3 Best-Rated Erector Sets for Kids

Updated: 29 August 2018

When building up your child’s toy collection, always remember to add some erector sets in there. Unlike other toys, they actually do have a role to play in your child’s developmental process.

If your child has an interest in everything that has to do with engineering and architecture, then erectors sets are a must-have item in his or her toy collection.

Unfortunately, selecting the perfect set for your child is not as straightforward as picking a random toy. This is why we have decided to review some of the best-rated erector sets for kids, to ease the selection process.

Simbans JB Build and Play Toy Kit for Boys & Girls

If your child runs around the house boasting about how he or she will be an engineer someday, this is the right choice to help set that dream in motion.

Asides the 5 models described in the product pack, your child can use his or her imagination to create other models.

This is possible thanks to the set’s Junior Builder Flexile rubber plates that come with nuts and screws of its own. The Simbans Jb Build set is so flexible, your child can go on to learn the basics of mechanics and engineering from it.

With this erector set, the possibilities are truly endless. A complete pack of this play toy kit comes preloaded with rubber plates, nuts and screws, wheels, and connectors which make up a total of 148 pieces.


  •  It is made from high-quality plastics; all of its parts can be washed easily when they get messy.
  •  Simbans Jb Build comes with a gift box where all pieces can be stored when playtime is over.
  •  The product pack also contains an easy-to-carry storage bag in case your child needs to take it along during a vacation trip.
  •  Simbans JB build contains the right set of play instrument that will trigger a child’s creative and rich imagination.


  •  This model is meant for kids above the age of eight.
  •  The set contains small balls that can choke children below age 3.

K’NEX – 35 Model Building Set for Kids Ages 7+

When you are searching for high-quality erectors toys, K’NEX Building Set should definitely be on your shopping list. K’NEX had made a name for themselves in America’s toy industry.

They have consistently manufactured high-quality products in the last 20 years, and this ultimate building set is another of their masterpiece.

It has all the pieces that your child needs to build anything that he or she imagines. Ranging from trucks, cars, animals, to big old planes, this product certainly has it all when it comes to children’s mini building and construction games. The set comes with 480 classic K’NEX parts and auxiliary pieces.


  •  It contains real moving parts (your child can build objects that can actually move).
  •  The entire package comes in a treasure box that aids easy storage after play time (this includes un-used pieces and already built objects).
  •  Pieces are made from real plastic that can be cleaned easily.
  •  Comes with a step by step building instruction to help children’s creativity.


  • Children below age 3 may get injured or choke on the small pieces contained in the K’NEX box.

Metal Erector Set: Motorized Model for Ages 10 and up

If you are looking for top build sets that make use of some real tools, this Meccano erector set should be your pick.

Unlike other erector sets, this motorized model allows your child to build cars, trucks, and planes using 2 real tools. This brings some level of realism to your kid’s play time.

Since it is meant for children ages 10 and up, you and your older children can join in on the fun too.

It comes with a 25 motorized building set and 638 pieces for your child to choose from any time he or she wants to play whether alone or in a group.


  •  The set comes with a 6V electric motor that allows built objects to actually move.
  •  It has a carrying plastic with a storage compartment that allows for easy storage after every play time.
  •  The set has real tools that allow kids to have a feel of a real-life construction situation.
  •  640+ pieces give room for limitless imagination and creativity.


  • The electric motor does not come with a battery.
  • Choking may occur as a result of the small pieces contained in the pack.

If you found selecting good kids building kit difficult before now, our review above should have made things a lot simpler.

Whichever erector set you decide to settle for, make sure it complies with your child’s age and developmental stage.