10 Best-Rated Baby Dolls for Kids & Toddlers – Reviews

Our Top 3 Picks

JC Toys Newborn Gift Set: Most Popular Realistic Baby Doll

JC Toys Newborn Gift SetBeing among the best baby dolls for kids and toddlers, this nice realistic doll is a popular choice for many parents. It looks just like a real baby. The hands and legs are movable, just like the head. This cute high-quality classic doll even comes with a birth certificate!


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Awesome Doll with Accessories: Perfect for Children 2+

Awesome Doll with AccessoriesThis awesome newborn doll can become your little girl’s favorite new companion. Ideal for toddlers, it comes with a nice set of accessories. Moreover, it is water-friendly, which means your little one can even give her toy baby a bath.

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Washable Soft Play Doll Designed by Berenguer

Washable Soft Play Doll DesignedFeaturing the top-quality design, this beautiful doll makes a perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for any preschool girl. It is very realistic, with a soft cuddly body and a real-life vinyl head. This babydoll comes in different styles and skin color options, which means there’s a toy for everyone!


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Top-Rated Baby Dolls for Children

JC Toys Newborn Gift Set

JC Toys Newborn Gift Set

Age: 2 years and up.

This item is among the top-rated toddlers baby dolls for a reason. Ideal for 2 year olds and preschoolers, it can become your little girl’s first baby to take care of. Being made in Spain by one of the most famous toy brands, it features a high-quality design and a very realistic exterior.

Only 15 inches tall, this baby doll is lightweight and easy to carry around (even for toddlers). What makes this cool infant doll stand out from other toys is its realistic appearance.

It features movable legs, hands, and head. Moreover, its face features are very true to life. It has bright eyes, which make this cute preschool doll almost look alive.

Why We Like It

We really appreciate the level of realism of this particular toddler doll. Its designer really made sure that it would look like a real newborn child.

The face features are simply impressive. Moreover, this toy comes accessories, including the birth certificate. Such a nice addition only adds more realism to the pretend play.


  • Good quality
  • Very realistic look
  • Comes with accessories, including clothes, a blanket, and a certificate
  • Movable arms, legs, and head
  • Easy to wash
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes in three style options

  • Rather pricey and might not be suitable for some users


Will it be a good gift for a 3 year old girl?
Yes, we believe that this toy is an awesome gift option for a 3 year old.

Does it move and close its eyes?
No, the eyes are fixed and do not move.

Can my daughter play with it during the bath time?
Yes, this doll is water-friendly. However, we advise against leaving it in the water for a long time. It has some openings and can become waterlogged.

Awesome Doll with Accessories

Awesome Doll with Accessories

Age: 2 year olds (and up).

If you are shopping for good dolls for little girls, you might want to consider this item. Ideal for 2 year olds (and older children), it is lightweight and not too tall.

It is made of durable vinyl, which is also pleasant to the touch. Moreover, the baby doll comes with a nice set of accessories.

This popular toy doll is perfect for infants. It features a rather realistic design, which your little girl is definitely going to like. The doll has a soft but durable vinyl body, bright eyes, and the accurate face features. It can move its arms, legs, and head.

As a nice bonus, the toy is water-friendly. This means your toddler will be able to bathe her brand new “kid” or play with it during her own bath time.

This beautiful doll comes with some special accessories. This adds even more fun and creative play options. The set includes a diaper bag (which folds out into a changing mat), two diapers, a plate, a cup, a spoon/fork, a rattle toy, and more.

The doll even comes with a hospital bracelet and a birth certificate. When buying it for your toddler, you get all the necessary items for the most realistic pretend play.

Why We Like It

We like the value for money this awesome doll offers. Being rather reasonably priced, it comes with different accessories, which will contribute greatly to the roleplay realism.

Moreover, the doll itself is really nicely made. It features a classic design with moving hands and legs. The material used for its head and body is vinyl.
It is soft enough to be pleasant to the touch but, at the same time, sturdy enough to guarantee durability. To us, that’s a great combo!


