10 Highest-Rated Castle Toys for Kids

Our Top 3 Picks

Melissa & Dough Deluxe Folding Wooden Castle for Kids

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Folding Wooden CastleWe love the design of this wooden castle from Melissa & Dough. The design can be opened up to reveal a big courtyard. The three-story fort will allow your children to play & improve their motor skills for hours. Your child will have no limit to his or her imagination with features such as a removable turret, towers, a trap door & more.


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Princess Dollhouse with Drawbridge and Turrets

Princess Dollhouse With DrawbridgeMelissa & Dough have once again outdone themselves. This is the ultimate play set for little girls. The chateau opens into a big palace with royal bedrooms & a stable. Your kid won’t get bored of this module as they can easily change the set with the removable parts.


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Little Kingdom Play ‘n Carry Castle for Girls

Little Kingdom Playn Carry CastleThis is such an adorable playset for any little girl. The case is easy to pack up & carry so your child can take it anywhere. You have the option of 11 different Disney princess characters to select from that fit perfectly into the playset. The best part about this carry set is the Cinderella doll that’s included.


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Top-Rated Toy Castles for Boys and Girls

Melissa & Dough Deluxe Folding Wooden Castle

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Folding Wooden Castle

Age: recommended age group for this playset is 36 months – 6 years.

When you’re looking at buying a childrens castle you have to invest in a quality product. You want your children to be able to get the best out of their playsets for years to come. This is one of the best castle toys for kids that’ll not disappoint because it’s so durable. However be sure to follow the age-appropriate advice of the toy to avoid choking hazards with younger babies.

This high-quality toddler castle is made from well-built wood that’s durable & strong. It’s built to provide hours of fun & to encourage self-play. This playset includes features such as a working drawbridge to bring your child’s imagination to life.

This is one of the top-rated toy castles for boys and girls. It’s suitable for 3 year olds up to seven year olds so it’ll last your kids for years to come.

Why We Like It

We like the extra features such as the jail & working bridge to make imaginary time more real. The hinges are also a very nice touch & it’s a practical way to save space when you need to put it away. More than one child can play with it at the same time as you can open it up to expand into a larger fort. This is the ultimate gift for siblings to improve motor skills.


  • Hinges allow you to open the castle for the larger playing area
  • Quality brand
  • Quality packaging
  • Suitable for girls & boys alike
  • Compact design when closed
  • Sturdy design

  • The wood might cause splinters while playing with it
  • Some customers don’t like the strong wood scent


What’s the height of the rooms inside the citadel?
The openings & play areas are more or less 3” high which affords enough space for comfortable play.

Can the fort fold up smaller than on the picture provided in marketing material?
The hinges will allow you to close the fort into a smaller size but it can’t be folded other than that.

Princess Dollhouse

Princess Dollhouse With Drawbridge

Age: recommended age group is 36 months – 8 years.

Do your kids get used to their toys quickly? This play set can be changed up with two movable turrets and a connectable archway. The wood is sturdy & long lasting so your children can play without damaging the set. This playhouse has three levels to keep your child busy for hours.

The castle opens up into a larger playing area and with the three-level design with hand painted details it’s a realistic, quality play product.

Why We Like It

We absolutely love the detail on this module. The dainty pink design is hand painted and will let your girl feel like a real princess. We also like the royal bedrooms & the flying buttress. This toy will improve creative thinking & moto skill development.


  • Easy set up
  • Movable parts
  • For toddlers or older kids
  • Sturdy wood used
  • Transportable

  • The wooden design is difficult to clean


Can the set fit Disney figurines? If yes, up to what size?
Yes. As long as they’re not taller than 3”.

Is it possible to transport this set in different parts?
Yes. You can easily disconnect some pieces to make it more portable. Instead of crushing the structure you can place it in a container which is more manageable and will protect the pieces.

Little Kingdom Play ‘n Carry Castle

Little Kingdom Playn Carry Castle

Age: suitable for children 4 – 9 years of age.

This plastic castle toy set is a three in one design. Your child can play with the different princess castle toys inside, carry it around as an accessory or store her toys inside. The princess dolls are able to stand or even twirl around on the balcony.

There are a lot of different extras you can get for this playhouse such as outfits for the dolls. Other accessories specifically designed for this castle is available & sold separately.

Why We Like It

This small play set is easy to carry, store & pack up. It’s also very affordable. What’s not to like? The design includes snap-ins pieces so your child can glam up Cinderalla’s outfit.


