3 Best-Rated Electric Scooters for Kids: Reviews In 2018

When it comes to kid’s toys, electric scooters rank high on the shopping list of most parents. Thanks to their attached handlebar, such scooters provide a rare sense of safety and balance which hoverboards may not provide.

They also power themselves. This means that your child doesn’t have to propel the scooter with his or her feet all the time like what you find in kick scooters.

Your kids can enjoy a ride of their lives and be safe while doing so. All you need to do is to get them one of any of the best-rated electric scooters for kids mentioned in our list below.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter for Kids

Looking for a good electronic kids scooter? Razor E100 electric scooter should be a right fit.

Asides its amazing features and new technological inputs, Razor, its manufacturer, is widely known to be a producer of the very best in kid’s racing toys.

The E100’s deck and frame are designed for kids who are eight years old or above. It also features a noiseless chain driven motor that powers the scooter to hit 10 miles-per-hour on top speed.

This means that your child can cruise around the house without disturbing you, and your entire neighborhood. Its a win-win situation for everyone


  • The product package contains a charger and a rechargeable 24V seal battery system.
  • Charge time lasts for 12 hours in order to provide a standard 40 mins uninterrupted ride time.
  • It features 8-inch pneumatic tires to ensure smoother rides and maximum comfort.
  • It is also fortified with a retractable kickstand to accommodate both off and on the go riders.
  • Its twist grip throttle and front brake create a balanced and equally safe scooter.


  • Charge time could last longer than 12 hours. In some cases, a 24 hour charge time may be required to enjoy maximum riding experience.

Razor Miniature: Euro Vespa Scooter

When you are looking for a scooter that exudes class and elegance, there is no better choice than the Miniature Electric Euro-Style Scooter. It is a perfect gift for every young girl.

Its uniquely designed set of wheels and flashy finish will ensure that your child has the hottest set of wheels in the neighborhood. So if your girl child has a passion for fashion, you may as well back that up with a sleekly designed vintage wheel.

The Miniature Euro-Style Scooter doesn’t boast of a sleek design alone, it also has some top-notch technological and mechanical inputs. This is backed up by a strong rechargeable battery that ensures at least 40 minutes of cruising.


  •  It features an acceleration control handle.
  •  Its sleekly designed 12-inch pneumatic tires provide comfort and some needed “female bragging rights.”
  •  It comes with a charger and a 24V (two 12V) rechargeable lead-acid battery.
  •  The Miniature Euro-style scooter has an under-seat storage space that can accommodate water bottles and other items of similar sizes.
  •  Its also features a retractable kickstand.
  •  Top speed of up to 15mph.


  • Severe injuries may occur if appropriate safety gears are not worn during every cruise.

Sit Down E300S E-Scooter for Boys & Girls

This is the perfect electric scooter if you looking to buy a racing toy that can provide both speed and maximum comfort. It is environmentally friendly and also features a detachable seat that makes cruising a lot more fun.

You and your older kids can also join in on the fun thanks to the E300S’ large tires, deck, and frame. Asides its bias for comfort, the Razor E300S Electric Scooter ranks among the fastest scooters available in the market currently.

Little wonder why it ranks high among most high-quality electric scooters.

Its environmentally friendly electric system powers a noiseless chain driven motor which in turn produces a top speed of up to 15 mph.


  • It comes with a safety helmet, knee and elbow pads, to ensure maximum comfort and protection for your child.
  • It features a unique hand bar mechanism.
  • Removable seat to accommodate standing while cruising.
  • Comes with a charger and a 24V rechargeable battery.


  • Charging may take longer than cruise time.

Now you have it! All you need to do now is to make the choice and watch your child be the envy of the kids in your neighborhood.

E-cooters will make most of your child’s racing dreams come true in a way that hoverboards or kick scooter never will. Whatever choice you make, ensure that you pick the top-rated e-scooter. Your child will thank you for doing so.