10 Best-Rated Cough Medicines for Kids & Toddlers

Our Top 3 Picks

Genexa Natural Cold & Cough Medicine for Children

Genexa Natural Cold & Cough MedicineGenexa Cold Crush is one of the best cough medicines for kids and toddlers. It is made of pure organic ingredients in the form of tasty chewing tablets. This over the counter medicine treats a lot of symptoms, including sneezing, runny nose, dry and wet cough, sore and dry throat, etc.


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Hyland’s 4 Kids Day & Night Medicine

Hylands 4 Kids MedicineThis Day & Night value pack is a top-rated children’s cough medicine. Natural homeopathic ingredients treat a child’s cold during the day. And they help your kids avoid sleeplessness during the night. The organic relief and gentle formula of this medicine make it effective and safe for kids.


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Mucinex Children’s Multi-Symptom Cold Relief Liquid

Mucinex Childrens Cold Relief LiquidMucinex’ formula is one of the most powerful for quick cough treatment. This berry flavored syrup will quickly help a child breathe freely and reduce sniffle and cough. One of its most powerful functions is decongestant, which is particularly good for nighttime.


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Top-Rated Cough Medicines for Children

Genexa Natural Cold & Cough Medicine

Genexa Natural Cold & Cough Medicine

Age: 3 year old and up.

Genexa Cold Crush is a homeopathic natural cough medicine. It helps kids exempt from general cold symptoms. This includes mucus and congestion, stuffy and running nose, sneezing and cough, etc. Children can take these delicious chewing tablets anywhere and anytime, without any drowsiness effect.

You can be sure about the quality of Genexa products. They are completely free of any harsh fillers, artificial flavors, synthetic additives, and dyes. Genexa Cold Crush cures cold and flu with organic certified and Non-GMO Project verified ingredients. All of this is confirmed by Genexa’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. Any customer who is not fully satisfied with the result provided by the medicine can contact Genexa in order to get a full refund.

Why We Like It

This is a natural cold medicine for babies. It’s free of allergens and non-habit-forming. Most kids like the taste of these chewing tablets that help them feel better and stay healthy. Genexa Cold Crush is effective for most common cold symptoms and is the only organic certified cough and cold medicine in the world (as claimed by the manufacturer).


  • The pack includes 60 tasty chewing tablets
  • Homeopathic and organic ingredients
  • A multi-symptom cough and cold effective medicine
  • Allergen and gluten-free
  • Non-habit-forming

  • May not work for every kid, as the reaction could be different


Is it possible to crash the tablets in food or drink, as my 5 year olds do not like to take medicine?
Yes. You can easily mix the tablets with food or drink. However, most kids like this medicine’s flavor.

Is this product gluten free?
Yes, all of the Genexa products are free of such allergens as magnesium stearate, lactose, and gluten.

Hyland’s 4 Kids Medicine

Hylands 4 Kids Medicine

Age: 2 – 12 year olds.

The Cold ‘n Cough syrup produced by Hyland’s is a combination of two different homeopathic medicines. One is used in daytime for easing such cold symptoms as a cough, sneezing, sore throat, and congestion.

The other is developed specifically for nighttime. All the common cold symptoms can cause occasional sleeplessness in kids, so Hyland’s has created this product to help children sleep well and heal their body during sleep. Such a combination of functions makes this medicine a good cough syrup for kids.

The Hyland’s gentle homeopathic formula guarantees the absence of any side effects and habit forming. All the ingredients used in this top-rated childrens cough medicine are derived from natural substances. This syrup makes the cough treatment process easy and fast for children, helping them relieve the symptoms of most common illness, especially during the cold season.

Why We Like It

The package contains two bottles (daytime and nighttime). Each contains 4 ounces of syrup. A dosing cup is included, too. Different natural organic ingredients help children not only relieve the cold symptoms during the day but also treat a cough and cold during the night and avoid sleeplessness.


  • The syrup can be used for both day and night treatment
  • The medicine has different homeopathic formulas for daytime and for nighttime
  • Ingredients do not contain harsh chemicals
  • Safe and organic components can be safely used together with other over the counter meds
  • Sugar-free syrup with nice flavor

  • Not particularly strong


Why can’t I find an expiration date on the package?
Homeopathic medicines do not expire, as all of the ingredients are natural.

