Top-Rated Dinosaur Toys for Kids and Toddlers

Our Top 3 Picks

ZipBin Dinosaur Toy Box: Most Popular Playset


This toy box is the dream of any kid that has a large dinosaur collection. It can be used both as a play mat and a storage space. The surface is very soft and is covered with beautiful prehistoric graphics. It will surely turn your child’s every game into an adventure!

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Lifeliko Tyrannosaurus Rex Dino: The Coolest Toy


This T-Rex action figure is one of the best unique dinosaur gifts for 5 year olds. Carefully colored and having the right body proportions, it looks as menacing as the true Tyrannosaurus Rex. The toy can stand on its own and has a movable jaw. By the way, it’s great for adults as well!

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Prextex Realistic Large Dinosaur Figures with Book


This set of twelve toys is a perfect present if you want to build up your child’s dinosaur collection. The included figures look very life-like and are easy to play with. This set is among the best learning toys due to the included history book on dinosaurs.

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ZipBin Dinosaur Toy Box

ZipBin 160 Dinosaur Collector Toy Box

Age: 3+.

This fun dinosaur playset is the ultimate choice for expanding your child’s toy collection. It includes a convertible box for storing your kid’s toys. The box has a beautiful prehistoric design and can be used as a comfy play mat. Your little one will adore playing make-believe in such a setting!

The box itself is quite small. It can be easily put in a closet or in a child’s bedroom corner. You can also take this play set with you on a trip. As a bonus, this set includes two small dinosaurs to help a child get a head start on his or her collection.

What We Like

This toy box has impressed us with the functionality it offers. It’s fantastic for storing your kid’s dinosaurs. Also, the colorful mat design is great for supporting imaginative play and keeping the child comfortable!


  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Large enough to contain up 160 reasonably-sized toys
  • Easy to clean
  • The play mat is pleasant to the touch

  • The box slightly loses its shape after months of active usage

Is this item made of PVC plastic?

No, it isn’t.

How big are the dinosaurs included in the set?

They are medium-sized (roughly 5” tall).


Lifeliko Tyrannosaurus Rex Dino

Lifeliko Tyrannosaurus Rex Action Figure Dino Toy

Age: 3+.

This is one of the best dinosaur toys for kids that love realistic-looking action figures. It’s great for recreating imaginative scenes and playing make-believe. It can provide weeks of entertainment for your child.

This realistic dinosaur is made of high-quality materials and is very durable. It’s painted with care to look both beautiful and menacing. The toy has the right body proportions and is lightweight (about 5” high and 12” long). This means even 3 year olds can play with this dino easily.

What We Like

This classic toy Tyrannosaurus Rex is an amazing addition to any child’s dinosaur collection. It’s masterfully done and looks lifelike. Your kids will play with it for hours without getting boring. And in case they get bored, they can put it on a display shelf, where it will surely look right in place.


  • Highly detailed recreation of a real Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Can be used for school reports on prehistoric subjects
  • Hand-painted
  • The toy is hypoallergenic and doesn’t have any off-putting odors

  • Takes a bit of practice to make the toy stand on its own

Is this model hollow inside?

No, it’s solid and won’t break easily.

What materials is this dinosaur made of?

The Tyrannosaurus Rex Dino is made of PVC plastic.


Prextex Realistic Looking Dinosaurs Pack With Dinosaur Book

Prextex Realistic Looking 7 Dinosaurs Pack

Age: 3+.

This set of 12 cool dinosaurs for toddlers is a wonderful Birthday gift for little kids that love prehistoric-themed toys. The number of figures allows playing out various complex scenarios. The shapes of the dinosaurs are true-to-life and each figure is unique. They can be used for school reports due to how accurate they look.

Also, these sets include beautiful illustrated books dedicated to the included dinosaurs. Each page goes into great detail about their nature and behavior. It’s also paired with realistic pictures.

What We Like

This set of twelve high-quality dinosaurs will allow your child to come up with all sorts of awesome make-believe games. The included book makes it one of the best educational toys for school-age kids (6 year olds and up).


  • The dinosaurs are highly detailed
  • Such a large set is great for big-scale imaginative games
  • Can be used for science reports
  • The set includes a book about dinosaurs

  • The coloring could have been done a bit better

Is this set suitable for 2 year olds?

Yes, although parental supervision is advised.

What is the size of the toys included in the set?

All the dinosaurs are in the 5-7 inches size range.

Can my 7 year olds play with these toys in the sand?

Yes, they are suitable for playing in the sand, dirt, or water.


Kidwerkz STEM Fun Learning Dino Play Set

Kidwerkz Dinosaur Toys

Age: 3+.

