10 Best Baby & Toddler Drum Sets – Reviews

Top-Rated Baby & Toddler Drum Kits

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VTech KidiBeats Drum Set for Toddlers

VTech KidiBeats Drum SetRock? Maybe dance or pop? Let your child pursue his or her musical tastes with this VTech drum set. Besides colorful eye-catching design, you get real drum equipment with three drum pads and cymbal. If you want to encourage your kids’ creative self-expression, then check out this product.



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Huile Musical Playset with Microphone and Chair

Huile Musical PlaysetLooking for a kid-sized real drum set? The Huile offers what you want. With one purchase you get 3 drum pads, 1 cymbal, 1 movable microphone, 2 drumsticks and 1 stool. Let your child feel like a real drummer with these youth drums.



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Remo RH-5600-00 Rhythm Club Bongo Drum

Remo RH Club Bongo DrumIf you want to introduce your kid to the world of music, the Remo is here to help you. This Bongo drum set helps to develop music and rhythm perception and boost creativity. This musical instrument doesn’t feature batteries and loose parts and is 100% safe for children of all ages.



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VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

Age: for 2 year old and older.

The drum set comes in an eye-catching design combining 4 vibrant colors: orange, blue, yellow and neon green. It has three drum pads and cymbal. Together they can make a great sound.

Toddlers are free to play 9 different melodies. Rock? Maybe dance or pop? Let your child pursue his or her musical tastes. Along with music style, the toddler can learn letters and numbers.

These drums have 4 modes of play, such as free play, letters, numbers and follow-along mode. The set also features LED lights on every drum and cymbal. For more realistic design, drums come with two orange drumsticks. The drum set is driven by 3 batteries of AA type, but they are included only for demo. For regular use, it is recommended to buy other batteries.

Why We Like It

Want your kid feel like a real drummer? This drum set manufactured by Vtech is a great tool to do so. We are 100% sure that its eye-catching colorful design is something that all children enjoy.

LED lights are great and make the play even more fun. The compact size is definitely the advantage for us, parents. We all know how messy the child room can be. But not with these drums. They will nicely fit into the room interior or may be packed into the box or bookcase.


  • LED lights
  • 4 modes of play
  • 9 melodies
  • Compact size
  • Eye-catching colorful design
  • Good learning tool

  • Included batteries are only for demo


Can children free drum without any accompanying music?
Yes, they can. In such case use a free play mode.

Are the drumsticks attached to the set?
No, they are not attached.

Huile Musical Playset

Huile Musical Playset

Age: 3 year old and older.

This Huile is a great kids music set. The quality of construction is high and ensures the durability of the product. The set includes 3 drum pads, 1 cymbal, 1 movable microphone, 2 drumsticks and 1 stool.

Besides this, it features 5 number keys that correspond to 5 different pieces of music. Other 4-star keys are designed to produce 4 kinds of sound effects. To make the game even funnier, these drums are equipped with LED lights. In comparison to the previous drum set in our list, this one features a place for storing drumsticks.

Why We Like It

First what comes into the mind is its quality design. It definitely makes this drumset one of the most high-quality toy drums available on the offer today. It looks like real drumset, but kid sized.

It features all the components as the real one. Working pedal, microphone, stool – nothing more is needed to make the child feel like a real drummer. And take a look at the volume control. Definitely a really handy thing. Especially when your child is used to play in the same room with you.


  • Bass drum with a working pedal
  • The microphone that can be moved
  • Comes with stool
  • Volume control
  • LED lights
  • Durable and quality design

  • Batteries are not included


What are the product dimensions?
24.8 x 13 x 24.8 inches.

Would it be suitable for 1 year old kid?
It is recommended for 3 year old children and older.

Remo RH-5600-00 Bongo Drum

Remo RH Club Bongo Drum

Age: 3 year olds and up

Can’t find a good baby drum set? The Remo is a great option to have a look at. This simple bongo drum is designed to introduce your kid to the world of music. It helps to develop the music perception and feel the rhythm in a funny and engaging way.

It features pre-tuned Suede drumheads. One is intended for high pitches and the other one for low. Thanks to the synthetic construction, they don’t fluctuate in pitch due to temperature and humidity changes. All in all, these two drumheads provide a great sound with vibrant graphics. Also, they are equipped with acoustic shells and a molded rubber base. The rubber base is made of a high-quality material and ensures durability.

Why We Like It

Seems like everyone would choose a drum set with heads made of natural skin. But we think that synthetic heads are not just better, but also more durable. Besides this, the drum set doesn’t feature batteries and loose parts, making it safe for children of all ages.

This product helps to develop music perception and taste. No manuals, no programmed music styles. Only children’s creativity. That’s why we love it.


  • Great simple construction
  • Children safe design
  • Durable synthetic head
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Helps to develop music perception
  • No batteries and loose parts

  • Hollow sound


Does this bongo drum set come with sticks?
No, it doesn’t. It is a hand drum that doesn’t require drumsticks.