The pack includes two bottles. Is it 8 OZ or 4 OZ each?
The volume of each bottle is 4 OZ.

I have two sons, 6 year old and 10 year old. Is this med suitable for such ages?
Yes. This is a universal product. It’s only not recommended for kids under 2.

Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold Relief Liquid

Mucinex Childrens Cold Relief Liquid

Age: 3 year old and older.

This is a high-quality cough suppressant for toddlers and older kids. It not only safely relieves cough but also calms symptoms like stuffy nose and chest congestion. In addition, this OTC cough remedy for child has two more functions. It easily breaks up mucus, as an effective cough expectorant. And it also works as a nasal decongestant, helping your toddler sleep well during the night.

All of the three main components cover the vast majority of general cold symptoms. This is very helpful for any illness treatment related to cold seasons. This liquid is among the strong cough medicines, so each dose must be measured strictly as stated in the instructions. You can do it with a special dosing cup that is included.

Why We Like It

Mucinex medicine addresses cold symptoms quickly and effectively, combining three main functions for powerful cough treatment. This is not only a powerful cough and congestion syrup but also a great night time medicine.


  • Powerful medicine
  • Addresses different cold symptoms
  • Has a nice berry flavor
  • Helps a kid sleep well during the night
  • Effectively works as a cough expectorant to break up mucus

  • Not compatible with some drugs
  • Some kids find this as a typical bitter medicine taste


How effective is this OTC medicine for kid cough?
It is very effective. Three different parts address cold and cough symptoms quickly.

Does this syrup have a typical bitter medicine taste?
The syrup is berry flavored, but some kids find it as typical bitter medicine taste.

Zarbee’s Naturals Great-Tasting Cough Syrup for Toddlers

Zarbees Naturals Great-Tasting Cough Syrup

Age: 1+ year old.

Zarbee offers a pack of two different cough and cold medications. The natural components make it a healthy and safe over the counter product to calm cough, soothe dry and scratchy throat, and help the kid feel better overall. The main active ingredient is honey, which is a great source of antioxidants. It helps the young body fight cold symptoms, treat a cough, and support the immune system.

Both day and night syrups are yummy, tasting like grape flavored honey. Almost any child will take it gladly. The main active component is supported by vitamin C and zinc. Children will sleep peacefully after a dose of nighttime remedy thanks to melatonin. This medicine is recommended by pediatricians but not approved by FDA.

Why We Like It

This is probably the best tasting cough syrup. Prepare that your kids will ask for more honey. There are no chemicals used in the formulation, only natural ingredients. It works quickly and safely, reducing most common cold symptoms.


  • Suitable for almost all ages
  • Two different medicine formulas provide 24-hour treatment, daytime and nighttime
  • Does not include chemicals, artificial sweeteners, or alcohol
  • Tastes great

  • The product is not approved by FDA. However, it doesn’t really have to be, as it’s free from drugs


What makes the night syrup different from the day one?
It’s one of the active ingredients, melatonin, which helps your kids fall asleep faster and sleep well at night.

What is the flavor?
Although the package says the syrup is grape flavored, its taste actually is a combination of grape and honey. Most kids seem to enjoy it though.

Is it suitable only for toddlers, or will it work for 4 year old child too?
This medicine works for children of different ages, equally good for 3 year old and 5 year old.

Mucinex Mini Melts Chest Congestion Expectorant

Mucinex Chest Congestion Expectorant

Age: 4 year old and up.

This cough expectorant works as phlegm medicine. It breaks up mucus and eases chest congestion. Mucinex Mini Melts is especially good for clearing bronchial passages. This makes it an effective and quick cough treatment. In contradiction to Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold Relief Liquid, this medicine does not work as a cough suppressant and decongestant, which is important for some types of child’s illnesses.

The bubble gum taste granules, each intended as a single dose, are easy to use for moms and dads. You’ll just have to pour the contents of a granule on your kid’s tongue and give some water to help wash it down. Kids find this dosage form fun, as no chewing or liquid swallowing is required. The package includes 12 easy-to-open packs.