This play set is the dream of all 2 year olds that love dinosaurs and are interested in building. It includes three dino shapes. They can be taken apart and put back together. This means that your toddler can get endless hours of fun from this toy.

The set includes a total of 106 components and comes with toy screwdrivers. It is great for developing hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and a basic understanding of physics.

What We Like

This toy has impressed us with how well it serves to develop children’s motor functions. The included pieces are colorful and dinosaur-shaped. You can also work alongside your baby and teach him or her how to work in a team.


  • The set presents a great opportunity for you to bond with your child
  • A total of 106 pieces allow for long playing sessions
  • Lead- and BPA- free and completely safe for your kid’s health
  • Colorful, eye-catching design

  • The material quality might have been a bit better

Are there any instructions on how to build the dinosaurs?

They arrive in a constructed state, so your kid can take them apart and memorize their construction.

Is there only one drill included in the kit?

No, there’s a drill per each dinosaur in this set.


Unique Toy for Toddlers by 3 Bees and Me

Dinosaur Toys for Boys and Girls

Age: 2+

These four cool dinosaur toys are great gifts for girls and boys who are into animals and speed. The figures are well made and represent different species. They look very happy and are sure to make your child smile.

The dinosaurs are comfortable to hold in little child hands and race with. Moreover, your kid can share these toys with friends and race against each other. The set also has a positive influence on a child’s motor skill development.

What We Like

This top-rated dinosaur toy is fantastic for keeping your child busy and happy for hours on end. The dinosaurs are all different, brightly-colored, and very durable. They are suitable for toddlers and help them develop hand-eye coordination.


  • Can be played with as dinosaurs or as cars
  • Safe for toddlers
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Fun to play with siblings and friends

  • Wheels are rather delicate if used roughly for a long period of time

How large are the dinosaurs?

They are about five to six inches tall.

Is this item suitable for a 1 year old?

Babies can play with these figures only under parental supervision.

Can this set be used as a bath toy?

The manufacturer doesn’t recommend playing with these toys in water.


LEGO Creator Green Dino Toy

LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs

Age: 7-12

This hot LEGO set is one of the most popular dino toys for 9 year olds and older children. It provides both the joy of building constructions and the thrill of playing with dangerous dinosaurs. The set comes with a prebuilt T-Rex. However, it can also be turned into a triceratops or pterodactyl. Once your kid has built it, he or she can play with the toy.

The components are of a cool dark-green color and are highly detailed. Also, the toy is very mobile. The child can move the dinosaur’s head or tail without them falling apart.

What We Like

This toy is the dream of any LEGO fan that’s also in love with dinosaurs. There are three construction variants available. The dinosaur is sturdy enough to engage in a battle if you purchase two or more sets.


  • The set allows your kid to create three different dinosaurs
  • Provides hours of entertainment
  • Develops motor skills
  • Components are highly durable

  • Putting it together might be a bit too complex for some kids

I’ve heard there’s a secret fourth construction shape, is this true?

Yes, you can also put together a brontosaurus (visit LEGO’s website for instructions).

Is this toy suitable for children younger than 10 years old?

Yes, as long as you’re watching over them.


Tyrannosaurus Red T-Rex for Boys & Girls

Aurhiyo Dinosaur Toys Tyrannosaurus

Age: 3+

This awesome toy can be one of the best gifts of all time for your boy or girl if they love dinosaurs. The figure is hand-painted and looks extremely realistic. It has a menacing red color and scary teeth. The toy also comes with a beautiful gift box. You don’t have to worry about packing it!

The T-Rex itself is made of an elastic material. It can be bent to add more realism to the games. The toy is completely safe for your child and is quite soft, which means the kid won’t get harmed while playing.

What We Like

This T-Rex toy has impressed us with the level of detail the manufacturer put into creating it. The red dinosaur is large, looks menacing, and can be a great addition to your child’s collection.


  • The toy is quite big and durable
  • Hand-painted for a beautiful look
  • The figure can be bent in several ways
  • Can be purchased by adults for their collection

  • The eyes could be painted a bit better

What are the product dimensions of this item?

This dino is exactly 11.2 x 4.3 x 5.3 inches big.

Can the toy stand on its legs?

Yes, it can.


Giant Stuffed Dinosaur (Over 2 Feet Tall)

Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex Dinosaur

Age: 3+

This T Rex can become your kid’s new best friend for years to come. It looks cute and is very plush and pleasant to touch. Moreover, this stuffed large dinosaur toy is able to sustain its shape for a long time due to its inner construction.

