8 Best-Rated Erector Sets for Kids

Our Top 3 Picks

Simbans JB Build and Play Toy Kit for Boys & Girls

Simbans-JB-148-pcs-5-in-1-Build-and-Play-Toy-SetBeing among the top-rated build sets, this Simbans kit has everything a child needs to stay excited and entertained for hours. It features flexible parts and a colorful design. You little boy or girl can make 5 different models that are presented in the manual or come up with their own build ideas.

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K’NEX – 35 Model Building Set for Kids Ages 7+

KNEX-–35-Model-Building-SetIf you need a new erector set for a curious and creative child, you should definitely look at this K’NEX building kit. It is a more advanced model, which makes a great gift for 7 year olds (and up). It allows for almost countless builds and comes with nicely illustrated, clear instructions.

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Metal Erector Set: Motorized Model for Ages 10 and up

Meccano-Erector-by-Super-Construction-SetThis metal set belongs to the top-rated high-quality erectors toys thanks to its durable design and superb versatility that it offers. Featuring more than 600 parts, it allows for countless builds.

Moreover, your kid can make those designs motorized. The set includes a 6V battery-operated motor to make every build come to life.

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Top-Rated Kids Erector Kits

Simbans JB Build and Play Toy Kit

Simbans JB 148 pcs 5-in-1 Build and Play Toy Set

Age: 8 – 12 years.

Being among the best erector sets for kids, the Simbans’ Build and Play makes a great gift for both boys and girls. It features many colorful parts, easy-to-use plastic connectors, and flexible rubber parts, all of which can be built into multiple different constructions.

Being aimed at 8 year old kids (and up), this particular kit encourages creativity and helps foster the engineering skills. There are 148 pieces in the box, all colorful and bright.

The manual offers 5 build ideas with clear and simple instructions. The possible builds include a submarine, a truck, a helicopter, a bus, and a car. However, your child can come up with some other designs and build whatever he or she wants.

The set comes with a toy screwdriver, a wrench, wheels, screws, and connectors. There are differently sized parts, including very small ones, which is great for children’s motor skills improvement.

There is also a handy storage bag included. It allows users to quickly pack all the parts and take the game anywhere (for instance, for a playdate).

Why We Like It

We absolutely love how much versatility this cool set offers. It includes many different parts, so the number of possible builds is almost endless.

Moreover, the parts are made of a flexible rubber material, which means your child can shape them in different ways. This provides young users with even more creative building options.


  • Bright design
  • Easy to clean
  • Flexible parts allow for numerous creative options
  • Plastic connectors and screws are included
  • Colorful manual with clear instructions
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes the tools
  • Comes with a bonus storage bag

  • Too advanced for younger kids


Is it too complex for 5 year olds?
A 5 year old can build with this set but will most certainly require adults’ help.

Once a figure is assembled, is it sturdy enough to be actually played with?
Yes, kids can play with the toys that they’ve assembled.

K’NEX – 35 Model Building Set

KNEX – 35 Model Building Set

Age: 7 – 15 years.

This is a good kids building kit , which makes the best gift for young builders and engineers. Being a rather advanced option, it allows users to create fun and interactive toys.

It will let your child unleash his or her creativity. The number of possible builds, shapes, and models is simply impressive. Moreover, this toy is suitable for boys and for girls!

The set includes 480 parts. There are also connectors and rods, which easily snap together and keep the construction solid and stable. You will also find parts and details, which can be used to make certain models move.

If you kid isn’t feeling inspired and doesn’t know what to build, there is an instruction book. It offers 35 models and step-by-step explanations how to build them.

And in case your child loses some important details, you can contact the company and they will promptly find the replacements for you.

Why We Like It

We are the huge fans of the creative value this plastic set possesses. It is an ideal option for creative kids who enjoy experimenting and making something completely new with their hands.

They can start with some simple shapes. However, this kit allows for more complex designs, including the moving ones.

So, you kid can improve his or her building and engineering skills and move on to the more advanced builds. Whatever your kid wants to build, chances are this set has enough suitable details to turn that idea into reality.

Cars, airplanes, buildings, bridges, amusement parks… The list of possible designs can go on.


  • Super versatile in use
  • Allows for countless builds
  • Handy storage box (shaped like a treasure chest)
  • Colorful design
  • The parts are easy to snap together
  • Comes with an instructional booklet with 35 optional builds
  • Great value for money

  • The pieces are very small and can get lost easily
  • Not suitable for younger kids


Can my child build a couple of models at the same time?
Yes, there are enough pieces to make a few designs simultaneously.

Will it work for a 6 year old?
Yes, but your child might need some help.

Metal Erector Set: Motorized Model

Meccano Erector by Super Construction Set

Age: 8 years and up.

If you are looking for a very realistic-looking, heavy-duty, durable erector kit, you should definitely consider this option. Being among the best metal building sets , it allows for countless builds, including real operating models with the motor.

This metal set includes 643 parts. Such a number might seem overwhelming. However, it serves to offer children many creative options and to encourage their imagination.

