12 Best-Rated Beach & Sand Toys for Kids

Top-Rated Beach & Sand Toys for Children

Our Top 3 Picks

FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys: Popular Set for Kids

FoxPrint Beach Sand ToysFoxPrint’s kit is an awesome choice if you’re looking for new summer beach toys. It includes a variety of items and allows your child to build all sorts of stuff, from wild animals to complex castles. This set encourages creative play and develops building skills.


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Quut Alto Beach Cuppi: Cool Summer Play Toy

Quut Alto Beach CuppiQuut Alto Beach Cuppi is a unique sand toy. If your children love building sand castles, then this set will become their favorite beach companion. It allows creating beautiful and quite sturdy fortresses. Besides, the included forms stack into each other, taking up minimum space in your bag.


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Children’s Plastic Sandbox Toy Set by Fun Little Toys

Children Plastic Sandbox Toy SetThis item is the perfect affordable beach toy set for babies. The included pieces are colorful and look very cute. This size of the toys is perfect for the hands of a little kid, and the included tools allow building even complex creations!


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FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys

FoxPrint Beach Sand Toys

Age: 2+.

This FoxPrint set is a fun baby beach toy that will keep your child entertained while you’re swimming or sunbathing on the shore. It’s offered at an affordable price and contains over a dozen differently shaped items.

Inside the package, your child will find a bunny, alligator, dino, and other molds. Moreover, the set includes several castle pieces as well as a bucket, shovel, and a watering can.

They enable your kid to build a true fortress. All the pieces are highly durable and brightly colored. They don’t lose color and sustain water very well.
The primary purpose of the set is to encourage make-believe play and develop hand-eye coordination. It will surely awaken the inner architect in your kid.

What We Like

The best thing about this set is the durability and versatility of the included toys. They can be used for beach, bath, and garden play. It’s great to have toys that aren’t limited to a single location and can survive some rough playtime.


  • The pieces are made of durable materials
  • The animal-shaped molds are of high-quality
  • All the pieces are very bright and colorful
  • Comes with a bag for storage and transportation

  • The handle on the carrying bag isn’t very durable

What is the size of the carrying bag?
It has the following dimensions: 9.2 x 8 x 6.2 inches.

What is the total number of pieces in this set?
There are 16 items included in the package.

Quut Alto Beach Cuppi

Quut Alto Beach Cuppi

Age: 18 months +.

Quut Alto Beach Cuppy is a great option if you’re looking for high-quality sand play toys. Even though it only contains 3 pieces, they are enough for creating complex sand structures.

Each form has a different size and a hole for adding sand. Besides, this set can be used for making snow figures as well. Such versatility makes it easier for kids to realize their vision.

All forms are brightly colored and made of sturdy plastic. They are BPA free and safe for the child’s health. The forms freely stack into each other, making it easy to pack the set into your beach bag.

What We Like

Quut’s Cuppi set is the ultimate tool for building amazing sand castles. Ordinarily, it’s difficult for a kid to create multi-leveled towers.
However, these forms make this task a breeze. All your children need is to find a bit of wet sand and their imagination!


  • It’s easy to store and take with you on trips
  • All forms are of different sizes
  • Can be used with snow
  • Doesn’t suffer from water damage

  • May seem a bit overpriced to some customers
  • Works well mostly with very damp sand

How big is the largest form in this set?
It’s approximately 7” high and 7.5” in diameter.

Can my child carry water in the forms?
No, they have holes on the inside so you need to buy a bucket separately.

Are the shapes heavy?
No, the toys are very lightweight.

Children’s Plastic Sandbox Toy Set

Children Plastic Sandbox Toy Set

Age: 3+.

This top-rated beach toy set for kids offers a plethora of different pieces. It will keep your children entertained for hours while taking almost no space in your beach bag.

Moreover, the amount of included toys should be enough for two or even three kids to play simultaneously. This way they can learn how to work in a team.

Among other pieces, this set comes with a bucket, water can, and several shovels and rakes. It also comes with a turtle, seahorse, crab, fish, whale, and starfish molds.

