11 Best Baby Doll Strollers – Reviews

Top-Rated Strollers for Baby Dolls

Our Top 3 Picks

My First Denim Stroller for Baby Doll


This denim doll carriage is the best option for girls of ages 2 years and up. It features a seatbelt, a hood, and a handy basket on the bottom. All of the wheels have a double construction, which allows for some extra stability and an easier steering process.

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Foldable Doll Buggy with Basket


This top-rated baby doll stroller will accommodate any 18 inch doll, offering your little one hours of fun. It is recommended for ages from 2 to 4, however, even older girls can use it comfortably. It features a foldable design, which makes it super portable, and the double wheels for a more stable movement.

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Mommy & Me Pink Stroller: Cheap Model


Excellent for someone who has a limited budget, this affordable toddler doll stroller can make a perfect gift for your girl to enjoy playing make-believe. It features a bright pink design and a frill hood, which create a cute girly look. There’s also a seatbelt for your girl’s babydoll, which adds a more realistic play.

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The New York Doll Collection My First Doll Stroller Denim for Baby Doll

The New York Doll Collection Doll Stroller Denim for Baby Doll

Age: 2-4

This high-quality doll stroller by The New York Doll Collection is an excellent toy gift for any 2, 3, or 4 year old girl. Its design includes a seatbelt, a hood, and a basket, which make this carriage look real. You little girl will feel like a mommy when walking around with her baby doll in a beautiful denim pram.

This carriage model is foldable, which means you can take the fun anywhere. Let your little girl play in the city park or bring the carrier to her play date, the options are quite versatile. This pram will be able to handle different surfaces thanks to its double wheels. They make this model sturdy and easy to push around.

The calm blue color of the stroller (without the abundance of the pink we are so used to) makes it suitable even for boys. Therefore, if your boy needs something to hold on to while walking and loves carrying his plush toys everywhere with him, this stroller would be a good option.

What We Like

We absolutely love the build quality of this little pram. The second you take it into your hands, you are going to realize how reliable and nicely built it is. Don’t worry, it’s not heavy or bulky. Being rather lightweight and easy to push, this carriage is made of the sturdy denim and features a metal frame, both of which allow for countless hours of pretend-play.


  • Reliable construction
  • Double wheels for more sturdiness
  • Lightweight and easy to push
  • Foldable and portable
  • Great blue denim design suitable for both girls and boys
  • Perfectly accommodates 18 inch tall dolls
  • No assembly required

  • Relatively small, some kids might find it too short
  • Non-swivel wheels

Will it accommodate a 20 inch tall doll?
Yes, you will just need to adjust the seatbelt.

Is it suitable for older girls? Won’t it be too short for a 6 year old?
This pram is 20.5 inches tall, which might be too short for girls older than 4 years.

What is the wheel type? Are those swivel wheels?
No, the wheels are stationary and don’t swivel.

Basket and Heart Design Foldable Doll Stroller

The New York Doll Collection My First Doll Stroller with Basket and Heart Design

Age: 2-4

If you need a good stroller for baby dolls, which allows for an imaginative play and helps your toddler learn how to take care of others, you should definitely check this model out. It’s the best toy for kids who like cute pink designs and bright colors.

This is a very realistic baby doll stroller. It has a hood and a handy basket, where your child can put her doll’s clothes and other accessories. It also folds just like a real carriage. This allows for a more efficient storage, which will come in handy if you have a limited living space.

What We Like

We appreciate the value this stroller offers. While being very reasonably priced, it features a rather sturdy construction and a very cute design. The double wheels are quality made and can withstand prolonged usage, allowing days and months of fun walks and games.


  • Adorable and bright design
  • Nicely made
  • Foldable
  • Double wheels
  • Has a basket on the bottom
  • Doesn’t require assembling
  • Can accommodate an 18-inch doll or other toys (plush animals, etc.)

  • The wheels don’t swivel, which might be not suitable for some users
  • Not large enough for older kids

Will this carriage be okay for a toddler who is still learning how to walk?
No, this pram is not suitable for kids who cannot balance themselves well, as it isn’t stable enough to support their weight.

Is this doll buggy large enough for a 9 year old girl?
No, unfortunately, it is too small.

Will it work fine on grass?
Yes, the wheels are big and sturdy enough to move on grass.