Why We Like It

The fun-to-take form and original taste are a cool alternative for very picky kids, who don’t like to take usual medicines. Granules are easy to swallow and are better than usual tablets for dry throat. Overall, Mucinex cough expectorant is effective for wet cough, providing congestion relief.


  • Nice taste and form, attractive for kids
  • No measures are required for parents to give the medicine
  • Effectively clears the throat of mucus
  • Great for cough and congestion

  • Is not suitable for all types of cough and cold
  • Has several inactive ingredients like talc


Can I use this medicine for all cold symptoms?
It is better to have a doctor consultation for some cases like a long-lasting and chronic cough.

How often can I give these mini melts to my kids?
This information is indicated on the package, 6 doses for a 24-hour period is maximum.

Zarbee’s Baby Cough Syrup: Safe for Infants

Zarbees Baby Cough Syrup

Age: 2 months +.

Zarbee’s has this cold medicine for babies in their product range. This is a completely natural cough medicine based on English Ivy Leaf Extract.
It is perfect for 1 year old babies and even younger kids. No artificial sweeteners, dyes, or allergens are used.

A physician consultation is recommended, though, especially for infants under 6 months. Actually, it’s a universal piece of advice for any over the counter or OTC cough medicine. An immediate result in cough treatment for infants is possible due to a special formula developed by Zarbee’s Naturals team. The cough syrup does not have any side effects like drowsiness, nausea, or vomiting. It’s a great tasting and effective remedy both for infants and for older kids.

Why We Like It

The best thing about this cold and flu syrup is that it’s suitable for different ages. It is free of unwanted additives like artificial sweeteners or gluten.
The all-natural components cure gently, calming a child’s cough and running nose. After taking the dose and getting a relief, babies will quickly fall asleep and have a good rest throughout the whole night.


  • Safe even for a 2 month old infant
  • Great taste, kids like it
  • Gluten- and drug-free ingredients
  • Relieves mucus and eases cough very well

  • Dispenser not included, a more convenient packaging would be appreciated
  • Not approved by FDA


My baby does not have a cough but his nose in congested though. Would this product help?
No, this syrup is designed for cough treatment.

Would my daughter be drowsy after taking this?
No, the syrup does not cause drowsiness.

Does the product contain honey like most of Zarbee’s products do?
No, this is why it is suitable even for babies under 12 months age.

Boiron Homeopathic Medicine for Cough Treatment

Boiron Homeopathic Medicine

Age: 3 – 12 years old.

Boiron homeopathic cold medication works well for chest and nasal congestion, relieving sneezing and cough. Its natural and organic formula helps even adults because homeopathic drugs’ effectiveness does not depend on body weight. Chemical-free components do not interact with other drugs. This is the best choice for picky kids, who do not like the traditional grape or berry flavor.

All the ingredients are completely organic and are officially included in US Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia. The manufacturer, as the world’s homeopathic medicine leader, assures the best quality and efficiency of the products. The bottle is rather big in volume – 6.7 ounces, which is perfect when taking cough treatment is required frequently. The dosage cup is included.

Why We Like It:

It tastes fine. It is natural. It doesn’t cause drowsiness. It can be safely used with other drugs. And it’s effective formula targets different cold symptoms, particularly chest and nasal congestion. These are the main advantages of Chestal, which altogether make it a good cough syrup for kids.


  • No side effects
  • Natural homeopathic ingredients
  • Nice taste
  • Big bottle size
  • Effective for several cold symptoms

  • The formula lasts only 2 hours
  • The amount of sugar might be too high for some


Does this lower a fever?
No, it does not. The best effect of this medicine is relieving chest and nasal congestion.

How fast can Chestal help with my son’s nasal congestion?
It depends because every kid is unique. However, this syrup is quite effective and gives a quick result for easing nasal discharge.

Can I use this to calm my son’s cough in the middle of the night?
Yes, this medicine eases a cough rather quickly and effectively.

Bee Propolis Throat Spray: Good for Dry Coughing

Bee Propolis Throat Spray

Age: 2+ years old.

Beekeeper’s offers a natural bee propolis spray to relieve sore throat, dry cough, and initial flu symptoms. It boosts the immune system and prevents viruses from attacking respiratory passageways. The medication consists of only three ingredients. They include 95% bee propolis extract, purified water, and glycerin. It is free of alcohol, gluten, and harmful chemicals.

