3 Best-Rated Drones for Kids: Reviews In 2018

Updated: 25 August 2018

From aerial photography to racing, drones have a number of uses. This means that there are a host of opportunities for people that can use such devices. Apart from the fun aspects, there are a number of reasons to buy such device for your kids.

They will improve their manual dexterity and learn how to pilot drones. These devices are being used increasingly often for photographs and videos, so why not give your child this advantage. Here are some of the best-rated drones for kids you can consider buying your kids.

Potensic A20: Best Drone for Kids & Beginners

This Pontensic model is not only a high-quality drone for kids but is also an excellent drone for beginners and very affordable. Easy to set up and fly, this model offers multiple safety functions making it great for kids.

Equipped with an altitude hold meter, you can lock the height of the drone. One of the features of this model is speed adjustment. You can set a speed you are comfortable with till your child learns how to fly the drone. Apart from all the safety features, the most attractive part of this option is the price.

After all, kids are not known for being responsible. The low price of this particular kind will make you less upset if the product is damaged.

This device is operated by an unremovable battery that is lined with insulation plastic. These safety features make the Potensic the best drone for kids. It is easy to fly with a headless mode that allows you to sync the direction with the controller.

The low battery alarm informs when it is time to change the battery without having to check it repeatedly. It also has an alarm to alert you if you’re about to fly out of range. With all these features, Potensic is indeed one of the good drones with cameras available out there.


  • Altitude hold.
  • Headless Mode.
  • Out of range alert.
  • Fairly affordable.


  • No camera.
  • No smartphone controls.

Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera

A more expensive model that is packed with features, the Holy Stone-F181C is one of the best drones with a camera. A great option with easy controls makes it safe to use for kids and beginners alike.

You can give it a go with your kids too. The camera in this particular drone makes it worth the money. This 720 P HD camera will let your kids hone their photography and videography skills while having fun. If your child is interested in photography a good drone with a camera like this one can be an excellent resource.

The Holy Stone offers four-speed modes enabling you to set the speed for the initial flights. Once your child becomes proficient, they can learn and perform cool tricks like flips and rolls. This model has the ability to flip in all four directions. It has one key return that brings the device back with the push of just a button. The LED lights let you fly it at night. The price of the product is in line with its functions and makes a great toy for a child with experience.


  • Comes with a camera.
  • Also features LED Lights.
  • One key return.
  • Ability to flip and roll


  • Price is relatively cheaper.
  • Longer battery life.

Force1 UDI U818A Spy Video Drone

This is one of the best high-quality drones for kids in the market. The Forcel model is not only affordable but also has great features making it one of the best in its price range. This model offers a 720P HD camera with 4GB of storage.

If your kids are new to drone photography this is an excellent choice for them to start with. Its 6-axis gyro will help your child to keep the drone steady for better pictures and videos.

Understanding how important it is to share information quickly, this option provides a data cable to let you post on Social Media quickly.

One of the major annoyances of using a drone is how quickly the battery runs out. This Forcel model comes with a power bank that increases the flying time to 18 minutes. Features that allow it to do flips and other tricks make it a great way for your child to improve their dexterity.


  • Stable Camera.
  • Power bank and additional battery life.
  • Higher storage capacity.


  • Lightweight – a strong gust of wind can blow off.

While your child might think of a drone as a toy initially, it is a great learning tool. Learning how to fly, take photographs and tricks are excellent tools for the future.

The number of racing or photography competitions alone makes it a lucrative option. With kids engrossed in their phones, televisions or video games quality time becomes a problem. Getting such toy for kids for your little one will encourage your child to go outside and you can spend time together as a family.