  • Realistic design
  • Includes accessories
  • Nicely made
  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Water-friendly

  • The joints on the body allow the water to get inside. This might lead to some mold appearing with time


Will a 4 year old enjoy playing with this toy?
We believe so.

Is this doll with hair?
No. However, some hairs are painted on the head, so it’s not completely bold either.

Washable Soft Play Doll

Washable Soft Play Doll Designed

Age: 2 years and older.

This is the most popular soft baby doll among both parents and toddlers. To be honest, there are many reasons for that. It looks cute and realistic, has a soft squishy body, and features a nice design.

Being among the best dolls for babies (even for smaller ones), this toy features a rather smart construction. Its head, arms, and legs are made of soft but durable vinyl. They are pleasant to the touch and look very real. Moreover, they are movable.

However, the body of the doll is made of stuffed fabric. It is soft, cuddly, and squishy, which so many little girls will love hugging. Another cool thing about this popular babies’ toy is the fact that it comes in 6 different design options.

There are various skin colors and facial features. This fact makes the JC Toys doll one of the best toddler toys, which teach little boys and girls about diversity.

Why We Like It

We really appreciate the skin color options this doll for infants comes in. To be honest, it is quite hard to find unique dolls, which are designed with features of different races.

Even these days, not too many companies bother with creating African-American, Hispanic, or Asian babydolls.

The good news is, this particular item by JC Toys comes in different skin color options. Moreover, the toys even have unique facial features, which are characteristic of certain races. We really appreciate such versatility and diversity.


  • Well-made
  • Looks realistic
  • Washable
  • Squishy and cuddly body
  • Movable head, arms, and legs
  • Comes in different skin color options
  • Perfect size for toddlers (16 inches tall)

  • Some customer reviews note that the skin colors might not be extremely accurate in some cases


Is this toy suitable for 5 year old kids?
Yes, absolutely.

Does it come with some extra accessories?
The doll only comes with a cute hat and PJs.

Cool Interactive Doll Twins: Nice Gift for Christmas

Cool Interactive Doll Twins

Age: 2 year olds (and up).

If you need a nice Christmas or Birthday gift for child “mommy” pretend play, these newest real life baby dolls might be a great option. The twins are adorable and will definitely become a great addition to your little one’s toy collection.

The dolls measure 13 inches in height each. They come in pink and blue outfits, which means the twins are a boy and a girl. They have different but cute facial expressions.

These soft-bodied twins have movable vinyl arms and legs. The dolls can make great gifts for boys and girls alike. There is good news for parents too! The twins are super easy to clean. The outfits are machine washable.

As for the soft bodies, you can spot-clean them using warm soapy water. This is ideal for younger kids (2 year old, for instance) who can be quite messy sometimes.

Why We Like It

We appreciate the value for money this popular doll set offers. For a little bit over $20, you get two dolls, which are rather nicely made and feature a realistic design. This is one of the best gift options, which can make almost any baby happy.


  • Nice set of twin dolls
  • Cure outfits
  • Real looking design
  • Soft and squishy bodies
  • Movable arms and legs
  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean

  • The dolls are quite small, which might be a disappointment for some users


Are they too big for 1 year old kids?
No, these dolls are the perfect size for 1 year old toddlers.

Do they close their eyes?
No, the eyes are fixed and don’t move.

JC Nursery Set: Smiling Doll for Little Boys & Girl

JC Nursery Set

Age: 2 years and up.

This cute toy can become your girl’s first baby doll, which she will take care of. Featuring 8 pieces of accessories, this top-rated set serves to capture and recreate the event of bringing your baby home from the nursery.

It comes in 3 different options. There are smiling babies in pink and blue outfits, plus a pink option with regular facial features (it kind of looks sleepy).
The toy is made of soft vinyl. It is unscented, smooth, and pleasant to the touch. Moreover, it is rather durable, so your little one will be able to play with this toy for a long time.