Thus, the kid can create an entire sea world right on the beach. That being said, the coolest item in the package is the water wheel that will surely wow your child.

What We Like

The most impressive feature of this set is the amount of included beach stuff and its variety. This Fun Little Toys kit allows your children to not only build sand castles but to create different animals and fish as well.


  • Offers terrific value for money
  • Perfect for the hands of a little child
  • Includes a large number of pieces
  • Comes with a useful bag
  • Includes several useful tools for sand castle building

  • The pieces aren’t suited for rough play
  • The included items may be too small for older kids

What’s the total number of items in the kit?
There are 18 pieces in this Little Fun Toys set.

Where is this toy made?
It’s manufactured in China.

Are the toys BPA-free?
Yes, they are made of non-toxic plastic.

John Deere Awesome Sandbox Truck & Tractor

 John Deere Awesome Sandbox Truck & Tractor

Age: 18 months +.

This set of two awesome sand toys trucks is perfect for boys of all ages. If your son loves cars, you will never regret buying this truck and tractor.

They look extremely cool and are really highly-detailed. The can be played with on the beach, in a sandbox, or even in your kid’s room. Regardless of the surface, the wheels ride very well and the cars don’t get stuck.

Both vehicles also have moving parts. Your child will adore loading sand into the truck and move it with the tractor. This incentivizes creative play and helps acting out various make-believe scenarios.

What We Like

One of the best features of these cool sandbox toys is their durability and design. Both the tractor and truck look great. The moving parts are firmly attached and can’t be easily broken. The color doesn’t fade for months even under constant sun exposure which is an invaluable trait for a beach toy.


  • Highly detailed model design
  • Made of durable components
  • The wheels ride very well
  • The truck and tractor have movable parts
  • They can be paired with other toys from this series

  • Prone to being damaged and scratched during rough play
  • Cleaning the vehicles after playing in the sand takes a bit of time

How big is the foundation of the truck?
The dump vehicle has the inside of nearly 2.5” by 3”.

Can my child play with these in water?
The vehicles’ axles are made of metal, so it isn’t recommended.

Kangaroo Sand & Water Toys for Toddlers

Kangaroo Sand & Water Toys

Age: 2+.

These Kangaroo children’s water toys are the ideal Birthday gift if your toddlers spend a lot of time on the beach. The set contains a lot of pieces that will bring out the creativity in your children.

It helps develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and encourages imaginative play. This is essential for a toddler who’s just started learning the world.

Your kid will especially love this set if he’s into animals. There are a shark, crab, fish, seashell, starfish, and butterfly molds among others. Your child will adore playing with such shapes on the beach. Also, the package includes shovels, rakes, and a bucket. They grant the kids more control over the building process and allow them to create sand castles.

What We Like

This toy set offers a great bang for the buck. Your kid gets to play with shovels, rakes, and multiple shapes to create all sorts of animals. The toys excel at molding wet sand but perform adequately with dryer sand and dirt as well.


  • Offered at a great price for such a large amount of pieces
  • There’s a large variety of different shapes available
  • The package includes several tools
  • All the pieces are very brightly colored

  • The molds are quite thin and fragile
  • The shovels aren’t suitable for digging hard surfaces

How many items are included in this package?
The Kangaroo toy set contains 23 pieces.

Is this set acceptable for 1 year old girls?
Yes, if they have the motor skills necessary for working with tools and molds.

Activ Life Frisbee Rings: Great for Older Kids & Teens

Activ Life Frisbee Rings

Age: 3+.

These Frisbee rings are definitely the coolest plastic toy for older kids. These flyers will make your children finally forget about their phones and enjoy some quality outdoors time.

Throwing the rings encourages an active lifestyle and helps enhance the kid’s hand-eye coordination. They can be a terrific Birthday present as they are delivered in a beautiful gift box.

This package includes several rings. They are extremely lightweight and are very easy to throw. They fly at a predictable trajectory, making them easy to catch as well. The rings don’t fly very far so they aren’t affected by the wind.

Another great feature of these Frisbees is that they protect the child’s hands from bruises. They are made of soft plastic and fly at low speed. This way you can be sure that your kid won’t hurt himself.