This OTC organic spray can not only treat cough caused by flu and viruses. It can also relieve allergy symptoms. It is suitable for all family members.
The spray works great for preventing cold, too, as bee propolis contains a lot of antioxidants. The package size is 30 ml. It’s more than enough to take 3-5 sprays several times a day, depending on the stage of illness.

Why We Like It

Beekeeper’s throat spray is all-natural and easy-to-use anywhere. Providing support for immunity and fighting viruses, it helps your children maintain health and stay active, especially during cold season. Overall, this cough remedy for children works great, calming dry cough and soothing sore throat.


  • Alcohol and gluten-free
  • Natural bee propolis extract
  • Wonderful taste
  • Provides immunity boost

  • Isn’t suitable for people sensitive to bee products
  • Not every child will like a throat spray


Can I use this for my 19 months old daughter?
The spray contains bee propolis. This is why it’s recommended for 2 year old kids and up. It would be better to ask your doctor before using it for ages less than 24 months.

Is it made in the USA?
No, it’s manufactured in Canada.

Would this spray be effective for my chronic colds and sore throats?
Yes, it was designed especially to target symptoms directly, soothing the throat and boosting the immunity.

Delsym 12 Hr Strong Cough Suppressant

Delsym 12 Hr Cough Suppressant

Age: 4+ years old.

Delsym cough suppressant is one of the most effective strong cough medicines. Diseases like cold or flu cause the throat and lungs to accumulate mucus and irritants. This syrup breaks up the mucus and cleans the throat and lungs from “bad stuff”. It helps immediately, when the fast result is needed, providing 12 hours of cough control.

The orange flavored syrup is put into a 5 ounce sized bottle, and a dosage cup is included. Using it is especially great during the cold period when children have to stay active and have a lot of contacts with other kids.

Why We Like It

The best thing about Delsym is that its effect lasts longer. To be precise, you can expect a relief from cough for up to twelve hours. So, one dose of this cough suppressant can replace 2-4 doses of other medicines. Besides, the medication is suitable for children of different ages and even for adults.


  • Effective and strong
  • Tastes yummy for kids
  • Has a long-lasting effect

  • Has many warnings of usage


How often can I use this?
It is recommended to take it not more than 2 times per 24 hours.

What is the bottle size?
There are two sizes available. Five and three ounces.

What flavors are available?
Delsym offers orange and grape flavors.

Lil’ Giggles Kid’s Cough, Cold & Throat Remedy

 Lil Giggles Kids Cough Remedy

Age: 3+ years old.

This homeopathic natural cough medicine comes as a pack of lollipops with three different flavors: honey, grape, and cherry. Such a form turns boring treatment into fun for children. The best part is that the medication components are placed on the surface of each lollipop. This means kids get treatment with the very few first licks. Note that chewing is not effective for better absorption.

The natural ingredients of these lollies are mixed in a formula that addresses hoarseness, sneezing, cough, and sore throat. Lil’ Giggles are free of synthetic and chemical additives, GMO, artificial sweeteners, and sugar. The latter is especially great for parents who try to limit sugar consumption in their kids.

The pack includes 12 lollipops targeted at three different sets of symptoms. Four lollipops for easing sore throat and some types of oral inflammation, another four for reducing congestion and cough, and the last four for getting rid of fever, headache, chills, and other symptoms of flu.

Why We Like It

Lil’ Giggles will help you keep your children healthy and active. You won’t have to fight with them to take another dose of medicine. Instead, they will be waiting for it, because of the great flavor and unusual form. All-natural ingredients do not interact with other drugs. This homeopathic medicine is especially effective.


  • Several colors and flavors
  • Doesn’t look like a typical medicine, which makes it attractive for kids
  • Natural components
  • Especially effective with first signs of cold and flu
  • Relieves multiple symptoms equally well

  • The lollipops are quite brittle, might not survive until it’s time to give them to kids


Is this product vegetarian?
Yes, it is. No animal products are included.

Does it have FDA approval?
No, this medication isn’t FDA approved. Yet, it is drug-free, so FDA approval isn’t necessary.

Does this product include sugar?
No, it does not. It’s a completely sugar-free medicine.