  • The plastic design is easy to clean
  • Includes accessories such as a doll
  • Three in one design
  • Compact design
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable

  • The accessories might be a choking hazard for smaller children
  • The castle can sometimes tip over if there are too many accessories inside


Can you put more than one princess doll inside?
There’s only one standing & twirling place for one doll. More dolls can be placed inside if it’s open but it won’t hold all the dolls when you close it.

What does the package include?
You’ll receive the playset with one doll, a peplum, a skirt and four snap-ins pieces.

Manhattan Toy Kids Modular Building Castle

Manhattan Toy Building Castle

Age: suitable for children 3 years and older.

This is one of the best building & concentration improvement toys out there! Made for boys & girls this building toy has many accessories that are included.

Your child can build & construct as far as his or her imagination will allow with castles figurines such as flags, horses and ladders. This is a very educational children’s castle playset.

Why We Like It

This toy knows no limits. Your child can build the highest castle & rebuild it in different ways. We can’t get passed the little bean bag characters that are included in the package; you might even love them more than your child! The ultimate fort toy to improve motor skill development.


  • Includes a wide range of accessories
  • It’s not gender specific so suitable for all your children
  • The resistant & non-toxic wood used
  • Can easily be transported in different pieces
  • Quality product & material
  • Reasonably priced considering all the extras you receive

  • The 38 pieces can get lost easily


How many are MiO bean bag people included?
You’ll receive four in your package.

Do the towers come in different sizes inside the box?
Yes, you’ll receive 5 large towers, 4 medium towers, 4 small towers & also 4 narrow towers.

Liberty Imports Medieval Castle & Knights for Boys

Liberty Imports Medieval Castle & Knights

Age: designed for children 3 years and up.

Are you looking for a special gift for a boy? This is a good medieval toy castle option for any boy who likes to play make-believe with knights & weapons.

The 23 piece set includes many extras such as shields & a working drawbridge. One of the most affordable medieval castles available.

Why We Like It

The storage bucket it comes in is a great way to put the blocks away after playtime! You can always be sure that all the parts will be kept together and easily stored & transported.


  • Comes in a durable bucket
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to clean
  • Hand-painted figures
  • Moveable pieces to keep your child entertained
  • The quality plastic used for the price

  • There are many small pieces that can be possible choking hazards


What’s the height of the castle?
20.5”x 26”x 18.5”.

Does the package include more than one weapon?
Yes, you’ll receive a variety of medieval weapons.

Fisher-Price Disney Palace for Toddlers

Fisher-Price Disney Palace

Age: suitable for toddlers aged 18 months up to five years.

This is one of those all in one princess castles toys. Little girls will love the fairytale setting with six play areas. The dancefloor will respond to the Disney figure with a famous phrase used by the character.

Your little one can make the dolls dance by moving a lever. This will improve your child’s fine motor skills. There are a lot of movable parts such as the tables, chairs & beds.

There’s an elevator that dolls can get into to move up or down inside the palace. If you’re thinking it can’t get any cuter, think again. Additional sounds will mimic real actions such as the kettle boiling/whistling.

Why We Like It

Where do we start? We adore the voice function of this toy palace. It automatically recognizes each Disney character you bring into the palace & will respond by greeting them by name or saying famous phrases.

The castle will also play welcoming songs for each “guest”. This will make each new addition & character you get an exciting adventure to look forward to.

We also appreciate the educational benefits this playset offers. Your toddler will quickly learn the meaning of actions such as open, close & on top. This will improve his or her communication skills & word understanding.


  • Designed with moveable parts such as a spinning dance floor
  • Quality product
  • Sound effects for educational play time
  • Separately sold dolls are recognized by the palace & welcomed with a song
  • Six different play areas
  • Not too big or too small for a toddler to operate & play with

  • The speaker is really loud even when you turn the volume down


Does this set include any Disney princess dolls or are they all sold separately?
You can buy all the dolls separately but it does come with Snow White & Cinderella Disney dolls.

Can you change the language settings on this device to for instance Spanish?
No. The languages are all programmed beforehand and can’t be changed.

PLAYMOBIL Wolf Knights’ Castle


Age: made for children aged 4 – 10 years.

Have you considered different kid’s castles and knights but found nothing realistic enough for your child’s imagination? Look no further. This medieval castle includes a variety of accessories such as a horse & armored figures.

The castle has two towers for the knights to keep watch. This play set will fit into any PLAYMOBIL range to make an even larger play area.

Why We Like It

The designers of this playset have really gone above & beyond to make it as realistic as possible. Features such as a breakable wall & a secret trap door will allow your child’s imagination to run wild.