What We Like

These Frisbee rings by Activ Life are among the best beach toys for teens. They are made specifically for the small hands of a child. The ideal throwing distance for these flyers is 15 to 30 feet. They don’t fly very fast, making them easier to catch.


  • The flyers are is easy to catch and throw
  • They float on water
  • Perfect for throwing on short distances
  • The ideal size for a toddler
  • Encourages physical activity

  • They don’t fly very far

What are the frisbees made of?
The Flyers are made of Polypropylene plastic which is 100% recyclable.

Where is this product made?
It’s produced in the USA.

Squap Beach Game: Coolest New Toy for Boys/Girls

Squap Beach Game

Age: 3+.

Squap is an amazing beach game that will surely wow your child. It includes a pair of unique paddles and a set of balls. While simple, it’s able to provide an insane amount of active fun.

It will have the kids running and jumping around for hours. Moreover, Squap is effective at developing the childrens hand-eye coordination and muscles.

Squap can be played not only on the beach, but in the local park, or even your backyard. This game is also great for teaching your kids the core skills that are needed for playing baseball. They will surely come in handy later on in school.

What We Like

Squap is among the best beach and sand toys for kids and toddlers. It’s great at encouraging kids to start playing outdoors instead of being stuck to their phones. The game is simple to learn and can provide hours of fun. Squap is especially awesome if you have two kids or want to play with the child yourself!


  • Promotes active play
  • Parents can play with their children
  • Awesome for developing basic baseball skills
  • Improves hand-eye coordination and reaction time

  • The items are quite fragile

Can my 3 year olds play with them in a pool?
Yes, neither the paddles nor the balls should suffer from water damage.

Can I purchase replacement balls for the paddles?
You can buy replace the included balls with standard ping pong ones.

How many items are included in this kit?
There are 2 paddles and 4 balls in the package.

Click N’ Play Beach Bucket, Shovels, Rakes, Wheel, Can & Molds

Click n Play Beach Bucket

Age: 6 months +.

The Click N’ Play toy set is a fantastic choice for keeping your child busy at the beach. It enables you to relax under the sun while your kids keep playing, digging, and molding different castles and animals. Not only will they have a fun time, but they will also develop creativity and their hand-eye coordination.

The set includes a broad range of items. It comes with a bucket, several shovels, rakes, a cool sand wheel and a watering can.

The latter is mostly used for adding sturdiness to the created sand castles and other buildings. The package also includes several shapes such as a fish, seahorse, boat, turtle, and an octopus.

What We Like

We were highly impressed by how much creative freedom this beach toy gives a child. The number of included pieces and tools allows building beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations with ease. This Click N’ Play set excels at incentivizing creative play and also teaches children the value of patience and dedication.


  • Offers a nice variety of toys
  • The carrying bag is really comfortable
  • Completely safe for your child’s health
  • The pieces are quite sturdy

  • The items are rather small
  • The color tends to fade a bit after prolonged sun exposure

Can my child play with these toys in the snow?
Yes, the tools and molds work as well on snow as they do on the sand.

Are the items made of harmful plastic?
No, they are completely BPA free.

Melissa & Doug Seaside Sand Baking Set: Nice for Travel

Melissa & Doug Seaside Sand Baking Set

Age: 3+.

This beautiful cooking set by Melissa & Doug is one of the best sand toys for girls. If your daughter loves to watch you cook and bake various meals, then this toy will be right up her alley.

While the baking set is primarily aimed to be used with sand, your child can use it with snow and mud as well. The set includes several cups, a whisk, a handy mixing spool, and a turtle lid that can be used as a sieve. As a bonus, all the items are ocean themed.

This fact makes the kit perfect for beach getaways with your family. All the animals look adorable and add another layer of fun to the toys.

What We Like

This baking set is highly praised by how well it suits make-believe play. Your child will adore making mud pies and sand cupcakes with the included toys. It offers a wide range of items and is perfectly suited for both beach and simple outdoor play.


