless fun rides.


  • Sturdy, reliable construction
  • Powerful battery
  • Speed up to 12 mph
  • Has high safety ratings
  • Suitable for teens and larger kids
  • Easy to steer and control

  • Might be too expensive for some users;
  • The replacement tires may be challenging to find;
  • There are many low-quality knock-offs on the market, so you need to be extra attentive when shopping.


Is it suitable for 10 year olds?
Yes, it will easily accommodate a 10 year old child.

Why does it cost so much?
Such a price is based on this models’ build quality and additional features, both safety and entertaining ones. There are many carts cheaper than this particular model, but they don’t feature the anti-tip wheels or the Drift Bar, for example.

How big is it? Is this kart suitable for 14 year olds?
The cart is 37 x 24 x 19 inches. It can accommodate average-sized 14 years olds easily.

Trailmaster XRX-R: Cool Two Seater Go-Kart


Age: 8-14 year old kids.

If you need a good two-seater go-kart for tweens, this model will be ideal for sure. It’s one of those carts that look and feel like real small cars. Being able to speed up to 30 mph, this model features a large air-cooled 200cc engine. The hydraulic disc brakes are reliable and can keep your children safe.

Being one of the fast go-karts, this model features a lap seatbelt, an enclosed belly pan, and side rails, which all keep your kids snug and secure inside the cart. Also, it allows for a certain level of adjustability. The seats can move closer to or further away from the pedal, so you can find the best position for your kids’ height.

Why we like it

We love the fact that this kart has an adjustable seat. We know that all kids are different, and one kart model can’t fit everyone equally well. However, with this one’s adjustability features, you will be able to find the best position for your kids’ height.


  • Large enough to accommodate older kids
  • Easy to steer
  • Nicely made
  • Fast model
  • Adjustable seats

  • Expensive, might not be suitable for some users


Will this be a suitable gift for two 11 year olds?
Yes, its size is enough to comfortably accommodate two 11 year old children. And we are sure that they are going to love such a cool present.

What is its fuel capacity?
1 gallon.

Does it require assembling?
Yes, however, the process is fairly easy. The metal frame comes fully assembled (with the engine and the brake system), you just need to attach the wheels, seats, and bars.

Razor Battery-Powered Go-Kart: Fast Model

Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart

Age: 8+.

This fast, compact, and sleek looking model can easily become your child’s favorite kart. Featuring a chain-driven motor, it can develop the speed up to 12 mph, which is ideal for street competitions between your kid and his or her friends. Allow them to play racers and don’t worry: they will be safe.

The kart has a very durable and reliable construction. The steel frame can handle up to 140 pounds. The wheels are molded aluminum with 4.5-inch tires. There are both lap and shoulder safety straps. Pop a helmet on your kid’s head, and they are good to go on a new adventure.

Why we like it

We are huge fans of this kart’s design. It is extremely easy to operate, which means your kid will definitely enjoy using this model. The brake switch is placed at the front of the steering wheel. It is hand-operated, just like the speed accelerator. Riding this thing really is a breeze!


  • Nicely built
  • Super easy to control
  • Fast model
  • Powerful battery
  • Safety belts for both lap and shoulders
  • Compact and sleek looking, but can easily accommodate older kids

  • The tires are on the smaller side, so they won’t work well off road
  • Pricey, might be too much for some users


For how long will it work on a single battery charge?
It will operate for around 45 minutes.

Is this model suitable for 10 year olds?
Yes, it is.

How long does it take the battery to charge?
Around 5-6 hours.

Buzzy Small Toddler Go Kart


Age: 2-5 years old.

If you are looking for a small and simple kart for your toddler, this model can really buy you over. Suitable even for 2 year olds, this pedal kart is cute, durable, and safe. It has 4 large wheels that provide sturdiness and stability, making this cart a great option even for kids who aren’t good with their balance yet.

This model is super easy to control, so your child won’t struggle with it at all. The steering wheel moves smoothly, allowing the rider to fully control the direction. The pedals are also smooth and easy to move, allowing for a better speed control as well.

