3 Best-Rated Baby Dolls for Kids & Toddlers – Reviews

All over the world, children of all ages and interests enjoy indulging in the fantasy world created by dolls and action figures, whether it’s a Gl Joe or transformer doll (or action figure) or a Barbie or Brats.

Both male and female children cannot seem to get enough of these dolls, even into adulthood sometimes the trait endures, metamorphosing into characters in a video game, expensive sports cars, etc.

Let’s consider the tastes of children as well as their safety and well-being (certain models might have parts which are easily detachable and could be swallowed by the toddler, who could choke on the part).

So the question arises what are the best baby dolls for kids and toddlers? We have three primary contenders:

JC Toys Newborn Gift Set: Most Popular Realistic Baby Doll

From the Spanish house, Berenguer comes the newest member of the La Newborn Collection of Real Life Baby dolls. This realistic option comes dressed in a beautiful pink frock as standard, matching the chic hat and baby boots.

Featuring striking baby blue eyes and standing at an anatomically accurate toddler size of 15″ she has functional and moveable arms, legs and head with a human-like range of movement.

Easy to clean and maintain, the model is made out of 100% vinyl. Arguably a top-rated doll for toddlers, your child would enjoy cuddling her to keep her warm and safe.


  • Hyper-realistic look.
  • Birth certificate included.
  • Blanket and full outfit included.
  • Anatomically correct: Mouth can even hold a pacifier.
  • Skin looks remarkably like a newborn’s.


  • Plastic is harder than normal.
  • Stiff and as a result fairly difficult to change the doll’s clothes.
  • The model slants to the side and cannot sit up straight in some models.

Awesome Doll with Accessories: Perfect for Children 2+

Children of different ages have different needs and this holds true for their toys as well. Are you looking for a good doll for little girls? Great to use at bath time?

The La Newborn Nursery model from JC toys is the perfect birthday gift for you or your loved one’s little girl. This bath doll includes a set of an amazing not one but 10 diapers. Your little girl will have loads of fun (and plenty of material to practice with when attempting to learn how to change diapers).

Carefully hand-crafted in Spain by doll design enthusiasts, the quality and level of craftsmanship is well beyond anything you’ve ever seen, complete with realistically detailed dimples, life-like skin folds and wrinkles.

The La Newborn Nursery doll line could represent precious moments in your baby’s newborn’s life and that’s why the world over, our realistic models are loved for all kinds of reasons. You would have a reason to love the La Newborn Nursery doll when you order yours today.


  • The body and limbs are airtight and do not allow water leak in.
  • Floats in water, ideal for bath time, sap, swimming pool, etc.
  • Perfect tool to use to teach kids how to bathe.
  • Skin does not bleach with continued washing.
  • Dries fast.


  • Its accessories are not known to be of high quality.
  • Diapers included are rather small.
  • Unrealistic decal eyes.
  • Water gets into the orifices and is difficult to drain and dry out.

Washable Soft Play Doll Designed by Berenguer

“It Looks So Real!” The most common expression from the mouths of babes and suckling’s when they first encounter the Washable Soft Play Doll Designed from Berenguer, captivating and stimulating the imagination of any child.

This 16-inch high-quality classic doll has a realistic expression that excites the mind of every child. Our realistic facial expressions are varied so that you would be hard pressed to find another doll with the exact facial expression as the one you have purchased for your child.

Additionally, the product is available in different races including but not limited to Caucasian, Asian, African, etc. Just imagine how much fun your little one will have with their new friend as they learn social skills and interaction from a humanoid doll so real in the quality of its skin, feel and heft.

Because we care about your child’s safety we have made sure the doll’s head and appendages (hands, and feet) are non-detachable.

Children are found to putting things into their mouth’s, opening the possibility of infection or disease from ingested foreign objects and that is why we have ensured the product is easy to clean by making it out of smooth and cushiony vinyl, that’s textured to feel like real skin


  • Available in different colors (races).
  • Very soft skin.
  • Very realistic facial impressions.
  • Available in a range of varied facial impressions.
  • Weighty feels like the mass of an actual baby.
  • Very realistic eyes, with depth, almost as though it has a soul.


  • Smaller than marketing images suggest.
  • Pacifier not included (as suggested in marketing images).
  • Eyes are constantly open.

If you are looking for a good quality doll, not made in China (not implying all poor quality) under $30, then look no further than these three dolls. The listed market exceeding the budget value.

The JC Toys brand dates back to 1982 sure a certain level of care and attention has gone into the design and manufacturing of the dolls.

All three dolls offer great value for money even looking more expensive than their budget price. Your choice would depend entirely on what you want with these three options.

If you are looking for a bath-time buddy for your little one you might be partial to the La Newborn Nursery doll which floats in water or maybe you want a variety in facial expressions, in which case you would be better off with a Washable Soft Play Doll.

Whatever doll you choose for your little one you can be sure they would enjoy it as dolls encourage social interaction and the development of fine motor skills in children.