Top-Rated Electric Motorcycles for Children

Our top 3 picks

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


This top-rated motorcycle for kids has pneumatic knobby tires; front tires are 16 inches, while the rear tire is 14 inches; and has a variable speed of up to 17 miles per hour. It can be quite fast, so be sure to instruct your children how to properly operate this electrical toy.

It has folding and sturdy metal foot pegs that can carry the weight of your 10 and up kids. Smaller boys may need adult supervision, as they may not be able to maneuver easily the foot pegs. This is one of the best electric dirt bikes for kids that you can buy at affordable prices.

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Razor MX500 Dirt Electric Motorcycle for Kids


The Razor MX500 Dirt Electric Motorcycle is a junior motocross bike for kids. Its weight limit is 175 pounds; hence, it’s fastest at this weight or under 175 pounds. So, if your child is big, take note of his weight before ordering your motorbike.

Also, these mini motorcycles are ideal for off-road trips for the courageous youth, who love the outdoors, and who are sporty. Such kid motorized motorcycle is also great for girls, who have some flair for adventure. This is a top-rated electric motorcycle for kids that customers prefer.

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Razor MX350 Battery-Powered Motor Bike


This bike is ideal for teenagers, who want to explore the thrill of cruising through dirt roads. This dirt bike for kids is fast enough even without using gas. It operates using a single speed and can run 14 miles per hour – continuously – for 30 minutes.

These dirt bikes for kids are relatively easy to operate. Even your 9 year old boy can control the twist-grip throttle conveniently.

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Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Age: 16 years and up.

Speed: up to 17 mph.

This is one of the best electric bikes for kids that you can purchase at a cheaper price. This quality power bike is best for off-road and uphill drives with its sturdy pneumatic wheels. It is powered by a 650-watt electric source and has riser handle bars that are adjustable.

You can quickly adjust these according to your kid’s comfort. Since your boy can accelerate the bike using the twist-grip hand brake, he can maneuver the electrical bicycle better. The metal foot pegs are foldable and the motor is chain-driven, allowing your kid to store it conveniently.

The motocross motorcycles are superbly designed with the Supercross theme and are fashionable for your children’s cool riding adventures. The battery is rechargeable, and the body is made of steel for long use, so your teens can enjoy it for as long as they want.

Albeit it’s recommended for 16 years and up, it’s also great for 12 year olds because of its adjustable riser handle bars.

What We Like

It’s a good battery-powered dirt bike that girls and boys can both enjoy. Based on customers’ reviews, it’s a highly-rated dirt bike for kids.


  • Durable
  • Charges quickly
  • Excellent power
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Great flashy design
  • No pedaling required
  • Safe for kids to ride on
  • Fast dirt bikes for children
  • Superb introduction of motorbikes to kids of all ages
  • On flat ground, can accommodate adults weighing less than 150 lbs.

  • When going uphill, slows down with heavier weights (over 150 lbs.)

Is this child electrical dirt bike good for 7 year olds?
Yes, definitely. It’s also good for 8 year olds, for 11 year olds, and for 13 year olds. Provided that they know how to operate the dirt bike, both kids and adults can drive it.

Does the motorized bike come assembled or do you have to assemble it?
It does not come assembled. You will have to do it yourself based on the instructions given.

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Age: 14 years and up.

Speed: 15 mph.

This cool e-bike has metal foot pegs that are durable and retractable. It’s powered by a 500-watt electric motor that can boost the ability of the mini scooter to drive through off-road or ascending routes. The efficient acceleration control is a twist-grip throttle, allowing your 14 year old boy to drive comfortably.

Included in the set are the battery charger and the rechargeable batteries (three 12v), which you can quickly use. The power can last for 40 minutes when operated continuously by your 14 year old.

What We Like

We like it because it’s not only an excellent youth electric dirt bike but can also be good for 8 year old girls too. In addition, these are safe motorbike toys for his and hers.