The arms and legs are movable, which makes the dressing up process easier. Additionally, the doll is water-friendly. Your baby can play with it in the bath, plus it makes this toy super easy to clean.

The accessories it comes with are really cute too. They include a bodysuit, a t-shirt, booties, a hat, a cloth diaper, a diaper cover, and two customizable hospital bracelets.

You can help your baby write her and her baby’s names on the bracelets, just like they do in the hospitals for the newborns and their mommies. This makes the roleplay even more realistic.

Why We Like It

We absolutely adore the facial expression on these dolls. Such a design is the newest on the market and manages to capture the hearts of numerous customers, both parents and their little girls. The smiling doll faces are very cute. They can definitely brighten up the mood of your little one.


  • Nice set of accessories
  • Well-made
  • Durable material
  • Movable arms and legs
  • Cute smiling facial expressions
  • Water-friendly and easy to clean

  • Despite being water-friendly, the toy has some joints, through which the water can get inside. This might lead to the mold. That’s why you should probably not use it in the water too often


Do they have magnets in the mouth to hold a bottle?
No, unfortunately.

Is it suitable for 18 month old toddlers?
The toy might be too stiff for an 18 month old baby.

VTech Beautiful Talking Baby Doll for Toddlers

VTech Beautiful Talking Baby Doll

Age: 2 – 5 year old kids.

Cool interactive dolls are always the top choice for both parents and kids. And this one is not an exception.

Being among the most famous talking baby dolls, it can make a unique addition to your baby’s toy collection. This doll is super fun to play with but has a couple of extra tricks up its sleeve.

This is the best option for your baby’s first interactive doll thanks to the educational purpose it possesses. The way the toy works is rather simple. It records and repeats what your kid says.

This famous doll comes with 3 vocabulary books, from which your little one can read some words and phrases for their baby doll. This will help your baby train their reading skills and learn something new about animals, household objects, and different foods.

Why We Like It

We absolutely love the talking design of this cute little doll. Not only it repeats what you child says but also asks for its bottle or pacifier. Such a toy is the best way to teach your baby how to care for others. Besides, it’s just super fun to play with!


  • Educational properties
  • Talking design, fun to play with
  • Nicely made
  • Comes with a bottle and 3 vocabulary books

  • Some customers note that the audio the doll plays isn’t exceedingly clear


Is it suitable for 7 year old kids?
We believe that this particular toy is too simplistic for 7 year old children.

What kind of batteries does it take?
It works on 2 AA batteries.

Melissa & Doug Cute Soft-Bodied Baby Doll with Hair

Melissa & Doug Cute Soft-Bodied Baby Doll

Age: 18 months and up.

Being among the best selling baby dolls with hair, this toy has all the chances to become your kid’s most favorite doll ever. It is small, cuddly, and very cute. It has beautiful brown hair in two pig-tails and comes with a nice pink two-piece outfit.

This toy is soft-bodied. This makes the doll ideal for cuddling, hugging, and carrying it around. It is so squishy that your baby won’t resist taking the doll even to bed!

Additionally, this toy has movable arms and legs. It can even suck on its own thumb or the pacifier, which comes with the toy. The doll lies down, sits up, and opens and closes its eyes. All these features contribute greatly to the realism of each roleplay.

Why We Like It

Of course, we love this doll’s beautiful brown hair. And we know that many little girls would love it too. They can brush or braid it (if they are old enough and already have the skill to do that).

Moreover, the hair just contributes to the doll’s cuteness. And we are sure that many kids will appreciate such a design.


  • Beautiful brown hair
  • Soft cuddly body
  • Movable arms and legs
  • Sucks on her thumb or pacifier
  • Opens and closes its eyes
  • Removable and washable outfit

  • Some reviews state that the doll’s hair isn’t the best quality. It is quite rough and doesn’t feel like real hair, which might disappoint some users


Will it work for a 1 year old child?
Yes, we believe so.

Does this doll make sounds?
No, unfortunately.

Baby Alive Baby Doll: Good for Preschoolers

Baby Alive Baby Doll

Age: 3 years and up.