Mommy & Me Pink Stroller

Mommy & Me My First Doll Stroller

Age: 2-4

This modern looking pram belongs to the cheap doll strollers. Nonetheless, with its pink design, a bottom basket, and a cute frill hood, it will make the best gift for your 2 year old and her dolls. It’s also very lightweight and easy to push around, so your little girl won’t have any troubles playing with it. Pack her a tasty lunch, put it in the bottom basket, which is quite big for such a compact stroller, and let your baby enjoy hours of fun in the fresh air.

What We Like

We are huge fans of this model because it is incredibly easy to use. Oftentimes, babies dolls prams are very stiff, which means trying to fold them turns into a real challenge. The good news is this particular Mommy & Me model is super flexible and easy to fold. Even your child will be able to do it, which will help them feel independent and foster their motor skills.


  • Affordable
  • Foldable construction, great for storing
  • Super easy to fold
  • Handy basket at the bottom
  • Cute and realistic look
  • Lightweight, easy to push around
  • No assembly needed, comes 100% ready to be used

  • Will trip over easily if your child pushes it too hard

Do its wheels swivel?
No, unfortunately. This is a very simple, basic model. However, it is still super easy to push and maneuver around.

Can I adjust it to my daughter’s height?
No, this stroller is not adjustable.

Is it a good doll pram for a 5 year old?
It might be too small for 5-year-old kids. The stroller is 20.5 inches tall, so it will depend on your child’s height.

Cute Stroller for Toddlers

Hearts My First Doll Stroller for Kids - Super Cute Doll Stroller for Girls

Age: 2-4

The umbrella stroller by The New York Doll Collection will be a perfect gift for your little girl if she enjoys carrying her dolls everywhere with her and playing a mommy. This toy pram is very lightweight and easy to push around, meaning it will be good even for smaller kids.

It features a cute pink design with white hearts. Being able to accommodate dolls up to 18 inches tall, this is one of those best baby doll strollers, which offer superb portability. You can take it to the park or even on a trip so that your kid would have something to play with any time.

What We Like

We are impressed with the fact that, despite its relatively small size and affordable price, this buggy features a rather solid build. We all know that some kids tend to be a bit rough with their toys. Well, this carriage will withstand the trials your child has prepared for it.


  • Cute pink design
  • Foldable construction, contributes to the portability and the easier storage
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Solid build
  • Accommodates dolls up to 18 inches tall
  • Double wheels offer more stability
  • Reasonably priced

  • Very small, won’t be suitable for taller children
  • Folds rather tightly, which might annoy some users

What are the wheels made of?
The wheels on this model are plastic. You can safely use it even inside the house; it will not mark the floors.

Does it have a seatbelt for the dolls?
Yes, this pram features a buckle strap.

How hard is it to assemble this model?
This stroller comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Is it sturdy enough to help my 1 year old learn to keep her balance and walk?
We would not recommend this stroller for 1 year olds since it’s not heavy and sturdy enough to support their weight while trying to walk.

TRIPLET Doll Pram with Swiveling Wheels

Mommy & Me TRIPLET Doll Pram Back to Back with Swiveling Wheels & Free Carriage Bag

Age: 2+

This is a 3 in 1 model, which will allow your child to carry three different dolls at a time. The triplet pram is the best gift for kids who don’t get enough of playing with only one doll.

There is a handy basket at the bottom, plus a carriage bag for your child’s little treasures. The double wheels swivel, allowing for an easier maneuvering process. This particular model has three seats for the dolls (or other toys) up to 16 inches tall, each of which has a seatbelt to prevent the dolls from falling out, especially if your kid tends to be extra active with his or her carriages.

What We Like

We love the fact that this stroller is height adjustable. Therefore, if you need a model for tall child, this model might be perfect for you. It features extendable handles, allowing you to regulate the pram’s height up to 27 inches.


  • Cute pink design
  • Comes with a basket and a carriage bag
  • Accommodates 3 dolls at once and has a seatbelt for each of them
  • Adjustable handle for different children’s heights
  • Double swivel wheels
  • Nicely constructed
  • Easy to push around

  • Might be a bit tricky to assemble (you have to pay close attention to the instructions since they seem to be not clear enough)

Will this stroller be suitable for a 7 year old?
Yes, it is tall enough for a 7-year-old child.

Is this a foldable model?
Yes, this pram folds up for a more efficient storage.