  • Perfectly suited for little chefs
  • Can be paired with other similar sets from this brand
  • The items are brightly colored and look very cute
  • Made of durable materials
  • Easy to pack and take with you

  • The lid is nearly impossible to put on tightly

Will 2 year olds have fun with this set?
Yes, it’s perfectly suitable for 2-7 year olds.

Is this game a choking hazard?
No, there aren’t any small pieces included in the set.

Hape Baby Beach Sand Toy Set

Age: 18 months +.

The Hape Baby Beach toy set is one of those good beach toys for toddlers that every little one who likes to play with sand dreams about.

It offers all the tools needed for building all sorts of castles, towers, and forts. The large kids beach shovel makes this kit also acceptable to be used in the garden, where your child can play with the soil.

The set includes four brightly colored items: a sieve, bucket, rake, and a shovel. They are all free of BPA and any other toxic materials. You don’t have to worry about your kid’s health or the environment as they are made of recyclable plastic.

What We Like

Even though this Hape set includes only the essential tools, they are of really high-quality. Whether your kids want to build a sand castle or merely put together random shapes and objects, a fun day on the beach is guaranteed. Moreover, you can be sure that these toys will serve your children for years without needing a replacement.


  • The kit includes all the essentials for castle building
  • The bucket is larger than in most similar sets
  • The toys are built to last a long time
  • Can be combined with other sets from the same brand
  • They are very easy to clean and don’t fade

  • Only four pieces included in the package
  • A bit overpriced for what is offered

Is there a storage bag included in the package?
No, there isn’t.

How wide is the bucket?
It’s about 15 cm in diameter.

Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Bean Bag Toss Game

Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Bean Bag Game

Age: 4+.

This bean bag toss game is a terrific option for some full-on beach fun, as it can be enjoyed by several players and is suitable for kids of all ages. The rules for this game are very simple.

Kids merely have to throw the bean bags into the holes. The player with the most points wins.

Alternatively, the game can be used for practicing math. This is possible because the bags and the holes are numbered. Thus, the players can toss the bags into specific holes for the added challenge.

The goal itself looks beautiful and comes with a cute chameleon design. It’s quite sturdy but isn’t suited for rough play. Since it’s double-sided, two players can play simultaneously trying to put in all the bags first.

What We Like

The most impressive characteristic of this popular travel beach toy is the positive influence it has on the child. It develops hand-eye coordination and teaches children how to aim better. Moreover, it can be used to learn counting and numbers.


  • The item is double-sided for supporting multiplayer
  • Spare bean bags can be easily found in stores
  • Has a cute cartoonish design
  • Develops motor and aiming skills

  • The holes are a bit too small for the bean bags to fit in

What is the toy made of?
It’s made of heavy-duty nylon.

What is the height of the goal?
It’s about 23 inches high.

How big are the bean bags?
They are approximately 2 x 2 inches each.

Happy Giddy Outdoor Chair

Happy Giddy Chair

Age: 3+.

The Happy Giddy will surely become the favorite chair of any child. It has an adorable, cartoonish design. It looks like a friendly big-eyed bug.

The chair is also very durable and employs a heavy-duty metal frame with reinforced armrests. It offers nice weight support and is quite sturdy for such a chair.

There’s even a special cup holder on one of the rests that will make sure that your kid will never get thirsty. Another cool feature of this item is that it’s foldable and satisfyingly lightweight.

You can take it with your child on a trip with ease. There’s also a special storage bag for carrying the chair around.

What We Like

While playing games, your child also needs to rest. This cute little chair will make sure that the kids can relax under the sun and take a much-needed break in-between the various fun activities.


  • Employs a cute gender-neutral design
  • Has a sturdy metal frame
  • Comes with a cup compartment
  • Perfect size for a toddler
  • Folds for ease of transportation and storage

  • The cup holder fabric isn’t very durable
  • Doesn’t have any additional compartments

Can the cup holder fit a sippy cup?
No, it’s designed for a standard water bottle.

Is this chair sturdy enough for a larger 6 year old?
Yes, it offers enough support even for bigger kids.

Does it stand well on sand?
Yes, it’s perfectly suited for beach outings.