  • Large toy pieces for easy play
  • Quality designed products
  • Realistic features
  • Portable
  • Includes numerous accessories
  • Compatible with other PLAYMOBIL sets
  • The knight figures have movable arms & legs

  • Some of the parts tend to fit incorrectly
  • Parts can come apart easily.


Can you add walls to the castle to make it bigger?
No. It fits in with the other PLAYMOBIL themes but you can’t add on the castle.

What size figures can fit into the castle?
Any figures that are 3” and smaller.

Little Kingdom Play ‘n Carry Castle for Girls

Little Kingdom Elsas Frozen Castle

Age: made for girls aged 4 – 9 years.

Each and every child dreams of being a princess or a prince. A toy castle is a perfect accessory to fit into that imaginary world. It stimulates their imaginary development & social skills.

This small play castle is the perfect gift for any girl. Let your child enjoy hours of imaginative play with Elsa, Anna, Olaf and all the other characters from the very popular movie Frozen.

The castle is designed to mimic the movie’s setting in Arendelle. Elsa’s appearance & outfit can easily be changed with different accessories.

Why We Like It

We love the flipping features inside the palace. When you turn the floor around it reveals a bed and the curtains will reveal other characters such as Anna & Olaf. There are some cute details for girls to get excited about. Crystals are revealed when underneath the seat of the throne.


  • Hidden features to discover
  • Elsa’s style can be customized
  • Other Disney Frozen characters sold separately to add to the adventure
  • The castle is a replica of the movie’s setting
  • Includes snap-ins storage
  • Different snap-ins included

  • The plastic is thin & not the best quality


Does this toy have any sound features?
No. There are no audio features so kids will have to add them themselves.

Are there any outfits included for Elsa?
Yes, you’ll receive bodices, skirts, capes & more.

Peppa Pig Princess Castle Playset

Peppa Pig Princess Small Castle

Age: suitable for children aged 2 years and older.

Does your toddler love Peppa Pig? Most children can’t get enough of this little pig & this design is right on board with this trend.

After an adventures playtime in the castle with all the dolls your little princess can easily store all the toys inside. The carry handle makes it portable. The set is compatible with all the Peppa Pig figures so you can add even more dolls to the castle.

Why We Like It

Extra dolls & accessories that are sold separately are always great & makes future gift selection easier. However, you’d probably agree that the more accessories the castle includes the better.

That’s what we like most about the Peppa Pig castle set. It includes accessories such as Princess Peppa & Suzy, a treasure chest, a dining table with a tea set and more!


  • Includes many accessories & dolls
  • Easy to carry design
  • Small & compact
  • Compatible with other Peppa Peg figures
  • Affordable

  • Closing the castle can be difficult with all the toys inside


What’s the size of the castle?
The product dimensions are 4.3”x 18”x 13”.

Can my 19 month old play with this set?
Rather not. There are small parts that can be a choking hazard for children under two years.

Fox Print Castle Play Tent

Fox Print Castle Tent

Age: suitable for ages 2 years and older.

This is a great gift for any child who loves adventures. The pop-up tent folds away easily into a carry bag to make it more compact. The zip bag will protect the tent when playtime is over.

The material & design are very durable to allow your children to play outside or inside. There’s a small window or a larger entrance to mimic a realistic castle. Night time will be extra special inside this tent with the glowing star design.

Let kids be kids with this easy to clean tent. You can just wipe it off with a damp cloth & some soap to clean when necessary. Let your little girl invite friends over for a tea party in her pop up castle.

Up to three children will be able to fit into this tent comfortably. The tent is sturdy with supporting poles that are easy to set up.

Note that some customers have complained about the poles sticking through the tent pockets & tearing the fabric. There are also problems concerning the manual.

Why We Like It

Did someone say glow in the dark star features? Of course, we’ll be excited about that! This printed pop up tent folds easily into a compact carry case. The design is made to make any little girl feel like a real princess with details such as a roll-up tent door.

Rainy day? No problem! Move the tent inside or outside for hours of fun. This play tent is spacious enough for little ones to play inside yet small enough to fit into your home.


  • Includes a carry bag
  • Poles included for extra support
  • Glow in the dark star design
  • Colorful design for daytime
  • Can be used outdoors & indoors
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean

  • Low-quality pole design
  • Problems with setup manual


What’s the size of the castle tent?
It’s 54”tall and 41.5 inches wide when opened up. When you put it in the carry bag it’ll be 17” altogether in diameters.

Does the roll-up door & windows close with a zip?
No there are no zips. The door has a few Velcro pieces that close up. The windows can’t close & are designed to be open.