  • Easy assembly
  • No pedaling required
  • High-quality motor bikes
  • Battery is rechargeable
  • Stable to use because of large tires
  • Designed for dirt road adventures
  • Safe twist handbrakes that are easy to control
  • Excellent for basic motorbike training before using gas bikes
  • Can be for kids younger than 14, as long as the child is not small; and should be at least 4 feet tall

  • Exposure of the batteries to temperatures below freezing can damage them

Can this e-bike be an appropriate gift for 11 year old boys?
Although, it’s recommended for 14 years and older kids, it’s a perfect gift for your 11 year old boy. For as long as he’s big enough to control the throttle and the foot pegs.

What’s the best height for a child to drive this e-bicycle?
The child must be at least 4 feet tall. So, even if he’s 14 years old, if he has not yet reached 4 feet tall, he may not be able to drive the motorbike properly.

Is the design of these motor bikes unisex? Is there a pink color?
Yes, the designs of these electric scooters come in various colors: red, blue, green, black, and yellow. The light red color can be considered pink.

Razor MX350 Battery-Powered Motor Bike

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Age: 13 years old and up.

Speed: 12 to 14 mph.

These e-bikes for kids are powered by 350 watts, sealed two 12 v batteries, and are made of high-quality steel that can endure wear and tear. Your 13 year olds can ride these electrical bikes for kids on off roads and have fun. The twist-grip throttles are ideal for 13 year olds as they have the manual dexterity to operate devices. Nevertheless, this e-bike is also superb for 9 year old boy, who loves cycling.

The large pneumatic tires allow stability and ability for your boys and girls to drive through dirt roads successfully. Its handle bars are adjustable and your teens can use the hand-operated brake to control the rear tire.

What We Like

This razor bike for kids is easy to operate. This is a fast electric dirt bike as well, and you don’t have to pedal to ride it.


  • No pedaling required
  • Simple to assemble
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Easy to maneuver twist-hand grip
  • Good motorcycles for kids 10 and up
  • Quickly retractable kickstand
  • Easy to store because of foldable foot pegs

  • Has no training wheels, so a child should know how to balance

What are the appropriate ages for this cool e-bike?
This would depend on the sizes of your children. If they are not heavier than the recommended weight and height; then, any of your children can ride the bike.

If I ordered this Razor motor bike, how long will it take to be delivered?
Without any problems, it could take 7 days or more to ship these electric scooters.

Can this dirt bike for kids withstand water exposure?
If you mean driving through a pocket of water on the road, it can. However, it’s not supposed to be used in water because the batteries would get damaged, as the motorized bike is not waterproof.

McGrath Red SX500: Fastest Dirt Bike for Children

Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

Age: 14 years old and up.

Speed: 15 mph.

This dirt bike for children is cheaper by a few dollars than other motorbikes in the market. This e-bike can run for 40 minutes, straight, providing continuous driving pleasure for your teens.

It’s build based on a cool design by Jeremy McGrath, the most famous motocross winner. The dual disc brakes are hand-operated and easy to maneuver by your 14 year olds. Likewise, these are dynamic motorcycles for kids 11and up.

The tires of this mini electric dirt bike are large and pneumatic, which allows the motorcycle to go off-road without any problem. The front tire is 16 inches, while the rear tire is 14 inches. The sizes provide stability and safety to the rider.

What We Like

It’s a quality power bike for kids, which is durable and fun to drive.


  • Durable steel body
  • Quick to assemble
  • Excellent bike for beginners
  • Plastic parts are shatter-resistant
  • High-performance for an uphill ascent
  • Easy to maneuver hand brakes
  • Large knobby tires can withstand bumpy terrain
  • Kids are safe from electrical accidents because it’s a closed system

  • Can be heavy, hence may be cumbersome to carry

Does the child electrical dirt bike look exactly like the pictures displayed?
Generally, it does. But double check your orders first as you may be ordering the wrong motorbike.

Can this junior motocross bike go beyond 20 mph?
No, the e-bike cannot move faster than what’s indicated in its speed; and for this particular bike for kids, its maximum speed is 15 mph.

