3 Highest-Rated Castle Toys for Kids

Updated: 30 August 2018

It is almost impossible to find a little boy or girl who wouldn’t want to own a castle of their own. An enticing scenery where princes roam freely in search of princesses in distress.

There are hundreds of good toy castle brands available in the toy market currently and this can make selecting one a bit of a challenge. To help make your decision-making a lot easier, we made some research and tried out a few of these castles ourselves.

While we were impressed by quite a number of the castles we tried out, we have narrowed our search to just three of best. So if you are looking to surprise your child on his or her birthday, take a quick look at our list of the highest-rated castle toys for kids below.


Give your child a real sense of adventure everytime he or she opens up his or her castle toy set to play. The Melissa and Doug deluxe wooden castle takes after the look of a real castle situation.

It also has a unique hinged design that reveals a spacious courtyard whenever it is opened up, allowing your child to do whatsoever his or her imagination can come up with. And when playtime is over, the hinge design also allows for easy folding and storage.

When it comes to the best toy castles for boys and girls, you certainly won’t be making a mistake if you opt to purchase a Melissa and Doug Deluxe Folding Wooden castle for your child.


  • Provides three intricate levels that elongate playtime.
  • Features a simple design that allows for easy storage after each play time.
  • It has a real castle look that enhances kids imaginative plays and storytelling.
  • It is made from wood and can fit into any play space.


  • Can be a little expensive but is worth every penny spent in the end.
  • Kids may find some of the openings in the castle a little too small.


With so many toys available for kids to play with nowadays, it is becoming a little difficult to find a unique toy that would impress them. If you are currently in this position, the Princess Dollhouse with Drawbridge and Turrets from Melissa and Doug should give you the element of surprise.

Its colors and design will thrill any child at first glance (especially females). It features a unique design that still allows access to play space even while in a storage position. And when it is play time, kids can simply pull it open and gain access to a spacious courtyard, royal bedrooms, turrets, drawbridges and more.

The package comes with two movable turrets with balconies and connecting archway which gives your kids a chance to have a time of their lives.


  • The simple designs save you the stress of assembling the castle.
  • Features three levels that create the opportunity for longer hours of imaginative play.
  • It has a sturdy but solid-wood construction which makes it even more appealing to kids.
  • It features a working drawbridge.


  • No assembling needed, so kids can play with the toy castle even when you don’t want them to.
  • Castle may be big and can take up more space than you may have planned for.

Little Kingdom Play ‘n Carry Castle for Girls

Do you want to thrill your little girl? Then you definitely should get her this Castle Toy.

It features some exciting Disney princess characters which will tease your child’s imagination and give her the chance to play stories that comes to her mind.

Asides its already impressive feminine appearance, little girls can still have fun building different Cinderella outfits and putting finishing touches to her final appearance.

It is a high-quality castle that brings all of your child’s Disney fantasies to reality. What’s more…the princess doll can spin when fixed appropriately, giving you little girl the opportunity to try out new things.

The product package comes with a playset, four snap-in pieces, skirts, peplum, and vanity.


  • The Cinderella doll is 3-inches tall, children can make her sit or stand.
  • The castle toy comes with a storage case.
  • It includes vanity and 3 snap-ins to allow kids create exciting looks.
  • It doesn’t take up too much space.


  • It is made primarily for girls, so male children may not find it too exciting.
  • Ledges may be too narrow for some kids as the may not be able to make the princess stand in it.

Castle toys will give your children another exciting option whenever they play. They are not like the everyday toys they are used to playing with.

Most importantly, they do not cost much and would likely offer longer playtime than most toys would, thanks to their levels of play. However, when choosing a castle like the ones in our list above, ensure it matches your kids’ interest and desires.