Why we like it

We love the fact that this model can grow with your child. Its steering wheel and seat are adjustable. You can place the wheel higher and move the seat closer or further away from it, whichever is comfortable for your baby. Such a cool adjustable construction is the best option for fast-growing toddles. It will allow your baby to enjoy the kart not for months but for years.


  • Nicely built
  • Sturdy, doesn’t require your kid to keep the balance perfectly
  • Easy to control
  • Smoothly moving pedals and steering wheel
  • Adjustable seat and steering wheel, the kart grows with your child
  • Safe for toddlers

  • No seatbelt, which might disappoint some users
  • The wheels don’t work that well on grass


Does it come fully assembled?
No. The frame comes pre-assembled. All you have to do is attach the wheels, the saddle, and the steering wheel. It’s easy to do and will not take too much time.

Is there a handbrake?
No. To stop the kart, your child just needs to stop pedaling.

What is its weight capacity?
The weight limit is 65 pounds.

Coleman Gas-Powered Go Kart for Teenagers

Coleman Powersports 98cc-3-0HP CK100-S Go Kart

Age: 8-16 years old.

There is so much to love about this cool go-kart. It is fast, sturdy, and easy to control. It has a powerful 98cc engine, which will allow for hours of fun rides and the maximum speed of 25 mph. The 4-point safety harness will keep your kid snuggly locked in behind the wheel, allowing for a safe pastime.

This model has a rather impressive construction. Its large wheels are sturdy enough to work perfectly fine off road, which only promises more adventures and excitement for your child. The 13- and 16-gauge tubular construction turns this kart into a real heavy-duty model. No matter how rough your kid may be with it, chances are it will withstand everything.

Why we like it

We are impressed by this model’s solid build. When designing this kart, the manufacturer was probably thinking about creating something reliable and durable (which they definitely succeeded in).


  • Very sturdy and durable construction, a real heavy-duty model that can be used off-road perfectly fine
  • 4-point safety harness
  • Can accommodate larger and taller kids, ideal for teens
  • Easy assembly process
  • Powerful engine
  • Fast model
  • Easy to control
  • You can adjust the maximum speed
  • Rather compact, won’t take too much space

  • Quite pricey, might not be suitable for some users


Is it suitable for 10 year olds?
A 10-year-old kid will be able to operate it just fine, but you absolutely have to supervise the process.

What is its maximum weight capacity?
200 pounds is the recommended weight described in the manual.

Can I adjust the maximum speed (for the safety reasons)?
Yes, there is an adjustment bolt located behind the pedal, which you can use to slow the kart down to approximately 10 mph.

What About Kids Safety

It is safe to say that kids of all ages love karting. However, can we be sure that those go-karts are safe? Is there a truly safe go-kart?

There’s never a 100% certainty, but the truth is, modern go-karts are relatively safe. The majority of them are made from reliable, sturdy materials and have different protective features to take care of your child’s safety.

  • However, whenever your child feels ready for a new adventure, grabs his or her cart, and storms out, make sure that you check out everything from the following list:
  • Helmet. This is obvious: your kid has to wear a helmet while karting, no matter how old he or she is.
  • Tight clothes. If your kid wears loose, flapping clothing, it can get stuck in the cart mechanism or wheels, leading to injuries.
  • Safety harness. When shopping and picking among different karts, remember that a harness is a necessity. The general rule is the more connection points, the better. For instance, a harness with a 3-point system provides more safety (lap and shoulder belts) than a simple lap belt.
  • Speed limits. We all know that kids love to compete with others and may go too fast when karting. It is important to explain to your child that a go-kart is a serious machine that has to be used with responsibility.
  • Supervision. Again, this one is obvious, but we want to emphasize this point. Make sure that you keep an eye on your kid when he or she is karting. Doesn’t matter how old they are, you still need to look after them.
  • Fire safety. Children oftentimes use gas-powered carts when competing. Even though such models don’t use too much gas, it’s still important to be careful. Make them wear fire-retardant clothes, shoes, and gloves. Just to be on the safe side.
  • If you want to get a go-kart for a smaller child, it’s always a good idea to buy a model that features a remote speed control and an emergency switch.

With these points in mind, you will feel calm and sure of your kid’s safety while they are racing and enjoying themselves.