What kind of wheels does this buggy have?
It comes with swivel wheels. Each of them features a double construction.

Does it come with dolls?
No, the dolls are not included.

Babyboo Deluxe Double Pram: Good for Twins

Babyboo Deluxe Twin Doll Pram

Age: 3+

If you are looking for a toy double stroller for your kid’s twin doll babies, you should definitely consider this model. This twin stroller allows for a rather versatile use. First off, it accommodates 2 dolls at the same time (there are seatbelts for each of them).

And it gets better: this is one of those transformer girls prams. You can move the handle so that the dolls would face either your child or the street. The seats are also adjustable, allowing for both sitting and lying positions for the dolls. And it doesn’t end there: you can also adjust the handle to your kid’s height!

What We Like

We absolutely love how versatile this little stroller is. You can adjust the handle height (up to 27-29 inches), the seats’ position, and more. Such a construction and a variety of adjustment options will definitely keep your child feeling comfortable and happy.


  • Comes with a carrier bag and a basket at the bottom
  • Two of the wheels are the swivel ones for an easier steering process
  • Cute pink and black design
  • Two seater stroller, can accommodate two baby dolls
  • Adjustable handle and seats
  • Suitable for taller kids
  • Easy to assemble, no instruments needed
  • Foldable for a fuss-free storage

  • A bit expensive, might not be an option for some parents
  • The wheels feature a single design, which might not be sturdy enough for some kids

What dolls’ height can it accommodate?
It will work fine for the dolls up to 22 inches tall.

Is this pram good for an 8 year old?
It will depend on your child’s height. Generally, this model is tall enough for 8 year olds.

Does this model fold flat?
Yes, this is a foldable stroller.

What kind of wheels does this buggy have?
It has rubber wheels. The front ones swivel.

Deluxe Extra Tall Stroller: Great for 18 inch Doll

Mommy & me 2 in 1 Deluxe doll stroller EXTRA TALL

Age: 4+

This extra tall doll stroller makes a perfect gift for girls aged 4 and more. It features an adjustable handle, which extends for up to 32 inches. The handle flips, allowing your child to use 2 seat positions for her baby doll. It can face either your kid or the street, whichever your daughter prefers. This allows for a more realistic look and a rather versatile play.

This cool stroller features a bottom basket and a carriage bag. There also is a bassinet cover, which will protect your girl’s baby from the sun or light rain, allowing for an even more realistic game.
The front wheels of this pram do swivel, which makes it super easy to steer and maneuver it around. They are large enough to handle different surfaces, even small gravel or grass.

What We Like

We love the build quality of this model. This is one of those large strollers that feel sturdy and look like the real ones. The metal parts are lightweight but strong, while the fabric is thick and durable. Yes, this model is a bit pricier. However, in this particular case, you get what you pay for.


  • Very realistic look
  • Foldable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Adjustable handle, suitable for taller children
  • 2 seat positions
  • Large wheels, can handle different surface
  • Front swiveling wheels

  • May be too expensive for some users
  • The larger wheels might pop off occasionally if not attached properly

Will it be suitable for a 10 year old?
This really depends on your child’s height. We believe that it will work fine for an average-height 10 year old, but you should still check the dimensions (the handle extends for up to 32 inches).

Does the seat lay down flat?
Yes, you can use it in two positions: flat or sitting up.

What doll size will be suitable for this pram?
It can easily accommodate dolls up to 24 inches tall.

Precious Toys Umbrella Doll Stroller

Precious Toys Pink and White Polka Dots Umbrella Doll Stroller

Age: 1-8

This cute umbrella stroller will be a great addition to your daughter’s toy collection. Featuring a cute pink design, it can hold dolls and plush toys up to 16 inches tall. The pram is very lightweight and easy to push around, so your child can spend time in the fresh air without getting tired. The double wheels allow for more stability and are easy to steer despite featuring a stationary design.

What We Like

We appreciate the simplicity of this model. All your kid has to do is put the doll into its seat, secure it with the seatbelt, and push the stroller. This is a basic, affordable model, which still allows for hours of fun and pretend-play without unnecessary bells and whistles.


  • Super easy to use
  • Cute pink design
  • Affordable
  • Double wheels
  • Accommodates toys up to 16 inches tall

  • May feel a bit wobbly, not suitable for kids who don’t hold balance well

Does this model require an assembly?
No, it comes ready to be used.