The T-Rex is over two feet tall. If your kid likes to role-play a dinosaur, this T-Rex will become their ultimate opponent. Also, it’s fully able to stand on its own feet without any assistance.

What We Like

We were amazed by how this preschool toy manages to be plush and firm at the same time. Infants will adore hugging the T-REX and lying in bed with it, while older kids will enjoy playing the games. The dinosaur is durable enough to sustain both play fights and sleeping on it.


  • Can stand on its own
  • Over 2 foot tall toy, actually one of the biggest toys on the market
  • Beautiful design and vibrant colors
  • Very soft to the touch

  • The included wire frame is a bit too shallow

Will this toy be too heavy for a 4 year old girl?

No, even though it’s very tall, the T-Rex is quite lightweight.

What are the recommendations for cleaning this item?

You can cleanse the dirty sports with soap and warm water.


Megatoybrand Dinosaurs: Awesome Gift for Kids

Megatoybrand Dinosaurs Transport Car Carrier Truck Toy

Age: 3-12

This carrier truck is the king of Birthday gifts for toddlers who love cars and dinosaurs. This house toy set includes six dinos. Each one is different and looks very realistic. Moreover, there are seven empty compartments for additional dinosaurs or cars.

The truck allows your kid to store their collection in one place. The included handle on the top of the carrier makes it easy to carry around. The side door of the truck is transparent, which means your kid can show off their collection for everyone to admire.

What We Like

This truck perfectly suits kids of 3 years old and up, who want to have loads of dinosaurs in their collection. It comes with six cool-looking figures that are highly durable. Moreover, the carrier has storage space for even more dinos!


  • Includes a comfortable handle for carrying the truck
  • Lots of dinosaurs to play with
  • Made of durable materials and meant to last a long time
  • Includes storage spots for additional toys

  • The included dinosaurs are on the smaller side

How big are the dinosaurs included in the set?

They are about 2-2.5 inches long.

How big is the carrier?

The truck is about 15.7 x 3.3 x 4.5 large.


Zoomer Tiger Tail Interactive Dinosaur, Blue

Zoomer Chomplingz – Tiger Tail Interactive Dinosaur

Age: 5+

This is one of the coolest interactive dinosaurs toys for 5 year olds and above. This awesome dino has two game modes: Hot Hands and Sound Warp. The first mode allows developing the reaction speed of your child. Meanwhile, the second one will leave your kids with a ton of laughs. Your little ones will fall in love with the cool and hilarious sounds this dinosaur makes.

The toy comes with high-end mouth and nose sensors. This allows it to react to your kid’s hand gestures. Moreover, the toy can even perform a beatbox routine for your child. Guard mode is another cool feature of this dinosaur, which will help your child feel safe and secure all through the night.

What We Like

The Tiger Tail is a state-of-the-art interactive toy. This blue dinosaur looks nice, offers two game modes, and can become your child’s loyal friend.


  • Includes various games for your child to play
  • Makes tons of funny and intimidating sounds
  • The protection mode is great for children who are afraid to be left alone in their room
  • Trendy design

  • A bit more functionality would be appreciated

What batteries does this toy need to work?

The Zoomer Chomplingz works on 3 AAA batteries (not included in the set).

Will it work on a carpet?

Yes, the toy isn’t movement-based.


VTech Switch & Go Amazing Animated Dinos

VTech 80-204720 Switch and Go Animated Dinos 2-Pack

Age: 3-8 year olds

These two toys are the perfect Christmas gift for boys that are into animals and racing. They can be transformed into either dinosaurs or cars. Even better, each form has its own set of sounds. Your child can enjoy realistic engine sounds or wild roars.

The toys are of decent size and simple in construction. Even a 3 year old can convert one form into another. The LED screens on the front of the toy can display either dinosaur eyes or various car driver images.

What We Like

This animated dinosaur toy set offers loads of fun for a reasonable price. It can be played with as racing cars or as wild creatures. The cars are easily convertible and play over fifty cool sound effects and phrases.


  • Screens show cool animations
  • 2-in-1 toys (dinosaur and car)
  • Batteries are included in the set (2 AAA)
  • Vast variety of different sounds and phrases

  • The sayings included in the T-Rex car might come off as rude for some

Do these cars ride by themselves if you pull them back?

No, they are “push-and-go” vehicles.

Do these toys work well on a carpet?

Yes, the wheels are big enough to be played with on a carpet.


Lydaz Race Track Dinosaur World Bridge

Lydaz Race Track Dinosaur World Bridge Create A Road

Age: 3+

The Lydaz race track set will keep any child entertained for hours. The maximum length of the included track pieces is 220 cm. However, your little one can even further extend the track if you purchase additional parts!