It comes with a handy manual, which shows how to build 15 different models. The instructions are presented in a form of step-by-step pictures and don’t include written explanations.

Another cool thing is the fact that this kit comes with a motor. It is a 6V battery-powered motor, which takes 4 AA batteries and can turn almost any model into a moving toy.

Kids can build motorized cars, catapults, etc. and play with them afterward without getting bored when the model is finished.

Why We Like It

We appreciate the fact that this kit is ideal for STEM learning (science, technology, engineering, and math). This is definitely not a beginner-level toy.

It offers complex builds and is able to really challenge your kid’s mind. At the same time, it is very entertaining. Such a versatile use keeps children occupied for hours. This kit allows them to experiment and to come up with new exciting builds.


  • Many possible builds
  • Sturdy and durable metal parts
  • Comes with a motor to build moving toys
  • Includes an instruction book with 15 possible builds
  • Comes with a handy storage case

  • It will be hard to keep the track of all the parts (they are small and get lost easily)
  • Might be too complicated for some kids
  • Expensive


Are all of the parts metal?
No, some smaller parts and connectors are plastic.

Does this kit need any special tools to be used with?
No, it comes with a screwdriver, and that’s all you need.

Meccano Meccasaur: Dinosaur Erector Kit

Meccano Meccasaur

Age: 10 years and up.

A perfect gift for the Jurassic Park’s fans, this dinosaur erector set features everything kids like. It is large (when assembled), has a fun design, and can even interact with kids. It serves as both a toy and a building set.

The kit consists of 715 pieces (wow!), a motorized module, a LED module (fun!), and a dinosaur’s brain module. Once assembled, it can be fully programmed.

The large dino interacts with children, responds to petting, walks around, and even responds to the yes/no questions. Your child can also program his or her new pet to guard the room entrance or some precious possessions.

The set includes two hand tools and an instructional guide. Some kids might find the building process quite challenging, but it’s definitely worth the time.

It can entertain your child, help improve their building and thinking skills and become their most favorite interactive toy.

Why We Like It

We absolutely love the fact that this is a 2-in-1 toy. This isn’t your basic set, which kids are supposed to build and then disassemble.

The Meccano Meccasaur turns into a robotic pet after your kid finishes building it. Moreover, when children build their own toys, their confidence improves.

Simply put, it just feels extremely satisfying when they play with something they have created with their own hands.


  • Super advanced and fun to build
  • Can be assembled into a cool, large dinosaur
  • Works as a responsive, programmable, robotic toy
  • Gender-neutral colors, suitable for all
  • Great value for money

  • Very complex, might take too much time to build


Are the instructions in pictures or written?
Both, but there are more step-by-step pictures than written explanations.

Does it require a specific app to be programmed?
No, the toy features its own onboard memory.

Erector Junior Advanced Toolbox

Meccano-Erector Junior Advanced Toolbox

Age: 5 years and up.

If you need to buy a basic building set that would be suitable for younger kids, you should definitely consider this option by Meccano Junior. Being styled like a toolbox, this set will definitely keep your little engineer excited.

This is one of those classic sets. It allows for 8 different builds, including a windmill, a crane, a dump truck, etc. Each model can be built one at a time.

There are nicely illustrated and clearly written instructions for each design. Additionally, there are some additional parts, which allow kids to alter and complete the existing models, coming up with some new creative solutions and showing that out-of-the-box thinking.

The kit contains 88 pieces, which are quite large and easy to snap together. There are also wheels, connectors, and clipping screws. No specific skills are needed to play with this cute building set. Even 5 year olds can handle it quite easily.

Why We Like It

We appreciate the simplistic design of this set. It is rather easy to put together, which means it makes a great building toy for younger kids. Of course, more advanced or motorized erectors might be more exciting, but they are too complex.

This set, however, is also really fun to play with. At the same time, it won’t make your kid feel frustrated or irritated when building.


  • 8 different builds available
  • Convenient storage box
  • Easy to assemble and suitable for younger kids
  • Bright parts
  • Tools included

  • When put together, the models aren’t that sturdy (some parts might fall off during play)


Is it suitable for 4 year olds with good building skills?
We believe it is. However, your child might still require your help.

Will it make a good gift for an 8 year old boy?
We think that this particular set may be too simple for an 8 year old.

Your New Robot Erectorid XL 2.0

Meccano-Erector - Meccano-Erectorid XL 2-0

Age: 10 years and up.

This toy will definitely give your child something to anticipate while building. Featuring more than a thousand pieces, this motorized set can be turned into a walking and talking robot. It will definitely make your kid feel like a real genius creator.

When assembled, the robot stands four feet tall. It works on the 1800 mAh rechargeable battery and features Meccabrain and LED module motors.

It can move its head, arms, and feet, which makes the whole experience more realistic. The robot features more than 3 thousand pre-recorded phrases, so your kid will not feel bored playing with it.

As for the building process, all the needed tools are included in the set. The instructions are nicely illustrated.

They feature some additional written explanations, but the step-by-step process is described mostly in pictures.