What age is it suitable for?
The manufacturer recommends it for kids from 1 to 8 years. However, we believe that it might be too small for kids older than 4-5 years.

Is it foldable?

VTech Baby Care & Learn Girl Stroller Set

VTech Baby Amaze 3-in-1 Care & Learn Stroller

Age: 2-5

This is an all-in-one model, which transforms from a stroller into a high chair and a doll bassinet, allowing your children to experience different play scenarios and use their imagination freely. It gets better: this is also an educational toy. Not many doll strollers and car seats can offer such cool educational features as this particular model can.

It has buttons that introduce your kid to numbers and counting, plays cheerful music when the stroller is moving, and even tells your girl (and her baby doll) about healthy eating habits when the high chair is being used. There are more than 90 songs, phrases, sounds, and melodies.

What We Like

We are huge fans of this stroller’s functionality. It allows for different game scenarios and can be used in three positions, including a stroller, a bassinet, and a chair for your kid to feed her baby doll. Plus, it teaches your child how to count as well as many other helpful things while she is playing. It’s an awesome combo!


  • 3-in-1 design
  • Educational toy
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to change the position of the seat and the game mode
  • More than 90 songs, phrases, and melodies
  • Comes with a doll

  • Quite lightweight, might tilt easily

Can it transform into a doll car seat?
No, unfortunately.

Does it come with a doll?
Yes, the doll is included.

What doll size can it accommodate?
Up to 16 inches tall should be fine.

Exquisite Buggy Two Seater Doll Stroller

Exquisite Buggy Twin Jogger DOLL Stroller with Diaper Bag

Age: 2+

This twin stroller might win you over with its colorful striped rainbow design. However, it has much more to offer. Being able to accommodate 2 baby dolls at the same time, it comes with a handy carrier bag and a bottom basket. Its handle is adjustable and can be 27 inches tall, making this model suitable for different children’s heights.

What We Like

What makes this model stand out from other carriers is the extremely simple cleaning process you can benefit from. You see, its fabrics are removable and machine washable, which means you don’t have to worry about how to clean it effectively.


  • Cool rainbow design
  • Adjustable handle
  • 2-seat construction
  • Very realistic look
  • Foldable;
  • Removable and washable fabrics

  • Might be a bit challenging to assemble.

What doll size is it good for?
It can accommodate dolls up to 18 inches tall.

Is it foldable?
Yes, this is a foldable model for a fuss-free storage.

Does it come with the dolls?
No, unfortunately. However, it comes with 2 doll water bottles.

Bugaboo Large Stroller: Realistic Model for Your Child

Like Bugaboo Deluxe Doll Stroller Purple & Pink

Age: 1+

If you are in search for a realistic-looking doll stroller for your baby, you should definitely check out this model by Doll Stroller’s Pro. Featuring a diaper bag, a bottom basket, and a hood that opens and closes, this pram looks like a real one. It can fit dolls up to 18 inches tall and offers 2 seat positions, for the doll to sit up or lay down. The front wheels swivel for an easier steering process. And the rubber handle allows for a better grip.

What We Like

We love the realistic look of this doll pram. Even the diaper bag looks like a real one. All of this will allow your baby girl to play a mommy and feel like one, learning to take care of others.


  • Nicely built
  • Can be used in 2 different modes
  • Comes with a diaper bag
  • Looks very realistic
  • Adjustable handle, even taller children can use this pram
  • Large wheels
  • Rubber handle for a better grip
  • Swiveling front wheels for an easy steering
  • Easy to assemble

  • Not really that large, might not be suitable for kids older than 5-6 years

Can I adjust the handle?
Yes, there are 3 different height levels you can adjust it to.

Is it large enough for a 9 year old?
It depends on your kid’s height. However, we believe that this stroller might be too small for 9 year olds.

Is the fabric washable?
Yes, but it’s not removable, so only the spot cleaning is possible.

Final Words

There are some truly beautiful large strollers on the market, each of which can make your little kid happy. The variety of models is impressive: transformers, tandem buggies, bassinet sets, triplet prams, and more. They will entertain your kid for hours!

However, that’s not the only thing doll strollers can do. They can also teach your child how important it is to take care of others. Allow your baby to enjoy the pretend-play and see how they foster the feeling of responsibility and learn to be considerate of others.