This beautiful baby doll belongs to the most popular girl gifts for many reasons. It comes with a nice outfit, has a beautiful brown hair (rooted), and features a cute cartoony design.

Her facial features are soft, bright, and cheerful. The outfit is school-themed, which might inspire your little one to prepare the doll for school or come up with other new scenarios.

The doll also comes with a hairbrush and an activity book. These little details allow for more creative possibilities. Your toddler can play with her doll, brush its hair, and show it the picture book. Just like grown-up mommies do!

Why We Like It

We really appreciate the reasonable price this particular toy is sold at. Moreover, it does not look or feel cheap. The doll is beautiful and sturdy, but you don’t have to empty your wallet completely to buy it. And we are sure a lot of parents will be quite happy with this too.


  • Beautiful design
  • Comes with some extra accessories
  • Reasonably priced
  • Beautiful rooted hair
  • Sturdy and durable

  • The doll is rather small (13 inches), which might be a disappointment for some users


Is it a good doll for 8 year olds?
We feel like this doll might be too small or too simplistic for 8 year olds.

Does it have a soft body?
No, this doll has a plastic body.

Does this toy make sounds?
No, unfortunately.

Manhattan Toy Nurturing First Baby Doll

Manhattan Toy Nurturing Baby Doll

Age: 12 month old kids (and up).

This cute soft toy is perfectly suited to be your baby’s first doll. It is squishy and super pleasant to the touch. Moreover, it doesn’t feature any small, detachable, or plastic details, which makes it absolutely safe even for younger toddlers (starting from 1 year old).

The doll comes in 5 different styles. They feature different skin colors and hairstyles, which gives customers more options to pick from and adds some diversity to the roleplaying process.

Baby Stella (that’s the name of the doll) comes wearing a cute outfit, which is removable and washable. Moreover, it has a magnetic pacifier and a cloth diaper. This is a rather basic set. However, it will give your little one everything she needs to start taking care of her first baby doll.

Why We Like It

We absolutely adore the cute design of this doll. Baby Stella is very soft, cuddly, and extremely pleasant to the touch. It has smooth fleece hairs. Even her pacifier is soft!

This is a perfect option for 1 year old children, who feel the need to nurture someone. We also appreciate the fact that these dolls come in different skin colors. This is a very pleasant bonus, which so many other manufacturers fail to offer.


  • Super squishy and soft
  • Safe even for smaller kids
  • Cure design
  • Durable
  • Comes with an outfit and a pacifier
  • Different skin color options

  • Some users believe that this doll is too simplistic, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • Some customers also think that the toy is overpriced


Is this toy machine washable?
Yes, of course.

How tall is Baby Stella?
The toy is 15 inches tall.

Adora Unique Real Life Baby Boy

Adora Unique Real Life Baby Boy

Age: 6 year old (and up).

This toy is one of those unique baby dolls you can rarely find on the market. It is probably the most realistic looking doll, at least among the latest toy releases.

This baby boy has a soft hair, large beautiful eyes, hand painted details, and even realistic looking eyelashes. This is the best option for those kids who want the most real-life pretend play.

This is a rather high-end model. However, you need to understand that you get what you pay for. The baby boy doesn’t only look like a real child.

This toy also weights like a real-life baby. Well, not exactly, but it is heavier than the majority of regular dolls. This only adds more realism to the play. It’s also quite tall and moves its legs, arms, and head.

Why We Like It

We absolutely love how real this baby boy looks. The facial features are impressively accurate. And those big blue eyes seem like they’re alive too. Hands down, this is one of the most accurate doll toys we’ve seen on the market.


  • Super realistic look
  • Durable
  • Tall and weighted body
  • Movable arms, legs, and head
  • Hand-painted
  • Comes with cute PJs

  • Expensive
  • The arms and legs aren’t really soft


Does the toy close its eyes?
No, unfortunately.

How big is this doll?
It is 20 inches tall.

Can I remove the clothes?
Yes, of course.