Why We Like It

We are absolutely blown away by this toy’s functionality. Not only it is very fun and challenging to build (which will definitely keep your kid excited) but also turns into a talking and walking robot.

Such a type of building toys allows kids to actually play with them for a long time after assembling, not just putting them back apart.


  • Comes with all needed tools
  • Transforms into a talking motorized robot
  • High quality
  • Allows for a versatile play
  • Features more than 3 thousand pre-recorded phrases
  • Moves its head, arms, and legs
  • Nicely illustrated instructions
  • Voice recognition function
  • Compatible with smart devices (works via an app)

  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t perform too many commands, so the novelty might wear off with time


Is it suitable for junior school kids?
We believe so. However, keep in mind that children might still need your help during the building process.

How long is the battery life?
It lasts for about 2 hours of continuous play on a single charge.

Tinkertoy Super Construction Set

Tinkertoy 30 Model Super Building Set – 200 Pieces

Age: 3 years and up.

If your baby loves playing with Lego sets and those snap-together pieces, you might want to get them this construction kit. It’s not Lego, obviously. However, it features a similar colorful design and that snap-and-go building system.

Suitable even for toddler kids, this bright set allows for countless models and designs. It contains 200 pieces and doesn’t require any tools.

The instruction guide offers 30 different build ideas, each of which is nicely illustrated and easy to understand.

Overall, this set is quite easy to assemble. Your child will require minimal to no assistance, which also helps with developing the sense of independence.

Why We Like It

We absolutely love the set of parts this kit offers. All of them are bright and colorful, which kids love so much. However, it gets better: they are all shaped differently.

Moreover, some of the pieces are flexible. Such a combination of versatile parts and details allows for more creative options and helps kids use and express their imagination. Besides, it makes the whole building process so much more fun!


  • Easy to snap together
  • Doesn’t require tools
  • Suitable for toddler children
  • Bright and colorful design
  • Versatile parts (200 pieces)
  • Nice and clear instruction booklet with 30 building ideas

  • When assembled, the pieces are quite sturdy and hard to pull apart, which means your baby might need your help with them


Is it suitable for 3 year old kids?
Yes, absolutely. However, because there are many small parts, we recommend you keep an eye on your child during play.

What are the pieces made of?
The parts are plastic.

Skoolzy Engineering Tool Set for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Skoolzy Educational Preschool Building Toys - 97pc Kids Construction Engineering Tool Set

Age: 3 – 7 years.

This particular set stands out from the rest thanks to the handy base it comes with. Such a smart design makes it super easy to use, which means even younger kids can play and learn with it.

The bright and colorful pieces will definitely catch the eye of your kid. There are 97 parts in total, including 4 building tools, 34 design pieces, and 56 bolts and nuts for secure connections.

The idea book offers 13 different 2D and 3D designs. Your child can build on the convenient board or create three-dimensional shapes and objects.

The parts are very lightweight but durable. You can keep them clean without too much effort by simply washing them with soapy water. You won’t damage the plastic, so don’t worry.

Why We Like It

We really appreciate the fact that this set by Skoolzy allows for both simpler and more advanced builds. If your kid doesn’t have too much experience with erector toys, he or she can create 2D designs using the supplied board.

But once your little boy or girl gets the hang of it, he or she can move to the more complex 3D designs. Such a smart construction makes this set a rather versatile toy.


  • Colorful and bright design
  • Comes with a building board
  • Allows for 2D and 3D designs
  • Includes the necessary tools and connectors
  • Suitable for younger kids
  • Comes with a step-by-step guide (13 build ideas)
  • Easy to clean
  • Good value for money

  • Because the pieces are rather lightweight, some screws and connectors might fall off occasionally


How large is the building board?
The board’s dimensions are 7.5 x 10.75 inches.

Will it make a good gift for a 5 year old?
We believe so. However, keep in mind that a 5 year old might need some assistance when building with this set.

Does it come with a storage bag?
No. However, there is a convenient storage tray included in the set.

How Children Learn with Erector Toy Sets

It is believed that building toys and sets help little boys and girls develop their skills and learn something. But what are those skills exactly?

First off, erector toys enhance kids’ imagination and creativity. There are many sets that allow children to create multiple builds and designs.

This makes kids use their imagination and come up with new ideas. Moreover, playing with such toys encourages boys and girls to create different game scenarios.

Problem-solving skills can also be improved with the help of erector toys. When building, kids learn how to organize the pieces, how to build certain constructions in the most efficient way, and how to deal with situations when the parts don’t fit.

Building with differently sized parts also fosters the fine motor skills. This is one of the most essential functions, which is also responsible for kids’ ability to dress themselves, write, draw, eat independently, and so on. When building, children grab and move different objects, thus improving their motor skills.

Other things that children learn with erector toys sets include:

  • Math skills (sizes, shapes, geometry, sorting, etc.).
  • Engineering.
  • Coordination skills.
  • Science.
  • Verbal skills (when kids narrate what they are building or talk during the pretend play).