Can this motorbike be recommended as a good starter bike?
Definitely, this dirt bike for kids is a good starter bike because it’s safe, secure and sturdy. Naturally, you have to provide safety gears for your children, such as knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet.

Jetson Mini Dirt Bike for Boys or Girls

Jetson Jr Electric Bike for Kids - For Boys or Girls

Age: 8 to 14 years old.

Speed: 12 mph.

The Jetson Mini Dirt Bike for boys and girls is an electrical bike for kids that they can safely drive. This fast electric dirt bike has two-speed choices – 10 mph and 6 mph. You can choose the speed that your child feels comfortable with. If you think your child can handle the maximum speed, which is 12 mph, then trust your child and let him be.

Additionally, its handle bars are adjustable and easy to control. The toggle on and off switch can be easily operated by even your 7 year olds. The electric scooter is 90% assembled inside the box, so you won’t have a difficult time setting it up.

It’s also built from environmental-friendly materials, so it’s safe and non-toxic. Your boys would surely enjoy riding their secure motorbike. Its seat is also adequately padded to ensure that your child will experience a comfortable ride – even for long periods of time.

What We Like

It’s a top-rated electrical motorcycle for kids and has a longer battery life than some e-bikes.


  • Quick to assemble
  • Longer battery life
  • Safe and smooth braking
  • Well-built and durable
  • Reliable customer service
  • Easy to use with on and off switch
  • Has an indicator of the progress of charging
  • Interesting designs attractive to boys and girls
  • Has handle bars that your teen can adjust readily
  • Rechargeable and removable battery (24v)
  • Safe and secure because it’s made of environmental-friendly materials

  • No training wheels, so your kid must know how to balance himself

Can I request for replacement parts from Jetson?
Yes, you can if there’s a factory defect. But be sure to identify the part properly.

Is this kid’s bike fully electrical?
Yes, it’s 100% electrical. Your boys won’t have to pedal, but can simply enjoy the ride.

Pulse Performance Products Em-1000 Youth Motorized Motorcycle

Pulse Performance Products Em-1000 E-Motorcycle

Age: 8 years and up.

Speed: 10 mph.

This Pulse Performance Products Em-1000 Youth Motorized Motorcycle is a quality power bike that has two pneumatic knobby tires that are durable and puncture-proof.

Your ages 8 year old and up kids would find this junior motocross bike easy to control because of its twist-throttle handle brake. It has a 24-volt rechargeable battery that can last for 40 minutes.

It’s great for any child that weighs l20 pounds or less as it is chain-driven, and is kid-friendly because of its instant throttle response. Moreover, its body is made of steel; so, it’s designed to be tougher and long lasting. It’s powered by 1000 watts to drive through off-road destinations.

You will have to buy a helmet, elbow and knee pads to ascertain your child’s protection.

What We Like

Both your son and daughter can ride it. It’s a cool children’s e-bike for his and hers; thus, it’s a fun and wonderful present for your children, and for anyone.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Puncture-proof tires
  • Retractable foot pegs
  • Knobby tires ensure safety
  • Superb introductory bike for kids
  • Efficient control with twist handle bars
  • Rider’s upright position provides stability
  • Instant braking and instant acceleration is easy
  • LED on and off button can be easily operated

  • Slower than most dirt bikes for kids

Can a 5 or 6 year old ride this electrical bike?
Yes, he/she can, for as long as he/she is big enough to twist the throttle and step on the foot pegs.

Is the battery charger included in the set?
Yes, a power converter is used for recharging. It comes with the set.

Can adults ride this mini-electric dirt bike?
No, it’s not recommended for adults; unless the adult weighs not more than 120 pounds.

Monster Moto MM-E250-PR Small Junior Dirt Bike Scooter: Cool Off-Road/Street Model

Monster Moto 250 Watt Electric Mini Bike

Age: 6 years old and up.

Speed: 7 to 11 mph.

This Monster Moto MM-E250-PR Small Junior Dirt Bike Scooter: Cool Off-Road/Street Model is one of the e-bikes for kids that your children would definitely love.