Does it feature a strap?
No, it doesn’t feature strap.

Is it suitable for little kids?
As long as doesn’t feature loose parts, it is definitely suitable for little kids.

Hape Little Drummer: Kid’s Wooden Drum Music Set

Hape Little Drummer

Age: for 2 years old and up.

Looking for the best product out of wooden drum sets? This Drum music set manufactured by Hape is a cool infant drum set. It comes in a children safe design. The solid wooden construction makes it a perfect sturdy toy for your baby. It is covered with child-safe finishes with the nontoxic base.

The drum set features a 1 drum pad and drumsticks. The drumsticks are perfectly sized for small kids hands and are not attached to the drum pad. The drum pad doesn’t deliver loud sound. It is specially made to ensure the comfort of parents who are used to be next to their children when they are playing. This Hape product is a great learning tool. It promotes hand-eye coordination, rhythmic skills and creativity.

Why We Like It

As all parents, we do care about the safety of our children. That’s why we highly recommend this set for your kid. It is made of high-quality nontoxic materials and doesn’t include any small loose details. Such a construction also ensures the durability of the product. We actually love the fact that it is quiet. Even being so simply made without any advanced features, this set is a cool learning tool.


  • Wooden construction
  • No toxic finishes
  • Children safe design
  • Durable
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination and music skills
  • Perfect size of drumsticks
  • Not loud

  • Includes only one drum pad


Can it be used as a hand drum?
No, it can’t.

Is it possible to purchase replacement drumsticks?
Yes, they are available on the official web page of the manufacturer.

Fiscal Drum Instruments Kit for Babies

Fiscal Drum Instruments Kit

Age: for 18 months and older

Another top-rated toddler drum set is manufactured by Fiscal. It features many advanced features and ensures a real fun play. It doesn’t actually look like a real drumset, but it provides a great sound. This DJ Party Drum guy comes in a fun colorful design.

It features many colorful lights, rotating hat, and even voice recording. It has 4 main buttons: recording button, volume control button, switch button, and the dance button.

There are 8 different types of music. They will make your baby dance and don’t stop. The rotating hat serves as a music switch. Just rotate the hat and choose the preferable music. It also enables to mix different sounds. Thanks to the voice recording you child can boost his or her creativity and record a unique song.

Why We Like It

We love its interactive and funny design. There are so many advanced features for your kid, but the best for us is voice recording. It’s so cool and funny to create your own music. It not only boosts creativity but also helps to develop music style.

Moreover, available music styles are awesome. And the overall construction is children safe and easy to operate. Let your kid be a small musician with this Fiscal set.


  • Interactive drum
  • Features voice recording
  • Colorful lights
  • Features 4 function buttons
  • Plays 8 types of music
  • Rotating hat
  • Funny design

  • Doesn’t feature a free play mode and drumsticks
  • Batteries are not included


Does it come with batteries?
The batteries are not included.

What are the product dimensions?
9.9 x 8.5 x 8.1 inches

Is it suitable for 4 year old kid?
Yes, it is.

B. toys by Battat B. Parum Pum Pum Drum

B. toys by Battat B.

Age: 18-24 months old.

This Battat drum comes in a very unique design. It features 1 drum pad that can be also used as a storage place for other set components. The set includes 7 different instruments.

All of them are unique and colorful. They are centipede drumsticks, jingle bell ant, busy bee maraca and clacker, caterpillar tambourine, shaka-shaka egg. Thanks to them your kid can enjoy free play.

The drum set is made of a high-quality plastic and is safe for children. When buying this product, you can be 100% sure that it doesn’t feature any toxic finishes. Moreover, the design is so handy. The drum pad has soft handle and strap.

Why We Like It

Definitely one of the best baby and toddler drum sets on the offer today. Even being a little bit noisy, this product would be a great addition to your kids playing collection. It is made of high-quality material safe for children. There are no small parts that your baby can swallow.

The design is so colorful and unique. Plus, it has a soft handle and strap for comfortable carrying. We love that it doesn’t have any programmed features and allows your baby to be creative.


  • Features handle and strap
  • Includes castanets, bells, tambourine, maracas
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Colorful design
  • Free play toy
  • All the instruments can be stored inside the drum

  • Noisy


Is this drumset BPA free?
Yes, the manufacturer uses only child safe materials including BPA free plastic.

Is it a durable product?
Yes, it is. It is made of a high-quality plastic.

AMOSTING Learning & Development Fun Drum Set

AMOSTING Learning & Development Set

Age: for 6 month and older.

Maybe these drums don’t look like real drum sets, but they do have many cool and funny features. To start with, it comes in a colorful eye-catching design. It is made of a high-quality non-toxic plastic and is safe for children. As the design is colorful, it is a great tool for learning colors.