This land toy set contains a cool LED car. It’s operated by batteries and runs very smoothly. Additionally, the set includes slopes, doors, trees, two dinosaur figures, and other stuff. These will allow the child to feel like he or she is in the middle of Dinosaur World indeed.

What We Like

This race track is perfect for dinosaur lovers. Including tons of accessories and a moving toy car, it helps your child develop an ability to come up with ideas for new tracks.


  • 1 LED car included
  • Completely safe for your child’s health
  • Dinosaurs, trees, and slopes contained add more excitement and realism
  • Track extensions available

  • The trees aren’t that easily placed to stand still

Is it hard to put the track together?

No, each piece has “male” and “female” connection points that connect when pressed together.

What batteries are needed for this set?

The car runs on a single AA battery (not included).

Are magic tracks compatible with the toy?

Yes, you can use them to make the track longer and more interesting.


Big Inflatable Brachiosaurus by Jet Creations

Inflatable Brachiosaurus Dinosaur

Age: 3+

This toy is a fantastic option if you’re looking for big dinosaurs. It will add loads of Jurassic atmosphere to your kid’s Birthday party or room. The brachiosaurus is very tall and made of durable materials. Additionally, the set includes a repair kit, which allows you to treat any punctures or holes that may appear instead of having to buy a new item.

The brachiosaurus itself is a green dinosaur that looks pretty realistic. Your kid can use it as a hugging buddy or to play out imaginative scenarios. If the child likes pretending to be a dinosaur, they can even use the toy as a “sparring partner.”

What We Like

This huge dinosaur can be a fantastic addition to your collection of outdoor dino toys. It looks cute, can serve for make-believe games, and is quite durable.


  • Enormous size
  • Fantastic decoration for parties or bedroom
  • Can be taken to the pool
  • Cute design and eye-pleasing color

  • Isn’t suited for rough play

How high is this toy?

Fully-inflated, the dinosaur reaches the 3 foot tall mark.

Is the dinosaur heavy?

No, despite its size, the brachiosaurus is lightweight and can be carried even by a 3 year old.


WowWee Robot Moving Miposaur for Older Kids

WowWee Miposaur

Age: 3+

If your kid is fascinated by robots and dinos, this toy will blow their mind. It can be controlled with hand gestures, the included TrackBall, or a specially-designed app. The dinosaur also has a great tracking system. It allows the toy to recognize your child’s gestures with great accuracy.

The robot has tons of cool features. It allows you to choose one from ten commands and three moods (excited, interested, or annoyed). Preschoolers can scare the Miposaur, feed it, play fetch with it in the park, or even make it dance and beatbox.

What We Like

The Miposaur toy is exceptionally well-made and looks beautiful. It can provide your child with hours of entertainment. It can dance, play fetch, and simply walk near your kid as a loyal pet!


  • Employs the latest tracking technology
  • Three control options available
  • Dozens of modes, games, and sounds for your child to experiment and have fun with
  • Cool, futuristic design

  • The toy can sometimes fall over when dancing

Does this toy work with Android smartphones?

Yes, the Miposaur works both on Android and iOS systems.

What batteries are needed to use this toy?

The dinosaur itself runs on 4 AA batteries, while the trackball requires 4 AAA batteries (not included in the set).


Dig It Up! Dinosaur Educational Eggs

MindWare Dig It Up! Dinosaur Eggs

Age: 4+

This unusual toy set appeals both to your child’s love of dinosaurs and their sense of discovery. It includes 12 chisel tools, allowing 4 year olds and older kids to play with their friends or siblings. Inside each egg, there’s a unique dinosaur. All figures are highly detailed and brightly colored. After being excavated, the toys can be placed on a shelf.

The “Dig it Up!” kit also includes a guidebook. It explains the history and behavior of each dinosaur and bug stored in the eggs. The number of interesting facts will amaze your kid.

What We Like

This top rated kit will make your kid feel like a true paleontologist. It comes with 12 unique toys stored in eggs along with a useful guidebook. It’s a great educational tool that develops accuracy and patience.


  • The eggs look very realistic
  • The number of chisels enables multiplayer
  • Each of the included dinosaurs and bugs is unique
  • The toys can be played with after they’re dug out
  • Allows your kid to learn more about dinosaurs and paleontology

  • The dinosaurs stored inside the egg are a bit too small to comfortably play with

What are the eggs made of?

The egg shells are made of high-quality plaster clay.

How large is each egg?

Every egg is about 3” big.