Built with your kids’ safety in mind, this dirt bike is made of a high-quality steel frame. Also, the fenders are made of polypropylene, which is tough for off-road adventures.

Your kids can quickly operate the switch or speed control to the desired speed. They can choose from 7 to 11 mph. Its slow speed is to make sure that your children are safe. The e-bike supports weights up to 130 pounds. Older kids may not be able to drive it because they may be overweight for this motocross bike.

You and your boys can easily set it up and start using it. In addition, the batteries are rechargeable; therefore, you can recharge them conveniently. A tool kit, a manual, a charger, and a status indicator are included in the kit.

What We Like

This mini electric dirt bike is safe for younger children, as the speed is slow and controlled, and the e-bike itself is made of quality materials.


  • Easy to setup
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Sturdy tires that can last long
  • Stylish, comes in pink and red decals
  • Made of high-quality steel frame
  • Comes with a charger and charge indicator
  • Speed can be controlled quickly through a switch

  • Not recommended for children heavier than 130 pounds

Can I replace the batteries of this motorbike?
Yes, you can replace damaged batteries by ordering them on the Monster Moto website. Of course, you have to pay for it. If it’s a factory defect, you can contact customer care.

How many hours should I charge the batteries?
You can charge the batteries for 5 hours.

Pocket Rocket Miniature Electrical Bike

Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike

Age: 13 years old and up.

Speed: variable up to 15 mph.

This Pocket Rocket Miniature Electrical Bike is a smaller e-bike for younger boys and girls. Its battery can be recharged for 4 to 12 hours, and your child can ride the bike for 30-45 minutes – straight. The two 12 v batteries are included in the set.

The long-lasting pneumatic tires are large, measuring 10 inches, so your kid would be safe while riding. The motor is chain-driven and works under controlled road conditions. It can support children weighing 150 pounds or less.

Consequently, it has a warranty for 90 days. You have to read the operator’s manual before allowing your child to drive. Take note that the motorbike is not intended to run on public roads.

What We Like

These electric scooters are enjoyed by both boys and girls and are awesome gifts for any occasion.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a tough torque motor
  • Twist throttle control is easy
  • Tools are included in the set
  • Tires are large to provide stability
  • Good gift for both boys and girls
  • Long lasting motorbikes
  • Excellent battery charger approved by UL

  • Not recommended for kids over 170 pounds

Can a 5 year old ride this dirt bike?
This will depend on the weight and size of your 5 year old. Since it’s miniaturized, your kid would most probably learn how to ride the bike promptly.

Does it come assembled, or do I have to assemble it?
You will have to complete the setup. Anyway, it’s easy to do it since 90% is already done.

What are the colors of the motorbikes?
They come in various colors; red, blue, black, off-white, green and red. Your boys would, most probably, love the blue and green colors. Remember to ask what colors they prefer before ordering one.

Kuberg Freerider Big Kids Bike: Great for Teenagers & Adults

Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike

Age: 13 years old and up.

Speed: 34 mph.

The Kuberg Freerider Big Kids Bike is great for teenagers and adults, as it supports weights up to 220 pounds. This dirt bike for 13 years old and above can travel fast at 34 miles per hour. Its hydraulic disc brakes respond readily to outside factors.

It’s powered by 8,000 watts and has a reliable steel tube body that ensures smooth rides and long-lasting use. The motorcycle is produced by a premier company, Kuberg, ensuring that the fastest electric dirt bike has fulfilled the high standards of production.

The tires can be used on all types of terrain, be it rough or smooth, ascending, or descending, this awesome motorbike will get you through. The throttle is also sensitive to manipulations and responds swiftly to manual maneuvers.

The state-of-the-art design and built have made the Freerider’s bike a dream bike for adults too. Albeit, the e-bike is not huge as other motorcycles, this popular motorbike satisfies most of its buyers. This is because of its cool features.

What We Like

It can be used by teens and adults, so, it’s meant to travel far and through all types of roads.