Besides this, there are so many corresponding keys. On the main panel, you will find 3 buttons corresponding to 3 different music instruments: guitar, trumpet, and sax. Another 6 buttons are designed for learning animals like cattle, horse, sheep, dog, duck and cat. Plus, it does have a volume control. All the buttons are located on the rear panel and are easy to press.

The drum set is powered by three batteries, but they are not included.

Why We Like It

It is a great developmental toy not only for infants but also for toddlers. The Amosting gives your kid the possibility to learn new things in a funny way. We are surprised that so many cool features are present in such a small drum toy.

It will engage your child for hours. Also, we find this toy very well made and safe for children. And don’t forget about the volume control – it is super handy for parents.


  • Great quality and safety
  • Perfect early learning educational toys
  • Color learning
  • Features different songs, sounds of animals and musical instruments
  • Volume control

  • Batteries are not included
  • Doesn’t feature a free play button


Would you recommend this drum set as a first drum kit for a girl?
Definitely yes.

How many batteries are needed to power this drum set?
3 AAA batteries

Bright Starts Light & Giggle Drum for Boys & Girls

Bright Starts Light & Giggle Drum

Age: for 6 month and up

This giggle drum comes in a neon green design and is so eye catching for children. It is a great toy for girls and for boys. Moreover, it is really funny to play.

The construction is so simple and the toy doesn’t feature many buttons. It has only two of them on the rear panel. One is designed for learning letters and another for numbers.

The toy has three learning and playing modes, but don’t feature a freestyle one. When playing the sound is accompanied by colorful light effects. The toy is so easy to use.

The drum pad is made of a touch-sensitive material. Only one tap is enough to see lights flash and music play. In comparison to other drum sets in our review, this one comes with included batteries. So, no need to buy extra.

Why We Like It

Great tool to engage your child into playing and learning. It is well constructed and children safe. But keep in mind that it is very noisy and can bother some parents.

We love the fact that batteries are included and there is no need to buy some extra one. To sum up, we do highly recommend this product if you want your child to learn some basics throughout a play.


  • 3 learning and playing modes
  • LED lights and different light effects
  • Batteries are included
  • Great quality
  • Easy to use

  • Very noisy
  • Doesn’t have a freestyle mode


Does it deliver a loud sound?
Yes, it does. It has different modes with different sound settings.

Is it touch sensitive?
Yes, it is.

Fisher-Price Tap & Teach Drum for Infants

Fisher-Price Tap & Teach Drum

Age: for baby 6 month and older

This small kids’ tap drum is available in a very simple design. It is actually intended for babies and can be a perfect baby’s first drum kit. The product features two playing modes. One is for learning and the other for music listening.

The first mode includes different phrases accompanied by lights and music. While in the music mode, your kid can listen to different songs and drum sound effects.

It is so easy to use. Your kid only needs to bat on the drum with a specially designed for babies rattle stick. The stick is made in a perfect kid-size and is comfortable for small hands.

Why We Like It

This toy is fun and entertaining. The design is simple and perfect for “my first drum set”. Moreover, it is made of a high-quality material safe for children use. As it is designed for small children it doesn’t come with any loose parts.

Being so simple. Doesn’t mean that the product features less than others drum sets in our pick. It delivers a great sound and has two modes for playing. With this kit, your baby will learn basics, such as alphabet and numbers. Besides this, it positively affects motor skills development and eye-hand coordination.


  • Perfect baby’s drum kit
  • Two modes of play
  • With lights and music
  • Includes rattle stick
  • Child safe design

  • Batteries are not included


Does it feature language settings?
No, the set is available only in English.

Is it made of a lead-free plastic?
Yes, it is.

Small Portable First Drum: Cheap Option

Small Portable First Drum

Age: for 18 months and up

This small portable drum is a great present for young musicians. It doesn’t look like a real drum set, but it features a realistic drum sound. Along with it, the toy delivers 5 different water sounds and has a calming effect. When it comes to music, it is able to play in 5 different music modes with drums and piano.

All the music segments are accompanied by colorful LED lights. This a great feature to allow your child sense the music. It also has a Lullaby mode. It is able to play full-length Lullaby songs continuously. The toy comes with included batteries. Just in case you need to change it, the product is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

Why We Like It

We don’t know how such a small product can feature so many cool features. That’s why we do believe that this is a great first musical instrument. It won’t only let your child pursue own music tastes, but also will calm down before sleep with Lullaby song.

The other thing we like it its freelance mode. Your kid can play different drum sounds in a random mode by pressing keys. Also, it does have a self-activated shut off after 60 seconds.


  • Great first musical instrument
  • Free mode
  • Water sounds
  • 5 different music segments
  • Plays Lullaby song
  • LED lights
  • Batteries are included
  • Cheap toy drum

  • Doesn’t turn off in Lullaby mode until the button is pressed


Does it turn off after music segments?
Yes, it does automatically turn off after 60 seconds of play. But it doesn’t turn off in Lullaby mode.

Does the plastic contain toxins?
The material is BPA and Lead-free.