  • Reliable speed control
  • Heavy duty parts
  • No gas or oil is required
  • Almost zero maintenance
  • Fashionable design and quality
  • Durable, and puncture-proof tires
  • Great introduction to motorbikes
  • Easy to maneuver speed control
  • Perfect for trail riding and off road adventures

  • Some experienced a noisy chain

Is this dangerous for younger children?
Yes, it is, because of its speed. It runs 34 miles per hour, which a young child may find scary.

How many hours can I drive the motor dirt bike?
When fully charged, you can drive the e-bike for 40 to 45 minutes continuously.

Does the motorbike come with a warranty?
Yes, it has a 90-day warranty against factory defects.

Aosom 6V Ride On Mini E-Bike: Good Cheap Model for Child Over 5 years

Aosom 6V Kids Ride On Electric Motocross Dirt Bike

Age: 5 years old and up.

Speed: 2.5 mph.

This toddlers’ electric motorcycle has a slow speed that is meant for kids 5 years old and up. When fully charged, it can be powered continuously for 45 minutes. The charging time is 6 to 8 hours. During the first charging, you must charge it for 8 to 10 hours to make sure that the batteries would respond sufficiently.

This e-motorbike comes in an attractive red color that coats its hard iron and PP material. It can support weights up to 55 pounds. So, if your child’s weight is more than this, then you have to choose another e-bike that can support him safely.

Its body is made of sturdy steel and is powered by 6v 4AH batteries. These batteries are sealed to prevent exposing your child to electrical accidents. You can rest assured that your 5 year old is safe while enjoying his driving experience. You can never put a tag price in your child’s happiness.

What We Like

It can provide the first authentic experience of your kids in riding e-bikes. You can encourage the motor bike enthusiasts in your family too to pursue their dreams.


  • Easy to operate
  • Can last longer
  • Quick to assemble
  • Safe for 5 years old and up
  • Good introduction to driving for younger kids
  • Responsive staff to customers’ complaints
  • Certified safe for children by F963, CPSIA, ASTM

  • Not recommended for adults and kids over 55 pounds

Does the e-motorbike come with a training wheel?
Yes, a training wheel is provided. However, you can detach the training wheel any time you want to get rid of it.

Can I buy spare parts from other companies?
Yes, you can, but it may not fit with your motocross bike. It’s best to buy your spare parts from the company where you bought the e-bike.

What to Look for Before Buying an Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

  1. Safety measures in place – you have to make certain that the electrical motorbike provides safety measures, such as smoothly operated handbrakes; padded seats, enclosed battery system, and safe speed controls.
  2. Durability – is the dirt bike durable? Peruse the product specifications and evaluate if the youth electric dirt bike is made of quality materials.
  3. Ease of operation – can your kids operate it properly without adult supervision? This question must be answered in the affirmative.
  4. Good Features – does the motorbike appear pleasing to the eye? Bear in mind that kids are attracted visually to objects. Does it provide other useful features not found in other bikes?
  5. Price – finally, the price. No matter how phenomenal an e-motorbike is, if you don’t have enough cash to buy it, then it is useless choosing an expensive motorbike.

Expensive motorbikes don’t necessarily indicate that they are the best; just as inexpensive e-motorbikes don’t truly mean that they are inadequate. There are good motorbikes that are sold at affordable prices. You just have to be diligent to look for them.

How Fast Do Electric Dirt Bikes Go

Electric dirt bikes can go as slow as 2.5 mph, and as fast as 34 mph.

Safety Tips

  • Double check that the electrical wirings are not exposed.
  • Make sure the weight of your child doesn’t exceed the required weight.
  • The rider must wear protective gear, such as a helmet, knee and elbow pads. In some instances – eye goggles.
  • Instruct your child properly before allowing him to drive the e-bike.


Electric dirt bikes are superb gifts for your children. They can share the quality power bikes with other family members and learn how to drive one properly. This could serve as their introduction to the cool e-bike. Kids who learn to drive early would tend to become more responsible drivers in the future.